The Crumplebottom Legacy - Chapter 1
Published Mar 30, 2010

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Please Enjoy :)

Please Enjoy :) "I'm pregnant."
Gunther embraced his wife Cornelia in a kiss. This was possibly the best news that he had heard in a while. 'Finally,' he thought whilst his lips were locked with those belonging to his wife, who looked radiant, 'things are looking up for the Goth family.' And they were, Mortimer was finally doing well in school, all the bills were paid and they had enough money to redecorate. However, not everything was going well for everyone.
Over the other side of town, quietly taping at her keyboard in her empty house, sat Agnes Crumplebottom, Cornelia's younger sister. From her appearance and her clothes, she looked much older. Nothing had gone well for Agnes; she was a widow with no friends who rarely left the house. No one visited. The children of the town would ride past in fear of the lonely old woman in the house on the cliffs. Every evening, as the sun set over Sunset Valley, Agnes would mourn the loss of her husband Erik Darling. "Oh Erik," she wailed, "why! Why! I'm so alone." Knowing that he couldn't answer her, Agnes dried her tears and began to walk to her back garden, to look out across the sea. She didn't truely understand why she choose to do so, it just brought her comfort. As she began to walk, she heard someone calling, "excuse me, excuse me!" Agnes turned to see the most handsome man she had ever seen. She almost fainted from the sight of him, his black hair tied up in a pony tail and his shirt opened at the top. It was almost love at first sight. "Excuse me," he spoke, "I'm new to town and I've gotten a little lost. Can I use your phone to call a taxi home?" Her breath was gone, her mouth was dry, she couldn't speak. "Y-y-y-y-es, p-p-p-p-please come inside." He smiled and followed her indoors. "My name is Jeff by the way," "I'm Agnes." Agnes waited patiently in the kitchen as Jeff used the phone, she was somewhat wary of him. Where did he come from and why ask her? There was another house nearby. Her little daydream was broken off by the feel of Jeff's arms around her. "You're beautiful Agnes, very beautiful." He leant in and so did she, they kissed. Agnes' mind was ablaze, was she in love again? Had she finally found herself a husband? One thing lead to another and soon the horn sounded. "My taxi's here, I best be going." I hope to see you again sometime, I only live in town. Call me." And with that, Jeff left. Agnes sat there in silence watching her television as emptiness filled the house once more. Leaving her television on, she walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. "I look so old!" She pulled at her face and her hair, "it's time for change Agnes Crumplebottom! You have a new man in your life and it's time for a new look!" And with that she changed her hair, put on some make-up, plucked her eyebrows then rushed into the bedroom to change her clothes. Fumbling around the drawers, she found old clothes she hadn't worn in ages and without a second thought, put them on. Now that she had a change of look, it was time to change her house so, with a lick of paint and a bit of carpet, she finally had a new fresh change and pace of life. Everything was finally looking up. She was reading more, writing books and painting, enjoying life. She even went into town a few times. Her life was really changing for the best. But how little she knew. Her oh-so-perfect love interest was busy getting engaged to his new girlfriend Blair Wainwright and were soon married. Agnes didn't know this and only found out when she went down to see him! Disgusted, horrified and ashamed, Agnes once again confined herself to her home, vowing never to leave again. But then, she began ill, or so she thought. She began throwing up quite a lot and gaining quite a bit of weight, making her choose to leave her home and visit the hospital. But nothing could prepare her for what she was about to hear. "You're pregnant."
Agnes stumbled out of the hospital. She was scared, confused, pregnant and alone. "How could this happen! Now what will I do!" As she walked to her car, she glanced up to the hilltop where a familar house stood strong. It was where her parents were buried, and where her family lived. Plucking up the courage, she got in her car and drove to the house. Walking up the path, she clutched her hands in worry, she hadn't been here since Erik died. Her hands were sweaty and shook as she rung the doorbell. The door opened and out came Gunther. "I'd never expect you to see here, you best come in."
"Agnes," Cornelia stood in the kitchen, her bump more visible then Agnes'. "I never thought I'd see you again, especially with you the way you are." Agnes stood there in silence. It has been years since she saw her older sister and now, she needed Cornelia more then ever. "I guess the father isn't around anymore," Agnes nodded, "I haven't seen him since we, well. I don't know what to do." Cornelia approached her sister, "you're not alone anymore. I'm here for you."

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Kayla_MarieJan 28, 2011

very nice start

Nov 27, 2010


fredbrennySep 8, 2010

I wonder why I missed it the first time it came out! Thanks! Onto the next chapter!

runesong54Apr 24, 2010

I've been meaning to play Agnes for a inspired

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