Tomb Raider: Scion of Atlantis Chapter 9
Published Dec 20, 2010

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When Lara surfaced, after going through an intricate tunnel system she found herself at the entrance to Tihocan's Tomb. Lara cautiously observed the two guards on horseback at either side of the door, they were almost life-like. But there was something else about them that didn't feel right. Lara kept walking on into the tomb anyway. In the middle of Tihocan's Tomb it was there, the piece of the Scion. Lara walked past it to inspect Tihocan's tomb and read the inscription aloud. "Here lies the God King Tihocan; One of the Triumvirate; Keepers of the Three Pieces of the Scion; Leader of the chosen, after the great betrayal caused Atlantis to be lost beneath the waves." Lara pushed the top stone encasing and peered inside. Empty. It was completely empty. She was about to turn around and obtain the Scion piece when she heard footsteps approaching her from behind. "You see? Instincts can be expensive, mademoiselle. Yours are going to cost you both pieces of the Scion" came Pierre's voice echoing along the walls.
"That's not a price I'm willing to pay" Lara said in a calm, even voice.
"Don't be absurd. No job is worth dying for" "Yes. It is" Lara turned quickly and lept at Pierre giving him a good round house kick to the jaw. Pierre fell to the floor, but recovered quickly. Springing up and grappling with Lara as she matched him strength for strength. Pierre elbowed her in the cheek, and with a swift kick to her chest managed to knock the wind out of her. Lara fell to the ground trying to breathe. Pierre took his chance and grabbed the Scion running as fast as he could. As Pierre got outside the tomb, he heard a rumbling to his right. The mounted guards were slowly erupting to life. He ran but one of the guards was chasing him down. He looked nervously at the Scion, thinking that that's what they wanted. Noticing Lara had just appeared to the entrance to the tomb he did the only thing he could.
"On second thought, you have it! Bonne chance!" he said tossing the Scion piece to Lara.
Lara caught the piece and watched Pierre try to make a run for it. The two guards chased him down, the horses' hoofs clobbered him and he laid motionless. Shocked Lara tried to move, she knew she had to get out of there as fast as she could, but she couldn't make her legs work. The guards turned their focus to Lara and any thoughts for Pierre were shattered, she had to move, and quickly. Lara ran for the water that led her here. Maybe she thought, just maybe she'd be able to outrun them and make it into the water, and that they wouldn't follow her. She was hoping on a lot of uncertainties, but she'd ran out of options. Her legs aching, she ran full speed, as fast as she could possibly go, and lept for the water. At the last second she got a hoof in the back which jolted her forward. Lara just made it into the water and dived down, her back aching and the wind knocked out of her. But she didn't dare try to go back to the surface to get some air. This was her only chance for survival and if she drowned well, that's what would happen. At some point going through the underwater tunnels, Lara desperately needed air. The sweet oxygen to fill her lungs. Her whole chest was aching, and she got a strange feeling in her throat. She tried to fight the urge to open her mouth and breathe, she knew if she did she'd get a mouthful of water, that eventually would seep into her lungs and she'd drown. She had to fight that instinct to breathe, that survival instinct would kill her.
More focused on her breathing, or lack there of, she didn't realise how close to the surface she was. Lara started to feel woozy, she had a headache and the constant pain in her chest. It was only a few more meters to the surface she just had to hold on that little bit longer.

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tcancelOct 17, 2011

cant get enough, i love your chapters\:wub\:

martoeleDec 28, 2010

Fantastic how you describe her lack of air in her lungs. A great chapter! (as always) \:D

topaz27Dec 22, 2010

Lara has to make it, she is Lara Croft and so she can't die, though having said that in my game she did die quite a few times thanks to my fantastic help, so I now tend to use cheats now when playing 'Tomb Raider' just as I do in the sims too \:D another wonderful chapter \:rah\: Thank you so much for sharing this story, it's absolutely brilliant \:wub\:

urm0mDec 22, 2010

Lara is amazing \:D

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