The Outcast's Story
Published Jun 30, 2010

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Welcome to The Outcast's Story! Our tale begins with a teenage girl named Daphne struggling with her inability to obtain "cool" friends, until a mom-inflicted makeover throws her into the center of high school hype. Enjoy!

Welcome to The Outcast's Story! Our tale begins with a teenage girl named Daphne struggling with her inability to obtain "cool" friends, until a mom-inflicted makeover throws her into the center of high school hype. Enjoy! Psycho. Arguably Alfred Hitchcock's most famous work, it has left audiences on the edges of their seats for years. As I look up at the movie poster, I once again identify myself with Norman Bates. Sure, his character was deeply troubled, but I think one of the things Norman wanted - and needed - the most was a friend. Pure solitude at Norman's desolate hotel is enough to make anyone want to become a taxidermist or pretend to be their mother. Underneath it all, I believe Norman was just lonely. I know from experience that one is definitely the loneliest number of them all. I turn away from the poster and continue down the hall, taking the time to reread the names of all the people who collaborated on each film for every poster I pass. I have the names almost memorized, because I spend a lot of time in this hallway, more than any other place in my house. My dad refers to it as his "Hall of Fame", because the posters displayed movies he'd produced, or they were gifts from prestigious stars. I love to look at them and picture myself up on those walls, and hope that someday that's where I'll end up. Now you're probably thinking, "Wow, who is this loser?"

Well, let me tell you:
My name is Daphne McCarthy, daughter of Rhonda and Don McCarthy. My dad is a movie producer, and my mom is a classic Orange County housewife. Neither of them are home often, my dad off on business and my mom off shopping with her socialite friends. Looking for a way to entertain myself, I somehow found my way to the world of classic movies in my father's home archive.

It's the last day of summer before the start of my junior year, and I'm choosing to spend it as I have spent all the rest of my summer days - alone. The reason for this is not that I'm some complex person that no one understands, but that no one really wants to try to. Many average teenagers would gladly decline at the opportunity to have a Fred and Ginger marathon, leaving me to spend a lot of my time watching movies by myself.
Today, I was watching Night of the Living Dead when my mother stomped into my room. My mom marched right in front of the screen, so I turned off the television.

"I bought you some clothes today. They're in your closet. I don't want my daughter starting school in- well, whatever you have," my mom said.
"Wow, thanks mom," I replied.
"Mhmm." And with that, my mom left almost as quickly as she'd come in. I wasn't sure if I should have been happy by the generosity, or mildly insulted. I walked over to my closet, curious to see what my mom had given me. I had to admit, the clothes were cute. I appreciated her effort, especially since I wouldn't know where to begin if I were to go shopping by myself. Fashion is not exactly my strong suit. I just wish I could have gotten the clothes with her.
But then, my mom wouldn't be my mom.
After I finished my movie it was late, so I laid in bed thinking about the next day until I finally fell asleep.
When I woke up the next morning, I was dreading going to school. Avoiding people is not as easy when you're around them all day. However, I was able to shrug off the irritated feeling and get out the door. As I walked to my locker, I spotted Tiffany, Stacy, and Andriana, also known as the three girls who tried to destroy my life. They were staring at me, and I overheard them whispering.
"Who is that girl?" Stacy asked as she looked at herself in her mirror.
"That's Dorky Daphne, stupid," Andriana snapped.
"She doesn't look so dorky anymore," Tiffany said. The three girls continued to stare until I got to my locker. Didn't anyone ever teach them manners?
Alright, time for me to explain my appearance. I didn't always used to look normal. As I mentioned earlier, my parents left me alone a lot. I didn't know how to dress myself or apply makeup, so I looked like a real dork with glasses. Andriana, Stacy, and Tiffany used to torment me beyond belief, calling me Dorky Daphne and doing things like filling my backpack with snails. One day, the girls made fun of me in Fashion Square, and I ran away crying. Somehow my mom saw me while she was shopping with her friends, and she was thoroughly embarrassed by my looks and my behavior. From that day on, my mom set out in getting me a haircut, contacts, and makeup, so that I could never humiliate her in front of her friends again. When I shut the door to my locker, I heard someone call my name. I look up to see Ben walking toward me.

I forgot about Ben.
Ben is my one and only friend. I met him when I joined the Locomotive Appreciation Society my sophomore year, and we became very close. We spent many weekends building our own model train set in my basement, paying close attention to every detail in the geographical features.

Our friendship was going great until the last day of sophomore year, when Ben told me he liked me. I was shocked, and couldn't think of anything else to do but to walk away. He called me a lot the first week of summer, but eventually gave up when I wouldn't answer them. I never thought of Ben as anything but a friend, and I was afraid his confession would ruin our friendship. Hopefully he forgot about the whole endeavor over the long summer.
"Hey Daphne! Wow, what happened to you? I- I mean, wow. You look great." I could tell Ben was nervous. He didn't forget. "So, about last year-"

"About that," I interjected. I had prepared myself for this moment so I wouldn't say something awkward, and I could dodge any disasters. "I'm totally willing to pretend it never happened either. Don't sweat it." Afraid of what he would say next, I quickly grabbed my bag and walked to my first class.
I hope I didn't hurt his feelings. I spent that lunch in the library, hoping to avoid Ben. As I was reaching for "Edith Head's Hollywood", I felt a tap on my shoulder. I whirl around to see Jason Davis, a.k.a. the most sought-after guy in my junior class. He was the star of the soccer team, and extremely handsome. I've never spoken to him before; we don't exactly mingle with the same people. I was surprised to see him in the library, of all places.
"You know, Edith used to tell people she never went to elementary school. She lied and said that she dressed up donkeys in outfits," he said.
He must have seen the shock on my face, because he laughed and said: "I'm sorry, you must think I'm insane, sneaking up on random girls. I was actually looking for a book on Alfred Hitchcock. You know of him?"
"Of- of course," I stammered.
He chuckled. "He's a genius. I'm Jason by the way. And you?"
"Daphne," I managed.
He smiled, revealing a mouth of perfectly white teeth. "Nice to meet you Daphne." He just stood there staring at me for a few seconds, until he was interrupted by the bell. I quickly made my exit and hurried down the hall to my chemistry class.
Unfortunately I was forced to sit next to Ben, who seemed to have recuperated from this morning's event and was very chatty. I wasn't really listening though. I couldn't stop thinking about the library with Jason. How did he know that about Edith Head? Did Jason like learning about Hollywood too? Or was that just some gimmick he used to pick up girls? It's times like these where I wish I had a girl friend who could tell me about this guy's reputation. Every once in a while I would turn around to look at him. I'd never taken the time to really look at a jock because I always assumed the stereotype. But when I looked at Jason, I saw a normal person. A kind person. All of a sudden, he turned around and saw me. He shot me a smile, and I quickly turned away.

Dear God, why I am I so awkward?
I pretended like I was focusing on the lab when Mr. Stanton walked by. "Very nice," he said in a rich voice. "Ms. McCarthy, remember your goggles. Hydrochloric acid can be dangerous."
I clumsily put my goggles on and attempt to finish the experiment.
School finally ended and I could go home, unable to stop thinking about Jason. I had no idea why Jason would talk to someone like me, who at one time was called "Dorky Daphne" by the popular crowd. I was quiet at the dinner table, until my dad finally spoke during dessert.
"So, how was school?" He put on a smile, trying really hard to look genuinely interested.
"Fine." Typical response, but it's not like I'm going to pour my heart out to my parents, who could care less. "Are you making friends Daphne?" my mom asks loudly. "Rhonda, cut her some slack. It's her first day. Now, I must get going. I have some more auditions to see before I meet with the casting department tomorrow."
I look up, instantly excited. "Are there still audition slots open?" I ask hopefully.
"No," my dad replied sternly.
"But Dad," I persisted, "You never let me audition for your movies. Can't you make an exception just this once?"
At this point my dad has already gotten up. Without turning around, he growls, "Don't start, Daphne. You're not ready for show business." He quickly left the house, leaving me alone with my mom. "Listen to your father," my mom said as she opened a bottle of wine. I got up and left the room, disappointed and upset. I plopped down at my desk and logged into my Facebook. Oddly, I had a new friend request. Even odder, the request was from Jason! I immediately accepted, and was in the midst of doing some Facebook-stalking when I heard a man's laugh. I follow the sound, and I come upon my mom and some man in our hottub. I can tell by the blonde curls that the guy kissing my mom is definitely NOT my father. I felt kind of confused; I didn't understand why my mom would feel the need to cheat on my dad, but at the same time I wasn't surprised that she did it. As I stepped forward to get a closer look, I suddenly recognized those curls...

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#1kateknightukJun 30, 2010

Oooh, surely that's not Ben in the hot tub with her mum is it???  Crikey, what a way to end a chatper, great start, can't wait to read more  \:wub\:

#2IkimonoJul 1, 2010

-gasp- Is it the teacher? The teacher had curly hair! \:o On another note, this story is amazing, I'm so curious to find out who it is and see the next chapter! \:\)

#3KiduJoJoleJul 1, 2010

Pretty cool \:wub\:

#4nataliestonardJul 1, 2010

Good cliffhanger!! I wasnt expecting that as an ending! Good chapter!

#5DVSVJul 1, 2010

cool styory \;\)

#6urm0mJul 3, 2010

Aww I love Fred and Ginger movies \:D

#7martoeleJul 4, 2010

I like the way you tell this story and am waiting for the next chapter! \:\)

#8OCIKITTENJul 4, 2010

Great Start. \:rah\:

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