Prom Night Four
Published Jun 24, 2010

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Chapter Four.

A big thank you to all who have supported this chapter


Chapter Four.

A big thank you to all who have supported this chapter

*What happened last time*

It began with Ryan telling the group that he himself could not fix the car, but he had called a repair man who was to be there in 30 minutes to pick up the car. The repair man was also offering to give a ride to prom. The group was relieved to know they were going to make it to prom but upset that they were going to be late, and had to wait 30 minutes.

Ryan then proposed the idea to check out the inside of the eerie house to waste time. Leah and Taylor immediatly gave a no.
Kimberly and Carter were talking when Ryan interrupted to ask if they wanted to go inside with him after telling the news of the car situation. Carter denied because he had heard too many stories of that place and he'd rather stay outside with Kimberly.

Ryan walked off rejected and Kimberly turned to Carter to ask him what stories he had heard. Carter told her not to worry about it because they were to be out of there soon.
Ryan moved on to ask Angel and then Aubrey if they were willing to go inside with him but again he was turned down.

With rejection from all the group Ryan decided to check out the place on his own.
Meanwhile, Aubrey decided to get away from everyone, and take a walk around the house which only lead her to a meet and greet with a not-so-friendly ghost. *15 minutes have passed*

"Carter, since you've heard so many stories about this place, why are there two gravestones here? Did they used to live here?"

"Yes, they did. There were three people who lived here but the third gravestone was never placed due to shame."

"Were they a family?"

"Yes. A father and two daughters."
"What about the mother?"

"No one knows about her. Some say she left the family when the children were young. Some say that she cheated on her husband so he kicked her out. But those are all rumours. No one knows where she really went."

"Oh, well what exactly are the stories you hear? Why wasn't the third gravestone ever placed?"
"Don't worry about it. They are just silly campfire tales. We will be out of here in no time." "Ugh how long has it been? Isn't that repair guy supposed to be here by now. I have to use the bathroom and I am not going in that house, ever. So it would be really appreciated if that guy would just hurry and we could get out of here." "There are plenty of bushes around here." "Are you kidding me?? Ew. Why would I EVER go in bushes? You are talking to your fellow prom queen and queens do not pee in bushes. That is for savages, and if that is something you do, then..well..says a lot about you."

Then silence.

"I have to go too bad. Hmph, your coming into that house with me. You'll have to fight off anything that tries to touch me."
"Excuse me? I don't think so, your highness. I am not going in that house. Why don't you go ask your lovely date to assist you to the ladies room?"

"Fine. I will. He'll be a man for me."
"Heyy Angel baby, you wouldn't mind helping out a damsel in distress now would you?"

"Of course not, what do you need my dear?"

"Well I really have to use the bathroom and I really am frightened to go in this house alone, so if you wouldn't mind.."

"Oh dear, I can not. I am afraid that I am too frightened myself. I am sure one of your lady friends would not mind helping you."
"What?? One of my lady friends?? Your my date! You won the contest to get me and now your making me regret it. Way to be a man, Angel. God! You people these days."

"I'm sorry it's just tha-"

"Whatever. I am totally ditching you once we get to prom. You can dance with Aubrey or whoever."
As fed up with people as she was, Taylor went off to ask if Kimberly would go in with her. She was nice, there was no way she could Taylor down. "Oh please, this is useless. Kimberly won't leave her loyal 'knight's' side, and I haven't even seen Aubrey anywhere. Looks like I am going to have to try to fend for myself. Maybe I can find ryan, Oh Ryan! He's in there already. Surely he can't be that hard to find and if he is already in there then he won't be scared to wait outside the bathroom for me." So scared out of her mind, but desperate for a toilet, Taylor walked into the eerie house on a search for Ryan. The first thing she saw was a painting of a fairly young lady.

"She's not even that pretty. I look soo much better than her. Why hasn't anyone painted a picture of me. This world is so messed up. Now where's Ryan?"





still no response.
And no response is understandable considering Ryan was three floors up and blasting music.

"Woooh! I don't know why the group won't just come in. There is nothing creepy about this place. It's a great crib to have prom at. I think we should just kick it here.....Oh hey Aubrey. Dude what happened to your face?"
"Aubrey? Hello? Why aren't you talking? What happened to your face man? It's kind of gross, you should definitly get that checked out..Duuudee, helloo? Is anyone in that little head of yours?"

"If I can't have my prom. Then you can't have yours."

"What are you talking about?"

"IF I Can't Have My Prom, Then You Can't Have Yours."

"Whoa, dude. Aubrey your gonna get your prom alright? The guy is gonna be here any minute to get us. Chill out."

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BBTTSep 12, 2012

Very good dialogue, you got here great job\:\) keep it up!

Dec 6, 2010

greepy! BOO! LOL

AmateurGamerJul 27, 2010

Aubrey...   :'(

keanuhawkins1Jul 11, 2010

Good story, but very creepy

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