Aladdin Part 1
Published Jul 19, 2010

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Hi everyone! This is my first story after a (very) long time. It's Disney's Aladdin. I'm sure the most of you have seen this movie. Personaly, I love it, this is why I decided to make it a story using my favorite game, Sims 2! But there are some differences between my story and the movie. Firstly, there's no Narrator in my story. I think this scene was unnecessary. Also there's no Iago and Abu because it was impossible to make them. And of course no songs (althought i love all Aladdin's songs). Finally, my cave of wonders is a little different. How could I make this tiger? And there are more smaller differences you may notice. English is not my first language so please forget me for any mistakes. That's all!

Hi everyone! This is my first story after a (very) long time. It's Disney's Aladdin. I'm sure the most of you have seen this movie. Personaly, I love it, this is why I decided to make it a story using my favorite game, Sims 2! But there are some differences between my story and the movie. Firstly, there's no Narrator in my story. I think this scene was unnecessary. Also there's no Iago and Abu because it was impossible to make them. And of course no songs (althought i love all Aladdin's songs). Finally, my cave of wonders is a little different. How could I make this tiger? And there are more smaller differences you may notice. English is not my first language so please forget me for any mistakes. That's all! It was a dark night, no moon was shining in the sky. A mysterious man was waiting patiently. Suddenly, a short man appeared behind the sand hills. He looked upset, but he had good news for his master. " You are late, Azeem" said the man. His deep voice made Azeem more nervous.
"I'm terribly sorry,master,but I found it" Azeem whispered.
The two men have been walking for about an hour on the desert, until they reached their destination.Suddenly, behind the hills, they saw a huge gate which guarded the entrance to a cave. "Here it is'' whispered Azeem.
"Go and remember, I only want the lamp, and the rest of the treasure is yours" the man replied impatiently.

Azeem approached the gate, when he heard an other-wordly voice:
"It's me...Azeem..."
Azeem looked at the man and gave him a scared look.
"Go on, what are you waiting for ? Enter !!" he yelled.

Azeem opened and the gate nervously. He had no idea what he could find in there, but he had a bad feeling about it. At the beggining, he could only see strange lights and flames. He took another step. Suddenly, flames circle him. Azeem started screaming in pain. The gate closed abruptly, but you could still hear his screams. "That fool" said the man. "If I want the lamp, I have to find the Diamond in the Rough" In a poor neighborhood of Agrabah, a young man was trying to escape from a bunch of soldiers.
"All this rush for a loaf of bread" he thought.
"GET HIM !! DON'T LET THAT TRAMP ESCAPE AGAIN !" screamed the head of the soldiers.

Aladdin bumped on a neighbor.
"Good morning, my lady"
"You got in trouble a little early today, aren't you Aladdin?"
"Trouble ? No way !!You only get in trouble when you get caught"Aladdin joked.
"Oh no, I've got to go"
Aladdin run into the backstreets of Agrabah.
"They'll never find me here" he thought.
Suddenly,he noticed a little boy searching for food in the garbage.This scene reminded him of his tough childhood.He approached him. "Come,have this" he said kindly and gave him one of the fruit he had stolen before.
"Th..thank you..."the boy whispered and ran.
Then, Aladdin heard noise in the central market.On his way there, he saw dozens of people who looked excited.
"What's going on ?" he asked.
"Prince Ahmed is in town to ask for the princess' hand in marriage" replied a woman.
"Yes, another groom for the princess" added a man next to her.
But then, the boy Aladdin had met before, rushed infront of Prince Ahmed's camel.The Prince got angry and got down of the camel to hit him. Aladdin stormed in and stopped him.
"If I were a Prince, I would have better manners" he said and pushed him away.
"How dare you touch me ?" the Prince shouted and kicked him.He fell down.
People around them started laughing.He has never been more embarassed in his whole life.
"You are nothing but a streetrat,you borned a street rat and you are going to die a streetrat, and only your fleas will mourn you !!" he said and continued his way to the palace.
As it was getting darker, Aladdin went home, thinking of the Prince's words. Was he right? Was he nothing more but a streetrat? He looked at the Sultan's palace from the window.
"Some day, I'm going to be rich, and live in a palace,and all my problems will be solved !"he thought.
Meanwhile, at the palace, others were facing lots of problems. "I'VE NEVER BEEN MORE EMBARASSED IN MY WHOLE LIFE !!!" Prince Ahmed screamed as he stormed inside the palace.
"Prince Ahmed, leaving so soon ?" the Sultan said in a worried voice.
"I'm going back home !! And good luck marrying her off !!"
The angry Sultan went to the gardens, looking for his daughter.
"Jasmine !!!!JASMINE !!!"
He saw her by the fountain.
"Jasmine, what did you do to Prince Ahmed ???"
The young girl said in a playful voice:
" It wasn't me, Rajah only wanted to play with him"
"Ah, Jasmine, you know that you can't reject every Prince that asks for your hand" her father scolded her "The laws say that you must get married before your next birthday, and they are approaching"
Jasmine went to the cages where her favorite birds were kept.
"But father, you know me !! I can't get married to a man I don't love !"
Her father sighed.
"Jasmine, it's not only the law...I won't always be at your side, and I want to know that you'll be in the care of a good man"
"But father,please try to understand !!I've never done a thing on my own !!I've never even had any real friends..I've never been outside the palace".
"But Jasmine, you are a princess !! You don't belong with the commoners !!"
Jasmine looked at her ugly reflection in the water, and said angrily.
"Perhaps I don't want to be a princess !!"
The Sultan sighed.
"Alah cursed me and sent me a daughter !!" he said and left.
Jasmine thought of all these years where she spent her life inside the palace, and thought that nobody should live like this.
Then, she set all of the birds free, and saw them flying away.
Meanwhile, the Sultan was worried for his daughter.
"What am I going to do ?? Her mother wasn't that disobedient"
Then, he heard steps behind him.
"Oh, Jafar, my most trusted advisor !!I'm in desperate need of your help !!"
Jafar bowed and said:
"Your wish is an order"
"It's about my daughter...She refuses to get married"
"Every problem has its solution. But this time, I am going to need your ring, Your Highness" Jafar said.
"My ring?!" the Sultan paniced. "I can't do this Jafar. It's a family treasure!"
Jafar made him looked at his cane and said in a hypnotizing voice:
"This is the only way to help your daughter..."
"The help my...daughter..." the Sultan repeated.
"Give me your ring!" Jafar ordered him.
"Yes Jafar, you can have the ring..." said the hypnotized Sultan and gave Jafar the ring.
"Very good, Your Highness. You did the right thing one more time. Now, go play with your toys.."
"Yes, my toys!" said the Sultan and smiled.
Jafar went downstairs, to the basement. He opened a sectret door, and got in his laboratory. A few hours later, someone was running outside the palace, trying to make no noise. But suddenly, she heard someone behind her. "Oh, Rajah it's just you." Jasmine thought that Rajah was trying to stop her." I can't live this life anymore. I have to go. Goodbye my only friend" Jasmine climbed a tree and jumped out the walls. Rajah was still there, watching her leaving. In the morning, Jasmine was at the market place.She had never seen before so many people gathered together. They were laughting, talking, arguing. She couldn't stop smiling as she was looking at all those strange things that mongers were selling. But Jasmine didn't know that someone was watching her from the roof. Aladdin had never seen such a beautiful girl before. He couldn't stop staring her. Then Jasmine saw a little boy staring a counter with apples. He seemed hungry. Jasmine took an apple from the counter.
"Here" she said to the boy. "You can eat this"
"You must pay for this" the man behind the counter said angrily.
"Excuse me?"
"I'll show you what I do to thieves like you!" he yelled and drew his sword.
"No please I can give you money! I know the Sultan!" Jasmine begged and closed her eyes when the man took her hand and prepared to cut it.
"Don't!" Aladdin rushed and stopped him. "Thank you so much sir, you found her!" "Com' on young lady let's go home" Aladdin continued.
"What are you doing?" Jasmine whispered.
"Just playrole"
"Do you know her?" asked the man.
"Sadly yes" Aladdin signed. "She's my sister. And a little crazy"
"She said she knew the Sultan" the man insisted.
"Well, she thinks our dog, Abu, is the Sultan. Now, excuse us..."
"I WANT MY MONEY! " yelled the man but Aladdin and Jasmine had already gone.
Meanwhile, in the sectret laboratory, Jafar was using the diamond from the Sultan's ring to find the Diamond in the Rough. He looked at his globe.
"Yes, there he is..." he smiled. In the globe he could see Aladdin's face.
In the evening, Aladdin took Jasmine to his house.
"Thank for saving me before.." Jasmine started.
"No problem. Was this your first time at the market place?"
"Is it that obvious?"
"Is this where you live?" Jasmine asked.
"Yes.It isn't that great, but it has a beautiful view..." Aladdin said and show her the view outside the window.
Jasmine could see the palace.
"Isn't it great?" Aladdin asked her.
"Yes it is...." she replied in a sad voice.
"I would it be like living there. To have servants, expensive clothes..."
"Yes, and people to tell you where to go and how to dress..." Jasmine continued as she remembered her every day life at the palace.

"So..where are you from?" Aladdin asked.
"What does it matter? I ran away and I'm not going back" she answered decidedly.
"Why not?
"My father forces me to get married."
"That's horrible"
"I wish I could do something.."Aladdin said and came closer.
"You are very sweet..."
"HERE YOU ARE!" It was the guards that were chasing Aladdin yesterday.
"They found me!" said Aladdin and Jasmine at the same time." They found you?"
"My father must have sent them..." Jasmine cried.
Aladdin went near the window.
"Do you trust me?" asked fastly and gave her his hand.
"What? Yes.." said Jasmine and catched it.
"Then jump!"
They jumped out the window and landed on the sand.
"Don't let them escape!!" one of the guards screamed.
They chased them at the market. After a few seconds, Aladdin looked back and didn't see them.
"I think they lost us.."he said.
But suddenly, the guards appeared behind them and knock him down.
"Stop!" Jasmine yelled. "Stop right now! I am Princess Jasmine!"
"The princess?" Aladdin thought surprised.
The guards were also very surprised.
"Princess! What are you doing here with his tramp?" asked one of them.
"This is not your bussiness. I command you to let him go right now!"
"I'm afraid I can't do this, my princess. I have orders from Jafar. You have to discuss this with him."
"Believe me I will..."she said angrily.
Later, Jasmine found Jafar at the basement.
"Jafar your guards arrested a boy. I want to let him go!"
"I can't do this my princess. That boy was a criminal."
"And what was his crime?"
"Kidnapping the princess, of course.."
"What? He didn't kidnapped me, I ran away!"
"Oh...well...that's so sad..."Jafar said.
"What do you mean?"
"The boy was executed a few hours ago..."
"Oh no.."Jasmine started crying."How could you?" she said ran away.
Outside, Jasmine was still crying when Rajah came to her.
"It's my fault, Rajah. And I don't even know his name.."
In a dark prison, Aladdin soliloquize.
"I can't believe it! She was the princess. Anyway, I will never see her again. She must be married to a prince.."
"I think I can help you boy..." Aladdin heard a strange voice behind him.

Aladdin looked back and saw an old man.
"Who are you?" he asked him.
"I'm a nobody like you, but together we can be more..."
"What do you mean?"
"There's a cave, filled with treasures and gold. Enough to impress you princess.
"But the law.."
"The one that has the gold makes the rules. Now, I need you to help me go there and the treaure is all yours"
"You forget one thing. We are in here and the cave is out there."
"Things are not always like they seem.." he said in a mysterious voice and saw him the ceiling.
Well, this was the end of the first part. Don't forget to comment and rate! thanks for reading! :)

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#11melaniecoxVIPJul 22, 2010

This is fantastic, very close to the original film, you seem to have remembered it morealess word for word, I guess you've watched it lots of times.
Very nicely told, and with your own bits put in as well.
Your screenshots are truly amazing, how did you manage to get them?
And where did you find the costumes  and accesories.
Everything about this story is Amazing.
Well done, am looking forwards to part 2.

#12AshleyBlackJul 22, 2010

beautiful screenshots and sims, great job! thanks \:\)

#13scottie_10Jul 23, 2010

i love it! the sims are pretty the tiger-dog looks so much like a tiger and 5 stars!!!!!!

#14fabrizioammolloJul 29, 2010

You made a stunning use of the game!

#15MeBunnyAug 5, 2010

Wauhwie ! Amazing ! (:

#16raaawr!_xApr 24, 2011

This is amazing, just like the story!
The shots and scenery are great, very well done \:D

#17comletenutter19Aug 7, 2011

Very good, I loved it

#18AnoeskaBApr 14, 2012

comment test \:\)

#19KatherineLady09Jun 16, 2012

haha love it

#20lekunzeMar 9, 2019


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