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Gardener's Dream - Chapter 15
Published May 20, 2010

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Welcome back to the amazing adventures of Asparagus Garden and his little friends!

Welcome back to the amazing adventures of Asparagus Garden and his little friends! Broad Bean had been playing chess in the park as he always did after school. Sometimes he got his friends to come with him or sometimes Broccoli came to play with him but today Broad Bean had been playing all alone.

He had been feeling a bit strange the whole day, as if he had forgotten something. And when the sun set Broad Bean finally realized what he had forgotten. His birthday!
When Broad Bean got home he instantly noticed the strange thing in their living room. Adaeze had already told them the story behind the statue that had been in their living room as long as any of the boys could remember so it wasn't really a surprise that their father had brought some strange stuff home. But this... Broad Bean suddenly remembered the picture in his geography book. Tiberium, their father had brought home tiberium! Next evening when Asparagus was tending his garden he suddenly felt really queer. Actually, he felt really old.

Asparagus knew he shouldn't have been so surprised, after all he was already 54 years old. But Adaeze being so frail and he getting older, who would take care of the boys?
Adaeze had started training the boys as soon as they were old enough. She wanted them to remember their Chinese heritage and SimFu was one of the things she wanted them to learn. Broccoli found himself always be the one to do the cleaning. The others didn't even seem to notice the mess around them and when they did notice it, they just wrinkled their noses and kept on doing their own things. So Broccoli had taken the habit of cleaning the house every day. Not that he liked it, he just wanted to make the house a bit more livable for the others... Even if they didn't even notice his hard work. Broad Bean had proved to be an excellent pupil. He understood the moves and remembered them easily but he also seemed to have the right personality for SimFu. For the first time since Broad Bean had been born Adaeze was truly proud of him. Not to mention that Broad Bean was more than little interested in the Chinese culture. - Mum, that song was amazing, I can't believe it was actually three hundred years old!
- Well, it is a traditional song... My own mother taught it to me when I was your age and my grandmother had taught it to her. Now it was my time to teach it to my own child...
- But did I already tell you about my promotion? I finally made it to the top in the senior league...
- Really?! Wow, that's just great! Can't wait to tell all my friends about this, you're a living legend!
- Broad Bean, calm down, it is not a big thing... I am still the same person...
- But you're famous!
- But I am still your mother and now I tell you to do your homework...
- Mum!
- No buts... Education is very important, it is very hard to find a job without any degree... I know it too well.
- But... Fine, I'll do my homework!
- Good boy, I am sure you will become the mayor eventually...

What Adaeze didn't know was that Broad Bean had very different plans for his future. He grinned as he took the little statue he had taken from his friend's house out of his pocket. He would give it back eventually but well, he had no intentions to stop his new exciting hobby.
Black Salsify enjoyed his solitude. He had always been a bit loner and he had hardly any friends at school. Not that he minded, he enjoyed being alone and working out all by himself. Only Black Salsify shared their parents' passion for sports and when he wasn't working out he played with his blocks. Forgetting birthdays had become more or less a family tradition for the Gardens so Black Salsify didn't mind when he grew up all alone. After all he didn't want them all to be in the same room, it would get so crowded! The very same night Adaeze started teaching SimFu to Black Salsify. He wasn't as gifted as Broad Bean but his enthusiasm was on the same level. After all SimFu was working out too. - This is a nice way to celebrate your team's victory, isn't it?
- What? Oh, yes it is... Thank you for taking me here, Asparagus... We get so little time for ourselves these days...
- Sigh, you're right... These years have passed so quickly...
- Yes they have... Our boys are almost grown-up now and we are all wrinkly and old.
- Heh, you're still beautiful, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen...
- Flatterer... Although those new clothes make you look very distinguished, especially with that grey hair...
- I love you Adaeze... What do you think about going on vacation? We could take the boys with us...
-... to Shang Simla!
- If you want, love... I was thinking about Champs les Sims, but actually Shang Simla makes more sense...
But the next morning their plans were almost forgotten and dreams about quality time with family had been replaced with everyday routines. When Adaeze snuggled closer to snoring Asparagus she thought once again how different her life would have been if she hadn't accepted Asparagus' proposal. No, their marriage had had its hard times but she wouldn't change it for all the gold in the entire Simlandia. Better to be with family in a small house than live all alone in a big mansion. Too soon it was time for Broccoli's eighteenth birthday. Only Broad Bean had remembered the big day, even Broccoli had forgotten it, but his lousy memory was a common joke at the dinner table. Black Salsify's SimFu trainings were progressing steadily although Black Salsify wouldn't have minded if Adaeze had been a little less persistent. Apart from going to school and doing his homework all he did was practicing SimFu. - Asparagus speaking...
- Dorothy here... Listen Asparagus, there's this job in Shang Simla and They want you to take care of it...
- Umm...
- The taxi will be there in two hours, as usual...
- But I was planning to take my family for a vacation, Dorothy! And it's Broccoli's birthday...
- Why don't you take him with you? They are interested in finding someone to replace you when you retire...
- I guess I could try that... I'll pack our bags...

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MajuchanApr 13, 2012

lol... xander added "poison".... haha. funny. Oh my, so daniel is whom aerith's father wants to marry her daughter?! Oh my \:eek\: geez, I thought it was xander... lol. Oh my, what would happen next... please don't make my wait long. :P

spladoumAug 23, 2010

Oh, not again!  Why do I get the feeling something is about to go very wrong?

RatRaceRobJul 27, 2010

Over half-way caught up, and still having a blast with these --thank you \:D

IllandryaMay 25, 2010

Everyone is growing up! The three boys are certainly handsome and it is good to see that they are learning about their Chinese heritage. I can't wait to see what happens when they go to China as a family \:\)

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