A Day in Wonderland - Part 2
Published Oct 6, 2010

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The second part to MurfeeL's a Day in Wonderland saga!

The second part to MurfeeL's a Day in Wonderland saga! Last week we were introduced to the residents of the wonderful land of Wonderland. Simply to reacquaint ourselves with them, let me, the distinguished narrator of our mystical tale, reintroduce them. In the front is the android Alice ATeen-65 (still apparently thinking about that turkey meal), created by that dashing fellow with the flame-orange hair, Sir Madd Hatter (still apparently thinking about that online android upgrade). In the homely green apron and homemade hat is the Hatter's daughter, Sophie Hatter, while far in the rear is the irascible Iracebeth Hearts, who did not want to be in the photo and placed herself as far from the lens as her in-game contract would allow. For reasons altogether more innocent, the sweet Mirana Diamonds is hiding behind a mailbox, having taken it into her head that the cameraman was proposing a game of hide-and-go-seek by ducking behind his Polaroid. We left off last week in the midst of a tumultuous quarrel in the Hatter home between Dame Hearts and young Sophie, who had unknowingly consumed the Queen's tarts during a breakfast get-together the Hatter had invited his dear neighbors to. The Hatter never witnessed the theft, preoccupied as he was with his own troubles with his increasingly free-spirited gynoid, Alice, who refused to serve her creator and his guests at the party and walked off with the Hatter's food, infuriating him profoundly. Disgusted by the wildly immature antics that thus ensued in the Hatter house, gentle Mirana wisely removed herself from the fighting, seeking solace in her stuffed animal, White Rabbit. But the White Rabbit.... .... CAME TO LIFE!
In a sudden commotion the fur shifted, the limbs twitched, the face flushed, and lo, her toy was now a living, breathing entity of heartstopping terror! With a gnarled cry the thing lunged at the White Queen, claws brandished and tall ears erect like the hairs on a vicious cat about to strike!
What was going on! Toys should NEVER do this! Shying away only brought the ferocious creature closer to her, and Mirana felt herself descend into a familiar if unwelcomed bout of madness. In all the years that she had received training as a noblewoman her governesses never uttered a WORD about events like this, and with no other teachings to rely on the ever image-conscious Mirana did what all ladies of august lineage and delicate constitution do best.
She fainted.
No longer perceiving the screaming woman in white as a threat to his own delicious milky tint, the trickster rabbit turned his attention elsewhere. The door was open and the grounds below quiet, so he took off in search of mischief, the unstoppable Vorpal Bunny muttering, "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! No time to say Hello/Goodbye; I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!"

Oh, what sinister plans lie behind those innocent red eyes!? The horror. The HORROR!
Once again oblivious to the drama unfolding under his very own roof, the Hatter was still in his subterranean lair, having kicked out Alice after her futile attempt at apologizing for her earlier rudeness. Now in his bedroom, he inspected his own plushie, Cheshire Cat, that he had seen Alice bother with after being dismissed. How DARE that hunk of metal touch his things! She could have broken it! I am sick of her and her attitude--all because she was ordered to what I MADE her for!? Fussing over his troubles to inanimate objects seemed to work it's magic and make him feel better, the Hatter mused. Not by much. But some.
But....but....what was wrong with the Cheshire Cat!?....
Mwuaaaaaahhhh! Mwuuuuuuaaaaah!

Oh NO! The Cheshire Cat is HAUNTED!
Dripping and oozing with all of the cadaverous rot and chthonic gloom of one of the restless shades of the Netherworld, the ghost of the REAL Cheshire Cat made his untimely appearance, emerging from the violet effigy of his corporeal self to stand before the distracted Hatter. A pregnant silence hung in the chill air....
"I have REALLY gone mad!" the Hatter cried, now face to face with the dead. He panicked, he freaked, he wet himself and stammered, "This isn't happening! This isn't happening! You're only a pack of cards!" But 'twas to no avail. The will of the risen dead could not be silenced--by the grave nor by the mad ramblings of the Madd Hatter. Lifting a skeletal limb towards his host the cat from Cheshire declared in a voice altogether as subtle as a whisper and as forceful as a storm gale, "Ooooooh, accursed sinner, suffer not the rude to live! Your crimes have shaken this world to it's very foundations, and no use of constrainfloorelevation true will rectify the falseness of your manners! In the name of the Dali Llama Most High, His Majesty Gerbit, thou art accused, and are to appear at Mushroom Rock Park at 6 o'clock on the eve of Frabjous Day to atone for your unspeakable crimes!"
The purple ghost became to waver and fade, and so the Hatter cried out for it to stay. "Forgive! Forgive! What did I do?!"
At once a bright and almost solid violet the hellcat declared, "FOOL! I SAID: thou crimes art UNSPEAKABLE! Arrive at the appointed time with the android ATeen-65 or face the ultimate penalty!"
In the words of the wise: *It vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin, which remained some time after the rest of it had gone.*
The Hatter was amazed. "Well! I've often seen a cat without a grin, 'but a grin
without a cat! It's the most curious thing I ever saw in my life!"
The underground laboratory reverberated with the long departed yet lingering feline's mocking voice, "Oh, poor Hatter, may the Dancing Bunny have mercy on your soul...!"
What lies in store for the Hatter, and why was that White Rabbit running loose in his home!? Will Mirana ever get off the floor? Tune in next time for another installment of MurfeeL's dramatic if ridiculous A Day in Wonderland!

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#3MangioOct 7, 2010

What a wonderful story \:wub\: Very creative ideas and sims \;\) Can't wait for the next day

#4ErinethOct 7, 2010

Interesting. Waiting to see the rest \:\)

#5FlatterOct 7, 2010

Hahaha... really absurd and funny \:\) Great text and creative ideas \:wub\:

#6RatRaceRobOct 7, 2010

Another bizarrely cool chapter \:cool\:

#7fredbrennyOct 7, 2010

I read it again today... You have a wonderful way with words. It's poetry \:\) Goodness, even all bright and shiny this morning I find it amazingly surreal \:D Congrats on the feature!

#8martoeleOct 9, 2010

Congratulations on the future. It is very well deserved! \:rah\:  Just for you, I will put the silence a bit louder!!! \:\) ~ Margo.

#9ByzantineGirlOct 9, 2010

\:rah\: <strong>Brilliant!</strong> <strong>Loved the intro</strong> <strong>reintroducing the characters.&nbsp; Reading it I thought I'd eaten some of the mushrooms at Mushroom Rock Park- that cute little rabbit changed into a horrible red eyed, pink eared cousin of Hugh Hefner's, 'cos that's the only way he'll get a date looking like that!&nbsp; Mwoah (evil laughing), Alice had put a spell on the Cheshire Cat to get back at Sir Madd Hatter, she's not a hunk of metal, she deserves love too.&nbsp; That's it??&nbsp; You can't leave me wanting more.....&nbsp; Did the rabbit get to its date, did the Cheshire Cats' grin or all of him come back, how's Mirana, what about the Queen and her tarts???&nbsp; I need to know so I'll be waiting with antici.........pation!&nbsp; In the meantime tc Steph </strong>\:D

#10Dec 6, 2010

too cute great details

#11ManGa_Ka92Jan 8, 2011

omg ! amazing story !!&nbsp;

#12GuardgianJul 1, 2012

Absolutely amazing picture !

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