Bridges Burned Chapter 8
Published Aug 20, 2010

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I decided to take it in a new direction that I love!! That means that we aren't near the end, so there's much more surprises to come!!

Again I want to thank everyone who's been sticking b this story!! you guys are the best!! <333

I decided to take it in a new direction that I love!! That means that we aren't near the end, so there's much more surprises to come!!

Again I want to thank everyone who's been sticking b this story!! you guys are the best!! <333
Isabella rubbed the back of her neck and let out a sigh. It was time to face the music and she knew her mother had to be worried sick. She should have been home hours ago. But how could she go home looking like a mess. With all the crying she did, she knew her makeup would be all over her face.

She rubbed her hands over her face, trying to reason with herself. She decided it would be worse to put it off, then if she would just go and tell her mother. Her mother loved her, the worse that would happen is seeing her disappointment. that the worse? she thought, but shook her head. She didn't want to start thinking that way.

With her head down, she slowly started making her way to her house. It was going to be a long walk and each step seemed heavier then the last.
Isabella getting worked up more and more with each step, finally decided to just run. That way she could focus on the sound of her feet pounding against the ground and the way the air felt on her face. Plus running always helped her relaxed and clear her mind. In no time at all she was walking threw her door. She smiled when she looked at the couch, her mom was laying there sleeping. She looked so peaceful. Isabella didn't have the heart to wake her up. Besides now she could wash up and get some sleep, before she had to tell her mother. She didn't realize how exhausted she was till she thought of her bed. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she sighed, her eyes were heavy from lack of sleep. Her mascara was all over her face and she looked pale, well she always looked pale, but this was a more sickly pale.

"Yes, I definitely need sleep." She said to herself in the mirror.
Isabella was asleep in an instant. But it didn't last long, before she heard her mom's sweet loving voice,

"Bella hunny, I need you to wake up." Her mother paused. "We really need to talk."

Isabella was surprised she wasn't yelling at her for being out all night. But when she saw the look on her moms face, she knew something was really wrong.

She stretched and yawned as she asked, "About what?"

Watching her mothers face carefully, she saw that she was debating on what to say to her. Not wanting to say anything to her mother either, she just stood up and waited for her mother to speak.
Finally her mother spoke. "Bella, I know about you and Josh." She kept on talking, not giving Isabella a chance to say anything.

"Before you say anything, I want you to know..." Victoria closed her eyes trying to stay in control of her emotions. "I want you to know that there's more to Josh then you know about. I also want you to know that I'm disappointed..."

Isabella opened her mouth to say something, but Victoria held up her hand, to stop her. "I'm disappointed that you didn't tell me. There's so much that I could of helped you with." There was tears in Victoria's eyes. "Oh Bella, what happened to us? That made you stop confiding in me?" Victoria shook her head and said, "We'll get back to that. But right now I think you need to see this..." With dread in her eyes she handed Isabella a worn out album, with just a few pictures in it. With out saying a word Isabella started flipping threw it.
The first picture was a picture of her and her father. It was taken just before he died. She looked up at her mother confused.

"Just keep going Bella." Her mother said urging her on.
The next one was a another one of her and her father. She was getting more confused, but keep flipping threw the pages. The next one was a picture of her brother, she barely remembered him, but did remember how he use to throw her up in the air. She smiled slightly. The next picture made her heart fall. It was her as a toddler. She was in someones arms, someone she never expected. It was Josh.

She stood there just looking at the picture, not understanding what it meant. But she knew she had to keep looking at the pictures.
The next one broke her heart all over again. It was Josh teaching her to walk, as her mother and father watched. She looked up at her mom with tears in her eyes.

"I...I...don't understand." She shook her head over and over, trying to make sense of it all.

Her mother reached out to her. "Baby, Josh was your father's best friend." She looked at her daughter threw sad eyes. Knowing she had a right to know the truth.
"I'm sorry hunny, but that's why he wanted to be around you." She tired, but failed at smiling as she said the next part. "You look just like him and act like him..." She took a deep breath. "Josh saw him in you and thought if he was with you...he would have a piece of his best friend back... I'm sorry hunny, but you have a right to know the truth and you deserve so much more."
Isabella stood there in shock, for the longest time. She didn't know how to feel about it. She was confused about the feelings going threw her. The one that she did recognize was anger and she yelled at her mother. "You're lying! This can't be true!" "Bella please just think about your relationship with him. Think about things he might have said, things he did. I'm sure you will see it. Please! Please! Just think about it." She begged her daughter. Not knowing what else to do, just knowing that she had to make her see.

Isabella just shook her head. Not wanting to think about it. "! Get out." She said quietly. When her mother didn't move, she yelled it. "GET OUT!"
Victoria's shoulders dropped in defeat. She would just have to wait until Isabella calmed down. She knew this was going to be hard for Isabella, but she still hoped that she would she past all of Josh's lies. Slowly she walked out of the room, looking back to give Isabella one last pleading look. Isabella stood there for the longest time in shock. As everything her mother said went threw her head. She picked up the album and looked threw it again, just to throw it down in anger. She couldn't hold the tears in anymore. She knew her mother was right. The proof was in the pictures. Little things that Josh did, that had confused her at the time, now made perfect sense. How could she have been so stupid. Everything was right in front of her. All the signs, the way he treated her.

She looked down at her belly, for the first time sense her mom talked to her, she remembered the life that was growing in her belly. The life that was created not with love, but lies and selfishness. She threw herself on her bed and cried in her pillow. How could she tell her mom that she was pregnant now? It was bad enough without her being pregnant. There is no way she could even look at her mother now.
Slowly she got up. She needed fresh air. She needed to think this threw. It wasn't only her that she had to think about. The baby inside her was counting on her and she had to do what was right.
Isabella stood pacing for the longest time. Torn between what to do. After hours and hours of pacing and a worn out path in the rug she was walking on. She sat down exhausted. Why does this have to be so hard, she thought. Still she knew one thing for sure. There was no way she could look at her mother now. If her mother knew she was pregnant with Josh's baby. She would be furious and there was no telling what she would do. Isabella knew that wasn't the real reason she couldn't look at her mother. It was because she wouldn't be able to take the disappointment on her mothers face. It didn't help how disappointed she was in herself. With that last thought, she decided she was going to leave town and raise the baby on her own. No one would have to know about her getting pregnant. Her and the baby would be fine. She kept telling herself. It can't be that hard to raise a baby. Her mother did it alone and she could too. Well that didn't go as well as it could of, but it could of been worse... What is Isabella thinking! Raising a baby on her own! Will she learn the hard way and lose everything or will she see the mistake she's making? Guess you will have to see... :P Next chapter will be interesting, I promise that :P

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FlatterSep 3, 2010

Isabella has a knack for making wrong decisions \:\)

IllandryaAug 27, 2010

Bella needs to slow down and think. Her mother loves her, whatever disappointment she feels can't possibly cancel out the love she has for her daughter. And something tells me it would be Josh the mother would be angrier with, for using her daughter in such a way.

spitzmagicAug 26, 2010

Oh poor Bella \:\( I feel bad for her mom too...\:\( as morgan said she really should talk to her mama...looking forward to the next chapter. Congrats I saw that it was featured \:D

RatRaceRobAug 25, 2010

Another chapter of great story and screens, glad you decided to continue \:D

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