Midnights Moon 1.2
Published Aug 3, 2010

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Hey guys I'm still alive ;)
Sorry its shorter and rubbish!!
1.3 will be better and longer!
Rate, comment, read please.

~Jess xox

Hey guys I'm still alive ;)
Sorry its shorter and rubbish!!
1.3 will be better and longer!
Rate, comment, read please.

~Jess xox
I guess a lot has changed, Mia and dad decided to redecorate the house you know a fresh start. Like mine. With the whole house changed everyone else had too me I got lip piercing and my hair cut into a new style with some highlights. And well that’s all that’s changed for me. I see everything different everyone looks different, I have blackness around my eyes and no matter how much I try to get the off. They just stay there but it remind me of Ash. He had blackness around his eyes and I thought it was eye liner no it wasn’t. I think.
Looking at my room I knew I had to leave tonight - Midnight to be exact. The time were we come out and its safe for us to be outside. Outside the walls of the school, I haven’t bothered looking the school up; there was no point. I was going to stay there for the next three years so I’ll be twenty-two when I leave. I have to leave this all behind. Shaking the thought from my head I herd my door open.
Spinning around I saw my sister enter my room. Looking at her new extensions her hair didn’t pass her shoulders. Personally I liked it better shorter but she’s my sister. And I cant control her, everything look more different to me - part of being a non-human says dad. Some colours are lighter, darker, or more defined. “Hey Zoey.” “Hey, what’s up?” “Dylan, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I-I don’t know what to say.” Dylan, his and Lia’s date went well, they’ve gone of three more but he had never asked her to be his girlfriend at least he know had the guts to do it. I didn’t know what to do, like I said I cant control her life, I just give advise to my younger sister. I guess she wasn’t as sure as I thought she would be if he asked her.
“Well, what do you want to do?” “That’s the problem I don’t know what I want to do. I do and I don’t.” “Because?” I moved my hand in a curler movement to make her carry on why? “Well, if we brake up I don’t want to ruin our friendship; he’s my best friend I don’t want to lose him I’ve already lost our mum, and you tonight and I don’t want to lose him too.” I knew what she was talking about and so did I, she didn’t want to lose anyone else like she already has. Who wouldn’t? “You wont lose him, he’s still you friend right? And if he loves you like he says he does then if you do break up you guys will just stay friends. Right?” “I guess you right. So you coming down stares?” “Maybe later, I need to pack some more stuff first.” I lied. “Yeah sure, whatever.” I hated lying to her but I wanted some more time to be on my own as it might be my last.

When the sun started to go down I thought it was time I saw my sister, I only had five hours left and I wanted to spend it with her. My sister. Walking down the stairs I saw my sister on the floor reading some book I gave her; The House of Night my favourite. When she saw me she shoved it under the sofa and looked back up at me. “Hey” I said giving her a small smile “Hi, you done packing?” I nodded once and walked over to the sofa.
“So you gonna’ be alright going and stuff?” Lia asked me for the fifth time, “Mhmm I’ll be alright its you I’m worried about. You have no mum and now you have no sister. But I’m coming back I swear.” “But what happens if you don’t? And you have to stay there forever, we-humans cant go there apart from certain days and I don’t want to lose you like I did with mum.” “I’m coming back Lia I promise there’s nothing that can stop me from seeing you.” “You ready Zoey?” We both looked up to me dad and Mia. Dad look emotional for once, from years of not showing any. Today’s the day he shows it, the day I leave. I would never of guessed that he would be like this. Mia look the same fake tan bleach hair. Nothing changed for her nothing, it’s the day she’s pregnant that she cries. “Dad please don’t make me go. Please” I try and mimic my five-year-old voice like the time I had to go to school. “I’m sorry Zoey, we have no choice but please don’t make it harder than it already is.”
As it got closer to midnight a tight feeling flew through my stomach. I clutched it slightly trying to make it less noticeable to what the pain really was. “Zoey are you alright?” I looked at Lia still clutching my stomach and nodded once. Frowning the pain got worse and it felt impossible, and impossible pain I screamed out in pain this wasn’t meant to happen was it? I screamed out again, while my family crowed around me. “Make it stop!” I kept shouting the pan was bad. I tried looking up at my sister. Then everything went black… I woke up in a white room, it wasn’t a hospital I knew it wasn’t because I had been to everyone one of them in England. There was only one reason then. I was here. Trying to move a pain ran through my body especially my heart I cried out in pain again, “Help!” I cried. “Try and relax Zoey.” I looked over at a woman in her late twenty’s she had brown hair that mixed with her chocolate eyes. And the blackness only made them look more alive. “I said try and relax.” I tried to relax but the pain only grew worse.
“I cant! It hurts!” She walked over to me an placed her hand on my side the side were it was coming from. Whispering words I didn’t make out slowly the pain went away and I could finally relax. “Zoey, do you know why you’re here?” “Because I’m a stupid witch, and I have to leave my family?” “Well the first parts true, but your not stupid. Zoey you the first witch in 200 years. That means they are trying to find you, and they will stop at nothing.” “Wait. What? So I’m not normal because I’m a witch?”
“Zoey, your not normal yes. But you are. Being a witch is something we have been trying to do for the past fifteen years. And know you came along, and they will try and find you so that’s why we have to keep you safe for as long as we can, and when you leave you will be able to keep a low profile. And keep your self alive for as long as possible.” Standing up I didn’t know what to say I was different but I was too different. Was that even possible? “Zoey, its nothing to be scared about, nothing has been able to get in these walls in hundreds of years and they wont get in. Your safety is one of your main focuses right know, until you twenty-five then you will be under close observation. Well enough of my chatting, want to see you room. You’ll be sharing with my daughter, is that alright?” I nodded and followed her to my new room! Joy…
When I entered the room it was, nice. It wasn’t too girly like I expected it to be. It was more like mine plane. But something different. I liked it. This was home, there was something about it that made it feel like home more that home ever did. I started to change my clothes and put my hair into a pony tale when the door was thrown open. "Stupid math home work peice of c-. Sorry!" Looking at me I didn't think she realised that I was in her room. "Sorry again. I'm Hannah I wasn't expecting you for another three weeks!" Another three weeks? How long was I asleep for? "Err, hi I'm Zoey. Do you know how long I was asleep for?" "No. Sorry I dont two weeks maybe? I'm not sure." Hannah had soft brown looking skin that matched perfectly with her brown hair and eyes. "Sorry I barged in like that I'm not normaly like that, just this school is driving me mad espicaly my brother and math." "Your brother?" "I, yeah my brother the 'Vampire' he dosen't talk much but he is sweet. I'll show him to you one day if he dont get him self kicked out." We both laughed at her last remark, so a rebelion. Nice. "So I'm a witch, as if anyone hasnt guessed or heard. Wha-What are you?" I asked "Me, I'm an elemental, I have an element with water. Its pretty cool when your hot chocolates cold." When we both went to bed I layed on my back staring at the pale cream colour ceiling, it reminded me of home. But I couldnt sleep, everything was playing on my mind; my family, Lia, my real mother who I had never met. And Ash, pushed to the side for once. Darkness. Nothing but darkness.
that was the first thing I thought when I opened my eyes. Darkness. It wasn't normal and ther eas something here - I could feel it.
I didn't blink I didnt need to and I didnt want to there was someone here or something. and it was here to get me. I tried to keep my heart from beating so loud even I could here it and I'm sure they could too, I saw somwthing come out of the shadows and know I was scared. Golden skin Black hair. It didn't take me long to realise who it was.

His head snaped to look at me deep into my eyes. I was breath taken why was he here?! I saw his face and his body more clearly the more I looked at him. He was topless and his pants hanging low. "Zoey?" My breath was coughts in my throught and I couldnt talk I couldnt do anything. When I closed and opened my eyes his arms were around me holding my tight. Feeling his breath on me made we want to fall to the floor and scream his name. Just to make me realise that he was alive. "Zoey?!" His voise had a sudden urgency in it. "Zoey! Please get away from me!" I tried to struggle and get out of his grip but he was still to strong for me to struggle out off. "Ash! No please I dont want to lose you again, no like this!" I felt ice cold splatters of water on my face. Tears. His tears. I had only ever seen him try once and now twice. Leaning back he pulled me onto him letting my feel his cold chest. Pullin gmy higher he leaned up and kissed me I ran my fingers through his hair feeling what he felt like. We were both breathing heavly and pulling eachother closer. "I love you Zoey... Alone.
Looking at my reflection I saw the same thing I've seen everyday. The dream was so real, but so fake. And I can no longer tell reality from dreams, there were both worthless to me. Both letting me down.

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