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Published Jul 5, 2010

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The night had turned to day in a blink of an eye.... Welcome back to part 5 of this story about Azra. It's not my story really, it is hers, as I am just the creator and my Sims live their own life. Azra was created by my best friend Haagje and myself. thanks Maris!
Will Azra ever find Cheng Wang Liang? Or will Murphy find him? Get ready for this next chapter as the plot thickens!

Thanks all readers! Your comments make me go on! You are the BEST!

The night had turned to day in a blink of an eye.... Welcome back to part 5 of this story about Azra. It's not my story really, it is hers, as I am just the creator and my Sims live their own life. Azra was created by my best friend Haagje and myself. thanks Maris!
Will Azra ever find Cheng Wang Liang? Or will Murphy find him? Get ready for this next chapter as the plot thickens!

Thanks all readers! Your comments make me go on! You are the BEST!
They had crossed the line. Murphy knew this was the point of no return. He needed to find Cheng and get it over with. It was Azra who had to make her choice. This was not up to him. He had chosen a long time ago. Now he had acted on it and slept with this beautiful, sweet woman. If Azra was not to stay with him it would definitely break his heart. Going back to Hong Kong and never return to Sims land would then be the only option left for him. Where were his boots?! He went by the market to get some supplies and was on his way to the secret portal. What Murphy didn’t know then, was that he had already opened the door to the other dimension when he was there the first time. It was a tough job but someone had to do it. That someone was Murphy. With all his power he once more opened the door. Years of training and working out should take care of this slab of massive granite. All of a sudden it gave way without much trouble and he was in… He had expected the cold blackness he had experienced the first time, and Murphy was surprised he walked into a well lit room. As he moved on he went to check out the sarcophagus in the back of the next room. A sudden sound startled him and he turned around. There were three , no four of them, and more in the next room… They all looked quite similar.. What the…??? Then it dawned on him. This was the portal of all dimensions. He had opened the portal… ‘Let me guess…’ said Murphy. “your names would not be Cheng Wang Liang by any chance?’ ‘I am Cheng Wang Liang’, said the man not wearing the traditional Chinese clothes.
‘Me too’ said the guy in the yellow. From the back another one said: ‘So am I…’
'Which one of you lives in Shang Simla and knows a woman by the name of Azra Romanov?' 'We all live in Shang Simla. We are many… Many games in the world… you need many NPC’s… So Shang Simla is our hometown.'
'But Azra Romanov… I think I have never heard of her… have you guys? Her name doesn’t sound Chinese really…'
‘Are you sure?..’ Murphy was looking at all the men, claiming to be Cheng Wang Liang. Not one of them showed any reaction when he had mentioned Azra’s name…
‘Well, kind man…It doesn’t really happen often that we get to meet our fellow name bearers you know… so we might as well make it a vacation sort of thing before we have to go back to our jobs… being NPC’s in everybody’s games…
' By opening up this portal you gave us this wonderful opportunity... Thanks...err.. What was your name again?'
‘…..Murphy’ said Murphy. He wasn’t believing what was happening here…
‘Let’s go guys… Thanks and nice meeting you Mr.Murphy!’
They turned around to leave the room again and climbed up the stairs into Murphy’s world…. And into Azra’s…
'What have I done? Cursed I will be! I have opened up Pandora’s box! Not just a super dimensional portal!' There they went.
Murphy was not 100 percent sure, but he didn’t think any of these men was the Cheng Azra had been married to. He had to tell her… He had to tell her the whole story before she would run into all the Chengs by herself, totally unprepared. Boy what a mess he had gotten himself into.
Azra was up and was hammering fervently on the stove. It was her way to improve stuff. Miraculously it worked too. Murphy was waiting for her to stop… They needed to talk. Azra, will you sit with me for a minute. I have to tell you something…
In a minute… I’m almost done.
'OK…where’s the fire….' Azra kept on babbling, like she didn’t want to have this conversation. She was just ignoring all thoughts of Cheng, or the lack thereof lately. She wasn't sure what to feel anymore when thinking of Cheng. She pushed away that thought as if she didn’t LIKE how the color of Cheng's remembrance had faded. What WAS she feeling? Something had changed… 'I found him…'
Azra looked surprised. ' … NO! You didn’t! It can’t be!'
'But… I have found many! It is not just one person Azra…'
'Murphy…. Have you been out in the sun too long?’
'I am not making things up Azra' You will run into one of them soon enough. You will be disappointed. I am afraid your Cheng is lost in cyberspace forever.' Azra sighed and looked up as if she was expecting me (Fred) to join in the conversation...
'I wish Ai was here now... He seems to be the only one who knew Cheng...'
'Are you sure Azra? Do you believe that? Or was he just trying to comfort you? I know it sounds harsh, but I believe that NO one in Fred's new installed game met Cheng Wang Liang before... Not even your good, dead, friend Ai...'
Azra looked at Murphy in disbelieve.
'Azra, I am telling you the truth! Cheng is a Super Dimensional NPC Sim. A non playable character! Somehow you managed, in the crashed game, to turn him into a playable sim by marrying him. All that got lost in that devastating crash. You might run into him again someday, but it will never be the same Cheng you knew.'
'Seriously Murphy… tell me, the NPC tourists here in Al Simhara didn't know him? We need to go back to China don't we?'
Azra didn't really want to hear all this. Maybe Murphy had a sunstroke … all that nonsense about there being more than one Cheng... ridiculous!
…*sigh* … 'Yes Azra, you will need to go back to China.'
Murphy looked at her for the longest time.
‘What?...What is it Murphy? Why are you looking at me like that? You are coming with me aren't you?’

…’Besides… I cannot go on with this adventure without you. Maybe we will never find Cheng. ..I am afraid … Oh… Murphy… I don’t know what to do. ..I am…I am afraid of losing you too… I am afraid of my feelings…' ‘Just say it Azra… WHY are you afraid of loosing me? Just SAY it!’
‘I … I think I am …well... I am sort of really like having you around … Murphy…
'I'm not going anywhere Azra...Say it....'
'I... Kiss me Murphy...''
“…… AZRA……” Meanwhile…There was an invasion of Cheng Wang Liangs in Al Simhara. Later that afternoon, Murphy walked to the river. He needed some time to think. Yes… going back to Shang Simla was a good decision. It was too late to close the gate. It was time to leave Egypt before things would really get out of hand… Cheng wise… that was… Azra found Murphy outside sleeping... What had he done to her, this man of flesh and blood? Was there a place for him in her heart? How about Cheng? Was he just a figment of her imagination? She was overcome with an array of feelings and tears rolled down her cheeks. It wasn't that she was sad though. Her heart was overflowing… She went inside. Tomorrow they would go back. Back to China. She felt very tired all of a sudden. Emotions were taking over. She remembered one of the great composer Claude Debussy’s quotes: ‘How much has to be explored and discarded before reaching the naked flesh of feeling.’

*Go to sleep Azra… You need to rest. After all…Tomorrow is another day…* (Fred shakes her head and turns off the computer.)
Very, very early the next morning, just a few hours before Murphy and Azra had to catch their flight to China, Murphy did the unthinkable. Switching on his laptop he wrote an email. An e-mail out to the real world. It was dangerous, but he had to.

To: All readers
CC: Fredbrenny
Subject: Cheng Wang Liang

Dear readers, Sorry to bother you in your private space. I am Murphy Law with a request. If anyone of you ever encounter Cheng Wang Liang in your game, be sure to write a message in Fredbrenny’s guestbook. She will (I account for that) contact you about how to proceed. I am at my wits end. I found too many of them, but they all seem not to be the right one.
What I will need is a pure, one hundred percent, untouched by creators all over SimWorld, Cheng Wang Liang. It might be the end of me, but I will do everything in my power to make my Azra happy. If it is Cheng she wants I will find him for her. I think I will need your help…Your reward might be kudo’s, or so says Fred.

Yours sincerely,

Murphy Law

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#20Midnight222Jul 10, 2010

Hahaha! Probably better to have a world full of Chengs rather than Murphy's! Yikes! I loved how she smashed on the stove yet somehow upgraded it \:D I'll let you know if I come across a Cheng ..... meanwhile I hope she just gets over him and him and him and ... well *cough* realises how wonderful Murphy is for her and goes with the 'feeling' rather than the 'face'. \:rah\:

#21dreamjuiceJul 11, 2010

Ha ha ha! This is hilarious. Great story!

#22fabrizioammolloJul 12, 2010

I love the multiverse Sims stuff. You are brilliant!!! \:rah\:

#23kateknightukJul 13, 2010

Woot!  Wow, what an amazing story you have created here Fred!  You are soo imaginative \:\)  Of course I will let you know if I come across any Chengs in my game, and in ther mean time, I look forward to your next chapter.  \:wub\:

#24NikiDoJul 13, 2010

Wat een prachtig verhaal!<strong></strong>

#25my_bullittJul 23, 2010

Each chapter gets more entertaining!&nbsp; Off to read the next!&nbsp;\:rah\:

#26urm0mJul 25, 2010

I loved Murphy's email \:wub\:

#27RatRaceRobJul 27, 2010

Another engrossing and totally entertaining chapter-- and have I mentioned how much I have loved your screenshots in all your chapters?&nbsp; Beautiful to look at, brilliant to read... thanks so very much for these \:wub\:

#28spladoumAug 25, 2010

Ah, Pandora's Box.&nbsp; Hard to close, huh?&nbsp; The ideas of all of those Chengs running about is hysterical. LOL!

#29haiduongSep 8, 2010

5/5 (of course)

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