When All is Said and Done- Part One
Published May 29, 2010

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Hey guys :) Fadsad with my first story here! I plan on it being about 12 chapters, so enjoy! I'm not the kind of person who "requires" comments and ratings to add the next chapter, but I really do appreciate those! Thanks again for reading, enjoy~~

** Thank you to all the Sims 3 artists! My story would be so dull without your guys' beautiful creations!!! :)

Hey guys :) Fadsad with my first story here! I plan on it being about 12 chapters, so enjoy! I'm not the kind of person who "requires" comments and ratings to add the next chapter, but I really do appreciate those! Thanks again for reading, enjoy~~

** Thank you to all the Sims 3 artists! My story would be so dull without your guys' beautiful creations!!! :)
Over the last few years, my life had become one big blur of events. There were some days that were special, but the rest seem to have no beginning and no end. For me, each day was endless simply because I had nothing to look forward to doing. Of course there was school, but that was it. I didn't have much of a social life and I didn't have many friends. Why had things turned out so bad for me, may you ask? You could only hope that a 15 year old teenage girl could have a fun and exciting life, but I didn't know why I was different. Yet in the midst of all these days, there was one day that was different. It was the first day of summer and I heard a taxi honk outside my balcony, and that could only mean one thing: someone had come to visit. There were some people I had hoped would come, my dad, aunt, or hopefully a friend, so I ran to my bedroom to glance out the window to see who had. I looked over the edge of the balcony and saw half of what I was looking for. My favorite aunt and uncle had come to visit, but where was my aunt? She was the one I had looked forward to seeing the most, but all I saw was my mom and uncle. "Why would uncle come without auntie?" I asked myself.
Over the years, my aunt and uncle ( well they weren't married yet back then, but they had still come together ) came to visit a few times, but they had come together. So why would my uncle decide to come alone?! The thought puzzled me, and I hoped this day wouldn't end up being like all the rest...
Another question you might ask is why my aunt would be so important to me, because she was in fact, only my aunt.
But the person behind my sadness was my mom. When I was about four years old, I remember a day in late August. It was really a beautiful day, the sun was shining brightly up ahead, and the flowers swayed peacefully in the wind, so I don't actually remember why the day was so tragic...
But I do remember playing with my teddy bear my dad had brought me back from China, I loved it so much! But my dad picked me up and took my teddy bear, then he went inside. My mother, who sat on the couch, got up worriedly.
My followed him inside, asking where he was going. Even though I was only four, I'll never forget the look on her face...
Then I heard yelling, and the last thing I heard was the door to the house slamming shut. My mom came out crying but she carried me and set me on her lap. Ever since that day she's been scarred. I never saw the same smile on her face after he left. Even today, she still has a distant aura...
Yet I remember being so happy the three of us together, so I always wonder what made my father leave. But he did, and after, my mother was a wreck. That's where my aunt comes in.
My aunt had only been a teenager then, but she came when she heard about the news. My own mother could barely move to eat, she was nothing after he left, but my aunt still raised me until I was about 6 years old. Even when she was a teenager, my aunt was outgoing and ambitious. She once told me " Shoot for the stars, so if you fall, you'll land on the clouds." I asked her what my cloud was, since I didn't really have anyone to lean on. And she told me she was my cloud... But then she had to go to college and left. My mom took over after, but she has never been the same. And I know she will never be... She tried to love me, but I could tell she just couldn't. So after a while she gave up, and our relationship ended there. The most we'd ever do was say a few words to each other, and that was basically it. My thoughts were interrupted when I head a familiar voice ask " Are you talking to yourself?" and then the sweetest laughter in the world followed. I turned around and laughed, "Auntie you're here! I was looking for you outside."
"Well I came up to say Hi! Wow you're beautiful, stop growing though!"
I thanked her for her comment, but asked "So how long are you gunna stay?"
"Well your uncle and I just came from our honey moon in Paris, and we actually bought a house up in Sunset Valley about an hour from here, so we thought we'd stop by to share the news; but we'll be leaving tonight."
"Oh, well you never visit as much anymore..." I told her, saddening the conversation.
As amazing as my aunt was, she also had a special skill. It was as if she could see into your soul, but she didn't judge you, she wanted to help fix the problem. That's what made me love her so much. And at this very moment, it was as if she could see the sadness in my soul.
" Well, why don't you come visit for a few months? I mean I'm sure you'd love to get out of this small, dreary town and visit the big city! How does it sound?" she asked.
"A-ah-amazing!" I said, and all I could manage to do was smile.
I always dreamed of being my aunt because it seemed that she had the perfect life. Of course she was beautiful and talented, but it was the relationships she made that seemed the most special to her. I'm sure she had many friends but she had a husband who loved her with all his heart. I noticed the way he looked at her and how he saw past her outside beauty but inside. He wasn't like most men who only cared of looks, but also seemed to notice the soul. It was seriously a match made in heaven! Each one of their embraces could make anyone jealous, because you saw hot passion in their eyes, but also the most tender love. It made me jealous to see this, only because I'd never had someone to love that much who'd love me back, but I knew that I wasn't the only one... I would always see a longing in my mother's eyes. Even though she always seemed distant and aloof, I new part of her was still here, and that part wished her husband was still here. I felt bad for my mother because she lived with this on going depression, and not only was she not the same, but her entire life had turned upside down. She trudged through each day lethargically, but today she had the decency to get dressed and fix her hair. My mom had made a plate of mac and cheese for dinner, nothing special but I was surprised she had cooked at all. I grabbed a bowl and headed for the dinner table, happy to finally have a family meal together. We all sat down for dinner and talked amongst ourselves about my uncles athletic career and about their new house. Although my mom did not eat, she was smiling again. Not the kind of smile I'd seen before, but a smile I hadn't seen in a long time. She looked out over the table, and I saw a small smile on her face. It was nice to see her happy, and it really showed how beautiful she was. But knowing my mother, this wouldn't last for a long time. Soon she would remember her sad past and return to her gloomy state. But I would try my hardest to keep her happy. "Well speaking of our new house, it's time for us to go now to see it!" said my aunt.

We all got up to say our goodbye's. "I talked to your mom, Evelyn," my aunt said to me, " And you both are coming to spend two weeks with us. You guys can come anytime next week once we're moved in" she added with a smile.
"Great! I'll be looking forward to seeing you again, love you" I said, then went up to my bedroom to sleep.
As I fell asleep, for the first time, I felt myself smiling. It was nice to think about the sweet dreams I'd have about the following weeks, and I fell fast in my wonderful fantasy. But as I was sleeping, I could hear the door to my room open. My mom was the only person who could walk in, so I wondered what she could be doing here. Then I heard my balcony door open, but what was she doing in here?
"Just ask her tomorrow, Evelyn!" I told myself, half asleep. I heard the balcony door close, but I knew my mother was outside.
** Evelyn's mom, named Abigail, is speaking **

"Oh my dearest Evelyn...Why did you have to ruin my life?"

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Jan 2, 2011

great story thank you

SimplySarahDec 11, 2010

Loved it you are a very good wrighter.

fadsadJun 3, 2010

Thank you all so very much guys! I'm working on the next chapter right now actually,; it'll be out this week! Thank you so much again for reading and commenting, it means a lot \:wub\:

nataliestonardJun 2, 2010

Good start! Look forward to the next part.

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