Gardener's Dream - Chapter 16
Published May 23, 2010

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Asparagus and Broccoli both insisted it was about the time for a new cover...

Asparagus and Broccoli both insisted it was about the time for a new cover... Shang Simla was... amazing. Broccoli finally understood why her mother was so reserved and proud, how could she be anything else, growing up in a place like this? Shang Simla was just so old and the traditions dated back to thousands of years. Broccoli felt a bit sad. He was partly Chinese too but this place certainly didn't feel like home. He already missed Garden Valley, the place he belonged to. As soon as they had arrived to the base camp Asparagus had headed to the forbidden city. He was given a task by the brotherhood of Resolute Fist. Considering that it was a brotherhood Asparagus had been very surprised that he was given the task by a woman.

But obviously the brotherhood couldn't just let him take the easy way and simply solve the puzzle. No, first Asparagus had to become a member of the brotherhood, which required some sparring with brothers of different rankings. Thankfully they were even easier to beat than the mummies.
- How are you Mister Garden?
- Good... Now, I heard that you could sell me something that's called "sands of understanding"...
- Yes, but I will not sell you unless you have upgraded your visa to level two...
- But I have... Believe it or not, but I am the same Asparagus Garden who was here twenty-something years ago...
- You are? Oh, I am very sorry... You are just...
- Old? It happens to everyone... Well, can we now discuss the price...
While Asparagus had been going back to his days of glory, Broccoli had been acting like a normal tourist, visiting the usual sightseeing spots and starving he had decided to taste the Chinese food culture he knew nothing about. Adaeze had never been much of a cook.

The more Broccoli saw Shang Simla the more disappointed he became. Not with Shang Simla though, he was disappointed with himself. Maybe this was why he had never really gotten along with his mother, he was just way too Simlandian. But it didn't explain why he didn't get along with his father.
Asparagus knew nothing about Broccoli's yearning for love and affection, he was way too busy with his task to notice anything. He had meant this trip to be a chance to do some bonding but instead of bonding with Broccoli, Asparagus was James Bonding all by himself. Stinky after working out Broccoli was heading to the showers when he bumped into the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen.

- 'Ey, watch your step, you stinky idiot!

Broccoli was already smitten for the peppery French lady.

- Stinky idiot? At least I have manners!

The French lady raised her eyebrows and then smiled.
- Are you here all by yourself? Your husband is very stupid, leaving such a fine lady without a chaperone...
- I do not 'ave a 'usband... I am too busy for such things, chéri...
- Well, I suppose you're not too busy to spend some time with me, are you?
- 'ahah... Maybe some other time, mon chére ami... I am not into stinky men...
Asparagus smiled contently. He had gotten into the brotherhood and now he was exploring the Resolute Fist Retreat. He had been told to look for an ancient relic, something that had been hidden beneath the Retreat in the times of danger but the monk who had hidden the relic had died without telling anyone where he had hidden it. And now "the times were changing" and there was some kind of disaster in the future and the brotherhood needed the relic, although Asparagus didn't quite buy their prophecy. After all, it was written by the same people who wrote the fortune cookie texts. Carefully moving from one room to another Asparagus finally came to a room with four doors and a diving well. The one door of course led to the previous room but Asparagus didn't quite know which door to take. Asparagus chose the nearest door and walked in the next room, only to run back a second later, his pants on fire. Soon enough Asparagus got over his senile moment and got hang of the system. He found the relic easily after that. Asparagus had spent 24 hours exploring the Retreat but Broccoli had been busy as well, romancing the French lady, Bibi Dutiel.

Bibi was quite touched by Broccoli's ardor. She couldn't help feeling a bit sad though, after all she was so much older than he was. Sure, he had done his best to look older than his 18 years but Bibi could remember what Asparagus had looked when he had come to check their basement twenty years ago.
Asparagus was having a blast. He had gotten used to his normal life in Garden Valley, with occasional trips to either Al Simhara or to space so he really enjoyed this adventure. It made him feel so young, after all the last time he had been in Shang Simla was when he had met Adaeze. Broccoli and Bibi's whirlwind romance had gotten much attention at the base camp. After all Bibi was almost old enough to be Broccoli's mother and neither of them was decent enough to keep their snogging somewhere private. - Ahh, these cherries will be a wonderful addition to my garden... Cherry garden.... Well that would be just a perfect name for a granddaughter... As heated up their romance had been so far, Bibi and Broccoli still hadn't got past making out.

- Bibi, I was wondering... I mean if we could... Well, you know...
- Oh, Broccoli... I am so sorry, chéri, I just can not do this!
- What? But why?!
- I am old enough to be your mother!
- No you aren't! Well, technically you are but then you'd have been a very young mother...
- Still, mon chér ami, I can not do this... You are too young, too... well, naive...
- Naive? So you're saying I'm a kid! Didn't stop you earlier!
- I am sorry, I should not 'ave started this with you... I was just so flattered and touched, I 'ave never been popular among men...
- No wonder, you old hag! You're a tease!
- What?! 'Ow dare you?! Je comprends pas pourquoi je t'aimais... Argh!
- And don't do this "speaking French when angry", it's such a cliché! And get out of my room! I never want to see you again, you ugly old woman!
Asparagus was oblivious of the war going on at the base camp, he was now on a new task. He had to explore the Temple Heaven and find the legendary axe of Pangu. Asparagus doubted that it existed but he was always up to an adventure. The corridors beneath the Temple were narrow and could have made some other sim more or less claustrophobic but Asparagus had never been afraid of anything else than losing his family. After exploring the hidden part of the Temple Asparagus realized that it was time to put Adaeze's meditation technique into use. It would take days to find the way to the center where the axe hung on the wall. It took over four hours to reach the clarity of mind needed for the Zeneportation, but then Asparagus found himself in the center, right next to the axe on the wall. He carefully lifted it, expecting it to be impossible to remove from its place but as his hands touched the axe Asparagus felt an enormous power filling him up from his fingertips to his toes. And with that power came the confidence.
The axe was now his.
Now with the axe Asparagus was unstoppable. He was invincible, the marvelous Asparagus Garden with his axe! It felt so good and Asparagus roared with laughter that wasn't his own. He was a different sim, more manly, more aggressive and more... well... he was more or less adrenalized about the power he now held. Broccoli had escaped the humiliation to the ancient terracotta army. It was more than little creepy there by night but Broccoli was rather there than faced the other inhabitants at the base camp. After all his fight with Bibi had been anything but silent and seeing how many sims were "passing" his door when he had rushed out he was more than sure that everything he had said had been heard and later discussed at the dinner table. Asparagus was feeling a lot more composed after a good night's sleep. The initial adrenaline rush had faded and he could think clearly.

- Mister Garden, you found the axe?
- Yes, I did... Do you want it?
- Me? Oh, no! It is yours, Mister Garden, I only wish you could go to the Hot Springs and find me this vase...
- Sure, no problem!
Asparagus smashed the boulder that was blocking the way to the diving well. He loved smashing those boulders, it made him feel so strong! Gasping for breath Asparagus rose to the surface only to find himself in the most curious room complex he had so far been in. It was so hot yet steamy there and it reminded him of something he had read about... oh, a sauna! The firetraps were easily deactivated by activating some steam traps. And across the hall there was a room with a new diving well... In total the cave complex had consisted of three similar stories and Asparagus had had no trouble finding the vase the woman wanted. On his way back to the base camp Asparagus ran into Bibi Dutiel. Unfortunately Asparagus had already heard the rumors about Bibi and Broccoli and when he saw her... well furious could be the best word to describe how Asparagus felt at the moment.

- How dare you mess with MY son?!
- Excuse-moi, but I was not the one who started it!
- I will be calling your mother, and I know she will not be pleased about this Bibi Dutiel! I expected more of you, you are nothing like your mother, she's a real lady!
Bibi had turned on her heels and run back to the base camp so Asparagus headed to the SimFu school instead. He shouldn't have been so harsh but it made him so angry to see others mistreat his son.

That was probably why both Broccoli and Asparagus spent the rest of their vacation training SimFu with the locals and neither of them mentioned Bibi Dutiel.

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Dec 29, 2010

Great story

spladoumAug 23, 2010

Wow, Broccoli sure doesn't know how to treat ladies.  Looks like the veggie didn't fall far from the garden!

RatRaceRobJul 29, 2010

I laughed out loud many times -- one of my favorites, really bringing Broccoli's newly young adult character out too! :P

Vivi4everMay 26, 2010

 Finally! Yay! I've been waiting for more! Your stories are really great!

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