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Tomb Raider: Scion Of Atlantis Chapter 4
Published Dec 8, 2010

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The door led to an open room with an enormous waterfall feature. There was no obvious door or path for Lara to continue on, to Qualopec's Tomb. So she started to search the room, and noticed a small indentation on the rock face that looked like a cog. Lara walked over to it and ran her slender fingers against it. The cog was missing. Maybe if she found it, it would reveal the direction she had to head. Lara started looking everywhere, but it was no-where to be found. Her sheer determination led her to the ingenious thought to search in the pool of water that lay in front of her. Carefully removing her belt and backpack, Lara elegantly swan dived into the murky water. On the floor of the body of water she uncovered the missing cog piece and hauled it up to the surface with her. She pulled herself and the cog out of the water and headed back over to the indentation on the wall. After carefully placing the cog back into the wall; Lara heard the sound of a something large and concrete emerging from somewhere; she just couldn't gather where it was coming from. Lara looked behind her and saw a door had now appeared behind the waterfall.
"That must be where Qualopec's Tomb resides" she said aloud.
Lara walked over to the edge of the water; where she left her backpack and belt, and picked them up. As she lifted them from the ground the sandwhich Lara had packed slipped out of her bag. With all the running around, unlocking doors and figuring out puzzles, she realised she hadn't eated in a while. Lara picked it up and removed the glad wrap plastic that enveloped the sandwhich and ate it quickly. Within a few moments all remains of the sandwhich were gone and Lara jumped in the water and swam through the waterfall and up into the other side, and walked through the doors. Lara walked through the door and followed a series of tunnels to find a brightly lit room with a flight of stairs off to the side. She slowly and cautiously walked up the steps. Lara was in Qualopec's Tomb now, and she could see a piece of the Scion floating above a platform in the middle of the room. Beyond it, a statue of Qualopec and two guards were stationed. Lara walked to the statue of Qualopec to investigate it further, and started to read the hieroglyphs aloud.
"Here sits the God King Qualopec; One of the triumvirate; Keepers of the three pieces of the Scion; Diviners of its knowledge; Sacred rulers of Atlantis"
Lara walked up to Qualopec and examined his face, looked into his stone eyes. Not a sound could be heard as she peered at him. Suddenly one of Qualopec's mummified guards sprang to life. He tried to swipe Lara as she jumped back, then fell to the floor motionless. Her heart was racing as she switched her gaze from the motionless mummy and back again to Qualopec, thinking he would also come to life. She kept switching back and forth but nothing happened; nothing moved. Lara slowly walked backwards and maneuvered her way around the podium that had the Scion piece. She walked cautiously closer to the podium, and took the floating Scion piece into her hands.

All of a sudden the ground started to shake, the walls started to crumble. Huge pieces of the ceiling fell without warning.
Lara quickly packed the piece of the Scion she held in her hand, into her backpack and ran. As Lara was running out the door, she took a second to glance back and saw Qualopec emerge to life. But her view was obstructed when a huge slab of the ruins blocked the door. Lara kept running as the tunnels she'd been in a moment before were shaking and crumbling around her. Lara reached the end of the tunnels just as the door was closing. She ran as fast as she could and dived for the water. She just made it through the closing doors and they shut just as her fingertips touched the water. Everything was calm, she was alive. Lara swam over to the edge of the water and started to get out when she heard an unmistakable voice. "I'd love to join ya, but I've forgotten my trunks" he smiled wryly.
"Why am I not surprised" she said as she got out of the water.
"You've got your job, I've got mine. I'll take it from here" he said in his texan accent.
"I hope Natla sent you here with more than that" Lara said eyeing him off.
"Don't sweat it kitten; I prefer a more hands-on approach" Larson said as he quickly swung a right hook. Lara dodged and came back with her own volley of right hooks and jabs, but all were blocked. They stood eyeing each other off for a moment. Larson picked up a handful of dirt to throw, as Lara kicked him in the jaw, followed by a hard hitting left hook which knocked him to the ground. He tried to stand up and Lara kicked him again and took him to the ground pinning him down. "This is only one piece of the Scion, where's the rest of it"
"Give me a minute...I'm thinking" he smiled wryly. Lara crunched her boot onto his hand.
"Ahh! It makes no difference to me" he paused as Lara lifted the pressure off his hand "Pierre's probably already found his piece"
"Pierre DuPont?" she contemplated "Where!?" she said forcefully. "Now that, I don't know"
She looked at him for a moment.
"Alright. I'm convinced" she said as she stood up and started to walk away.
"Damn, you really had me going there" Larson said as he sat up. He quietly got to his feet and was about to tackle Lara to the ground, when Lara turned around and kicked him again, knocking him out cold. Lara took one last look at Larson, now lying on the ground, and left.

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tcancelOct 19, 2011

your story is so cool\:cool\:

samcactus101Apr 27, 2011

hehe i love the Anniversary game. Would've love to see her fight the T-rex in here tho. But otherwise, good job

chloe_bubbMar 1, 2011

\:o\:\( \:D \:rolleyes: \:rah\: \:P  

chloe_bubbMar 1, 2011

omg this lik soooooooooooooooooo coooooooooooooool\:cool\:\:rah\:

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