The Andretti Legacy (104)
Published Aug 19, 2010

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 104

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 104
Later that evening, Oksana's cell phone rings. She notices the caller ID says, Twinbrook Police Department. Knowing her son has been gone all day, she quickly answers it. "Mom?" Peter's voice gives her a small piece of mind. "It's Peter."

"Honey, are you all right?" She asks quickly, Oliver notices her expression and stands in the door way to the kitchen worrying just the same.

"Yeah, Mom. I'm fine." He replies. "Look...uh, I'm down here at TPD. arrested today."
"You did what!? You got arrested!?" She shouts and Oliver moves in closer, more worried than before. "Peter! What on did you do!?"

"Uh...well, you know that Rodney Cliffton fellow? I sort of...well, we got into a fight. Well, okay...I started and finished it. But, that's not the point." Peter rambles on a bit while his mother listens in silence.
She starts laughing, and catches Peter off guard.

"Mom?" He calls into the phone.

"I'm sorry, honey. I'm just laughing because someone finally taught that pig a lesson and I'm glad it was my son." She giggles some more, and then looks over her husband, "Peter got arrested for beating up Rodney Cliffton." She tells Oliver.
"That's my boy." Oliver smiles proudly.

"We're on our way, love." She hangs up the phone, grabs her purse, and Oliver follows quietly behind with a new sense of pride in his son.
Oliver and Oksana slowly make their way up the sidewalk to the front doors of the Police Department. On the way there, the taxicab driver had asked them if they'd seen the news. When they innocently said they hadn't, the taxicab driver explained that they had live coverage of someone socking it to Rodney Cliffton. This brought smiles to both of their faces. After they paid his bail, the three of them stood at the curb waiting for their taxi to arrive. Peter noticed that his mother didn't look too pleased with him anymore. "Are you mad at me, Mama?" He asks quietly.

"...I'm just, well...I never thought I'd have to bail you out of jail, son." She replies softly and avoids looking at him.
"Why'd you do it?" Oliver's curiosity gets the best of him.

"Well...he was...disrespectful and...well, he brought it on himself." Peter replies, knowing full well they both know it had something to do with Penelope.

"...son, do you remember that protest you and I saw at City Hall that day when you were younger?" Oliver asks quietly. "Do you remember what I said?"

"Dad...this was not a live and let live situation." Peter defends himself.
"No, no. That's not what I meant...I just wanted to know if you felt like you made a difference." Oliver looks out across the street as a taxicab pulls up.

"I don't know yet, Dad." Peter replies as the back door the cab opens, and someone starts to come out. The three of them stop walking towards it and wait.
Penelope closes the door to the cab behind her, and walks towards Peter. She smiles politely at his parents, who politely smile back.

"Penny?" Peter takes a step closer to her.
"I was hoping you were still here." She looks at him and speaks with the quietest voice. "Can we talk?"

"Come on, Oliver. Let's take this cab. I don't know where our's is." Oksana blurts out and takes Oliver's hand and leads him to the cab.
Penelope leads Peter down the sidewalk towards the streetlamp on the corner.

"He fired me, Peter." Penny's voice shakes. "He even kicked me out of the house."

"I'm sorry, Penny. It's my fault." Peter looks down at the ground trying to figure out if he's ashamed or thankful for what he's done.
"Don't apologize...I know that sounds've caused me to get divorced, I've been fired from my job, and I've been kicked out of my house...if I didn't know better, I'd say that you've ruined my life." She laughs at the thought of wanting to thank someone for such work.

"Penny..." He takes a step closer to her.

"Thank you, Peter...again." She looks up at him, and smiles softly. She stares into his eyes, desperately wanting to know what he's thinking.

"...what are you going to do now?" He stares at her with concern.

"...I'm staying with my parents for a while. At least until I can get back on my own feet...that is if Rodney doesn't ruin my reputation with everyone around here. Who knows?! I may need to move out of here...try to start over somewhere else." She shrugs her shoulders with a small smile on her face.

They both stare at each other, each of them hoping the other would just reach forward and break the ice. Peter's already made his move, and gotten no response and Penny wants him to make the move again to give her the courage to make her's. It's a mess, and since neither of them initiate, they say their good-byes and head their separate ways. For the next several months, Peter focused on his Military Career. He steadily moved up in the ranks with promotions and raises. He tried to keep his thoughts off Penny; he even went on a few dates with different girls, but they weren't Penny. He knew he wouldn't be a good match for the other girls because he'd constantly compare them to Penny and it'd end up a huge mess for everyone involved. He jogs passed one of the town's junkyards and notices a familiar face kneeling down digging through the scrap. He wipes the sweat form his forehead and walks closer to the fence. "Penny, is that you?" He asks as he stops just this side of the fence.

"Peter..." She smiles happily, and drops a the few things of scrap she had in her hand.
"What are you doing in there, Penny?" He asks looking at all the big piles of junk.

"...after the divorce, no one would hire me...well, except this place. It's not great pay, but it's something..." She shrugs her shoulders as she walks towards the fence.
"I'm really sorry, Penny." Peter lets out a soft sigh. He'd no idea that he really had ruined everything for her.

"It's not a big deal, Peter." She looks down at the ground, a part of her was mad at him. After all, look at what he caused. But, the other part was oh so thankful for everything he's done. "That's what I make poor decisions you get poor outcomes."
"I don't know how much longer of this awkward 'friendship' I can take, Penny." Peter moans. "'ve got to do something. I'm seriously going crazy."

"What do you want me to do? I'm confused..." She steps closer to the fence thinking that he's wanting to completely shut her out of his life.

" gosh, Penny...I've been your side...for YEARS...and you always look right passed me." He grabs his hair with both hands and tugs on it in frustration.
"I can't explain the things I've done, Peter." She looks down at the ground, ashamed. "Don't ask me to."

"I'm don't owe me anything, Penny." He states flatly, and then looks up at the sky, sighs heavily, and looks back through the fence at her.

"I do, Peter. I owe you everything..." She looks at him, mustering up some courage. She looks over her shoulder for her boss, then looks back at Peter. She puts both hands on the fence, and starts to climb over. She's had enough, too.
She clears the fence, and lands on the other side just in front of him. Without saying a word, she bends forward and kisses him for the first time. Penny clocked out for the day, and asked Peter to walk her home. Of course, he agreed. They reached Penny's house, and Peter thought she was playing a joke on him.

"Really? This is where you live...? Penny...this is terrible." He replies softly and takes a step closer to the wreck.
"'s all I could afford." She shrugs her shoulders and walks passed him.

"Penny, I meant no offense." He watches her slowly climb the stairs.
"I know." She turns to face him with a kind smile. "...all my life has been handed to me on silver platters and been given to me by people my parents know as a gift to them. I've never had to work for anything, Peter. I get what I want...when I want it...and usually people like me don't want a change. But, I do. I want to do this on my own...I want to make my own money and I want to use my own money to buy my own things. I want my own life, Peter." She fights back tears, realizing how much of a waste she really is.

"...why are you sad?" He asks, still standing by the road.

"...I'm scared, Peter." She looks down in the mud at the bottom of the stairs.

"I want to help you, Penny. I know that deep down you want help...but, I also know you're too stubborn to ask for it." He stares up at her as he crosses the swampy front yard. "I'm going to move in here, with you...and we're going to do this together. Okay?"
"...okay." She agrees after a very long deafening silence, and wipes a stray tear halfway down her cheek. "Thank you, Peter." The months passed quickly, and soon Peter had built enough courage into Penny to inspire her to reapply for her position at City Hall. Together, they'd written a speech that she would give the interviewer. She'd applied as Penelope Charles, her maiden name to hopefully at least get in the door.

Her knees wobbled the entire way up the stairs, it'd been so long since she'd worn heels. At least, that's how she explained the unsteadiness, not that she was terrified of running into Rodney, her ex-husband.
Later that evening, Peter hears Penelope screaming his name from the front yard. He drops what he's doing and runs out the front door in a panic. Penelope charges him the minute she spots him.

"They hired me! Peter! They hired me!" She squeals and squeals, tears pouring down her face with great joy.
"I knew you could." He smiles proudly, and they hold each other.

"...Peter...this is it." She smiles through her tears of happiness and leans forward to kiss him.
It isn't long before Rodney finds out that someone in City Hall hired Penelope. He wants her fired and does everything within his power to make her work day complete misery. He sabotages everything she does and leaves nasty notes and messages on her machine. Peter advises Penelope to ask for a transfer.

The City Council gladly transfers her to Riverview, and Peter loyally follows. They are both glad to get out of the hole in the wall place they had in Twinbrook. With the money they got from selling the place, they're able to move up and buy a nicer mobile home in a local trailer park. It's not much, but it's their's and it's a HUGE step up from their previous place.
One evening, just as Penelope was getting off work, Peter arrives and tells her that he's going to take her out for dinner. She hops in their Jeep, and lets him chauffeur her around town. Throughout the meal, Peter is strangely quiet. He's clumsy, he's shaky, something tells Penny that he's nervous. VERY nervous. "Are you okay?" She breaks the silence, wondering what's eating at him. "Yeah...of course. I'm great." He replies, his voice quivers. "Peter, what's bothering you?" She giggles a little and Peter stares at her blankly. "...uhm, I've something to ask you. It's kind of important....well, it's the most important question I'll ever ask you, I guess." He looks down at his plate as a surprised smile forms on Penny's face. He rises from his chair, and takes Penny's hand and has her stand up with him.

" are what I wake up for every morning and work hard for every day. You complete me, and I'm so happy that we are where we are right now. But, there's something I want to ask you...and don't feel obligated to do it because you think you owe me." He stares at her, putting his heart on his sleeve.

"Peter, I..." She tries to interrupt him.
"Wait..." He smiles, causing her to giggle with excitement. He kneels on one knee and looks up at her, and suddenly the shock sets in and Penny gasps. "Will you marry me, Penny?" He asks, as she opens a ring box in front of her. She claps her hands over her mouth smiling ear to ear. "Of course, I will, Peter!" She laughs happily as he slides the ring on her finger. "Peter!" She grabs hold of him as he stands back up. "Peter. Peter. Peter." She repeats his name over and over; she can't stop smiling. Peter sighs a huge, happy sigh of relief. A few months later, they decorate their front yard for their wedding, and invite everyone they know. Everyone invited has an absolute blast dancing, partying, and celebrating. Peter kisses the bride, the crowd cheers, and so their marriage together begins.

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#6OCIKITTENAug 20, 2010

Thanks for the new story. It was great .\:rah\:

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Congrats on having it featured! I am very much in love with your screenshots! Awesome work! \:wub\:

#8MangioAug 21, 2010

Aww \:rah\: Such lovely shots, well done on being featured \:wub\: I'm glad he beat up Rodney, he really deserved it. Peter and Penny definately deserve each other \:wub\: It was like they were made for each other \:P Can't wait for more of the Andretti Legacy \:\)

#9joker52455Aug 21, 2010

Awesome as usual. Hopefully Rodney doesn't track Penny down...

#10ohgodcaitlynAug 21, 2010

How adorable! I absolutly LOVE this legacy!

#11methura1Aug 22, 2010

Aw! I loved it! Like I've loved the 103 parts before it!

#12Ben72006Aug 23, 2010

Love the chapter and can't wait for more

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great one. good work with the screen shots too.

#14Dec 6, 2010

deserved it!

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