The Andretti Legacy (100)
Published Jul 6, 2010

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 100

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 100
One evening, a few months later, as Natalie was putting the twins to bed, she heard footsteps on her driveway. She peeked out their bedroom window, and saw two men in military uniforms approaching her front porch.

"No..." She squeaked as her heart falls to the floor. She stands in shock, the giggling twins are suddenly silent, as if they know.
It seems like hours pass as Natalie runs through her memories of Nathan, just like in the movies. The door bell rings, and brings her back to reality. Her knees feel weak as she stands over her children, her heart beating rapidly, and tears gathering in her eyes. She turns to face the bedroom door, but she's unable to move. A part of her doesn't want this, it doesn't want this to be happening. It doesn't want her to answer that door. Natalie finally manages to get to the door, and the gentlemen ask if they can have a seat with her at the table. She leads them over, and they proceed to tell her how wonderful of a soldier Nathan Bridges was and that they could always look up to him. One of them even told Natalie how much Nathan talked about her and his children; how proud he was of them.

This helped ease the pain she was feeling; she knows what's coming, and when they finally told her that he was killed in action, the shock and pain came right back even though she knew that's why they were there in the first place. It's different when it finally comes out into the air.

Millions of thoughts and questions flooded her mind, millions and millions. But, the one concern she had the most, the one that stabbed her soul every time she it crossed through her mind was that her children would never know who their father was. Knowing how much she adored her own father, this ripped her apart.
Ten long years pass, and the twins are inseparable. They have an incredible bond, it's not the usual sibling rivalry bond. Natalie is thankful for this, as her painting to support them has become obsessive. It's all she does nowadays. After losing Nathan, and then within a few short months losing her father, and just recently losing her mother, all to natural causes, life has become a giant struggle for her. A struggle that she'd rather not face. She never leaves the house, instead she sends the twins out to run errands for her.

"Do you ever think about what our dad was like?" Olivia asks her brother, Oliver, quietly.

"...yeah." He mutters. "...all the time." He shrugs his shoulders.

"Me, too..." She smiles over at him with sympathy. "I look at that picture of him, the one in Mom's room...he looks nice."
"I'm worried about Mom, Liv..." Oliver replies softly. "She's always so sad...remember those flowers we picked...? The one's that were in front of the grocery store?"

"Yeah...mine wilted before we got home." Olivia rolls her eyes.

"...well, I gave mine to Mom when we got home. She just smiled. She didn't even put them in a cup of water. I remember she used to always do that." He seems really bothered by Natalie's actions, and Olivia isn't sure how to respond.
"...I feel sad for her." He continues talking as they pass a scrap yard.

"I know. Me, too." Olivia agrees quietly.

"Don't ever let me get that sad, Liv." He looks over at her.
"Don't ever let me get that sad..." He repeats himself as he stops walking. Olivia stops and turns to look at him. He wipes a tear from his eye, and Olivia reaches for him and hugs him. "You're never going to be alone. I'm always here for you." Olivia squeezes him, and her words soothe his breaking heart. A couple of days go by, and Natalie calls the twins to the table for dinner. Olivia noticed that her mother was washing a bowl in the sink, she must have eaten before she called them in the room.

"Did you already eat, Mommy?" Olivia asks quietly as Oliver digs in not taking notice to the situation.
Natalie crosses over to the window, and Olivia assumes she was going to get no response so she begins to eat.

"...please rinse your dishes when your done." Natalie replies with the most depressing voices. Oliver hears the pain in her voice, and he stops eating to look up at her.
Natalie can feel his eyes on her, and it brings tears to her eyes. She walks by her children eating alone, and heads to her bedroom for the night. She's buried herself in this depression that she can no longer dig herself out. It kills her to know that she's bringing her children down with her, but she doesn't know how to get out. She's forgotten how to smile, how to be thankful for the blessings that she still has. "You don't think it's you, Oliver?" Olivia closes her eyes tight as she begins to cry softly.

"I don't know, Liv. I don't think we are bad kids, do you?" He asks her with great concern.
" seems that way, doesn't it?" Liv looks up at her brother with the saddest eyes. "...she doesn't even want to eat dinner with us anymore."

"Yeah...I guess you're right." He shrugs his shoulders. "...but, I don't know how to be a good kid, know, if we're bad...what's good like?"
As soon as Olivia is old enough, she takes a part-time job at the local bookstore. Not only does she have a passion for reading, she has an even stronger, almost obsession, with writing. When she wasn't at school, or working at the book store, she was at home on her laptop refining her writing skills. Oliver chooses not to get a part-time job after school. He took it upon himself to research the Andretti Family Tree. Not only did he learn about all the crazy things that have happened in the line, but he learned about the long gone history of the great Andretti generals.

He also researched what he could find on his own father, Nathan Bridges. Oliver found some rather surprising bits of information. Unfortunately for his father, he was killed in action just a few days prior to being promoted to General. Oliver took this as a sign to himself, and on his 18th birthday, will enlist with the Twinbrook Military Academy.
After school, Olivia goes to work at the bookstore and Oliver heads to the gym. He stays there, working out, until Olivia joins him when the bookstore closes at 7pm.

"Today was such a slow day..." She groans as she stops next to the treadmill he's running on.

"That bad, huh?" He asks through breaths.

"Well, no." She shrugs her shoulders. "I had a lot of time to think."
"What about?" He asks again, still steadily chugging along.

"...I think it's time we told Mom what we are wanting to do with our lives. I mean, she hasn't really been there for us...but, I thought maybe we should make that step...the first move. Maybe we should try and repair the relationship." Olivia tells him quietly.

"Liv, nothing's broken...and there' s not a relationship there to repair." He tells her. She takes a few steps away from him, and then turns to face him again.
"Oliver, I'm just saying...we need to include her in our lives, even if we aren't a big part of her's. It's just the nice thing to do." She tells him quietly noticing all the people working out around them. He stops the machine, wipes his sweaty forehead with his sleeve, and steps off the treadmill and stares at her.

" tell her that you want to be a writer. That's fine, she'll be supportive. I tell her that I want to be a soldier, she'll flip." He sighs.
" least you told her. You did your part. Let her be a mom, Oliver. Let her worry, that's her job. If she doesn't worry or protest...that's when you worry." Olivia stares back at him and steps closer to him. "Come on, let's go home and talk to her." Olivia smiles kindly at her brother, and they both head for the door. The twins walk through the front door to find their mother seated on the couch watching television. To them, on the outside she looks like any normal person. She's clean, healthy, and seems to be enjoying the show. But, on the inside, she's withering away. She's drifting farther and farther out to sea, leaving her children on the shore wondering what they did wrong. "Mom...?" Olivia interrupts the show politely. "Can we talk?" She scratches her temple, and Natalie looks up at her with worried eyes. Her eyes shift back and forth between the twins as she takes notice of their sincerity. "Yes...I-I...think we need to." She sighs softly, as if this were a relief. It seems as if she's been waiting for this nudge to get her through the door. The three of them take a seat at the dining table, and suddenly there's an awkward silence. No one is sure what to say, where to start, or even who to look at.

"...this is nice. Even if we have nothing to say. I don't think we've ever sat here...all three of a family." Oliver pipes up quietly as he looks over at his sister, and then at his mother who begins crying softly.
"This is my fault..." She whispers. "...I don't place blame on anyone but myself. I pushed you both away, I didn't want to be reminded me of my father." She looks at Oliver. "There were times when you reminded me of my mother." She looks at Olivia sadly. "...more often than that, you both reminded me of your own father." She looks down at the table as she wipes a few tears away. "It was just sooo lose them all at was too much. I couldn't handle it...I still can't sleep at night, and it has been years. I am not asking for forgiveness." She looks up at both of them with a straight, strong face. "I just want to apologize...I'm sorry for all of this. For this broken should have been filled with so much love." She looks back at the table with the saddest eyes, full of regret.

" don't have to apologize." Olivia replies quietly.

"No, I do." Natalie quickly replies.
Realizing there is no changing her mind, Olivia begins talking about their reason for wanting to talk.

"Oliver and I wanted to...tell you what we were planning on doing when we graduate." She looks across the table at her brother. "...I have always loved to read, and working at the bookstore has been such a blessing for me. I think that I've finally decided to write for a living. I have a passion for storytelling, and I've a way with words...or so says my English teachers. It's something that I really enjoy, and I feel like I could profit from greatly."

"That's really great, Olivia." Natalie smiles proudly. "I know you'll do always were such a creative girl." She looks over at Oliver, expecting him to speak next.
"...I don't really know how to say this to you." He looks away from her, avoiding eye contact. Suddenly, her stomach twists in knots and she makes the most heart wrenching assumption. "...I've enlisted with the Twinbrook Military Academy." Natalie squeezes her eyes shut and lets the tears fall softly down her cheeks. "...what are you thinking, Momma?" He asks sadly; he has this feeling that he's let her down. "...there is a part of me that's destroyed. It's broken into so many pieces, and this just...stirs it up a bit more and puts a flame on it." She looks over at him after a long, long silence. "But, there's another part of me...a part that is so darn proud of you." Oliver's face melts and a smile begins to form in place of the frown that was just there seconds ago. "I think you will be a fine soldier; I hope that you will exceed your dreams and even what your father was. He would be so proud to know that you've decided to follow in his footsteps. It's what the Andretti's were made honorable of you." She smiles softly, as more tears fall.

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#10martoeleJul 8, 2010

A very, very good chapter! \:rah\:  I have to admit that I don't like legacies very much because there are so many that really are 'whoo-hoo, child and again and again' without telling a real story, passing 5 generations in 2 chapters (or less). \:rolleyes:  But this legacy of yours is really fantastic! \:wub\:  I rated a 5.0. Congratulations on having this great chapter featured! \:cool\: ~ Margo

#11sarahv863Jul 8, 2010

Lovee itt ! Cant wait to see the children grow up and continue with their own lives \:D ~Sarah x

#12fredbrennyJul 9, 2010

I should be ashamed for not reading all your chapters! This is simply an amzing story. Everytime I read a chapter (or several) I am into it! I LOVE the little boy Oliver (screen 14) This is your 100 chapter... WOW \:rah\:  congrats!! Your screens are awesome and the story... wow...chapeau! \:wub\:5.0!!!

#13pitchlinkJul 9, 2010

Wonderful story as always  \;\) 
This story made me tear up *sniff*....seriously!
I've been reading your Andretti legacy stories since you started them and every one of them are Awsome!Congrats on your 100th chapter!  \:rah\:  

#14mik0 muffinJul 10, 2010

Awwww.  Happy 100th chap, the Andretti's are a true, strong legacy.  Very emotional and stirring~

#15lolipopviennaJul 10, 2010

Congatulations on 100!!! You are one of my fave writers on TSR and have read this legacy from the start !
Cant wait for 101 \;\)
xxx hugs and kisses
Lolipopvienna \:\)

#16Golden97Jul 11, 2010

Congrats On Your 100th Chapter! :rah Amazing Chapter, Again Heart Touching. \:\)

#17Ben72006Jul 12, 2010

Congrats on your 100th chapter and it was too amazing and you do very well at writing it.

#18raven_ahemingAug 17, 2010

As soon as I saw the military men's pants I almost yelled out "Nooooo!!"
Ohhh why do your stories have to be so INTERESTING?! \:\)

#19muiseNov 2, 2010

very nice chapter \:\)

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