Tomb Raider: Scion of Atlantis Chapter 6
Published Dec 13, 2010

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Once again Lara was left on her own. She needed to formulate a plan, she was now in a race to the finish and losing just wasn't an option. In the end she decided to do what she always does, and Lara was determined to win. Lara walked to the other end of the enormous room, her footsteps echoing all around her as she made her way. A huge door awaited her there, and she started to scale it trying to find a way to open it. She assumed there'd be some elaborate scheme behind the doors locking mechanism, but found with a strong enough push the heavy doors opened themselves up to her. Walking into a small room that the doors revealed didn't look like much. There wasn't anything in the room, no doors, no windows, nothing. Lara started counting the bricks of the wall, hoping she still remembered the combination. Five down, thirty-two left. She spun around and gave the brick a good, hard, round house kick. It lifted her spirits to see a light shining through; this was it. Lara grabbed the rocks with her hands and pulled them away from the wall, making the hole big enough for her figure to fit through. After squeezing through the hole, without much more of a scratch. Lara continued on down a ladder. She lowered herself down and found herself at the start of a path. With nothing much else to do she followed it. And continued following it until it led her to an enormous, vast room that held five doors of choice. Four average sized and one large one. Lara walked towards the large door in the center and found it had four lock mechanisms.
'That must be what the other doors are for' she thought to herself.
Without hesitation she headed into one of the nearest four doors, as she walked through it she noticed that above the door was a name. Poseidon. After dodging a few rats, and following a few corridors, Lara now found herself in a room with a small square of water in the middle. The water area may be small but it looked pretty deep. She looked around the room, but seeing no other alternative; carefully undid her belt and shrugged her backpack off then elegantly swan dived in the chilling water. The coldness made her legs ache and the darkness made her practically blind. Lara kept swimming down though, hoping that the direction she was suppose to go would make itself known. At last however, she noticed a faint stream of light coming through and swam towards it. As she neared the surface, almost out of breath, she was extremely relieved. Lara pulled herself up and out of the water coughing violently. The surface hadn't come fast enough and she'd swallowed a bit of water. Her lungs ached and her throat was sore, but she didn't think about that. Lara's gaze was fixed on a lever in front of her. She walked over to the lever and pulled it down. Nothing spectacular happened, so she just had to hope that it had unlocked one of the large door's mechanisms, and she didn't have to return to this room again. Soaking wet she dived back into the water from whence she came, hoping that the second time would be easier, now that she knew where she was going. Coming up on the other side Lara hauled herself up and out of the water. Picking up her belt and backpack the sweet oxygen filled her lungs and she headed back out to pull the levers in the remaining three rooms. As she passed the giant door she checked to see if the first lever had done its job, and she was quite pleased to see it had. One down, three to go. The next door she chose had 'Atlas' written above it, she noticed as she jogged through. Atlas was a Greek God said to have immense strength but was also full of arrogance. When the war between the titans and the Olympians launched, Atlas banded with the Titans and tried to help them win. When the war was lost, and the Titans were banished to Tartarus, Zeus had another plan for Atlas. He condemned him to stand at the western edge of the Earth and hold up the sky on his shoulders. Atlas soon grew tired of holding up the sky and tried to find a way out of it when he met Hercules. They made an exchange, if Atlas was to find the golden apples for Hercules which was supposedly guarded by a dragon then Hercules would hold up the sky for Atlas until he returned. Atlas soon returned with the golden apples for Hercules, but had enjoyed his freedom too much and didn't wish to have his burden returned. He turned to depart, leaving Hercules there to hold up the sky. When Hercules asked him for a small favour before he went: Hercules wanted to get some pads for his shoulders if he was to continue holding up the sky. Atlas agreed to hold up the sky for a second while Hercules was to get some pads to make the weight easier on his shoulders. After the transference, laughing, Hercules picked up the golden apples and ran off. Atlas didn't see him again. Atlas' job was made easier for him though when Perseus revealed Medusa's head to him, which turned Atlas into stone. Within no time at all Lara found herself in a large room with a stone statue of Atlas, holding the weight of the world on his shoulders. To his right was a lever, Lara pulled it and with a backwards glance to Atlas, left the room. She made her way back to the room with the five doors. She'd pulled two levers that had unlocked two parts of the door, now there were only two left. Lara decided to take a break though. She was extremely tired, breathing with her lungs was difficult due to her swim and her hands hurt from multiple grazes. She found some stones and bits of wood around and made a fire, she was freezing and still wet from earlier. This room was a good place to set up camp anyway and if she slept for a couple of hours then she'd be able to go harder and faster when she awoke. It was a risky decision, she was still in a race with Pierre to find the next piece of the Scion, but she thought in the end it would be worth while. Besides she was sure Pierre would have to sleep at some stage. So she set an alarm to go off in three hours, and closed her eyes patiently waiting for sleep to slowly drift her away.

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tcancelOct 18, 2011

I love your story line\:wub\:and the pictures are wonderful as always\:rah\:

topaz27Dec 22, 2010

Yet another fantastic chapter, awesome work \:rah\: I always loved finding those levers in the game \:\) Wow reading this really brings it all back, makes me want to play them all over again, awesome story of a awesome game \:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\: \:wub\:

2freddieDec 21, 2010

great chapter! \:rah\:

hellijelliDec 15, 2010

thats really amazing well done too you! she realy looks like lara !! brill detail

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