The Bong Story
Published Sep 6, 2010

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Thriller about Cheng Bong and his mysterious wife

Thriller about Cheng Bong and his mysterious wife My name is Cheng Bong. I am from Simkyo, Japan, but my mother is in fact Chinese. I grew up in a very ordinary way, my parents lived a very quiet life. We never had guests in our house. But I love friends and people, so entering the Uni and moving to a dorm was a really elevating experience. I studied architecture and enjoyed every bit of college life. That's also where I met Xandra, the love of my life. When I first saw her in the canteen I felt a natural draw towards her, the pull was so strong I could hardly finish my dinner. She was so beautiful, like noone I'd seen before. But most importantly, we belonged together, I felt immediately. All our conversations had flown as if we had always known each other. It was love at first sight for her, too. We weren't just going out. We soon became engaged. Xandra told me about her past. She was born in Italy to Asian parents that was clearly visible on her beautiful face, but she was an orphan. She didn't remember anything from her early ages. She grew up in an orphan house in La Bruscetta, Tuscany, at the Santa Maria monastry. Xandra had an old photo about the orphanage. It was a very typical Italian house, but I found it really beautiful. We agreed to visit it once, as well as my parents' home which was really far away. After graduation I wanted an international career so I moved to Dubai to look for a job. Luckily the place was full of construction work and I quickly got a job at Mr. Middata D'Abdallah's offices as a junior architect. Xandra was still at the Uni, so I was miserable without her, but I knew I had to work hard, to save up enough. Xandra had excellent business skills, and I was dreaming about opening our own design and architecture firm. I was more than happy when she called that she passed all her exams of the semester and she would want to spend the X'mas holidays with me in Dubai. I took Xandra to all my favourite cafes and spas and entertainment spots. We enjoyed every moment of her holidays, altough I had to work during the day. We tried all the sily things that one is getting engaged with when totally and absolutely in love. These were our happiest moments. Xandra agreed to move to Dubai with me after her graduation. While I was waiting for Xandra, our team finished a big project, building up a Galery for Middle Eastern Simarts. I was really proud, and it soon became a very popular meeting place for the local chic people... It also had a huge concert hall and wellness area besides the exhibition halls. I was promoted after the project and could allow myself some extra benefits! :))) But in fact, I was utterly bored without Xandra. By the time Xandra arrived I bought our very first apartment. All was ready for a wedding and... ...Xandra said she couldn't wait any longer either! Our wedding party was really great! We invited all sorts of folks, and my boss took his wife, Jaspita, too. Everyone was congratulating me for having such a beautiful wife! After the wedding party we had our own quiet moments! We promised never to leave each other. I had a surprise for my wife. It was in the wardrobe! It was a Kimono, that my mother sent me for the wedding! Xandra looked amazing in it! She knew what it meant. We really had to go and see my parents. I was eager to introduce her finally but I was also afraid how they would get along. I was so excited when we arrived to our old house. Nothing had changed. I was glad to see that my parents can still keep the place and especially the garden so beautiful. This is really what I missed most in Dubai. Our cute little hut and the garden. My parents greeted us in front of the house. I saw in my mom's eyes that she really liked Xandra. Of course she did, she was MY wife! My dad got so much older since we saw each other last time! But I was happy to be at home! It felt so nice to be at home where I grew up. Everything was so comfortable, so familiar, but also distant now. My mom rushed to prepare my favourite sushi. She was always very quick with her work and silent. The dinner was very pleasant. We talked about our lives. My dad painted pictures of nature, and he was still in his best mood when he could hold a brush in his hand. My mom hardly stopped all day, usually she cleaned the house and cooked and... ...created wonderful pottery, which she sold at the weekly market! After dinner we taught Xandra how to play Mahjong. She was really good at it, like she was good at everything she did. I was so proud. But later my father went to the garden and talked to the house spirits. It was his old habit to do so, before going to bed. We stayed up late with my dad. He told me he was worried somehow.
'I consulted the spirits, son. They gave me a warning. Tomorrow we have to go and see Mr. Okada.'
Mr. Okada was the old wise man living at the forest pagoda. I didn't particularly like him. Everything was so strange there.
I couldn't sleep very well that night. I was thinking about a lot of things. My father's words worried me. On one hand I was at home, and my whole family was with me now. The night was beautiful and silent. All I could hear were the cricketts in the garden. And cricketts meant peace. We went to Mr. Okada's pagoda. He was an old man, but it seemed to me, he had always been an old man. He told us stories of the past.
Right before we said goodbye, Mr. Okada turned to Xandra suddenly.
'Look at me girl. Well, well, well. That's interesting.' he said.
'What? Mr. Okada... What is interesting?' asked Xandra.
'How did you get that necklace of yours?'
'I don't remember Mr. Okada. I can't get it off. It has always been with me... I mean, since I can remember anything!'
'Strange, indeed.'
'I carried it from Italy. I was wearing it all the time!'
'Italy? Well, even stranger, then. The last time I saw that necklace, Satoko Wei was wearing it. Of course you can't get it off. Haha... It was created by Hokim San personally! And that stone is the YingYangGang of the holy blue moon mountains!'
My father jumped up.
'What are you talking about Okada??? Speak old man!'

I have never seen my father so fierce! He also seemed to have grown a lot bigger. And I didn't know what to think when I looked at my mother.

'Just the truth, Hirotsugu. Just the truth. I saw this treasure on the baby in the temple... when she was carried away.'
At this point my mother collapsed.
'Satoko Wei is dead... Satoko is dead...' muttered she, and I was starting to lose my nerve.
Father tried to comfort mom. But she started to cry and she kept repeating that Satoko Wei was dead. I turned to mom finally.
'Who is Satoko Wei, mother?'
I couldn't think of anyone. No baby had died among our friends or relatives that I knew about.
'My son... Satoko Wei was your twin sister. The spirits chose you. She had to die.'

And I was devastated.
'Are you telling me, that I had a sister and you never ever told me??? How come? Why? How is this possible? Why? Why, oh why? And how did she die? Why did she die? When was that?'

I was out of control...
My mom did not answer. She walked to my father and they were just looking at each other. The silence was maddening. Back at our house I was begging my dad to tell me more. I couldn't bear it. There was a deep secret here and I had to know the truth. 'Please son, it's just too painful. Stop asking questions. Stop it.' But my mother came to us suddenly. 'I will talk. I want to talk. He must know.'

She took a deep breath.

'It was a custom in the old days to offer one child to the temple if twins were born. I didn't want to do it. We were poor indeed, but I didn't even want to hear about separation. The pressure was big on us and your father offered great services to the temple to gain support of the priests and the spirits. But they were angry. They wanted the baby. They wanted you.'
'But next day Satoko was fading... And I saw she was too weak. I wrapped her warmly and took her to the temple. There were doctors and wise men there. Mr. Okada was there, too. We prayed there with your father and asked the priests to help. They took the baby and promised to help. After an hour high priest Katsunosuki came out and told us that Satoko Wei was dead. We were told the spirits punished us for our hesitation. But I could keep you. At least...' It was just too much. I was shocked.

'We didn't tell you, because we didn't want to think about it. We wanted to forget about it. That's the truth, son.'

Xandra was silent, too...
Next day we were leaving. My head was dizzy with all the new information. It was really strange that I used to have a sister. I was overwhelmed with emotions. And Mr. Okada's words bothered me, too. I knew he knows more than he told my parents. And I had to find the answers to these old and so far unasked questions.

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ktg420Mar 18, 2012

I love the japanese table at his parents house! Where did you get it?

zukichanNov 22, 2011

where you get clothes of jaspita ? 

joyfulkizzezJul 16, 2011


rugimantasDec 29, 2010

I like this story \:\) 

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