The Sammuelsons-Chapter 2
Published Sep 8, 2010

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Melissa pulled Alexander close, and without even thinking of her engagement to Humprey, kissed him on the lips. Humphrey, her fiance, had never been half as romantic as Alexander, a mere stranger had been.

Melissa pulled Alexander close, and without even thinking of her engagement to Humprey, kissed him on the lips. Humphrey, her fiance, had never been half as romantic as Alexander, a mere stranger had been. Alexander was surprised-The woman that had been so uninterested in him before, and was engaged, was kissing him! It certainly was pleasant. Alexander sincerely hoped this wouldn't be their last kiss.

All of sudden, Melissa pulled back, and ran out the door.

"Wait! Melissa, come back!

"No, I can't" yelled Melissa "I'll send my secretary to pick up the dress
Melissa ran into the street, which rendered her many strange looks by passers by. What had she been thinking? What if Humphrey found out? He was, after all, the jealous type. Last time she so much as smiled at another man in his pressence, he was furious. Melissa walked into the foyer of her luxurious home-well, it wasn't her's yet, but come next week when she married Humphrey it would be. "The place could definitely use a lady's touch," thought Melissa, "maybe if I changed the wall paper to a more cheery pattern, perhpas roses and... Melissa's thoughts were interrupted by her fiance, Humphrey

"Where, pray tell, have YOU been! And un-chaparoned too! What an embarassment"
"Please Humprey, don't say those things to me. I didn't do anything, I swear! Anything except buying a dress to celebrate our engagement!" "And I suppose this tailor was a man!" He was wasn't he? You were unfaithful to me!" "And what if he was a man?!" Do you think I engage in romances with every man I meet?"

She felt guilty about lieing to Humphrey, because, for the first time, he was right. She had been unfaithful to him.
"I wouldn't be surprised if you did! The way your mother and father taught you. All that rubbish about women's rights... At the mere mention of her beloved, deceased parents, Melissa becomes furious. "How dare you mention them! My father and mother were twice the people YOU can ever even hope to be" Humphrey, equally infruriated as Melissa had been at the mention of her parents, that his ego had been offended. While Melissa kept on yaberring about how fantastic her parents were, he slapped her across the face. Humphrey shoved Melissa aside, and made his way to the stairway.

"Now," stated Humphrey, "I reccomend that you ready yourself for the party, it's in a couple of hours, and you look quite unattractive as you are.

"Don't tell me what to do!" cried Melissa, but even so, she obeyed her husband, and went running up the stairs to prepare herself.
Meanwhile, our hero Alexander has been busy not only making Melissa's dress, but devising plans to profess his love to her, and make her marry him, instead of that Humphrey. He didn't know much about him, except that he was taking the woman that he loved, and that there was no way on earth that he loved her like he did. Alexander decided that he had to see Melissa immediately. He ran off to the post office to find her adress. 1426 Clearwater Drive. Simply holding the sheet of paper the desk clerk had given him with her adress made him feel faint with love. But there was no time for dramatics now. He ran all the way to that sacred adress. Alexander marveled at the palace that Melissa called home. All of a sudden, he felt stupid for coming here. Why would a woman accustomed to living like this want to marry a average, working tailor? But, as they say here in Sim Valley, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

He knocked at the enormous door, and a maid dressed in a black dress with a whight lace collar answered the door.

"May I help you?"

"Yes, I am looking for Ms. Melissa?

Alexander saw the puzzled look on the maids face, her look practically told him "You? aren't you a bit poor for her?"

Alexander quickly gave an explanation "I'm delivering a dress for the lady."

"Oh!" said the maid, "Servicemen have to enter through the side door over there."
Alexander stepped into a cany colored kitchen. Even the kitchen in this house was luxurious. Could he even compete with all the wealth he saw around him? Alexander walked up the finely carpeted stairs, and found himself in a hallway lined with doors. Which one of these could be Melissas? As Alexander walked down the hallway, he heard loud sobbing coming from the doors. It was Melissa, he could tell! He ran to the door and burst in. Melissa jumped in her chair when she saw Alexander. She was ashamed by her dissheveled appearance, undone hair, and tear-stained face.

"Alexander!" What are you doing here? You can't see me this way, please don't look at me."

"Why?" asked Alexander "Has he done something to you?"

Repressing Sob, Melisa whispered "No, nothing but belittle me." than she yelled "I can't live like this!"

"The fool, how dare he insult a lady like you?" wondered Alexander aloud. "Listen, Melissa, I know we barely even know eachother, but I know that I love you, and I think you love me. I can't provide half of what Humphrey has now, but I can give you a happy life. Won't you please run away with me?"
Through her tears, Melissa smiled, a true smile, that she hadn't shown anybody since her beloved parents died in the earthquake of 1892. "Yes, she said, please, let me go with you. I love you, I really do" "In that case, will you marry me?" Alexander presented her a ring "It isn't as big as you're accustomed to, but it has been passed down from mother to son in my family for generations. Will you marry me, and one day give this to our son? "Yes! Yes I will!" said Melissa "and one day, we will have a big, beautiful, family! Nothing will ever seperate us!"

Alexander was equally thrilled as his now fiance, "We will, and one day, we'll be just as rich as that cad Humphrey."

"Oh, honey, that doesn't matter. All that matters is that I'm happy and your happy, and we're together."
"Come on, Melissa, let's get out of this sordid place."

They ran right out the front door, and all the way to Alexander's flat.
They were at the front doorstep of Alexander's flat.

"I believe it's customary for a groom to carry his bride through the threshold, Mr. Sammuelson." said Melissa playfully.

"I believe your right Mrs. Sammuelson" said Alexander with a grin on his face.

He carried her all around the small flat and ended at the bedroom. "Our bedroom, Mrs. Sammuelson"

"I love you, Mr. Sammuelson."

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#1spladoumSep 8, 2010

Oh my!  A very emotional decision ... I hope neither of them regrets it.  BTW, Maxi, try using "hideheadlineeffects [on/off]" to hide your plumbbobs. \:\)

#2martoeleSep 8, 2010

This has been very romantic! Like a bride running away and marry someone else!  \:cool\:

#3FlatterSep 9, 2010

It looks a bit rushed, but I agree Humphrey can't compete with Alexander. Wonder why Melissa ever wanted to marry him at all? Still love the historical setting! \:\)

#4YrS92Sep 9, 2010

Very rushed but so romantic\:wub\: Can't wait for more...

#5Anakin StupaineSep 9, 2010

Great story so far, Max! \:\) Congrats on the frontpage feature! \:D

#6MangioSep 10, 2010

Such a wonderful story \:rah\: How dare Humphrey treat her like that?? Glad Alexander rescued her and professed his love. Ohh the dramatics, the love \:wub\: Doing a fantastic job with the historical settings, is there anymore to come? :P

#7RatRaceRobSep 11, 2010

I'm thinking Humphrey will have something to say about his bride-to-be running off with the town tailor \:eek\: ... but warm wishes to the newly engaged Sammuelsons :P

#8fabrizioammolloSep 17, 2010

It have been a little rushed, but let's hope they will be happy together!

#9fredbrennySep 20, 2010

She eloped! \:eek\: Very brave woman

#10Nygirl08Oct 5, 2010

Interesting and fast paced, but whos to argue with love at first sight I truly belive it exists! Great job, off to the next chapter. \:rah\:

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