The Mean Team (Part 4)
Published Aug 4, 2010

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Hi everyone,welcome back... , I know its been a while and for that I am totally sorry... I love you guys and I appreciate all the love you give me...
~~~>I'm so glad you came back to read the next chapter of THE MEAN TEAM!!!
~~> If You have not read the First, second, nor the third part of this story.. please do so....
~> Also I want to thank the Artists that were featured in my story
> Sorry for any mistakes (I'm still kind of a newbie to this)
♥Much Love♥

Hi everyone,welcome back... , I know its been a while and for that I am totally sorry... I love you guys and I appreciate all the love you give me...
~~~>I'm so glad you came back to read the next chapter of THE MEAN TEAM!!!
~~> If You have not read the First, second, nor the third part of this story.. please do so....
~> Also I want to thank the Artists that were featured in my story
> Sorry for any mistakes (I'm still kind of a newbie to this)
♥Much Love♥
On the way to school, all I could think about was Amy and what had happen at my pool party... I didn't know what I was going to do to her, but I knew that I will have to get her back... How could she fight me!!! Fight me at my own house, at my own party, with my parents there? She embarrassed me,The Princess of Sunset Valley High School!!!! Before I knew it, I was angry and was ready to see her at school to fight her in front of everyone.
I put the pedal to the metal and hightailed it to school.
I pulled up at the school and found my friends waiting on me..
London: Hey Heather
Mandy: Are you mad at us, because you didn't call us this weekend nor after the pool party?
Heather: Sorry ladies, I just couldn't pull it together to talk to any one this weekend. (Heather said angry)
London: Calm down, I got some kind of good news to brighten up your day... ( she said with a evil face.
Mandy and I looked her way
London: I flatten her tires on the way to school...
We all laughed
London: I knew it would put a smile on that face.
Mandy: Why would you do that?
London: I.D.K, just thought it would be funny..
Heather: Well good job, that was funny
Mandy: I hope she doesn't come to school (She said as we went to class)

The day had went by slowly, but it had went by, which was good enough for me. Mandy was right about Amy not coming to school, which made my day a little better. All in all, my day was okay, except that a couple minutes before we got out of school, two girls stepped up to us and started talking about how we had lost a fight with Amy... I didn't have a chance to say anything because London and Mandy had grabbed the two girls by their hair and started fighting them... I just stood there with a smile on my face, because I imaged myself fighting AMY...
After the fight, the girls had to go home early, I didn't want to be at school by myself, so I checked out of school too. Instead of going home and getting yelled at by our parents we decided to go the local park... But before we could make it at least two blocks from the school, we heard the police behind us.
Mandy: Holy Cow, what did we do now?
Heather: Do you think, the school called the police on us?
London: Only way to find out is to pull over.
London pulled over and rolled down her window as she saw a female cop approach the car.
London: Is there a problem officer (she said calmly)
Officer: Only if one of you girls name is London Moorebucks...
London: I am she
Officer: Can you step out of the car?
London: Why ma'am, I did nothing wrong?
Officer: Well we got a call from a Amy Fields, saying she saw you flatten her tires (Mandy and I, stilll in the car, started looking at eachother)
London: How is that possible, I was in school?
Officer:Well ma'am, we have the caller giving us your license plate number and name.
London: I am sorry officer, but Amy Fields is out to get me and my friends. This is probably one of her tricks to get at us.

The officer looked at London and then back in to the car to look at Mandy and me.
Officer: Look Miss Moorebucks, I understand who you girls are and I know it can be alot of girls who envy and hate you because they want to be you... So I will write this down in my report and with that being said... try to stay out of trouble. (She said smiling and walking back to her car and letting us drive on to the park.)
Mandy: Wow that scared me a little (she said as London started driving to the park.
Heather: It scared me too.
London: Not me, my dad is chief of police and I doubt if he let anything happen to me.
Mandy: I totally forgot about your dad... I'm so glad he is a policeman..
London: Not any old policeman, he is THE policeman!!!
Heather: The other power of popularity... (We laughed)
London pulled up to the park and we all got out... As we entered the park, someone had caught my eye..
Mandy: WOW, he is a cutie....( I guess that person caught her eye too)
London: He must be new..
Heather: Fresh meat, seems like my kind of guy.( I laughed as I took the lead walking towards him.)
Heather: Hi there, my name is Heather Cash
The New Guy: I'm Logan Lomen, I just moved acrossed the street.
Heather: Really? Its nice to see a new face around this little town.
Logan: Well thank you
Heather: So telll me, why didn't you got to school today?
Logan: I didn't want to go, Mondays are the worse days of the week. (They laughed)
Heather: You seem like a pretty cool guy..
Logan: Thank you, you just plain old pretty..
(They blushed)
Heather: Thank you, ah if you need anything just hit me up.( I said writing my number in his palm.)
Logan: Will do,really soon... (He smiled)
Before I could respond, Amy Field had came up behind us..
Amy: Hi Heather, nice to be seeing you here. (she said with a fake smile)
The smile that I once had- had dropped from my face, and as fast as it dropped, my girls were right behind me ready to see a fight.
Heather: Hi Amy, missed you at school today... (I said with a smile)
Amy: Yeah, I know (she said looking at London) For some odd reason all four of my tires had gotten flatten... I wonder who or what could have done that.
London: Yeah, well we all wonder how that could have happen...
Amy: Anyway, who do we have here? (she said referring to Logan)
Logan reached his hand out
Logan: Hi, I'm Logan Lomen..
Amy: I'm Amy Fields. So what brings you here to Sunset Valley?
Logan: My dad is a Musician and we have to move around alot...
Amy: Wow thats totally awesome!!!
Heather: I'm sorry Amy, but we were kind of having a conversation... (I said stopping her from trying to hold a conversation with Logan)
Amy: Oh my bad... Well Logan I guess I will see you around, better yet at school.
Logan: I am looking forward to it..

Amy hugged Logan and while hugging him, she had an evil smile on her face looking toward the mean team)
Amy walked off and went toward the swings, leaving me and my girls with Logan....
Logan: She seems a little rude. (He said turning toward me and the girls)
We all laughed
Mandy: You have no idea
London: The funny thing about it is that she is new too...
We all laughed again
Logan: I'm not really feeling her, it was as if she hugged me to get at you guys or something.
Mandy: Are you sure you new?
Logan: Yes ma'am
Mandy: Please don't call me that, I'm Mandy Dollars.
London: And I'm London Moorebucks...
They shook hands
Logan: Nice to meet you all... Well its getting a little late, I have to finish setting up my room... If you ladies ever make it back to this side of town again, please drop by... (He said as we walked him to the entry.)
Logan: Oh before I go, Heather, your beauty is to amazing to pass, so if you dont mind, I would like to be more than just your friend.
I smiled so hard as my girl giggled...
Logan came face to face to me and kissed me as if we dated for years...
Mandy: Aww Heather has a boyfriend
I smiled at Mandy...
Logan: She sure does (he said walking home)
After seeing the Mean Team hitting on the new guy, Logan Lomen, I knew I had to get him as my boyfriend. I knew if I could get him in my arms, my revenge on this team would be over. Logan was really cute and I was feeling him really badly, and for some odd reason, I knew he was feeling me too.
If I was going to get Logan as my arm candy, I had to have a make over... really soon... So before it was too late, I rushed over to the local Spa and got my make over...
--->Omg, I finished my Fourth chapters of my first story ever... I am so proud of myself...


~>Thank you to the artists that are featured in my story.
~~> Sorry for any Mistakes...

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SimplySweetAug 7, 2010

Amy... please dont do it, revenge is not all its up to be...

spitzmagicAug 7, 2010

I think Amy should try for a better chapter and I saw it was featured too...congrat..looking forward to the next one..\:rah\:

silviamolnarrrAug 6, 2010

congratulation for the story!!

tamyaglassAug 6, 2010

Wow CONGRATS on having your story featured!!!

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