Life is Good Part 3
Published Mar 28, 2010

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Hi here's part 3! I hope everyone enjoys it. Also a big thanks to everyne who comments either of my stories (Kelly Glass and Life is Good). I promise I read them, I have just been a bit busy with school. I love reading feedback and greatly appreciate it. Again a big thanks to all of creators of the cc, playing sims would be boring without it. Thanks!

Hi here's part 3! I hope everyone enjoys it. Also a big thanks to everyne who comments either of my stories (Kelly Glass and Life is Good). I promise I read them, I have just been a bit busy with school. I love reading feedback and greatly appreciate it. Again a big thanks to all of creators of the cc, playing sims would be boring without it. Thanks! Sapphire handed me a long dress; it was a very beautiful dress.

"I made that dress not too long ago. I had some extra fabric and I thought I would make something out of it," she said admiring a job well done.

"It is very gorgeous, and I appreciate that you are letting me borrow it," I added touching the soft fabric.

"You are very welcome Miss," said Sapphire smiling.
Someone firmly knocks on the door.

"Come in," Sapphire says.
It was Elias smiling. He looked at me for a moment then turned to Sapphire.

"I see that you found clothing for Miss Kat,"

Sapphire smiled, "Yes of course. I had that extra because I made it awhile back and it didn't fit me quite like I hoped it would. But it looks very fine on Miss," she turned to me and smiled.
"That it does," added Elias smiling at me, making my cheeks burst into flames. "Well, I'd better take Miss Kat to my father, as he is expecting her," he said. "Alright. I will talk to you later Miss," Sapphire said and she walked out of the room followed by myself and Elias. Elias had black hair with blue tips. His eyes were undescribable and when he talked to me all I could do was smile. "Okay Miss Kat, my father's and my home is right here," we stopped in front of a similar looking cottage to the one I was just in.

Elias opened the door for me and I stepped in smelling the aromas of a stew brewing.
"Well here she is! Miss Kat herself! It is a great pleasure of mine to meet you at last. Have a seat, we will be eating here in a few moments," said a large man with a booming voice. He had dark hair like Elias and his eyes were equally entrancing. "Thank you," I sat down on a long leather couch by bookshelves filled with literature. Elias left the room and the hooded man, whom I assumed was Normand went and discussed something with a fairy. She had long blonde hair, red wings and a pixie-like dress. She was very beautiful and I also asssumed that this was the Ember that the other fairies were talking about. "Well dear I am so sorry, my name is Normand," Normand said as he took my hand and squeezed it, "We are about ready to eat. Are you hungry at all?" asked Normand. Now that he mentioned food I heard my stomach growl, "Yes I am, thank you," I said smiling trying to ignore my angry stomach. I felt like hadn't eaten for days. "Well very well then let's have a seat over at the table," we walked over to the dining table that was right next to a roaring fire. Elias walked back into the room with a smile, "Ember this is Miss Kat," Elias went over to the red fairy and she smiled. Her smile was warming and seemed familiar.

"Welcome Miss. I am sorry for the rudeness of my fairies. They have yet to learn any manners," she said placing a hot bowl of soup in front me on the table.

"It's alright, they had good intentions," I said smiling.
"Yes, they did. But if only they had brought your sister as well. You're no good unless we have both pieces," added Normand before taking a bite of his stew. Ember sits down across from Normand and Elias is across the table from me. I took a sip and it traveled down my throat warming my insides,"Both pieces?" I asked taking another bite. "Yes," Normand said after taking a bite of his food, "See, you and your sister are not like any other human beings. It is a stretch to even call you human," he said before taking another bite of food. I almost choked, coughing out words,"What? Excuse me," I choke the food down and begin again,"What? Not human?" I asked. Putting down her spoon Ember began talking, "Your mother was my sister,"
"When we turn 100 human years, we are given a choice. To either stay in Evergreen or become human and go to your world. I chose to become a fairy and your mother chose to become human. That is when she met your father and then had you and Taylor. When a fairy becomes human and they procreate, their children are given emblems, like your necklace, so that when they are needed they can be found. You and Taylor are needed, and have to be given a choice as to whether you want to live in your world or stay in ours,"
I digested this for a moment. My mother, a fairy? I wasn't hungry anymore, and I touched my necklace that I have worn ever since I could remember. "I know it is quite a bit to take in, and that is why we are taking you back home for awhile. The matters here can wait just a little while longer. I also need to speak with Taylor when you return. Emerald won't be needed for this matter anymore,"Normand laughed heartily and looked at Ember who smiled. Her smile was just like my mother's. She did not look like her one bit, but my mother aged and it seems as if Ember was twenty years old. "Well I am finished, I can take Miss Kat to her tent now if you like," said Elias stretching rubbing his full stomach.

"That would be great. Are you finished eating dear?," asked Normand looking inquisitively at me.
I was staring off into space, then I snapped back and replied," Yes thank you, dinner was great" I smiled standing up. "You think about whether or not you want to come back, even just until the problem is fixed. When you are ready to give the decision just say 'I am ready' and touch the emblem. I will give your sister the same instructions. "Thanks," I said heading for the door. Elias walked me to a tent set up by the fairy dorms located a little south from his home. I walk near the opening of the tent, "Thank you Elias" he touched me on the arm and looked into my eyes,"Please make the right decision. We need you and your sister very much" Elias said with a look of concern in his eyes. I grabbed his hand and gave it an assuring squeeze, "Goodnight Elias" I said then I walked into the tent and fell asleep, for the first time in awhile without disruption.

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