Midnights Moon 1.3
Published Aug 17, 2010

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Midnights Moon 1.3 Taa-daa :) I sais it was going to be longer and better (thats what I think anyway) please enjoy :)

~ Jess xox

Midnights Moon 1.3 Taa-daa :) I sais it was going to be longer and better (thats what I think anyway) please enjoy :)

~ Jess xox
"Good morning Zoey!" I looked up at Hannah and saw her fully dressed and wide awake. I realised that I hadn't took my hair out but Hannah didn't seam to notice, "Hey, itsnt it Tuesday? And you in normal clothes." I asked puzzled. "Yeah! But we get a free day, that means I have to help you around and tomorrow its normal day for everyone. So expect the lame-and-the-boring." She added a smile on the last it, so my final year I skipped would be made up know? Meh. "Look, go and get dressed. Okay?" I nodded my head and grabbed some random clothes from my luggage. And tried to re-style my hair. (A Place Where You Belong - Bullet For my Valentine)
When we walked outside I stopped dead in my tracks when I got to the stairs. "Zoey? Whats wrong? Zoey?!" I could here her but nothing would come out of my mouth, its was cry like after you just ate a packet of crackers, my heart was still like a dead flower. Everything was still no movement. And my heart was breaking, all over again.

Golden skin.

Black hair.
"Zoey!" Hannah shouted to me again for the tenth time, but I couldn't understand. Why...
There he was, kissing another girl right in front of my eyes. Holding her hand with there fingers through eathothers. I felt sick and stupid. My heart was falling, just when I thought it was going to get better. It just got worse.
I started to run, not caring that the trears were burning my eyes, and the were running faster then when you turn a tap of full blast. I ran past everyone, I could feel there eyes on me. But I didn't care great first impression eh? Running past the kissing couple I almost tripped and got there attention but I carried on running. "Zoey?!" I didnt have to think twice to realise who it was.

When I got closer o the gates, they opened for me without me wanting them to. But as long as I got to run then I didnt care. I got to an old oak tree I hid behind it feeling nothing but pain and anger. I sank into the ground using the tree the lean against. I had never been so humilated in my life. Crying over my old lover. I herd a rustle but I didnt care if a wolf came out and ate me. I turned my head away from the noise and looked down again.

"You gave everyone a fright, you know?"
I looked up at the male voise, his skin was pale and its shimmered in the light. His face was covered with his fair, but his nose and lips were visable.
So were his scars. "Hey, I dont mean to sound rude but can you leave me alone." I did try to sound nice, but I guess I didnt.
"I can't leave. Sisters orders. Or I wont be going back into the school thing, but I probaly wont be able to anyway because your forbiden to leave the gates of hell." I had to let out a small laugh, it was funny. "But I'm sure they'll let you off. Your newish. And your a witch, cool."
I looked back at the ground still being able to feel his presentance next to me. "I'll sit there then." I saw him move from the corner of my eye he sat next to me on the other side of the tree, "Look, Zoey, its fine to feel like a freak on you frist reall-kinda day. I was the first vampire untill Winter and Ash came along, so dont worry." I didnt know were ever he was giving me his life storie or was just trying to be nice.
"Miles I'm the only witch here, and that there was ever been. Okay so dont act like you know what goign on in my head."
"Wait, how did you know my name was Miles?" I didnt, great so I can now tell peoples names without asking, anymore freaky stuff thats going to happen to me? Is my hair going to go white, or is my blackness going to go away? "I-I-I don't..." "Hey its cool, Look Zoey I'm sorry if I have to rush our alone time, but I really need to get you back, its too late for you to be alone out here. And I dont want you to get in trouble if I do. Please just let me take you back?" "Yeah." He lifted me to my feet an dpulled me on his back, "No heartbeat" I mutterd, "Duh, I'm a vampire. No beating heart. And before you ask I am not like Edward Cullen do I drink blood yes, but mostly animal. I can go in the sun and I dont shine like a fairy." "I wasnt going to ask" I said as I burried my face into the back of his T-shirt. "Close your eyes, it'll be better."

~~~ Miles ~~~
I got to her room, I knew what is was because my sister wouldnt shut up about haveing a new roommate. "Zoey were here." She made a small noise and hugged me tighter I went down to the fllor to get her off me, but she held on to my like a baby monkey. "Zoey, get dressed into your Pj's or somethin' and I'll stay here?" "Promise?" "Sware."
She got dressed and I pulled my hat off and shook my hair so it looked normal, and not like hat hair. She sank to the floor infront of me and I put my arms around her, just to hold her close. "Why were you crying?" I asked from no where. "Because of him." Him? Was there another guy? "Its Ash. And that girl." Then she told me everything...

"So your a couple?" A highpitched voise filled our sclience.
~~~ Zoey ~~~
I blond haired girl pratcly flew through the door without knocking. The same girl I saw kissing Ash, "So are you?!" We both just looked at her like she was crazy, how did she even know where I was? "Go away Lena." I heard Miles say behind me, "Whatever, so Zoey look I dont know what you've done but Ash my boyfriend. Is sitting in his room with the doors locked and he wont let anyone in, not even me!" Her voise was as fake as her hair. I though I was going to break my eardrums with the highness that her voise was, "So either stay the hell out of his way! Or try and get him out of his room! In fact dont do any of them! Just leave this school and you and live in a box!" She was trying to go for the whole "mean girl" attack, but it just made me hate her more.
I fet a cool arm go around me and get pulled back onto something hard and cold. "I Said 'Leve her alone Lena.' Your not worth the time." Miled said through gritted teeth. I felt anger slowly build up in my body, I just wanted them to leave and her tiny cat eye's to leave me alone. I wanted to be alone with Miles and talk not have some bibmo talk about rubbish! "Please! I'm just warning her I dont want any trouble. Just stay away from my boyfriend and where wont be any trouble." "Leave. Lena." "Just liste-" Her own sentance was cut off by her scream, I just looked at her now knowing if I should help her or not. "Zoey, stop it. Clam yourself." I herd Miles whisper in my ear camly. "I'm not doing anything..." My voise trailed off and my eyes wernt looking away from Lena, there was something wrong. "Zoey please stop, for me." I could barely hear him, I felt a sudden rush of something inside of me. Her screams were still in my ears but they were getting smaller. "Zoey stop! You have to stop! Your hurting her!" He span me around in his arms so te I could break eye contact with her, I burst into tears crying on his chest and sholder. "You little! Freak!" I heard Lena scream at me before she shut(slamed) the door behind her. "Zoey, hush shes gone it wasnt your fault you didnt mean too. Shh.." his calming voise was something I hadnt heard in a while, it was something I wanted to hear. I took a step back and for some reason I looked at his lips that were set in a line, his lips looked so tempting what was it like to kiss someone new?

"Kiss me..."
(♫ Sum 41 - Pieces ♫)
He leaned down and I leaned up it was a light kiss that lasted for a few sesonds when he pulled away I kept my head up - I wanted more. "More?" I went on my tip-toes and smacked my lips to him. The kiss deepened and hands went to hair and arms around wast. When it ended I laid on my bed anf tried to fall asleep in his arms.
I opened my eyes, and it didnt take lon gfor me to realise that I was in the blckness again. Its was clear so I was more able to see. Then it it me.

"Ash! Ash! Ash! I now you here! Ash!" I was screaming his name, too angry to stop to make me sound louder. "Ash! I thought you were sorry! Ash!" I saw something come out of the darkness.
"Zoey, please im sorry but you dont understand." He tried coming closer but I put my hands up so he couldnt come any closer.
"Ash what is there to understand, you broke my heart and then I see you snogging another girl." "Zoey please, this isnt like you. At least hear me out?"
He tried getting closer but I put my hands on his chest nd tried to push him away, but he didnt budge, "God you damn vampire! Leave me alone." He wasnt moving all he did was look at me, with those eyes I fell for all those times, he was Ash but he wasnt my Ash, he was different. Something I didnt need to know. "Ash! I dont care what you have to say leave me alone!" "Zoey please I had to leave you it was better for you and safer, the rules are that we cant be with humans it to dangerous for them, and that night. When I ended it when I heard you scream my name all I wanted to do was run to you and hold you and say 'I'm sorry I love you, I just have to go to this messed up school because im a vampire.' I do love you Zoey and I could never leave you." He touched my arm his skin was ice cold and it sent shivers down my back.

I pulled away.
"Just leave me the hell alone! I've spent the last year being stuck in my room because I couldnt leave the house. I was scared to death! I couldnt sleep, I could eat because everything reminded me of you, there was nothing I could do I even droped out of my last year of school to get me into the college that would get me out of the stupid town! But I end up here, in the stupid school and you kissing some stupid blond girl who told me never to speak to you. And my stupid powers nealy made her paralised!"
"Shut up Zoey, I though you were different."
"Zoey, your not the only one. I loved you more than anything because I though you were different because they were all blond girls that wanted to have more than make out scenes. With you, you were so different and here you are acting like they did. The rules here, you can't have a realtionship with a human, and they cant know about this place its too dangerous for them, so I had to break up. All I wanted to do was stay with you get married like we said we would, have two kids - like we said we would remember Laura and Leon? All I had was clothes that you left in my room, I cried everyday not even my sister couldnt make it better. But when I came here Lena mmade sure I was alright, she acted like you she was the first one that made me smile."
What? "A-Ash I'm sorry I didn't know I'm sorry I was upset and angry." What was I ment to say, he didnt mean to hurt me, but its the rules and he had to keep me safe. I felt so stupid I had kissed some random guy and I was "sleeping" in his arms its cheating to another level. I was, I was. Nothing. I could feel the darnkess crawling over my skin. "I really thought you were different, Zoey. It just makes me realise that you were the same. I did live you Zoey..."
"Please dont leave me Ash. I'm begging you."
"I'm sorry Zoey." He kissed my forehead before walking off into the blackness leaving me alone and scared.

~~~ Miles ~~~
I laid on Zoeys bed with my school wear on, the sun made her skin translucent. Her eyes opened slowly like in the old fashond romance movies. "Hey princess." She looked over at me and smiled "Hey, look about last nigh-." I shifted a laugh, "Its fine, when were angry or upset lust makes us feel better. But I want you to now, I do like you and I wouldnt mind getting to know you better."
"I wasnt going to say that." say replyed, "I was gonna' say do you want to hang out, and get to know eachother better?" "Ha, yeah this saturday?" I winked at her but we both knew that we would have to live with eachother. "Shcool eh?" I looked at her and smiled, her first day. "Yeah. Theres uniform in the closet." She jumped of the bed and looked in the closet searching, "Is it the blue stuff?" "Yeah, girls have blue, guys have black." "Meh, I'd rather have black." "Get dressed"
I walked her to the building with my arm around her waste, when I first did it she didnt seam to flinch or seam uncomftorable. "So this is it?" "Mhm, its not much but it keeps everyone safe from them." We got closer and I opened the door, but she stopped looking scared and i felt her tence up and look at everyone. But then i looked at he face and something wet came down her face. It wasnt everyone she was looking at, it was one peoson. Ash. "Zoey, we have to go in." "I cant." Her voise was shaky and her body was still tence. "Come on, we have to go in." "But hes there. And I cant." She really didnt want to go, "Look, see that table? The one right at the front we can sit there far away from him and we can walk the other side of the desk?"
~~~ Zoey ~~~
I really didnt want to be here the dreams were bad enough but him really being here. Just made it worse, it bad enough leaving my sister. I felt Miles arm move around my sholder. And pull me closer, I saw everyone look at us and I felt my face glow red "Freak." I looked at Lena and saw her giggle when she said it under her breath. "Zoey! Welcome, please sit." I looked at the teacher his hair was short and blond, "Can you two please sit and Zoey introduse your self."
"Well, hi. I'm Zoey i'm eighteen I guess I'm newish." "And whats your gift. Why are you here." I really didnt want to say how would they react.
"Im a witch." I wave of shock went past the class, and everyones mouths droped and there eyes went wide. Everyone except Ash and Miles. Duh. "Well, er. Take your seat."
I sat down next to Miles feeling safe around him looking behine him he looked at them making them go silent. But for how long though. "Ignore them, there idots. If they ask questions dont answer, coz your gonna' be getting alot of them. Trust." I looked at him I knew it was true they were all going to be asking me questions and I was going to have no answers. "Will Lena tell about what happened last night?" "Maybe. I dont know probaly not, she wants me." I raised eyebrow, "Hey, no joke. Being the first vamp her for years she wants me. But Ash has the money and the power so shes satying with him." "You mean shes using him?" "Pretty much." Looking down I felt hurt for him he didnt now and I still loved him for stupid reasons. "Hey, look I now you still love him, so if you dont want to hang out its cool and stuff. You love him and I understand that from what you said last night." Miles said to me, I looked up with my eyes wide, did everyone knew about the whole Ash thing. Did he tell Lena? "No, I love him and thats why I have to try and forget him I cant keep living this way." "Give me your hand." I gave him my hand and he held it on the desk. He held it through the next three hours squessing it and rubbing his thumb over my finger a few times, even smiling at me a few times.
"You can be empty, or I can be right here empty with you..." I heard my ring tone go off. Empty with You - The Used, go off in my pocket and I felt the eyes on me. "Sorry I muttered. I have to take this."
"Hello?" I said once I got outside, "Is this Zoey Eris?" Duh, "Erm yes who is this?" Something bad began to make its way up my body, there was something wrong, and I was scared. Thre was something wrong.

With my sister...
"Its the hospital, you sister Lia is here she's been in an accadent and shes just got of life surport we have been trying to get through to you for days but we've got no were. And she needs someone to sighn the forms due to your parents being unable to attend." "What...? "Your sister might die, were sorry." "What... Dun Dun DUN!! For some reason I seam to say that ever since I mananged to snap a string on my mates guitar :)
I made this sim using my mate Jake the guy from my band becuase im mean and he loves me really ;)
Well thanks for reading home you enjoyed it look out for 1.4 :)

~Jess xox

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#1xXxDeath_by_my_KissxXxAug 18, 2010

I like your stories. There are a few confusing parts, but it has a great plot in the end I think. Hope you keep writing and adding on to the Midnights Moon!

#2dollyd Aug 18, 2010

***WOW*** I really enjoy your stroys. You really dont disapoint. Love all your pictures their full of detale. ***WELL DONE*** \:D . I really hope u stick to Midnights Moon. Thanks again i really can't wait for the next one.

#3xxheartlessxx12Aug 19, 2010

I love Midnights Moon with all my heart! Please please pleaseeee keep it coming haha \:\) \:rah\:

#4FikcijaAug 19, 2010

Surely waiting for the next! \:rah\:

#5MangioAug 19, 2010

Interesting \:wub\: A bit confusing at some parts... remember to proof read it over \;\) Love the screenshots, the plot is thickening. Can't wait for more

#6blossom6676Aug 20, 2010


#7kjw19Aug 24, 2010

loved it cant wait for the next one

#8vampirequeen2000Sep 2, 2010

Cool Cant Wait Til the next Part \:D

#9kasiula97Sep 15, 2010

Awesome! Thats all I have to say \:\)

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