The Andretti Legacy (102)
Published Jul 22, 2010

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 102

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 102
"Could I talk to you for a second, Liv?" Oksana interrupts Olivia as she works hard on her next novel.

"Sure, yeah." Liv smiles as she rises from her desk chair.
"Oliver and I...we've decided that we're going to get a place of our own. Maybe somewhere a little closer to base." Oksana states quietly. She's going to miss not spending every moment of the day with her best friend, but she and Oliver decided it's time for their own family. "Oliver wants to...well, we want to start our own family." Liv stares back sadly, but also excited at the thought of being an aunt. "...that's great news! I'm really excited for both of you...though, I'm going to miss you both terribly..." Liv laughs quietly. "You won't be too hour's drive at most?"

"Yeah...we don't want to go any farther than case something happens. Family emergencies and whatnot. You guys are all we've got." She smiles kindly.
"It's going to be quiet around here...but, I guess now would be the time to really sit down and work out the kinks with my mom." Liv shrugs her shoulders.

"Mothers are a beautiful thing, Liv. I'd like to think that your mom doesn't need that fancy counselor...don't take this wrong way, but...I think she just needs your support. Your know?" Oksana replies quietly. "When my father died, we went through the same thing with my mom...but, we were old enough to help her through two were just babies, you couldn't possibly know. It's so hard to take and overcome that grief on your own."
"'s hard. I have this...anger or...something built up inside of me towards her. I can't really explain it...I know we've talked about this before, but...I'll take your advice this time. A going away present, I guess." Liv smiles politely.

"Trust'll notice an immediate difference if what you have to say to her is pure and from your heart." Oksana stares back at Liv.
"I'm going to miss you." Liv reaches forward and embraces Oksana. "I'm going to miss you a lot." The new house is a perfect size of Oliver and Oksana. It's only one room, but when the time comes they plan to build on. Oksana takes a job at the local bistro; she has a passion for cooking and figures doing what she loves wouldn't be too difficult. Oliver continues on his path to becoming a general with steady promotions and raises. His superiors love him. For this Andretti household, things are about as perfect as they could possibly be. Late one evening as the two are headed for bed, Oksana stops in front of the mirror and stares at her reflection.

"What's wrong?" Oliver notices her odd behavior.

"Oh, nothing...I just...I don't know, I can't imagine myself pregnant." She shrugs her shoulders and looks down at her belly.
"Well, you aren't." He smiles at her. "Are you?" His smile suddenly fades into a nervous frown.

"No, silly." Oksana turns to face him. "Not yet, anyway." She shrugs her shoulders as a big grin forms across her face as she crawls into the bed next time him.
"Whadda'ya say?" She gives him the 'look' that he can't refuse, and with any luck she'll wake in the morning sick as a dog and pregnant. A few days pass, and Oliver returns home from work to find Oksana waiting in the front yard for him.

"Guess what?!" She rushes over to him before he reaches the porch with a smile on her face that he's never seen before. It could only mean one thing.
Without hesitation and anymore words spoken, Oliver smiles ear to ear and wraps his arms around.

"Really?!" He laughs. "We're going to have a baby!?"
She nods her head with excitement as he puts his hand over her belly.

"...this is great! I, I'm so excited. I can't wait!" He reaches for her and hugs her again.
Oliver wants to be in every part of Oksana's pregnancy and their baby's life. He reads pregnancy books with Oksana. He even has a room built on as quickly as possible, just in case their baby came early. He goes to every single doctor's appointment and asks as many questions as possible. The strength of his loyalty to Oksana is the same amount of determination he has to ensure his baby has the best possible outcome. The baby comes around 2am on the day it's due. Oliver and Oksana spend the day in the hospital with their brand new healthy baby boy, Peter. The days passed quickly, as did the months, and baby Peter is steadily growing. Oliver is absolutely head over heels for his little boy, and spends every second that he's home in the nursery with his son. Oliver can't wait until the boy is old enough they can start doing things together. "Oh, he's so handsome!" Liv smiles proudly as she closes the nursery behind her after putting Peter down for a nap. "You guys...I am so jealous!" She congratulates her brother and best friend on their baby. "Thank you, Liv." Oliver replies quietly. "I'm rather fond of him myself." He shrugs his shoulder, and Oksana slugs him.

"Whatever, you're crazy about him." She admires her husband's attitude and love for their son.
"I can tell." Liv says with a grin. "You guys really have a great life here. I'm so glad that things have worked out for you both."

"Thanks, again, Liv." Oliver smiles proudly. "I don't think I could be any happier."
"...and, Oksana...I'm still working with my mom. I promise you that. We still have our share of battles...but, I think ultimately...I think we're getting over that hump. She was so pleased when I asked for her help on my latest chapter...there's still only a few kinks, but...well, I appreciate your advice." Liv smiles as she pictures the look on her mother's face yesterday. She could feel the relief and happiness flowing from her.

" takes time, Liv. Progress is slow, but worth every step." Oksana stares lovingly back at Liv.
Peter's birthdays fly by. His parents can't believe how quickly he's growing. He's learning to walk and talk, and Oksana is sure that he'll be potty trained in no time. He's a very smart little toddler. But, of course, when it comes time to eat, Peter would rather play with his food than actually eat it. A few minutes later, Oliver comes through the door. He stops in front of Oksana and salutes her. She gives him a funny look, curious about his behavior and then an enormous smile forms across his face.

"I've done it, Oksana. I've passed it all...I've made it to the top!" His voice starts off quiet, and then he ends up shouting happily at her.
"Oliver!" Oksana shouts, Peter stops playing in his food and looks up at his parents acting silly. "I'm so proud of you! You did it!" She leaps into his arms and hugs him with all her might.

"I am so so SO proud of you!" She laughs as he spins her around.
Oliver smiles nervously to himself as he gives his son, Peter, another push on the swing. It seemed like just yesterday he changed Peter's first diaper. Where had the time gone?

"You don't have to push me anymore, Dad. I'm going pretty high!" Peter shouts back at his dad, who takes a seat on the swing next to him.
"What's wrong, Dad?" Peter asks noticing his father's sudden gloomy appearance.

"Nothing, Son. I was just...well, you're growing so fast. You'll be in high school soon. We'll have to teach you to drive, get you settled in college...where did the time go?" Oliver rambles on to himself.

"Did you go to college?" Peter continues to swing back and forth.

"No, Son. I joined the Military Academy straight out of high school." Oliver looks watches his son swing by.

"I want to be just like you. I don't want to go to college. I want to be famous, too." Peter grins down at his dad. When Oliver had reached the top of his military career, his face appeared all over Twinbrook in celebrations, interviews, magazines, newspapers. It was a rather big deal.

"Son, you're an Andretti. You're already famous." Oliver replies with a proud smile. "But, if you want to join the military, then I will certainly support that decision." He rises from his swing. "Let's go home..." He motions for Peter to follow him. "It's getting dark."
As the two are leaving the park, Peter stops in front of a protest at City Hall. Oliver notices a few familiar faces in the crowd, and remembers some of the guys talking about this particular riot at work a few days back.

"What's going on, Dad?" Peter's quiet voice interrupts Oliver's train of thought. "What are those people doing?"

"...those people think they're making a difference by standing in front of the city government screaming and carrying on like a bunch of crazies." Oliver lets out a deep sigh.
"...what do they want?" Peter's eyes remain locked onto the diverse crowd of people.

"Son, there's no telling..." Oliver looks down at his boy. "People seem to think they can make a difference, truth is...people don't have a voice. The government will do as they please; no care for the little man."

"Don't you work for them, Dad?" Peter looks up at his father with confusion.

"The government? Sort of. I may work for them, and I may be proud of what I've accomplished with them...but, that doesn't mean I agree with them." Oliver leans down and puts his hands on his son's shoulders. "Look, Son. If you walk away from this with any kind of life lesson, I want it to be 'live and let live'. People waste their whole lives in misery because they sweat the things they cannot change. They miss out on all the beautiful things in life..."
With that, Oliver reaches out and hugs his son. He is always so surprised as his son's intelligence and thought processes. They're so advanced for his age, and it brings a warm feeling all over his body to know that he created such a beautiful being. Once Peter reached high school, he enrolled in quite a few extra curricular activities to help pass the time before he could start volunteering at the Military Academy until he graduates. As he's leaving one evening, he can hear someone crying from around the school building.

He heads to the playground thinking someone had fallen and hurt themselves, but no one's there. It's completely empty, not a soul in sight. He can still hear the crying, so he crosses the playground to the rear gate.
As he reaches the gate, the crying gets more clear and louder. He notices a girl, about his age, slumped over on the ground crying her heart out. He chooses not to say anything to avoid scaring her, but she's too busy crying to notice him.

"Are you okay?" He asks over her sobs. She stops crying suddenly, wipes her tears away quickly, and barely turns her head to look at him before nervously standing with her back to him.
"I'm fine. Go away." She chokes on her words trying to get them out, as she wipes away more tears.

"You're can't be fine." Peter states firmly. "Girls don't just...cry." He shrugs his shoulders. "Well, okay...some do, but seriously...what's wrong?"

"Go away, I said! I hate boys!" She screams at him. "I hate all of you! You're all jerks!" She starts crying loudly again.

"You act like I'm the one that did this to you!" Peter shouts defensively back at her.

"How do you know what happened to me?! Did he tell everyone already!?" She rolls her eyes and makes a really loud sniffing sound, she doesn't have a tissue, what else is she supposed to do?
"I hate him...I really, really, really hate him." She wipes her eyes some more and looks up at the sky as if to keep some tears in.

"Who?" Peter asks with a soft voice.

"My stupid ex-jerk-boyfriend." She growls angrily and looks back down at the ground. "I just...hate him."

"Is there...something I can do for you?" Peter takes a step closer to the gate.
"Why are you doing this?" She turns around to face him.

"What do you mean?" Peter looks around and shakes his head.

"Why won't you go away...are you that stupid?" She growls at him.

"As many times as you've insulted me in the last two minutes, I should have." He tells her sternly. "I heard someone crying, and I thought they were I came to check on whoever it turned out to be you...some radical feminist or something. I've learned my lesson." He turns to walk away, giving up on her.

"Wait...wait." She rubs her forehead. "I'm sorry...I just...I don't know. Right now...I hate boys." She replies with a heavy sigh. He turns to face her again, and gives her a 'seriously?!' look. "Okay, sorry...again." She rolls her eyes and then closes them. "I'm Penelope Charles..." She sticks her hand out to shake his.
He smiles kindly, and passes through the gate and shakes her hand.

"Peter Andretti." He stands proud, he loves being an Andretti and all the fame that comes with it. "I've heard of that I know your name."

"I'm sure you've heard terrible things...nothing but terrible things...thank to him, that pig!" She starts off with a kind voice, a pleasing one, and by the end of her sentence she's back to growling and snarling like a rabid dog.

"No, actually...I haven't." Peter lets out a small laugh. "You're in Student Council, aren't you?"

"Yeah...the main girl...'The Next Mayor of Twinbrook' is what everyone calls me. Well, not everyone...the people that like me call me that." She laughs a little to herself and looks up at Peter.
"I'm sorry, Peter. I was so rude to you." She smiles kindly at him and wipes away a small tear.

"It's not a big deal...I could tell you were...well, upset for lack of a better word." He states quietly, and then softly laughs at the whole situation. "We should find you a mirror and a sink. It looks like your face is melting." He grins and she starts laughing as they head back around the school to the front doors.
Penelope exits the school after cleaning up her face and finds Peter outside; he seems to be waiting for her. She walks up behind him, and he turns to face her as soon as he can hear her behind him. "You really don't go away do you?" She shoots him a smile and a flirty little laugh. She likes him, he's kind and seems caring, and that's more than she can say for her ex-boyfriend.

"It's getting dark, so I thought I'd walk you home." He laughs with her. "Besides, judging by the last few seems like you could use the company." She agrees, and together they set off for her house.
It took them nearly an hour to reach Penelope's house, and during that they time they did a lot of talking. Penelope told him how she honestly did want to make her way into the political field because she felt that she could change the lives of many for the better. Peter opted not to tell her what his father thought about that. But, he did tell her that he was going to join the Military just like his father. They discussed their families and school and just about everything they could think of.

"This is it..." Penelope smiles at him as they reach her house.

"It's big!" Peter is shocked at the size.

"Oh come on, it's not the biggest in Twinbrook." Penelope rolls her eyes. "Besides, my parents are money, money, money...the bigger the toys the better people you are. Ugh!" She grunts as though she disapproved of her parent's views.

"Seriously, I think my entire house is the size of your 3rd floor." He tells her and together they laugh until they reach the porch.
"Hold on, just a minute." She tells him and walks inside her house. She comes back out with a piece of paper. "Here's my me sometime, okay?" She smiles a kind smile, and then heads back inside her house. "Thanks for walking me home, Peter." She looks back at him before closing the door behind her. "Peter?" Oliver calls as he walks out of the kitchen just as Peter comes through the front door.

"Yes, Dad?" He replies knowing full well he's probably in trouble.

"Do you know time it is?" He asks sternly, but still softly. He loves his boy and could never truly punish him. "You should have been home from school hours ago...and why are you smiling?"
"Dad...I met this girl and I walked her home." Peter smiles proudly.

"Peter!" Oliver gasps and starts laughing. "Well, what's she like...?"

"She's like...well, I don't know...she's nice." Peter looks away bashfully.

"Don't you get yourself into trouble, boy." Oliver smiles proudly at his young Romeo. "Now go on, it's almost midnight. Your mother is going to kill us both if she wakes up and finds both of us still awake."

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#9IllandryaJul 23, 2010

Oliver and Oksana seem to have done a wonderful job in raising Peter. He comes across as a well-adjusted, kind, intelligent and helpful soul who knows what he wants from life - perhaps a little too normal for an Andretti \:D Great chapter, I loved watching him grow up from that adorable toddler into the "almost" man who couldn't ignore the distraught Penelope no matter how much she tried to scare him off. I wonder, as did Margo, if this is the next Andretti bride?

#10blackrosebty2005Jul 24, 2010

this story was great  good job

#11amd11Jul 24, 2010

aw! peter is just adorable! i love the last two pictures! as always, amazing job! <3

#12methura1Jul 24, 2010

Love it! Peter turned out so handsome \:\) Can't wait for the next one. Great job \:rah\:

#13OCIKITTENJul 24, 2010

Yeah! another great chapter.  Peter is adorable.  

#14MangioJul 25, 2010

Peter is such a wonderful little boy, i love your shots and i absolutely agree with Hozzyandie. Another wonderfully done chapter \:wub\: I'm glad that Liv is opening her heart for her mother. Penelope must be really angry... i wonder if she is going to join this wonderful family. \:rah\: Can't wait for more

#15Deathnote07Aug 7, 2010

I freaking love you're stories!! You're such a inspration to me!!\:wub\: \:rah\:

#16fredbrennyAug 15, 2010

Great chapter. I though Oliver was cute (\;\) he is...) but Peter is sooo cute! WOW! Too bad Oksana and Oliver had just one child, they make beautiful babies. Peter  and Penelopen... sounds right to me... \:wub\: Perfect screenshots too!

#17silvertoraFeb 9, 2011

Whatever happened to the rest of the twin sisters? We seem to be following only one sister's family here - Did they get married, have kids etc.? Just curious - love the story though

#18kanzenApr 3, 2012

"god, his body" lol love it.

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