Defection 1.2
Published Jun 15, 2010

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Leni's Legacy Challenge rules:

1. NO CHEATS (of any description).

2. Base game items only.

3. Screenshots can only be taken throughout the process of the current Sims natural actions (no deliberate stunting or posing).


Leni's Legacy Challenge rules:

1. NO CHEATS (of any description).

2. Base game items only.

3. Screenshots can only be taken throughout the process of the current Sims natural actions (no deliberate stunting or posing).

It was now almost the end of Sasha and Zach's first week at the new fire station. Everything had been going smoothly. On average there was one emergency a day and they were all being handled very well. Sasha was beginning to gain more confidence around the flames, and things with Zach were going well.
Mila had been off work for a few days. It seemed to ease the tension in the work place and Sasha was feeling much more positive about her decision to move to Twinbrook.
But on this Thursday morning, things weren't to go as well as hoped.
Zach ran ahead to have a quick workout before things got too hectic around the station and Sasha strolled in on her own.
The first thing she saw as she entered the station was Mila. She was back! Ugh!
As Sasha strolled past, Mila and Joel began laughing together and sending dirty looks Sasha's way. Sasha lifted her head high and continued walking, refusing to let tears spring from her eyes.
When Zach finished his workout and came back upstairs, he headed straight toward Sasha. 'Check out these guns!' He said jokingly, but became serious when he saw how upset Sasha was.
Sasha told Zach what had happened.
'Well.' He said. 'things like this happen, we can't always get along with everyone. You're here to work, not make friends.'
Zach saw that his advice wasn't actually working to make Sasha happy again.
'This is your fault for showing any interest in her in the first place!' Sasha snapped at him.
Zach nodded slightly. 'It will be alright. We'll figure it out with Mila, okay?'
Zach walked away and decided to find Mila right then. As he approached her, he put on his best 'Serious Business' face and asked her what was going on.
'Oh, she didn't tell you how she has been bad mouthing me to everyone here at the station?' Mila said loftily.
Zach was sure this was a lie, but the alarm began to sound and he raced off to the truck. He mentioned to Sasha what had just happened with Mila.
'I didn't ask you to go and talk to her!" Sasha responded, completely stunned and quickly anxious. 'I haven't said anything about her. Who would I have said it to? Everyone at the station has known her a lot longer than they have known me.'
Zach put his arm around Sasha as they pulled up to the smoking house. 'It will be alright.' He promised.
Sasha and Zach jumped out of the truck even before it came to a complete stop. They raced inside to find quite a small fire and they quickly put it out.
Zach squirted Sasha with his fire extinguisher. She was a little shocked at first and thought it must have been an accident, but when she saw his face she knew he had done it on purpose.
Her face broke out in a massive grin and she got him back. Stopping just before the fire chief walked in.
'Now's as good a time as any to let you both know that you're being promoted. It's only your first week but you have both handled yourself in a very mature and capable manner. Congratulations!' The Chief said and headed back to truck.
'I am now Super Fire Zach!' Zach said, posing like a fool.
'You're just lucky he didn't see us wasting precious fire fighting resources Super Fire Zach. Come on, lets go.' Sasha replied, feeling even more attracted to Zach than ever.
When they got back to the station, Sasha began some maintenance work on the truck and happened to notice Fred scoping out Mila as she polished up on her handiness skill.
Sasha had an idea.
Fred was a cute guy, she would make friends with him and get him to go steady with Mila! Then she wouldn't have to worry about Mila's cattiness and jealousy!
Sasha ran out to find Zach and ask him what thought of her plan.
'I dunno.' He said. 'Sounds as though it might all end in tears, but if your determined, I don't think there would be any stopping you, so I suppose you should just go ahead and try it.'
He drew her attention to a base ball in his hand and Sasha moved back a few metres so they could throw it to each other.
When it was time to go home Zach walked over to Sasha and said 'I have a way to make you feel better.'
'Oh, yes? And what would that be?' Sasha asked trying to keep her voice from faltering.
'A movie. Dinner and a movie, with me, right now.' He replied.
Sasha smiled and nodded. 'I'll have to take a quick shower and hope that I have something decent to wear in my locker!'
For dinner they had their favourite: Tri-Tip Steak, at the little bistro not too far from work. It was beautiful and romantic there, with violin serenades and candle lit tables.
Sasha couldn't wipe the smile from her face the whole time.
They saw a film adaptation of Huckleberry Sim at the theatre, though neither had read the book. Zach had kept his hands to himself during the movie, Sasha was a little disappointed but was also too shy to make a move of her own.
When they got home, a little after ten, they lazed happily on the couch together and watched reruns of the Playsim Mansion. Not Sasha's first choice, but it just happened to be the first thing to come on.
After a while of sneaky glances and 'accidental' brushes against one another, Zach finally put his arm around Sasha and rested his other hand on her leg.
Sasha turned to look at him, his warm eyes and delicious smile made her melt.
Getting in to bed that night, Sasha felt pretty pleased with life, even if Mila was being horrible to her, she was the one that worked with, lived with, and had just spent a brilliant evening with, Zach. Plus, her plan with Fred may just work.
She was glad things weren't going too fast with Zach. They had known each other almost a week know, the attraction was crystal clear, but still, they hadn't even kissed.
Sasha went to sleep wondering how he had moved so quickly with Mila, though.
The next morning, Zach came in to Sasha's room really early and gently shook her awake.
'Get up.' He said. 'Put on some workout gear.'
Sasha sat up slowly and ground the sleep from her eyes. 'Why?' She finally asked.
Zach grinned his beautiful, cheeky grin. 'Just do it, okay?'
Sasha pulled on some leggings and an old shirt and made her way to the lounge. As soon as Zach saw her, he grabbed her and twirled her around before pulling her close to him. 'How do you feel about a morning jog?'
Sasha nodded and they were off. They jogged around town, Zach seemed to have some idea of where he wanted to go, Sasha was in the dark though. She kept asking where they were headed but Zach would just smile and say 'It's not much further now.'
Finally they reached the beach, and a quaint little gazebo that over looked the water.
'Beautiful, huh?' asked Zach, wiping sweat from his brow and trying to steady his breathing.
Sasha looked out over the lake and watched the sun rising. Beautiful.
When Zach and Sasha arrived at work, Mila once again waited until Sasha was alone to say anything to her.
'Getting Zach to do your dirty work, huh? Well you just better watch it. I have a mind to let the Chief know how you're constantly bullying me and making me feel threatened.' Mila sneered.
'What!?' Sasha cried. 'I've never said or done anything like that to you.'
Mila smirked. 'The Chief doesn't know that though, does he?'
Sasha walked away and went up to the boarding rooms which were always empty.
Sasha thought it was horrible that one single person can make your life completely miserable, and it wasn't even someone she cared about.
Soon Joel came in and noticed that Sasha was there. If he had come to apologise she hoped he had thought up a good way of saying it.
But he had no intention of apologising, all he said was: 'You better be careful around Mila. She'll ruin you.'
Sasha had had quite enough. She raced downstairs, told the Chief that she was going for a jog and took a jaunt around town to calm herself down.
She hadn't done anything wrong. Nothing at all, except like Zach, and she was pretty darn sure he liked her too. So he made a mistake with Mila. She woohooed with him once, on the day that they met and now Mila thought she owned him?
Sasha was beside herself. Her stomach was twisting and turning. This whole situation was horrible.
Mila managed to corner Zach. 'I'm sorry for hurting your girlfriend's feelings. I promise I will leave her alone, if you go on one more date with me. As friends, just so you can see I'm not as bad a person as I seem right now.'
Zach shook his head. 'No way.'
'Well,' Mila started, 'she can wave goodbye to her dream job.' Mila made a smug face at Zach and sauntered off.
By the time Sasha had reached the town centre, she was frantic enough over the situation with Mila to give her mother a call. She had it figured out, she would talk to her mother just for a feeling on familiarity, but not mention any real problems. She didn't want her mother to say 'I told you so' and she most certainly would. She thought this whole 'Fire Fighter' idea was ridiculous.
Sasha's idea was wasted anyway, her mother didn't answer.
Zach had been home for hours and still there was no sign of Sasha. He was ready to go out looking for her, suppose she had gotten into some sort of trouble? But as he walked towards the front door, Sasha came in, her cheeks were rosy and raw from the cold evening air and she had faint lines of mascara across her face. Zach immediately pulled Sasha into a hug, stroking her back. Her skin was freezing and Zach insisted on her having a nice hot shower. He sat on the toilet seat and kept her company while she showered, then looked away as she wrapped her towel around her body.
'I might have a shower, too.' Zach decided as Sasha went to her room to change.
The shower had really helped Sasha to feel a bit better, and having Zach nearby while she showered had helped as well.
She decided she might go down to the heated pool and do a few laps, she seemed to have way to much energy.
She put on her bikini and went to prepare some mac and cheese for Zach's dinner, she would eat later.
When Zach came out of the bathroom and noticed Sasha, he gave a low whistle and, of course, shot her one of his yummy grins. 'A hot chick in a bikini making me dinner? What could be better?'
Sasha blushed and laughed. 'I'm going to go for a swim at the heated pools. I just feel really fidgety.'
Zach pulled her closer to him. Sasha felt completely exhilarated. his skin was so warm and still damp from the shower. He took her breath away every time he was close to her, even more so now that he was shirtless and she was in a skimpy swim suit.
'Make sure you be careful.' Zach said lightly.
'I will, I promise.' Sasha said, stroking his hair. She leaned in to kiss him, but he pulled back so smoothly, it was almost as if he didn't realise what she was doing.
Sasha tried not to feel strange about Zach's reaction. maybe he really didn't realise she wanted to kiss him, or maybe he did realise but just wanted to take things one step at a time...or maybe he wasn't as interested in her as she thought.
She did a hundred laps and then kept warm in the sauna for a while.
She made her way home and got into bed. Zach had already retired for the night.
Sasha just couldn't find contented sleep. She decided to get up and go out and about again.
She left a note for Zach to let him know that she had been home but had gone out for an early morning stroll.
Sasha remembered the pretty gardens that were next to the swimming pool and headed there. She found a particularly perfect onion and collected it as the sun came up. She loved onions, in everything! Maybe that was why Zach didn't want to kiss me she thought in jest.
Sasha was on her way again, before she knew it, she was in the bayous. She had been out here during the week to fight a small house fire. It was beautiful but eerie, even more so in the early morning.
As she crossed a pretty bridge she heard her phone begin to ring. It was her mother!
'Darling, I got your message late last night and decided I would call at a more appropriate hour, but I just found out that Aunty Mavis has passed! I was wondering if you could go to the funeral. I have too much to do here. I'll pay for whole thing.'
Sasha had no choice, she would have to go.
When she got home, Zach was up and waiting for her.
'We get to spend the whole weekend together now.' He said as soon as she walked through the door.
'Actually,' said Sasha, 'I have to go to my aunties funeral. I'm leaving this afternoon. It's in France. I'll be there for a week.'
Sasha didn't want to leave. What about Mila and Zach while she wasn't around? Zach sensed exactly what was going through Sasha's head.
'Don't worry.' He said. 'You don't need to worry about Mila, okay?'
He pulled Sasha close again and this time he kissed her fully and longingly on the mouth.

Sasha was sure things were going to be okay.


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#13coraski11Jun 17, 2010

Great chapter Leni (is it okay that i call you that?)!! I hope you get the next one out soon!! \:D

#14mogan44Jun 18, 2010

Awesome!  I can't wait for more already!  I am really into this story.  Thanks for sharing!

#15flody888Jun 20, 2010

Oooh, I really don't like that Mila! \:mad\: I'm so glad that Sasha loves her job and has a friend in Zach. \:\) LOVED screenshot 8 with Zach posing in his fireman's uniform! \:D It's good that Sasha will have some time to distance herself from the Mila situation (she can't keep still b/c she's so upset! \:eek\: ) but I'm worried about what will happen in the meantime...! Love this story! \:\)

#16Jennifer_RJun 22, 2010

Oh no, I really hope while Sasha is away that Zach doesn't succumb to Mila and her devious ways. We don't really know Zach that well and she would be so upset. What is with Mila? Why is she being so mean to Sasha, maybe she is jealous. A great second chapter, very enjoyable! You have a great writing style!  \;\)

#17IllandryaJun 23, 2010

Wow, this chapter was even better than the first! Mila sure seems to be a dangerous person to get on the wrong side of. I have faith that Zach will be able to resist her while Sasha is away, but I'm sure Mila will find a way of planting the seeds of doubt when Sasha returns - off to the next chapter!

#18DVSVJul 5, 2010

Nice story \;\)

#19Pippa22Aug 22, 2010

This is a great part well done!!!

#20RatRaceRobSep 15, 2010

Great job!  The conflict between Sasha and Mila seems to be building up to some major trouble... hope Sasha ends up on the better end of it \;\)

#21muiseDec 27, 2010


#22Jan 2, 2011

kissed finally!

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