FINALE - Where did you go to my love?
Published Aug 15, 2010

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With pain in my heart, we say goodbye to this story today.
Azra has become very dear to me and I have to thank Maris (Haagje) for creating her. Thanks my dear friend, you did a bloody good job!
OK… (I love you too Barb!'ve been such a great friend and support... and well…I am getting sentimental for no reasons!) The end…


With pain in my heart, we say goodbye to this story today.
Azra has become very dear to me and I have to thank Maris (Haagje) for creating her. Thanks my dear friend, you did a bloody good job!
OK… (I love you too Barb!'ve been such a great friend and support... and well…I am getting sentimental for no reasons!) The end…


Where was I? It’s the age… I get a little forgetful… Sorry about that… Ah yes…. Yin.
I talked a lot about children the last time we spoke. All those babies… yes. Murphy and I had four. Our youngest one, Shuzi, goes to college now… Great kid, love her! She’s such a sweetie!
But I want to tell you about Yin, and how she made everything come together in the end. In the end of what? Well.. Let me tell you.
Our daughter Yin. She took so much after me. I was very proud of her. A straight A student and ambitious to be the best she could be. When Yin turned eighteen, she had pretty much made up her mind about what she wanted to do next. The plan was to go to China, see where her daddy came from and see the country, to see where it had all begun for us Law’s. Murphy and I agreed that I was to travel with her and help her get a start in our house on the hill in Shang Simla. It had been more than 20 years since we had set foot on Chinese ground, and I was anxious to see if my old friend Ho had taken good care of the house… It was still there as we left it. I noticed that Ai Pei’s grave was very well tended and grieved for my long lost friend. Memories came back. He was the only one who had known me before the Big Crash, when I lost everything I had here in China… Cheng Wang Liang. That crash had brought me all the happiness a person could possibly want in the world too, and I smiled. The garden had been tended to too, I was so thankful that my Chinese friends had been here to see to it that the place would be well kept. Yin and I settled in with much ease. I showed her one of my favorite spots, the Zen Garden. It was a nice little hike from our house down there, and Yin walked there every morning. She loved the quietness and nothing but the sound of birds singing in the trees. One morning she found out not to be alone in the garden. A young man was picking the ripe fruits from the cherry tree. He was singing… Hey… Excuse me! Err… Leave some for me! The young man smiled at her and said he would gladly share the harvest, but that it was free for anyone who liked to pick the fruits and …well… keep it all if they would prefer. Yin was a bit ashamed. She apologized… Hmmm…. I am not surprised. I am not surprised at all. Our garden looked so good because this young man had taken care of it for the last 5 years already! Ho was getting old and he just so had his helpers… This man loved gardening and had helped us a lot without us knowing it. Yin felt embarrassed. That night Ai Pei’s ghost visited me. I was a bit startled at first, but as he exclaimed “AZRA! Oh my… how good to see you again after so many years!” I couldn’t be more happy than to see my old friend again. We hugged, and talked and talked until dawn. I told him everything that happened to me, to us…to our family these past years. As the sun rose, it was time Ai had to return to his grave. Ai looked at me and mysteriously he said: “This year Azra, the circle will be round again…” He smiled and vanished… A few days later Yin was in town to run some errands. Just before going into the bookstore, she saw the “cherry man” sitting there, reading and having tea. He quickly got up as he saw Yin. He smiled and asked her if she would care for some cherry blossom tea maybe…as he knew she liked cherries so much. Now, Yin politely declined his offer, still feeling a bit embarrassed about the whole cherry incident. She once more apologized about that and they talked and talked. They talked until Yin remembered she needed to buy that book first. She excused herself and said she would probably run into him again someday again. …So he followed her inside…and ran into her again. He introduced himself to her, said his name was Cheng Wang Liang. Now Yin let out a deep sigh. That could not be true! There were so many Chengs, her sister loved one for goodness sake. He didn’t look much like the Chengs who came from the portal. This one was different… That night as she was in the garden and I was inside, he climbed up the hill looking for her. As Yin invited him to come in they stopped at Ai’s grave and Yin explained that he was her mother’s old friend from a different time and era. “He knew my mom from before the major crash” Yin explained to Cheng.
“That is some story” Cheng said. Just then I walked down the stairs and I froze…
I knew it right away when I saw him. It was him.
Cheng Wang Liang. He was here! He was a young man, just as I remembered him. I almost fainted. But I didn’t say anything. He wouldn’t understand. He was Yin’s age. He was here. He had come back! A modern Chinese man, the hair was different, but the eyes, I knew him the moment I saw him.
It was Ai who visited him in his sleep. Ai knew what the future would bring. As Cheng woke up he knew he had to go to the mountain with the cherry tree. There was nothing he was more certain of than having to go there. He also knew this day would be the first day of a new life. He felt happy. It was destiny…fate… High on the top of the mountain the cherry tree stood, and as the sun climbed higher, so did Cheng. His destiny lay there on top of this hill. It should be no surprise that Yin was there too. This was a place enchanted. She knew she would stay here forever.

“Yin?” “ I knew you would come” said Yin. “I knew it. I felt it.” She looked at the man she had met just a few weeks ago and also knew he was here to stay for good too. So they kissed.
That’s how it started and that’s how they mend the circle. It was predestined.
Where did you go to my love? You made a full circle and now you are back. Back with my child, who is so much like me.
Ai was right. The circle is now round again.
I never felt happier in my life. I look at the young woman I once was. She is alright! She found the love of her life, looking for the love of her life. My children are happy…
Everything is good. Life is good. I love life.

The End

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taxa08Apr 2, 2012


Audrey May VIPJul 2, 2011

Great story, Fred.  The plot is so unique! \:\)

Dec 21, 2010

great story

muiseOct 24, 2010

congratuations on being featured

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