The Love We Share! Part 6
Published Sep 25, 2010

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It is never said enough, but THANK YOU to all the custom creaters for everything you make it really brings playing the sims to a whole new level.
A huge thank you to all the people who rate and comment my stories. It really brings a smile to my face when I see them.

It is never said enough, but THANK YOU to all the custom creaters for everything you make it really brings playing the sims to a whole new level.
A huge thank you to all the people who rate and comment my stories. It really brings a smile to my face when I see them.
Tim pulled Nicole onto his lap. He stole a kiss before they got dressed.
The guest had all arrived, and it was time to get this party under way.
They mingled and made sure they thanked all the guest for comming on such short notice. The cupple embrased as they watched all of there friends and family dance and sing. "It's time." Tim told Nicole as He led her outside. Tim took his place under the arch, as he waited for his bride. Nicole could not remember a time where she felt more love. She felt as though she floated down the isle. When she stood beside the man she loved and looked him in the eye she knew she was marring the right man. Nicole knew she was gonna stay by him through thick and thin. "I now pronounce you Sim and Wife." The marrige was sealed with a kiss and loud cheers from all of there friends and family. The two reflected on the party after all the guest had left and decided to go inside for a toast. ... They held hands as they left the table. Nicole could see April and Terrence enjoyen a bit of wedding cake. April and Terrence danced and giggled before joining Nicole and Tim They toasted to Love, good health and happieness. ... Nicole was overcome by a familiar feeling and darted off to the bathroom "Please no." She thought. "I don't wanna... .... throw uppppp." Nicole cleaned herself up as well as the toliet. "Well now I know not to mix wedding cake and Wine." She thought outloud. She brushed het teeth and fixed herself a glass of water. Nicole rememberd that she only had one glass of wine, and quickly relised the real reason for her trip to the bathroom. When Nicole walked out of the bathroom she found everyone talking in the livingroom. "I have an inportant family anouncement!" Nicole stated comanding everyones attention.
"I'm Pregnet!"
Tim was the first to hop out of his seat. He Kissed his wife and told her how excited he was. April was right behind him. She was excited to be a big sister. "I'm so happy your ok with all of th..."
Nicole darted back to the bathroom before she could finish.
... The door slamed shut behind her. "The joys of pregnancy!" Nicole thought to herself. Nicole steped out for some fresh air and tim followed behind her. He rubbed her shoulders and let her know she was not alone and was not gonna be alone in this pregnancy and marrige. "Nicole you have made my life perfect. First you make me the happiest sim by becoming my wife, and now your giving me the Greatest gift. A child! " The cupple stayed outside and cuddled and did a few other things underneath the cloak of night. Meanwhile inside Terrence and April spoke about the upcoming baby. "April I wanna give you something." ... "Terrence you didn't have to get me anything."
"I know, but I wanted to."
April opend the box and looked at the plain ring inside. "Terrence" April folded her arms. "You have gotten me a gift and I haven't gotten you anything, you must think I'm a jerk." "April that's a promise ring, and as long as you wear it you will be giving me a gift. The gift of your love, The love that you'll save for me when we are old enough and ready." Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months as Nicole pregnacy came right along. Tim did not hide his joy, or his love. Her belly almost seemed to grow over night. Nicoles due date was approching fast. She couldent help but think of April's birth. Nicole was gratefull Tim was gonna be there for his child's delivery, she didn't wanna do another one by herself. When the day came that Nicoles water broke, Tim was fully prepared, and ready. He escorted her to the car and there were off to the hospital. Tim filled out all of the nessasy paperwork The nusres quickly came in with a wheel chair to take Nicole to her room. Nicole deliverd a beautifull 6lb 4oz baby bot that they named Timothy Jr. The decided to call him T.J. for short. All the nurses and doctors came in to check on Nicole and the baby. It was decided that they were both in good health and would be able to leave in the morning. Tim deliverd the good news to Nicole. April gatherd around her mother to hug and kiss her. She then went over to her new Baby brother to introduce herself. "Tim, I'm gonna hit the gym as soon as I'm able." Nicole was insecure about her baby wieght. "Nicole, you look amazing to me and you always will, weather your big or small, old or young." Tim kissed Nicole on the hand and sent chills down her spine. The Nurse came over and gave Nicole her final discharge papers. When Nicole arived home she placed TJ in his crib. Almost a year had passed since Nicole had the baby. TJ's first birthday was fast approching and Nicole could see that something had been bothering tim for the last few weeks.
" Tim you have been kinda distant these last few months TJ is 11 months old now and I know I said I would lose the weight but I hope thats not why you have been distant."
Tim pulled Nicole in close. "I know I have and I'm sorry." Tim began to explain. "Is it something I have done." Nicole asked
"No, you are perfect." Tim kissed Nicole on the forehead.
"Nicole I have an addiction, a gambling addiction, and well I have been searching for the words to tell you that..." Tim took a deep breath as Nicole waited for him to finish
"Well Nicole I kinda spent all of our simolions."
"No I wish that I could tell you that"
Tim continued to talk as Nicole continued to yell. He told her everything
"YOU BETTER MAKE THIS RIGHT TIM!" Nicole shouted. All of Nicole's shouting woke the baby. She left the room to check on TJ, leaving Tim with his mouth wide open. Tim hoped in the car, and sped off. "Welcome back Mr. Reeves. I need to speak to you about your account standings with us." Tim they wanted me to let you know, your gonna have some... well let's just call them issues, if your debt is not paid in full in 30 days. "I'll be settleing all of my debts tonight Bonnie. Tonights the night, I can feel it."
"Tim I don't have to warn you of the repercutions of non payment."
"That won't be nesasarry Bonnie, Like I told you. You'll have your money tonight!"
Tim sat down at the table with the other players. "Deal me in Samantha!" They played a few hands. Tim was doing quite well and was only $5,000 away from settleing his debts in full. Tim peeked at his cards. Tim then looked at the flop, and smiled. "All in!" A confident Tim called out. He set back in his chair arms folded and waited for the dealer to push him his winnings. Tim was shocked and confused. "How did I lose?" Tim gatherd what was left of his pride and wondered over to the bar. "Chuck i don't know what I'm gonna do." Tim sat down on the barstool.
"What seems to be the problem Tim, how much did you lose?"
'What are we talking here $100 $200 simolieons. You know they dont take to kindly to money owed around here." "Chuck I wish it were only $200. Lets just say I have a serious problem. Not only have I blown all of my personal savings. I also blew my family's account as well." Tim thought about his wife and family waiting for him at home. "I can't go home I've lost everything! Nicole's gonna kill me!"

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macandireddSep 26, 2010

Wow! Great story so far, I interested in what Tim is going to do now. On the flip side I am also wandering what will become of him with his situation.

urm0mSep 26, 2010

Aw silly Tim!!!

martoeleSep 26, 2010

Congratulations on having the story featured on the Sims2 index page. \:cool\:

FlatterSep 26, 2010

Oh my, such a happy family and then such an ugly turn of events! Poor Nicole, always problems with her partners. Greatly told \:wub\:

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