Life, Interrupted Part II
Published Aug 9, 2010

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*Hello people!! Here is the second installation of LI2, a ongoing saga about my sims Kevin and Aarin and how one tragic night changed their lives forever. Thanks for the comments and enjoy!!*

*Hello people!! Here is the second installation of LI2, a ongoing saga about my sims Kevin and Aarin and how one tragic night changed their lives forever. Thanks for the comments and enjoy!!*

Things had taken a turn for the worst.
"Mr. Vanguard, your parents were in a terrible accident last night, they were killed by a drunk driver at about 10:00pm last night."
Kevin listened solemnly as the officer spoke, rubbing his face as he tried not to cry.
He couldn't believe it.
"You need to stop by and umm...sign the will. They left you everything. You're the richest guy in town."
"Honestly, I dont want the money," Kevin said softly, as Aarin walked next to him.
"I just want my parents back."
"You need me to go with you?" Aarin asked as she reached for his hand.
She smiled at him softly, Kevin returning her smile.
"Na...I'm fine alone," he remarked, Aarin sighing. His eyes were so sad, the light had been taken from them she noticed as her smile faded.
"Hey, I'll do something nice for you," Aarin offered as he lowered his eyes, grabbing his keys out his pocket.
"You dont have to do that, but thanks," he smiled sadly, before turning to leave, Aarin frowning as she sighed.
What was she going to do?
"What am I going to do for him?" Aarin wondered, sitting down at the table, glancing at the dishes from the morning breakfast. She sighed as she grabbed them, walking into the kitchen.
She had just spoken to his parents, and now they were gone.
Just like that.
"Take care of him, Aarin. He's all we have." Patanna had asked her long ago, back in France one summer evening, Aarin nodding in agreement.
"I will, I promise," she had said, before they hugged tightly
"I made a promise, and I plan to keep it."
"Well, here goes..."
Kevin walked into his parent's lawyer's office later that night, after driving around to clear his head.
He had to save face, and be strong in spite of all that had happened.
"Such a horrible way to die,"
"He's all alone,"
"I'd just die..."
"Do you mind?" Kevin spat out as he walked past a group of people, people who were obviously talking about him.
"Ah Kevin," the paralegal at the desk said, before rushing him into another room as Kevin glared angrily at the people who were whispering behind his back, a frown on his face.
"Well dinner is done," mumbled Aarin as she smiled, before turning back to her painting. She was answering the house phone all day and the door, telling people to come back later or to call Kevin. She had no clue what she was trying to do, but she was trying to help.
Her phone rung, Aarin answering it quickly.
"Aarin?" a voice rang out, Aarin groaning once she heard it.
It was her boyfriend, Mateo.
"Mateo I dont have time for fighting with you," she snapped, sighing loudly as Mateo groaned then spoke again.
"Where are you coming home Aarin? You havent been answering the phone, is there something going on that I should know about between you and this guy?"
"No, no it's not that. His family died last night. Im not going to just leave him-"
"But I need you..." Mateo interrupted, Aarin sighing.
She hated when he did that.
"I...I need you too Mateo..but I will talk to you later. He should be home soon...I gotta help him plan the funeral...I promise to call ok?"
The line went silent, before he spoke again.
"There's something I need to tell you," Mateo said before she sighed, hanging up the phone without another word.
Kevin gazed into the town fountain, tears spilling down his face.
The will had been signed, and in a matter of a night, he had became the richest man in town.
But the money would never bring his parents back.
"Mom I'm so sorry that...I wish there was some way to tell you both I love you and goodbye." he whispered, as he watched his reflection in the pool. His mind had became frazzled, blank as he sat, wiping his tears away.
He had nothing....noone left.
He was the last of his family left.
But still...even though he sat with his heart breaking, there was one part of his broken heart that wasnt so broken.
"Aarin," he thought as a smile came to his face.
He'd been so cold to her allday, ignoring her calls. He glanced at his cell phone, which read 12:21am.
"Holy...I wonder if she's still up..."
"I can't BELEIVE...ugh...nevermind he has had a bad day Rin...let it go." Aarin mumbled as she walked into the kitchen, rolling her green eyes. It was late and he'd left earlier that morning. She'd called and texted him, but to no avail.
He didnt pick up or respond.
"I hope he's ok," she thought out loud, before hearing a loud rumble come down the street.
She smiled.
There he was.
"I have got to get a cold air intake for this thing," Kevin mumbled as he pulled into his driveway, Aarin rushing out to meet him.
"Welcome back fathead," she teased as he smiled at her, before pulling her into a surprising hug.
Aarin gasped alittle as he hugged her tightly, then smiled as she hugged him back, closing her eyes as she savored the feel of their bodies touching.
They pulled slightly apart, Kevin looking into her eyes as he smiled, placing a hand under her chin.
"I'm so glad to have you here, even if the situation has gone from happy know. And I'm sorry for blowing you off." he said, as Aarin beamed.
"Im glad to be here too Kevin, and it's ok, I understand. Your parents just passed away." she whispered as she stared back into his eyes, her heart racing as he watched her closely, before he leaned in, his face close to hers, their lips almost touching.
They stood in silence, watching each other with questioning eyes, both unsure how to react.
This day had been in the making for 15 years, and there they stood, in one another's arms.
"Aarin, there is something I need to tell you," he said softly, his voice barely a whisper.
She was so beautiful to him.
"I ummm...I've always liked you,"
"And? I've known this. Your mom told me-"
"No, I mean..." he started, only to close his mouth before he said too much.
Without another word he pressed his lips to hers, kissing her gently on the lips.
The kiss was intense, one that took her breath away.
It started as a shy kiss, but quickly he pulled her closer, holding her to his chest.
She pulled him closer as the kiss increased, Kevin panting as he pulled away from her, chuckling slightly.
"Im...Im sorry I didnt mean for that to happen, but I need to tell you how I feel about you. I want to be with you." he said quickly, his voice a rush.
She pulled away as her smile fell, Kevin watching her.
"It's ok...but I..."she started, her voice fading to a whisper as she spoke.
She liked him to, but there was one issue.
"Aarin? a male voice rang out, to her surprise, Aarin gasping as Kevin glared past her.
"Who the heck are you?" he asked briskly, walking over to Aarin without another word.
A tall, brown haired man stood in his backyard, watching them both with cold ice blue eyes. His face showed shock, then anger.
"Kevin I..." Aarin started, before looking at the mysterious man.
"This...this is Mateo. My finacee."

*Thanks to all the people who commented on the first LI, and I hope you will continue to read along as Kevin and Aarin's story unfolds. Enjoy!!

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#4rdperson88Aug 10, 2010

magnifico!!!! DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#5silviamolnarrrAug 10, 2010

great work!

#6urm0mAug 10, 2010

Ooo I wonder what Mateo looks like \:D

#7Deathnote07Aug 10, 2010

Ah HA thanks guys!! You will ge to meet Mateo very, very soon \:\)

#8mogan44Aug 10, 2010

I wanna see him so bad, go Kevin!

#9IllandryaAug 14, 2010

Ohno! Who will Aarin choose?

#10joker52455Aug 16, 2010

Another great story ruined by lack of proofreading! The plot is awesome, but I'm begging you PLEASE proofread your story before you publish it on TSR. On an unrelated note, (I know I'm gonna get so much hate for this) the story, while well thought out, is a tad cheesy and overdone in some places, but flat and understated in others. Also, there are some character traits that pop up out of nowhere as opposed to flowing seamlessly in with the story (for instance, Aarin's "thick" French accent). That being said, I love the whole death-being-the-world's-most-powerful-aphrodisiac theme, so that kinda saves the story. Rating: \:\)

#11xxheartlessxx12Aug 16, 2010

Ahhh, I hope she chooses Kevin...poor Kevin \:\( cant wait for the net chapter!

#12fabrizioammolloSep 1, 2010

It seems that things are going to become more complicated...

#13taxa08Apr 2, 2012


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