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Gardener's Dream - Chapter 12
Published May 6, 2010

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Asparagus was left with no other choice than to leave to Al Simhara once more. Our brave hero is now in Al Simhara against his will, we should go and see what happens...

*Thanks to all the readers, I really appreciate you rating and commenting*

Asparagus was left with no other choice than to leave to Al Simhara once more. Our brave hero is now in Al Simhara against his will, we should go and see what happens...

*Thanks to all the readers, I really appreciate you rating and commenting*
- Asparagus Garden! How very good to see you here again!
- Nice to see you too... How's business?
- Very well, the tourists are very generous when I tell them that all my recipes are of ancient tradition. Some old sims from Riverview even bought that Macaroni and Cheese was invented here thousands of years ago!

Asparagus roared in laughter. He had always liked the locals in Al Simhara, mostly because they liked him. Sure, the Chinese and the French didn't hate or dislike him but Asparagus had never had any real connection with them, apart form Adaeze and his French friend.
- Asparagus! It really is you!
- Mena! How're you?
- I am very well, although no luck in finding husband... You should have not married that Chinese wife of yours, not when you could have had any of us... And you still could, understand what I am saying?
- I really missed you Mena, and Ayesha and Layla too... Where're they by the way?
- Oh, they traveled to Shang Simla. Layla has some business there and Ayesha went with her as a chaperon... She could have used a chaperon a bit earlier, you understand?
- Umm...
- I am so sorry... Would you like to stay for dinner? I feel very lonely when my sisters are away, and you could take advantage of the spare bed, or my bed if you insisted...
- Dinner sounds just great as does the spare bed, but Mena-love, I don't think my wife would like if I slept next to you...
- I thought so too, Asparagus.
Asparagus did take advantage of the spare bed but he ignored Mena's less subtle hints about her own double bed. Otherwise the dinner was very pleasant as all of the Lufti sisters were great cooks and Mena was best of them.

It surprised Asparagus when he closed his eyes to realize he hadn't thought about his family at all during the soiree with Mena.
MorcuCorp had a new job for Asparagus although he "never found" the relic of life, they wanted him to get some files from the underground workers' secret base.

Asparagus was feeling blue. He had sworn to stay away from MorcuCorp's questionable business but once again he was working for them. He wondered if he had any self-respect left anymore.
The secret base had been found rather easily and soon Asparagus was working on breaking the secret code that would open the doors. It took some time to get hang of it but after the initial trouble Asparagus knew exactly how to break the code. It didn't surprise Asparagus to find himself in another code room and he managed to open the doors easily... ...just like he did in the third room as well. Asparagus hacked into the computer easily, the passwords followed the similar system as the previous codes had done. He was already copying the files to his USB-stick when it hit him.

What was he doing? He didn't even know whether or not these underground sims were good or bad, he was just following the orders and breaking the law. Asparagus knew he had no other choice so he opened the text-files and started reading.
- Here's the USB-stick... I hope I copied the right files...
- Oh, I am sure you did. Anything that gives us information about these criminals is useful. Now could you possibly go and find out more about the sims on this list? We think they might have some connections to the underground.
- Sure, give me the list!
-... they don't suspect anything just yet, so far I'm still Asparagus Garden, the brave adventurer who can be hired to do some questionable stuff...
- We are very grateful for your information, Asparagus... Who knows what could have happened to us if you had not copied the least important files!
- There was nothing else I could do... But who are these sims, what do they want?!
- We are not allowed to tell anything...
- Yeah, I understand, you don't trust me enough yet... Makes sense since I already betrayed the MorcuCorp sims...
- Yes, you are right. Maybe some day, but not now... Go and see our bookshop keeper, he will tell you more about the relic of life.
- So what exactly does this relic do?
- I do not know much as the scrolls and books that tell about these relics are very rare and ancient... But it should bring prosperity and happiness to its rightful owner.
- Prosperity?
- Yes, and happiness. But only if the relic recognizes you as a rightful owner, otherwise a disaster beyond your imagination will occur!
- But how do I know if I'm a "rightful owner"?
- Considering that no disaster has occurred since you took the relic away from the tomb, we can be quite sure that you are a rightful owner...
- Fine, but what should I do with it? If I wanted prosperity and happiness, what should I do?
- I would recommend to keep it somewhere safe and not use it. These relics are full of ancient magic and curses so it is not safe to use them frivolously...
- Okay, thank you very much... I have to get to my MorcuCorp contact, she's waiting for my information...
- Good luck Asparagus Garden, may the ancient gods be with you!
- So what did you find out?
- Nothing, except that they all are honest and respectable merchants... Well as honest as a merchant can be, anyways... Absolutely no connections to the underground!
- Hrmm... We were very sure about their connections... Are you sure you have found out everything?
- Yes... Now can I get my paycheck, I really need to be going...
- Oh, here it is. We will call you if we have any other jobs for you, Mister Garden.
- Sure, thanks...

Asparagus was deeply worried. He didn't understand why the Simlandian Army would like him to work for these criminals who clearly had no good intentions about anything. It gave him creeps but he knew he could do very little about it. After all, he had been doing what they asked him to do for years now!
Asparagus spent the entire day running around in the deserts, looking for gems, rocks and relics. He truly enjoyed it, knowing that he had done the right thing. No more working for criminals! This was real, honest work even if it didn't pay as well. Besides, there was nothing as nice as running. - How are you, dear?... Good, how's Broccoli?... Aww, he didn't!... I really miss you both, if I could I would leave Al Simhara as soon as possible to get home to you... I love you too... Asparagus thought about his family. He missed them so much but he couldn't help feeling happy at the same time. He loved traveling almost as much as he did love his family.

And this new baby! It made him terribly worried and happy at the same time. He wanted a big family but they couldn't really afford any new babies and Adaeze wasn't too young anymore. As much as he loved his children, Broccoli and this unborn one, he wouldn't risk losing Adaeze for them.
- Good to hear you are not working for MorcuCorp anymore, Mister Garden... Now, do you have any new relics to sell?
- Not really, I'm afraid... I actually came to you to ask if you knew anyone who had vacant jobs for me...
- Let me think, Mister Garden... My sister-in-law might have a job for you. She is getting married in three days to one of my cousins and she is not allowed to leave her father's home before the wedding...
- Really? Sounds pretty harsh... Is this some kind of bodyguard assignment?
- What? No, no, no! She has been studying the ancient queen Hatshepsut's...erm... love life...
- What?! Sounds pretty odd subject for a study...
- And it is! Not very proper for a young unmarried woman either... However my cousin does not find it disturbing as we do so she is allowed to continue it. But she needs someone to run errands for her because she is not allowed to leave the house...
- I see... Sure, I'll do it... Should I be worried about this cousin of yours?
- No, no, no... He is a very nice man, in fact their marriage is not even an arranged one!
- Fine, I'll take the job. Can you give me the address?
- Are you Asparagus Garden?
- Yes, and you must be...
- I am so happy you could come! I will... no, my father will pay you very well! It is his fault that I have to hire help... Stupid traditions...
- Umm... Well, what do you want me to do?
-... And I am so happy to have someone else than my mother or my numerous aunts and great-aunts to talk to! They only want to talk about my wedding, my dresses and babies! Oh, what did you say? I am sorry, I have been stuck here a little too long...
- It's okay... So what do you want me to do?
- Go and see my aunt, she has some new information about the queen...
- You want me to create her an account to the!
- Yes, Mister Garden, yes! That man is not suitable for her, not at all!
- Are you sure she feels the same way?
- What? Of course she does not but it does not matter... I know better than she does! Besides, love is not a reason to get married. It just keeps their minds away from rational thinking. I mean, look what happened to Layla Lufti!
- What?! Never mind... I still think this is a bad idea...
- Of course you do, but it does not matter!
Poor bride wasn't happy at all when she heard what her loving aunt had made Asparagus do, but she couldn't blame him much when she got the information she has wanted. And to Asparagus eternal anguish she sent him back to her aunt.

The aunt hadn't given her plan up. She was determined to make her niece realize how bad idea her marriage was so she made Asparagus read a book about more or less fishy amorous foods... Asparagus didn't take long to decide that the book was utter rubbish. Mac 'n' Cheese had nothing romantic in it!
- She made you read *that* book?!
- Hey, it's not funny!
- Yes it is! Sorry, I can not stop laughing!

Asparagus was told, once the bride calmed down, to go to an empty house where he was supposed to find one of the queen's numerous love nests. He did find it and he found a key stone too.
The key stone was supposed to be the one for the servant's quarters in the temple of Hatshepsut so Asparagus headed there before he was given any other questionable books to read. Asparagus found the quarters easily enough and spent the entire night sleeping in one the ancient servants' beds. He had already found the next key stone from a lavishly and rather lusciously furnished bedroom. Obviously the queen had been a good mistress to her servants, in both senses of the word. Asparagus had decided to take his adventure easy. He couldn't take it seriously when it included reading ancient chick lit. The next morning Asparagus was waiting in front of the notorious aunt's house, polishing his SimFu moves.

- Are you performing a rain dance, Mister Garden? That would be useful, I must admit. They can not throw the wedding party in pouring rain! I am very glad you have finally taken my point seriously!
- What?! No, I was just practicing SimFu...
- If you say so, Mister Garden... We both know the truth...

Asparagus wanted to bang his head on the wall. The woman was crazy! Delusional! Bonkers!
The next stop for Asparagus was the local market. He was told to go there and find one love nest more and look for a key stone to the queen's own quarters.

Asparagus found the key stone easily and then decided to take a relaxing bath in queen's luxurious bathroom. He tried to not think about the probable activities that had been going on in that same tub thousands of years ago, he just hoped that the tub had been cleaned well before the door was sealed after the queen's death!
Asparagus went back to the queen's temple. He climbed down the hidden stairs and soon was able to open the next secret staircase. Of course he had had to use his brain to solve the systems but he was quite sure about women not knowing how to build interesting and difficult trap complexes. Must be the lacking Y-cromosome... Asparagus finally managed to get to the final rooms.

- I'm so glad she's getting married tomorrow... I certainly understand why the men were so ready to pay someone to take care of their women's silly fancies. Thank my Creator that I'm going home tonight... As hotheaded Adaeze is, at least she doesn't make me read those books. Ugh!
On his way out Asparagus found the queen's sarcophagus. He opened it and peaked inside. There was something inside it...

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isarpgistaJan 21, 2011

 Oh, my!!! I wonder what he is going to find in the sarcophagus!!! Amazing part!!! \o/

Dec 24, 2010

great story

spladoumAug 23, 2010

LOL!  I'd always wondered what was in Hatshepsut's Temple.  Now I know ... and I probably won't be heading there!  LOL!

RatRaceRobJul 27, 2010

LOL #24 "are you performing a rain dance Mr. Garden?" \:P --and it ends with a cliffhanger!  Luckily I do not have to hang on this cliff very long... \:D

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