The Andretti Legacy (95)
Published Mar 9, 2010

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 95

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 95
Mindy's birthday came and went, and she spent all her available time her in garden. Sometimes she'd go jogging with her dad, but for the most part, it was spent with her plants. She really loves the outdoors and she certainly has a green thumb. Mike also had a birthday, and grew into a rather intelligent little boy. It would seem that Mike had a passion for music and singing. Any time the radio was on in the house, Mike would sing and dance as though he knew every word. Logan had no trouble teaching him to talk and walk; Mike took to it naturally. NOTE FROM ME:
Okay, firstly...let me apologize. You're going to notice that all of a sudden the children are both older and that a few things have gone wonky...something on the lot they lived on was buggy, and kept crashing the game. So, the children aged...quickly...and have moved on to different places to keep me from pulling all my hair out. I'll try to clue you all in as to their childhood/teen years as best I can.


After Mindy's 20th birthday, she was able to purchase her own little house across town. Logan and Lizzi offered her a pretty sum of money to get her going and to get her into something nicer, but she refused. She wanted to do it herself. Her parents called her stubborn, she called it growing up.

Mike grew into a rather troublesome young boy. He was highly intelligent, and knew all the ins and outs of escaping in the middle of night, undetected, and returning the next morning without his parents knowing. Where did he go? Remember that passion for music he had as a young toddler? Mike found a small band looking for a singer and guitar player, and quickly got on the bus with them. He's doing quite well at it, considering he's still in high school.
Mike hurries up to Mindy's front door. He knew Logan would be driving around looking for him. They'd gotten into a big fight about Mike's band and Mike got so angry he walked out. There's no doubt in his mind that his mom would force Logan out to look for him.

He knocks on the front door, and hears Lizzi call, 'Come in!'
"Still the same ol' same ol', I see." Mike looks around her simple little place.

"Yep. I didn't want Mom and Dad's money. I want my own...and I'm perfectly happy with this little place." She smiles as she finishes up with the kitchen sink.
"Lizzi, I need a favor from you." Mike blurts out as he steps closer to her. She shuts off the sink and stares at the wall in front of her.

"You always want favors when you walk through my door." She replies flatly.

"Oh, Lizzi...come on! You scratch my back, I'll scratch your's." He pleads with her.

"That's all fine and dandy, Mike...but when are you going to start scratching mine?" She looks at him rudely.

"Turn around." He grins and holds his hands up.
"Mike, please." She laughs and turns to face him rolling her eyes.

"I told Dad that I was going on tour for a few months...I even told him I set up a tutor to go with me so I wouldn't fall behind in school. He got real mad...starting yelling and screaming, so I left." Mike starts his story quietly, almost sounding regretful.

"What did you think he was going to do?" Lizzi looks at him raising an eyebrow.

"It doesn't matter...I'm going on this tour, regardless. It could be the band's big break." He raises his voice in anger at her.
"Getting mad at me isn't going to make me want to help you, Mike." She snaps back at him. "I'm sorry...I'm just...I have to do this!" He begs her. "I'm not asking for your permission, I just need a place to sleep tonight. The guys are going to pick me up here tomorrow."

"I guess I don't really have a choice then, do I?" She cuts her eyes at him, wanting to help him, but not wanting to be the middle man.
"Mindy, this is my dream...this is what I've always wanted...please, please help me." He pleads and Mindy's heart melts. She adores her little brother and would give anything to give him what he wants. The telephone rings breaking the silence. "Hello?" Mindy answers casually knowing full well who it is due to the Caller ID. "Oh, hi, Mom." She smiles through her voice. "Mike?" She looks back at her brother. "No, I haven't seen him. Is everything okay?" She states after a long pause. "A fight? About what?" She plays dumb. "Oh...well, maybe it's best to just leave him alone...let him simmer down. I'll let you know if I see him. Love you!" She smiles again and ends the call. "Don't you ever make me lie to my mother again." She growls at him and heads for her room, it's past her normal bed time. "The couch is all yours...night." When Mindy wakes the next morning, she finds the couch empty and her brother gone. She whispers, 'Good luck' and carries on with her normal routine before heading off to work. The years had slowly begun to pass, and no one had heard from Mike since the night he stayed with Mindy. His parents kept tabs on him through the media, and he seemed to be doing quite well for himself.

"Mindy..." A familiar voice calls her name as she takes the paper to the trash can.
"Mike!?" Mindy shrieks with excitement. "Mike!" She drops the paper and wraps her arms around her little brother. "Oh, Mike!" Mindy squeals. "It is sooo good to see you! ...I can't believe it! With everything I've been hearing on the TV about you...I'm surprised you came all the way home to this little ol' bitty town." She squeezes him tighter. "I've got family, Mindy...I can't totally leave you guys behind. I'm set now...where I'm at...there's no more climbing for me. I'm at the top. I'm where I've always wanted to be, why not come home?" He smiles proudly at her. "Speaking of family, you little brat! You'd better get on over to Mom and Dad's because I'm quite sure they're still worried sick about you!" She begins to lecture him and his expression suddenly changes to shock.

"All right, all right." He surrenders. "I've got some friends with me, mind if we crash at your place for a few days until I get a place of my own?" He asks politely.

"It's always something, Mike." She grins and nods her head.
Later that night, Mike returns with his friends. Mindy is in the yard burning some dead plants from her garden, and so Mike takes his friends to meet her.

"Hey, Mindy...these are my friends, the one's I mentioned earlier." Mike smiles back at them.
"Hi..." Mindy smiles politely at them and waves her hand to each of them. "I don't mind you guys staying, but I don't have that many couches." She lets out a kind laugh. "We've slept on worse than floors, don't worry about it." He reassures her they'll be fine.

"Uhm, where's the bathroom...?" The girl in the group asks quietly.

"I'll show you..." Mike turns and leads her inside leaving Mindy and the other friend standing alone in an awkward silence.
"Hi. I'm Mindy Andretti, nice to meet you." She smiles kindly at the stranger.

"The Andretti's sure are a profitable bunch...lots of money connected to that name." The man states as though he were trying to start conversation.

"Not me..." She grins and shakes her head in disagreement.
"Well, I mean I do well for myself..." Mindy tries to recover face. "I just didn't move out with my parent's money...I wanted my own."

"You don't have to prove anything to me..." He smiles a handsome smile.
"Oh...well, in case you wanted to know anyway." Mindy rambles on feeling rather embarrassed. "Let me get some chairs...we can all sit by the fire." She walks passed him and gets some lawn chairs from the other side of the house. "I'm not trying to offend you...or anything...but, you seem a little older than Mike. Not exactly the age I'd think would be running around a youngster in a band." Mindy pipes up after a long silence.

"...a little older? Honey, I'm on the verge of senior citizen." He laughs out loud. "I see a lot of potential in Mike. He's a good kid, he's got a big dream...I've got the means to make that come true for him, so here I am." The more he talks, the more Mindy can hear the years in his voice.

" did you...get involved with him?" Mindy pokes at the fire some more, trying to avoid eye contact as she was growing rather smitten with this strange fellow.
"...there was a time when Mike was sleeping on park benches and eating out of trash cans. He didn't make it with the band he had. Some of the guys were arrested, others married off, and some gave up. But, he was determined...and I saw that in him. He wasn't going to give up, and I made sure that he didn't have to." He replies quietly.

"All this for nothing?" She looks up at him, wondering what the deal was.

"Well..." The man begins to speak.
"Mike...I can't...we've had this discussion before, and I don't know why you keep asking." She tells him sadly.

"I'm not a quitter...especially when something....when I want this so bad." He pleads with her.

"No, Mike." She states firmly with a catch in her throat.
"What are you so afraid of?" He asks quietly, looking at Mindy in the background talking to his friend.

"...I promised him that I wouldn't. He knew this would happen...and I told him it wouldn't...and it has...and if he finds out, Mike...if he knows...he'll take everything away...everything you've ever been given...he'll take it all back, including me." Her eyes start to tear up. "I won't do this...I won't ruin you..." She wipes a stray tear from her cheek and turns to walk over to the other's.

"Please don't walk away...we can figure this out." He tries to stop her.

"No...we won't." She replies back with a broken heart and continues walking.
"Hi, I'm Mags." She states loudly with a smile as she sits down next to Mindy. "Mags?" Mindy questions the girl.

"Well, my real name's Margret...but I hate it. So, every one calls me 'Mags'." She laughs.

"Okay, hi...I'm Mindy." Mindy smiles politely back as Mike comes up behind Mags. She looks over her shoulder at him, and awkwardly gets up and moves to sit across the fire from him.
For the rest of the night, the four sit around the fire and talk about the years that have passed.

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Nov 27, 2010


xxheartlessxx12Mar 14, 2010

Another wonderful chapter!!!! sorry to hear about the tech probs! That's happened to me too, it's horrible! \:\( Anyways, mindy is such a great sister and looks very beautiful! cant wait for more!

joker52455Mar 14, 2010

Great beginning, but I knida got lost around the end. I don't know if it was a technical mistake (like the story didn't upload properly) or if it was intentional, but the ending seemed randomly chopped up. One minute, Mindy is talking to the old guy in the band, the next she is having a questionable conversation with her brother, and I have no idea what the topic is. You've gone so long without nothing more than some typos and wardrobe malfuntions; this not you. Hopefully you'll explain what happened; in the meantime it is what it is. Rating: \:\)

candy820Mar 13, 2010

Another great chapter on the Andretti's. Waiting for the next part.\:D

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