Defection 1.3
Published Jun 20, 2010

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A massive thank you to everyone who has made my first week here at TSR so wonderful and to those who have been checking out my story and screenies!

When we left off, Sasha and Zach had finally kissed, despite the problems that arose with Mila. Sasha was feeling that things might actually turn out okay, when she received a call from her mother asking her to head to France to attend her aunt's funeral. Sasha was concerned at what might happen between Zach and Mila during her absence.

A massive thank you to everyone who has made my first week here at TSR so wonderful and to those who have been checking out my story and screenies!

When we left off, Sasha and Zach had finally kissed, despite the problems that arose with Mila. Sasha was feeling that things might actually turn out okay, when she received a call from her mother asking her to head to France to attend her aunt's funeral. Sasha was concerned at what might happen between Zach and Mila during her absence.
The flight to France had been exhausting, but Sasha had no time to rest, the funeral was to be held that very afternoon. She hailed a cab at the airport and gave the driver directions in an extremely poor attempt at French.
Her mother had kept her promise, paying for the flights, but she didn’t offer to pay for any accommodation, so Sasha had made reservations at a cheap hostel.
The place was pretty nice, not much privacy, but everything she could possibly need was supplied. However, fridge was next to empty so Sasha took the chance to go to a local cafe and tried some frog’s legs for the first time in her life. They were delicious!
The town square was so quaint. Her aunty must have had such a lovely life here.
Sasha realised that she should get directions for the grave yard. The whole funeral would be held there.
By the time Sasha entered the premises there was a huge gathering of people. It was as if the whole town had turned out for the funeral.
Afterward, Sasha took some time alone to reminisce and say good bye.
She had never been especially close to her aunty, but she was a very lovely lady.
Sasha took a walk along the river nearby. Her phone began to ring and caller I.D. showed that it was her mother calling. Sasha answered warily. Her mother wasn’t always her favourite person, but she answered anyway.
‘Yes mum, it was fine. Yes mother, I packed for summer weather. No, mum, I haven’t met any nice boys, I’ve only been here eight hours.’
As Sasha hung up from her mother, she sighed. She wished she was back in Twinbrook with Zach. They were supposed to be spending a great weekend together!
Sasha was so wound up thinking about Zach that she didn’t see the man coming toward her until she bumped into him. She looked up and into the eyes of a GORGEOUS young man.
‘Je suis desolee, monsieur – I am sorry!’ She exclaimed, as her cheeks began to warm in embarrassment.
The man smiled at her. ‘Eeez no Problem, mademoiselle. You are Sasha, oui?’
‘Yes, I mean, oui.’ Sasha replied, looking strangely at the man. How did he know her?
‘My name eeez Thomas. I knew your aunt, I was at zee funeral and recognised you from a photograph in her lounge room.’ He explained.
Thomas asked Sasha if she would like to spend the next day with him. He had a few things to give her that had belonged to her aunty. She agreed and smiled to herself as Thomas went off on his way.
What a hottie! He reminded her of Zach. She missed him so much!
Sasha headed to the Nectary and decided to purchase a few bottles to share with Zach when she got home. She almost had a heart attack when the price came to over 600 simoleons.
Sasha called Zach as she toured around the Nectary, checking out all the machines and contemplating on whether she should have a go at making some of her own.
Zach didn’t answer. Maybe she had the time difference wrong. Maybe he was in bed? Or at work? Sasha was sure there was an easy explanation for it all.
She headed to the hostel and settled into bed.
The next morning, Sasha travelled to Thomas’ house.
It was beautiful, and HUGE! Sasha wondered what he did for work to have such a beautiful place. He couldn’t have been more than 25 years old.
Sasha rang the door bell and Thomas answered within seconds as if he knew she was on the other side of the door.
Sasha spent the whole day with Thomas.
He was so funny and intelligent and he had this delicious smell about him. Like a mix between liquorice and basil.
They laughed and joked all day. Sasha talked about her time with her aunt when she was young and Thomas spoke of more recent times with her.
Thomas gave Sasha a couple of journals and a large photo album to take with her before she left and asked her if she would go to dinner with him. Sasha was taken aback for a moment. She was sure that Thomas was asking her on a date, but she had just started this whole thing with Zach. She didn’t want any dishonesty, especially not this early in the piece.
‘Well, if you change your mind...’ He winked at her and Sasha smiled, before heading back to the hostel for the night.
She was so confused. Everything was such a mess at the moment! It had been the most turbulent week she had ever experienced in her lifetime!
The next morning Sasha was at a loss for things to do. The flight her mother booked was still a few days away, so she was stuck for the time being.
As she stepped outside, prepared for a morning stroll, Sasha felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She had a message.
‘Mila, last night was unbelievable. Hook up again 2nite? Zach xxx’
Sasha was dumbstruck and almost dropped her phone. Was this some sort of sick joke? Mila was obviously playing games. Zach wouldn’t really have done anything with Mila while Sasha was away...right?
Sasha didn’t know what to think, she didn’t dare called Zach and ask him about it. Sasha made her way to the cafe and lo and behold, Thomas was there.
Thomas immediately made his way toward Sasha and could tell right away that something was wrong.
Sasha didn’t feel that it was appropriate to discuss her problems with someone she had only just met, telling him instead that she was having some problems at home.
Thomas offered to buy her some breakfast and Sasha consented, ordering a double serving of crepes.
By the time Sasha had finished breakfast, she was certain that the best idea was to use all her savings to buy a new plane ticket and go home earlier than planned.
She felt stupid, getting so wrapped up in someone so quickly. She didn’t really know Zach at all but already she felt completely in love with him.
The message to Mila had cut her deep. Sasha began to cry and Thomas was quick to jump up and wrap her into a hug.
It was a hug which was a little too intimate for Sasha’s liking. She pulled away gently just as Thomas began to lean in to kiss her. ‘I’m sorry Thomas. I have to go home.’
at the hostel, Sasha changed into something more comfortable and called the airport to book a new ticket. The earliest flight wasn’t for a few hours, so Sasha went for a jog...
Zach was pretty bummed that Sasha had been called away. He really liked her. He liked her too much, really, considering the short time they had known each other. He was still kicking himself over their first day at work, when he had gone home with Mila. She had wanted to woohoo but he just couldn’t do it. He felt terrible about how he had treated Sasha. He hoped she didn’t think he had done anything with Mila.
Zach decided on a run to try to clear his mind.
Mila was scaring him. Threatening to get Sasha fired if he didn’t go out with her? He hoped it was an empty threat and that she would give up now that she knew he wanted to get serious with Sasha.
He wondered how Sasha was doing at the funeral. He wished he could have been there to support her.
Just then his phone began to vibrate. It was Mila. Zach ignored the call and went on his way. Was it right for a fully grown man to be intimidated by a girl?
She hadn’t done anything yet, she was all words. That was what he kept telling himself at least. To be honest, though – he was truly worried about her and the lengths she might go to in order to get what she wanted.
Zach dropped into work, knowing that, since it was the weekend, Mila wouldn’t be there. He took a quick shower and threw on some clothes that were kept in his locker. He had to get his mind off Mila. She was psychotic and now he felt he was too! He walked across the road and strolled into a bric-a-brac store, eyeing a piece of artwork he thought Sasha would love. 2000 simoleons was more than he could afford so he made his way to the town centre.
A picket line had assembled themselves in front of city hall. Something about over fishing in the brook. His phone began to vibrate again. Ugh! Mila!
‘Hi Zach, you better get to the station if you want Sasha to keep her job.’ The line went dead.
Zach didn't appreciate being blackmailed but he hot footed it to the station. Mila was waiting for him outside. By now it was getting dark. Mila was in her uniform.
‘I offered to do a few hours this afternoon.’ She said as if reading his thoughts.
‘What do you want?’ Asked Zach, angrily.
‘You,’ said Mila. 'I want you to take me to dinner. Right now, or I’ll have a few words to the Chief.’
'You can’t do this, Mila. It’s blackmail, it’s against the law!’
Mila laughed and pulled Zach into a hug. ‘Your so cute when your mad. Now stop screwing around. We’re going to dinner, don’t even try to mess with me.’
Zach was completely confused. ‘Fine, but you said one date as friends and you will leave Sasha alone. Right?’
‘Absolutely’ Mila replied, pulling Zach off toward the bistro.
The meal was surprisingly fine. Mila acted like a normal person, there was no flirting or mention of Sasha. It was pleasant, like dining with a friend, except of course for the fact that Mila was the devil.

Zach worried about what Sasha would think if she found out about this.
Zach stood up immediately after he finished eating.
‘Well, I’m going now.’ He said.
‘Not so fast.’ Mila replied getting up and standing in his way.
‘You said dinner!’
‘I said a date. I want to come back to your place. No woohoo, just TV, maybe some nectar. Come on!’ I’ve been good so far right? A deal is a deal.’
Mila didn’t lie. There was no woohoo, no flirtation. Nothing. Just video games and desperate House Sims reruns.
Zach was up early, saw he had missed a call from Sasha but couldn’t call her back because of the time difference.
After a quick work out, Zach headed outside.
Mila woke and came into the lounge room. Zach wasn’t there, but his phone was. She quickly typed a message and pressed send.
The two spent the day together fishing at a spot nearby.
When it was time for Mila to finally leave, she was prepared to simply wave and walk away. But then she saw someone walking towards them.
It was Sasha. She was home early!
Mila quickly pulled Zach into a passionate embrace and placed her mouth on his.
Sasha stopped short. She knew something was going to happen between Zach and Mila if she went out of town!
Sasha could feel her heart shattering into a million pieces.
She ran straight inside, fell to the floor and wept.
Zach ran in.
‘It’s not what you think, Sasha! Please. She...I...I wasn’t going to kiss her, she kissed me. I know it sounds ridiculous...’ He helped Sasha up off the floor and tried to hold her there, tried to talk to her.
Sasha pushed him away. ‘Just leave me alone.’
Sasha left the house, slamming her door on the way out.


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#21IllandryaJun 23, 2010

I just love your story, it's got just the right amount of everything in it - drama, romance, trouble. Poor poor Sasha, even if somewhere deep down she knows Zach is telling the truth, it's hard to forget what you have seen with your own eyes. I can't wait for your next chapter \:D

#22kateknightukJun 23, 2010

Have only just had time to read the chapter - it's fab! Poor Sasha, she seems to be caught in the middle of something that is neither her fault or that she can control. Mila seems so nasty, I wonder if we will find out why shew is acting in this viscious way?! Well congrats, it's a great story and I can't wait to find out what happens next. \:wub\:

#23my_bullittJun 26, 2010

What a great story, you're pulling me in - can't wait to read the next chapter! \:rah\:

#24SuperStar94Jun 30, 2010

Just finished reading the other two. Great story! \:D

#25madchidAug 4, 2010

very good

#26coraski11Aug 10, 2010

Mila is sooooooo evil -_- Lol, another great part! Oh, and sorry for comenting late, i forgot to read this part \:o

#27Pippa22Aug 22, 2010

Great part! I am looking forward to finding out what happens next!

#28RatRaceRobSep 15, 2010

Awww... nasty Mila, messing with Sasha's head.  I've really enjoyed catching up on this story, and I hope you will continue it sometime in the future \:D

#29Dec 25, 2010

great story

#30muiseJan 4, 2011


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