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The Andretti Legacy (96)
Published Mar 13, 2010

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 96

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 96
"You can't sleep either?" Mike whispers quietly as he approaches Mags in the kitchen while everyone else is sleeping. "It's been a long time since we've had somewhere quiet to sleep."

"Yeah...I guess." She replies softly, still staring out the kitchen window.

"Mags..." Mike steps closer to her, his heart breaking with each cold shoulder she gives him.
"Please don't do this..." She looks at him with hurting eyes. " don't know what's at stake, Mike." Her voice is ever so soft and quiet.

"You don't realize that I am willing to throw it all away..." He interrupts her quickly.

"...I won't do that to you. I won't." She replies sternly, and walks past him and sits back down on her pallet. She rolls over, her back to him, and whispers, 'I'm sorry...'. She pulls the covers up over her shoulders and closes her eyes.
The next morning, two of them head to walk the surrounding neighborhoods looking for a place of their own while Mike does some autograph signings at the Theater.

"What do you think?" He asks her as they examine a strong two story house.

"It doesn't really look like him...I don't think it would be something he'd like." She scratches her temple.

"'re right. All he seems interested in right now is you." He states flatly with a rather snooty tone.
"You promised me, Mags." He stares at her with concern, and she stares forward unsure of what to say.

"I'm torn, Jack." She replies quietly after a long awkward silence, feeling ashamed, although she's done nothing wrong. "I care for him; I didn't promise you that I wouldn't do that." She stares at the steps in front of her, afraid to look at his expression.

"He doesn't need you. You'd only be in the way. You're not here because he wants you to're hear because I pay you to be here. You're just a secretary, Mags. There's another little girl, just like you, itching to have your life. Touring the world with Mike Andretti and his, you think you're think that you matter in his the big scheme of things. You don't. I swear, Mags...if you get in the way of what he's got're done. I gave you a second chance at life, don't blow it." He growls at her, controlling her like a robot.

"You gave me a prison, Jack." She looks over at him, then loses her confidence and looks back towards the house. "If I'd have known that it would end up like this...with you controlling me...everything about me...I would have spit on you the moment I met you." She bites back, and starts walking down the sidewalk away from him.
"Mindy? Do you have a minute?" She asks quietly as she enters the house. She looks around for Jack, but doesn't see him. She assumes she beat him here.

"Of course." Mindy smiles softly at her guest as she finishes washing her hands.
"What's up?" She looks at her with interested eyes.

"Uhm...I need you to...uh, keep a secret." Mags looks down at the kitchen counter.
"I want you to tell...your brother...uhm, tell him it's not his fault...but, I have to leave. He'll ask you where I went, and I don't even know the answer to that." She chokes up, and fails terribly at her attempt to hide it. "What's wrong? You're more than welcome to stay here!" Mindy replies with a compassionate smile.

"It's nothing, really. Just tell him for me, okay?" Mags smiles politely, and heads out of the house.
The days passed, and turned into weeks. Then, the weeks passed, and turned into months. Slowly but surely, the months turned into a year.

Mags, after a long suffrage period, was able to find something she could inhabit. It's certainly a piece, but it has running water and electricity. It's nothing that she had in mind, but it was something.
Due to her employment history of...basically nothing, finding a job has been the most stressful of her time away. Not to mention, she's not heard or seen Mike or his sister, or even Jack. She didn't miss Jack, but she did miss everything he'd given her. Some days when things are seriously messed up she finds herself even missing his control.

She was able to get an old junk television that only tunes into the news channel. From there, she watches everything she can, and since Mike is a THE thing right now, he's always on it. She wishes him well, and hopes that he has found someone else that he's allowed to.
She's able to wash her clothes and other things in the kitchen sink, it really takes a long time, but it's doable. She's learned to do a lot of things the hard way, but it's the free way. She'll sometimes use the water pump just at the edge of the property line if the water inside is tasting funny. She's not sure why, but some days the water coming from her faucet is discolored and even smells bad. The water from the pump isn't much better, so it's only used on the days when the faucet is unbearable. She's learned a few handy-man skills, not many...but she's figured out how to fix a few of the junk things around the place. They're probably aren't fixed right, but at least they are working. One quiet evening, Mags hears a car drive into her yard. She hurries to one of her old broken windows and peeps out. She notices a very expensive car parked out front. The driver turns off the headlights and the engine. Mags eyes widen in shock. No one ever comes to visit, and if they did...who on earth would it be?! No one knows where she is! She watches as the driver gets out of the car and walks towards her door. She swallows hard when they knock. She quietly walks to the door, her heart pounding. She can feel her hands starting to sweat. She opens it and looks out at the visitor and her heart melts. "I found you, Mags." Mike replies quietly. "I've been looking for the passed 12 months..." A small smile forms on his face as she steps out and closes the door behind her, ashamed of the little place she's called home. "Mike..." Mags says softly as her eyes start to tear up. "...what are you doing here?" She looks him over, amazed at how much better he looks in person and how the crummy old television set she has does him no justice. "...every spare second I had for the past year...has been spent on looking for you. Every second. I mean that." He whispers, admiring her at her worst. He takes both of her hands in his, and then looks back up at her.

"Come with me, Mags." He pleads. "Please...marry me, be my girlfriend, be my best whatever, I just need you in my life."
"I want to, Mike. I do...I always have. But..." A tear falls down her cheek.

"Stop worrying about him...I don't need him anymore, and you're the only good thing to ever have come from my time with him. I have my own managers and investors now...he's nothing to me." Mike raises his voice in frustration, but not in anger.
"I was...I...well, every night...before I would go to bed...I would lay there...just wishing that you would come for me. That you would find me..." She stares into his eyes, her heart slowly changing to the same beat as his.

"...why did you leave at all?" He asks with concern and deep sadness.
"Oh, Mike." She smiles sweetly and straightens his collar with her hand. "Every girl wants to be rescued by her knight in shining armor...riding a white horse...every girl, including me." "...I don't have a horse...or shining armor...but, I do have that white car...and these shiny shoes." He says with the most serious face, causing Mags to laugh out loud. "Will that do?" He replies with a smile. With that, and no warning, she leans forward and kisses Mike. "'s perfect." She sweetly smiles as he grabs her and pulls her close. "All the money...and the the world, couldn't make me as happy as I am right now." He stares at her, falling deeper and deeper in love.

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IllandryaApr 3, 2010

That was sooo sweet and romantic! I'm glad that Mike managed to find Mags, he seems like a fine young man and I'm sure he will be the perfect Andretti patriarch for the next generation - he and Mags will have beautiful children \:\)

VoverukasMar 29, 2010

Cool. I luw it!♥ :P

lexivampireMar 23, 2010

Amazing! I was wondering where you got the old looking stuff it looks cool!?\:D

methura1Mar 23, 2010

Okay, its taken me a couple weeks, but i managed to get caught up on ur legacy. Its the best (and longest!) legacy I've ever read.The Sims 2 ones almost made me dig up my old Sims 2 games and download them all again to play! Ur such a good writer and I'm looking forward to reading the rest, be it another 10 or another 100. \:\) \:D \:\)

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