The Silver Lining
Published Jul 9, 2010

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Hi everyone!
Man, it’s been a long time since I have put up a story, good to be back! :D
Hope you enjoy this short story…:)

Hi everyone!
Man, it’s been a long time since I have put up a story, good to be back! :D
Hope you enjoy this short story…:)
Molly lived in a different world. She lived in a world of fairies, kings and queens, enchantments and all the little things in between to complete a perfect fairytale. This little world existed in this very room. She smiled thinking about it. However, something wasn’t quite right in her kingdom. Something she had to settle once and for all…
“I’ll be back in a moment girls!” she heard her mother call from outside.
As soon as she heard the car engine start she got off her bed. She knew what she was going to do and she knew what she would need. As she walked to the door a smile crept onto her face. ‘I’ll make things right, I’ll see you smile again…’ She stepped outside her palace to something very different. Something far more dark and dull and…realistic. However she was completely oblivious to the latter. She came to a sudden stop. Something started to replay in front of her. She felt a strange cold tingle in the back of her head, something unpleasant… “It’s your fault that we’re like this!” she yelled at him.
“What?! How can you say that?! I’m the one doing two jobs for this family!”
“As if! You call what you go to ‘work’?! More like kicking it back with the boys… and how much do you get paid?! Not enough!!”
“I am trying, Ellen, I really am!”
She shook her head ridding the thoughts away. She made her way up the small steps to her mum’s workshop. She stopped searching around the work station. Her eyes landed on…
…a pair of scissors. She grinned running and picking them up. ‘I know this’ll work! Everyone will be happy again. Mum and dad will smile at each other again, and she’ll be happy as well…’ Before her sister could see her she dashed into the bathroom and shut the door. Then, with a smile on her face, she began… ‘There we go, all done!’ ‘Now I just need one more thing!’ She ran toward her room, her eyes finding what she was looking for. ‘There we go! Now, where did I put the sticky tape?’ She sighed heavily, her head bowed and the many thoughts running through her mind. This was her fault. If it weren’t for her then her parents wouldn’t be fighting. She was the reason why her father worked at two jobs. She was the reason why her mother couldn’t sleep at night. She was the reason that her sister got bullied at school. Or at least, that’s what she thought…. “Annie?”
She straightened hearing her sister’s voice. “Molly, I thought I told you to knock—Oh my god, what did you do to your hair?!”
“You know mum is going to be furious right?” The girl only grinned. “I know, but…I wanted to give something to you.” She quickly ran out of the room and but returned just as quickly, her hands behind her back. After a moment she showed what she was hiding. “Here…” She offered the gift up to her sister.
Her sister stood there shocked. “You…Why…?
“You did this for me?” Molly nodded. “You want to be like that girl in the poster again, don’t you?”
Annie looked from her sister to girl in the poster. It was true; she wanted to be like that girl. But then when she was diagnosed, she gave up on that ever happening.
Looking back to her sister she took her gift slowly and gentle put it on her head.
Some strands of hair fell off as her hand touched the hair under the hat. She felt tear gather but she blinked them away. It felt so strange to have hair again, after so many months. She couldn’t contain her happiness. “Molly…thank you so much!!” And with that she wrapped her sister into a tight hug. Her sister hugged back laughing. She was happy. Everything would be resorted in her kingdom, her palace will be free of wickedness.
However, in reality, not all things would settle. But Molly and Annie knew one thing from this, and one thing along that will keep them going...
…There is always a silver lining… This is just a short story I thought of when I saw this ad for leukemia, unfortunately I can’t remember it all too clearly to give a link for it :(
I hope you enjoyed this story, comments are greatly appreciated :)
Thanks for reading!
Keep Writing!!

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SantaBelleMay 1, 2012

That was such a beautiful story. I have to admit, I got a little freaked out when the little girl grabbed the scissors \:eek\:

nicshellApr 16, 2012

part 15 please! LOL. i'm sooooo excited! \:D

xhaiiApr 5, 2012

great chapter! I feel Xiu's sadness too \:\(

martoeleNov 20, 2011

Really a heart touching story! Thank you very much! \:wub\:

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