Strange New World [Ch3]
Published Apr 9, 2010

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And here is chapter three of Strange New World! Again, thanks to everyone who read, commented, and rated. I appreciate it, and in many cases, it makes my day. :) Well, look at that! For once, no rambles! On goes the tale!

And here is chapter three of Strange New World! Again, thanks to everyone who read, commented, and rated. I appreciate it, and in many cases, it makes my day. :) Well, look at that! For once, no rambles! On goes the tale! Thelisus was unsure of what to expect. Afaithe could be confused about what had happened, as he was, or she could remember everything. And if she hadn't figured out that he had pushed her into the river to save her, then she would probably be mad as a mother bear. He approached cautiously; her cool gaze told him nothing of what she felt. Just as Thelisus was beginning to wonder if she didn't recognize him, Afaithe smiled softly. "So there are survivors. I had been wondering."

"Yes," Thelisus said, eager to see if she could explain what had happened to them. "Do you remember anything? I can recall fragments, but the fall..."

"I remember that you pushed me," Afaithe said sharply. Then her tone gentled a little. "But now I know that we'd have faced a sure death otherwise."
"The Dragoneye leave no survivors. They have no mercy nor souls," Thelisus recited from one of their elders' tales. "I never thought that it would be our clan they attacked."

"It is useless to hope we might return now," Afaithe said.
Thelisus nodded sadly. "Which leads one to wonder," he sighed, "How we will adapt to a new world such as this one. It is so unlike our own! Metal contraptions race down streets and, from my experience, will not stop if you are in their way. The people here are not-elves, and are unpredictable. Thieves walk the streets unpunished." The thought of Rhoda and turned his head to the side, not sure whether the shame he felt was for her, choosing to do what she did with her life, or him, for trusting her so easily.

"Have you been able to find a place to live?" Afaithe asked. "The first thing you ought to do is find a roof to sleep under."
Thelisus reassured her, "I have a home, yes. It is small, but it is liveable. Making room for two, however, could be troublesome..." he bit his lip. Clearly, Afaithe needed a place to live as well, but he only had one bed. Even if they had been children and comfortable lying in the same bed together as children so often were, it was only made for one person, and a small not-elf at that.

Afaithe grinned. "If there is one thing I have learned about this world, it is that the people love gold."
"They do," Thelisus laughed. "Have you any?"

"How else would I have figured it out?" Afaithe asked. "I had just stored it in that box over there before I saw you. I found that I had a small shiny object, too," she said, confusedly holding up a phone.

Thelisus rolled his eyes. "Cell phones are a vital part of this world. I will teach you to use yours later."
"So we have each other," Afaithe said. "We have a home. We have our vital cell phones. And we have gold coins. I'm confident we shall make a living somehow."

"And I have a job," Thelisus added. "It will be a sure source of the odd money that seems to run this world. And a fish! Named Magisto! And a butterfly named Junestra!"
Afaithe shook her head and hugged her cousin. "Then we have a fighting chance." Thelisus smiled warmly. Most importantly, they had each other. All the oddness of this world fell away now that there was another person who understood him. In the Riverkin clan, they had been raised more like brother and sister than distant cousins who rarely met, and in the company of someone close, especially after all the confusion, Thelisus found that he was truly content for the first time since waking beside the river. Once they had returned to his home, Thelisus addressed the obvious problem of little living space. "Though it is true that we will be able to afford more space later, at the moment it looks as if one of us will have to sleep on the floor, if at all."

Afaithe looked ready to tell Thelisus he could continue living as he had before she arrived, but she had gone three days without any proper rest. She asked in a small voice, "Would you mind...?"

Thelisus shook his head. "Not at all. I'm beginning to find that I am restless anyhow."
And indeed, as soon as he made sure Afaithe was asleep, and fed Magisto, Thelisus slipped outside. The cool night air felt good, and the absence of any not-elves put him at ease. While Thelisus did want to pursue the possibility of a friendship with Hal, and see if it was possible to work things out with Rhoda, he also wanted a break, especially now that he had his elven cousin for company. After a while, Thelisus noticed a few small objects on the ground. Upon closer inspection, he identified them as seeds, and picked them up. He could tell one was a lettuce seed, and a pretty good quality one at that, but the others were beyond him. He'd never thought of keeping his own garden, but perhaps it might not be such a bad idea. He'd see if Afaithe liked the idea in the morning, although depending on when she woke, he could already be gone. His new job started early. Previously, Thelisus hadn't noticed his location, but now that he picked himself up, he realized he was right beside the Bagley house. His first thought was that he should leave; in his experience, people who disliked him meant enemies, being near an enemy's house meant he was in enemy territory, and being in enemy territory meant he should run. But at the same time, he wondered if they ought to talk... No. Thelisus quickly decided he was a fool to think that they might be awake at such an hour. He was an elf, and he had seen before long that elves were tireless in comparison to the not-elves. Any ideas about making peace could be put into action later. For now, Thelisus was alone. Perhaps he would go looking for more seeds. In the end, it was the ever-present draw of fishing that caught Thelisus in its powerful grip. He'd wandered a little, but no more seeds had made themselves visible. He had, however, gathered some valuable butterflies, beetles, and gems. He would sell them later today, possibly after he came home from work. The sun was beginning to rise, and he knew he'd have to home soon if he wanted to say a quick hello (or rather, goodbye) to Afaithe before he left. Suddenly, his line snagged, and with some difficulty, he pulled up a small chest. Inside, of all things, was a small statue of an odd little man with a pointed red hat and a blue coat. What a strange thing to throw into a river. But who knew? Perhaps he could sell it. The minutes ticked by as Thelisus happily caught a new species of fish, red herring. When he saw the position of the sun and the bright light it cast as it rose, he knew he would surely have to go to work soon. Unfortunately, further conversation with his cousin would have to wait. He dashed up the shore towards the road, hoping he wouldn't be late for his first day as paper boy. Meanwhile, Afaithe had woken up, and after a moment of confusion, had recalled that Thelisus would probably be working. For a moment she wondered what to do before finding a note on the same table Magisto's bowl was on.

"People who build houses. Press 8,2,2,5,2,3,3,3,6,5 on cell phone."

After wandering outside and taking a thorough look at the place, Afaithe decided it had to be made more suitable for two people. Luckily, her gold coins, she knew, would be able to expand it accordingly.
When Thelisus came home, a great surprise awaited him. The kitchen had gotten bigger. Walls had been put up. All sorts of new furniture had been added to the house! Doubtlessly, Afaithe had made use of her gold coins, but he'd had no idea how many gold coins she must have possessed. He peeked around, wondering where Afaithe was, but eventually found her in what he presumed was his room, although there was a new, bigger bed. She was working an odd contraption and seemed deeply into it. "It's a computer," she explained. "For you. I apologize, I was going to leave it alone but there was this question I had, and I have been trying to figure it out..."

Thelisus shook his head, already unnerved by the machine. "It is yours."

Afaithe grinned widely. "I was hoping you would say that."
Afaithe thanked him with a gracious nod, but she was back to her little problem soon enough. Thelisus wouldn't be speaking much with until later. So instead, hesitantly, he went outside and pressed a few numbers on his phone, his heart fluttering loudly and rather embarrassingly. After the few mandatory beeps, a woman's voice answered. "Hello?"

"Rhoda, this is Thelisus. I-- I was wondering if we could figure a few things out, about yesterday. Something went wrong, but it must have been an accident, because... I don't know. But what if we went to the garden, the one where we first met?" He spoke quickly, thinking she would hang up any minute, but she didn't.

There was a short silence. Then, "Alright. I'll meet you there."
To Be Continued

Thanks again to the creators of all the custom content; clothing, hair, furniture, patterns, and so on. And thanks to everyone else for taking the time to read the story! :) Oh, and if anyone is wondering, because they are related, and furthermore because they were reared much like brother and sister, there will be nothing going on between the two Riverkin. Just wanted to say. ;)

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MangioApr 21, 2010

aww im glad the two met \:wub\: they look so cute together \:rah\: i wonder what will happen between Rhoda...

Jennifer_RApr 13, 2010

Of course, of course, they are cousins after all. I am really enjoying this tale and look forward to the next installment. \:\)

danika1891Apr 11, 2010

Nice Story! :-)

anura32Apr 10, 2010

Kewl story...... I would love to know what happened to him and Rhoda in the garden.

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