Moonlit Love - Part Three
Published Apr 6, 2010

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Where we last left our star-crossed lovers, Twyla had run off, and Martin has decided to confront her in daylight!

A note from Elzi: Thank you so much for everyones feedback! :) I had no idea it would be this popular!

Where we last left our star-crossed lovers, Twyla had run off, and Martin has decided to confront her in daylight!

A note from Elzi: Thank you so much for everyones feedback! :) I had no idea it would be this popular!
The next morning I woke up and immediately began the long tiring jog to Simhenge. Twyla had to be around there somewhere. I loved her, and I knew I did. But did she love me? How could she if she kept running off? I hadn't slowed down the entire run. My muscles ached and I needed to rest, but I needed Twyla more. I stopped when I got to the middle of Simhenge to look around. I gasped as I noticed a small blue figure fishing in the distance. Her skin was as blue as the water itself. So was her hair. I'd never noticed those odd details under moonlight. I also noticed strange things poking out of her hair. Those weren't there before either... She has her hair in a ponytail! I ran desperately towards her. I needed her! I loved her! I had to figure out why she kept sneaking off! But I stopped at the top of the hill. I gasped as my love came into focus. I stood there in dumbfounded shock as I realized what the pointy things were. Ears. Very pointy ears. Was she an elf? fairy? What was this girl? Why didn't she tell me? Why does it make me love her even more? In a flash I was by her side. I didn't say anything and she didn't seem to notice me. I broke the silence.
"Hi Twyla." I muttered. She gasped, but did not turn around. She knew it was me. She knew her secret had been discovered.
She slowly put her fishing pole away. She still did not turn around.
"How much do you know?" she asked.
"You're definitely not human." I decided. She nodded.
"And?" she dared.
"And, I like it." I breathed, relieved to get that out.
She laughed and spun around, pulling me up to a higher spot on the hill and giving me the biggest hug I'd ever been given.
"This is not going to be an easy relationship..." she warned.
"I don't care." I murmured. Though I did wonder what she meant.
We held hands for a while.
"What are you?" I finally made myself ask, as curiosity got the best of me.
She sighed, "You've probably never heard of it..."
"I just need to know, if we're going to..." my voice trailed off. What were we going to do?
"Well if you really must know, I'm a naiad." she said, and smiled.
"What's that?" I asked, but smiled as well.
"I am a water nymph." she said, "I live within the water, but not literally. Well not most of the time." I have to admit, that was unexpected.
"And how different are you from humans?" I asked tentatively.
We stopped holding hands. She giggled, it sounded like a flowing river to me.
"I have these..." she said and gestured to her ears, "And I don't eat or sleep. And I live outside."
"Oh..." I said, processing this new information. I looked into her cerulean blue eyes.
"Can I do something?" I whispered. She smiled and nodded.
We leaned in, and I inhaled her saltwater and river grass scent. This was it. The nymph fell in love with the man. And the man sure as heck loved her. A part of me wanted to savor this moment, let it last forever. But most of me said, "Just do it!" So I did. We kissed passionately and for a long time. Her lips felt smooth on mine. This was it. The deal was done, no matter what the consequences for loving a nymph were. I loved her and she loved me. Nothing could change that. We stopped and stared at each other for a moment. Twyla laughed and jumped into my arms. For that time, we forgot about whatever bad things would happen. We just stayed there, me holding her, for a minute. I put her down. More staring occurred. I couldn't read the emotion in her deep blue eyes. I leaned in to kiss her again but she shied away.
"Martin, we can do this but..." she started, and then she got lost in thought.
"But what?" I urged, sending her back on track.
She gestured for me to get back.
"Never mind, it won't matter whether I tell you or not." she decided.
I was angry. I wanted to know! We could fix this!
"Please!" I pleaded, "I want to know!" I repeated that over and over desperately.
She sighed and reluctantly gave in.
"Are you sure you want to know?" she whispered.
"Yes." I agreed bravely.
"Nymphs are not allowed to romanticize with humans." she whispered, "And the other nymphs WILL find out."
"And what happens if they find out?" I asked.
"They... they... find us, and they... separate us by force..." she muttered.

To be continued...

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pixi449Apr 5, 2012

Another great part! \:rah\: And Lora looked so sweet and happy in picture 43 \:wub\: Sorry that you have been ill but it's good you are better now. \:D

Nov 27, 2010


bellsara87Apr 16, 2010

ok love the story but have you read fablehaven? 

urm0mApr 8, 2010

Aww cute part \:D

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