The Andretti Legacy (106)
Published Oct 17, 2010

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 106

I realize it's been ages since I've updated, and I do apologize. I recently started my own photography business and have been putting all my efforts and resources into that. I think most everything is sorted now, so I should be back to updated and creating regularly. :)

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 106

I realize it's been ages since I've updated, and I do apologize. I recently started my own photography business and have been putting all my efforts and resources into that. I think most everything is sorted now, so I should be back to updated and creating regularly. :)
They arrive in Egypt a day before the Tomb Relays, and after setting up their tents at Base Camp and unpacking a few of their things, the five decide to hit the marketplace for some sightseeing and regular touristy things. "I wouldn't touch that if I were you. What if it's cursed?! Don't you in Egypt is cursed...the Mommy's Curse or something like that." Andrew watches nervously as Derrick reaches down to touch a statue. He touches the nose of the statue and starts screaming and shaking violently, scaring Andrew to death. Derrick looks up at Andrew, then back at the statue and starts laughing until tears form in his eyes. "Jerk." Andrew glares at his friend. "That's not even funny..." He walks away from Derrick, who is still laughing hysterically, and joins Coach Maxwell and Cody at the front of a little shop. "What's he doing in there?" Andrew asks motioning towards the coach.

"He's signing us up for the relays..." Cody replies; he's excited, but also very nervous. He has this huge irrational fear of bugs and other creepy crawlies. Tombs and dungeons are exactly not how Cady wanted to spend his Spring Break.
Quade hears a strange noise coming from the far side of the marketplace; as he gets closer, he notices a girl, about his age, charming a snake in a basket. Not only does the music fascinate him, but so does the snake dancing back and forth to the tune the girl is playing. He's never seen anything like it. Quade remains focused on the snake charmer while the others explore the rest of the market. He can hear them talking and laughing, but he just can't seem to look away from the girl. She's not only charming the snake, she's rather charming to Quade, too. For the longest time, she's lost in her own music. She sways back and forth with the snake, and together they dance. Off in the distance, the group starts calling Quade's name. He turns to look at them, and then back at the girl; he doesn't want to leave.

She looks up at him as she closes out the song, and then shuts the snake in the basket before rises to her feet.
"Quade, come on, man!" Cody yells from across the market. The girl stares back at Quade with the same expression he's been watching her with; the exact same 'there's something about you' look. He hesitates, but then he finally runs off after his friends. The group returns to camp, and Coach Maxwell explains to them how the relays for the Egyptian Olympics will work.

"You're all paired up and registered. Cody will go with Andrew, and Derrick, you're with Quade. You will be assigned your tombs tomorrow, and there will be a check in point when you enter and a check out point when you exit. You're allowed your cell phones in case you're into trouble, or you want to forfeit." He looks over at Cody, knowing full well the bugs may get the best of Cody. "I know you'll all pull through fine, and make everyone back home really proud. The tombs are full of tricks, traps, and mind games."
"There's a group from China and France competing, too. Though, I've heard nasty things about the Egyptians who participate, so keep your eyes and ears open for everything. Now, go on and get some rest. We start tomorrow early morning." Coach Maxwell gives each of the boys a high five and sends them on their way. "Nah, man. I'm not leaving without first place." Derrick looks over his shoulder at Quade. Derrick and Quade have always been friends since they started school, but Derrick has always been too proud. He'll take credit for everything, and he'll always make time to tell you about his accomplishments.

"Derrick, one day you won't succeed." Quade laughs at his friend's attitude. "Then what will you do?"

"You're crazy. I'll never lose. I am THAT dedicated." He pushes his chest out and his chin in the air.

"You're going to be one of those crazy dads that cheats the system so his boy can're going to be the dad that chews out the ref because he made a bad call...I can see it now!" Quade nearly falls over laughing.

"Yeah, but at least I'll be a dad! Come on, man...when are you going to get a girlfriend? I've been through tons...I can give you a heads up on anyone you're interested in." Derrick smiles back at him. "College is sooo close...and you still haven't had a girlfriend yet."

"Ah, just another area that you don't fall short in, Derrick. Girls and winning..." Quade laughs trying to change the subject.
"Whoa...check it out." Derrick stops noticing a girl gardening in the middle of the desert. "...I didn't think they could grow food out here."

"Derrick, I'm sure people in all kinds of climates grow their own's a natural part of survival." Quade rolls his eyes.

"Don't get all fancy and educated on me, boy." Derrick slugs him in the shoulder playfully.
A few seconds later, after the girl had harvested all the food, Quade recognized her. She's the snake charmer from the marketplace. After he realized who she is, Quade felt a strange sensation going through his body. The girl continued to preen some of the leaves and pull off some dead one's. She tidied up the plant, and the dirt pile beneath it before realizing she was being watched. She turns to face the boys, and recognizes one of them. She recognizes his face from earlier, but something tells her she's met him before. She has seen him somewhere, probably in her dreams. She's never traveled outside Al Simhara. She feels a strange attraction to the boy, and suddenly she starts walking in their direction. Quade's palms begin to sweat as he watches her approach. "You are here for the Olympics?" She asks in perfect Simlish.

"Whoa! You speak really clear Simlish. I'm shocked!" Derrick blurts out.

"Al Simhara is a tourist attraction, and with the Annual Egyptian's ideal for me to learn both tongues." She tells him kindly. "Where are you from?"

"Riverbrook...uh, it's in America." Derrick replies and looks over at his buddy who is strangely quiet.
"Strange. I thought you had come with the group from China." She looks over Derrick's facial features.

"I have Chinese roots, I think. But nah...I'm here supporting my own country. My home town!" Derrick makes a fist and smiles a proud smile. "What can you tell us about the Olympics here?" He looks around the environment.
"I don't know very much about the politics of the sport, but I have heard some of the Egyptian boys are going out late tonight and entering the tombs to sabotage the other teams. Be careful when you're in there...this is our hometown, the tombs were designed by our people...some of them are very, very dangerous. I just know the Egyptian boys are going to make them all the more dangerous in every possible way." She speaks quietly, almost in fear of being heard. "Seriously!?" Derrick growls. "Sabotage!? ...this is ridiculous; if your people can't win fair...they shouldn't win at all! We have to tell Coach Matthews!" Derrick looks over at Quade.

"It won't get you very far; the panel is Egyptian Politicians. Politicians are supposed to be fair, but really...they never are. Why do you think Egypt always takes first place? It's tradition for the Egyptian team participating to go in and sabotage all the other tombs. It's been this way for years, but all the evidence has been found inconclusive. They are good at hiding their tracks." She replies. "Watch yourself, and...good luck." She looks over at Quade, she loses herself in his eyes for a moment, and then she turns to head back into her house.
Early the next morning, Derrick and Quade arrive at The Pyramid of Burning Sands after going through the check in point.

"Well...this is it." Derrick yawns. "It's way too early for exploring..."
"...I wonder how this..." Derrick feels for a hidden switch in the pyramid's door. "Ah, there we go." He smiles proudly, as the door lowers into the ground.

", look at that." Quade walks closer to the entrance admiring the statues. "How old do you think those are?!"
They walk side by side, down the first pathway in sheer amazement. This is already nothing like they'd imagined. "...this is like...a real tomb." Derrick stares wide eyed into the room. Quade notices a sarcophagus on opposite walls of each other and a few other pieces he never thought he'd see in life time.

"This is amazing, Derrick." Quade replies.

"Yeah, really is." Derrick replies, and then they hear something rustling behind a small half wall. "Who's there!?" They both jump and stare in the direction of the noise.
"It's just me. I apologize for frightening you." The Egyptian girl rises to her feet behind the rubble. "What are you doing here!? Are you screwing up our tomb!?" Derrick shouts at her angrily.

"Calm down, Derrick. I'm sure she has an explanation." Quade states firmly, and Derrick eases off on his attitude just a little.
"I felt guilty after telling you my people were going to sabotage all other teams. I had never seen it for myself, so I snuck in behind them last night. I saw the things they did...and I can get you out of here safely and quickly. There's no way they will win this time if you let me help you." She tells Derrick, knowing full well that he does not trust her now.

"You don't want your people to win? I thought this was a huge celebration for the Egyptians?" Quade finally speaks to her.

"I support my people, and I stand by them 100%. I do not like, however, they feel they must cheat to win. I have seen so many great teams lose due to cheating and sabotage. I'm old enough now to make a difference." She kindly tells Quade, and Derrick starts walking around the room examining various things.
"Not only do I know what tricks the Egyptian boys have planted here, but I am also familiar with the tombs original puzzles and traps." She pleads with them politely to let her join them.

"...I'm just a little confused." Quade takes a few steps closer to the rubble. "You don't like your people cheating, so you spied on them. Now, you're wanting to help us cheat?"

"No, no, my friend." She shakes her head. "You can have a total of 3 Olympians per tomb. There are no rules stating that all players must be from the same country. In fact, there have been a few teams who are made up of three different tourists from all over the country. I simply added my name to your team roster."
"And if we don't let you come along?" Derrick looks over his shoulder at her.

"I think you will be making a poor decision, and I will remove my name from the list. I will forfeit." She replies quietly, almost sadly.

"How do you know so much about tombs?" Quade continues to interrogate her.

"A tomb is a large place, full of many puzzles, and many am I, and you, and your friend. The more you explore, the more puzzles you find, the more secrets you uncover." She stares back him not wanting to give him too much information.

"So, tour do we get out of this room." Derrick interrupts their conversation, as he pulls open a sarcophagus.
"Any treasures that are found within the tombs are yours to keep, as a gift for participating in the games. However, some treasures come with a price and those who find themselves more intrigued by the treasure often do not win. You are blinded and lose sight of the real quest." The girl climbs over the half wall, and crosses the room with Quade.

"Quade and I are going to get first place, and because we're going to work as a team...we're going to collect as much possible stuff as we can." Derrick replies as he pulls something from the sarcophagus and puts it in his pocket.
"Be careful. Some sarcophagus still have bodies inside. Bodies of my people's ancestors. They are believed to serve as guardians of the many treasures and secrets these tombs hold." The girl tries to warn Derrick. "Cool. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it." He shoots a smart-aleck smile her way and crosses the room to the other sarcophagus. "This one has a key, that'll come in handy, I'm sure. Quade, why don't you start taking care of that rubble of there. Coach said there are switches and things under the rubble piles." Derrick delegates and Quade crosses the room to help. Derrick and the girl stand back and watch Quade destroy the rubble.

"My name's Derrick. This is Quade." Derrick informs the girl, and points at Quade when he introduces him.

"I'm Qadesh." She smiles politely, feeling some relief that Derrick is trying to be friendly.
"Qadesh...? Isn't that some Egyptian goddess or something?" Quade asks as he destroys the rubble completely, and sticks his hand into a small hole in the wall.

"Yes, you are correct." She smiles nervously, as the floor falls out from behind Quade, and reveals a pair of stairs.
"Let's get moving, we're losing a lot of time." She replies quickly to change the subject. Quade and Derrick make eye contact, both of them noticing her sudden strange behavior. The three of them moved at a steady pace through the tomb. With their physical skill and Qadesh's knowledge, nothing proved too difficult. They were even able to find a large sum of treasure to bring back home with them. The three of them are awarded first place for the fastest time, causing a small riot at the awards ceremony. The trophy is presented to Quade Andretti, Derrick Douglas, and Qadesh Kahoko. Quade and Derrick want to thank Qadesh for her help, as did the other boys, but she is no where to be found.

After the awards and riot breakup, everyone returns to base camp, and quickly retire to their tents. Quade has a quick snack, and as he's washing his hands, Andrew walks up behind him.

"I can't believe we didn't even place...if Cody weren't so afraid of bugs...he'd walk through a spider web and go into this little girly'd take him 15 minutes to recover." Andrew rolls his eyes. "I'm glad you two got first though, that's, that's awesome."
" was a lot of fun actually." Quade smiles. "It really didn't even seem like work...but, man, I'm drained."

"We didn't even finish our tomb. They came in after us and said our time was up." Andrew shrugs his shoulders.
"Maybe one day I'll come back and go through one...start to finish." Andrew replies. "Say, you should come back with me. You know, one day when we make as much money as our parent's and can afford this kind of thing..." Andrew laughs, and Quade joins in. "What happened to that girl?" Andrew asks him as he finishes drying his hands.

"I don't know...after we finished the tomb, she kind of...disappeared." Quade turns to face him and shrugs his shoulders.

"She was smokin', Quade. You should've got her number." Andrew winks.

"Dude, she's in a whole different country...could you imagine the phone bill!?" Quade laughs, though there was a piece of him that had considered getting some kind of contact information for her. There was just something about her that he couldn't get off his mind.

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#4kitfu11Oct 18, 2010

So I just read the last 15 or so chapters at once, I haven't been on here in forever, and I have to say I'm quite impressed with everything! Still a great story, and you're doing so well at making everything different from one generation to the next \:\) I wish you good luck in your photo business as well ^_^

#5Desu BaloneyOct 19, 2010

Very nice~!! \:D I enjoyed this chapter very much. Good luck with your photography business~!

#6FlatterOct 19, 2010

I enjoyed the story very much, thank you. Very well told, with great pics to go with, and interesting characters. Perfect \:rah\:

#7hellooohelloooOct 19, 2010


#8DVSVOct 21, 2010

 Nice chapter \;\)

#9martoeleOct 22, 2010

Of course he couldn't get her out of his mind. Only by hearing her name we know already where it will lead to. \:D This was a very pleasant chapter and I'm off to the next one. ~ Margo.

#10MangioOct 23, 2010

What a great installment, i'm glad Qadesh helped them through the tomb. She sure is a strange girl but very pretty. I'm pretty sure they're meant to be together \;\) \:wub\: Congrats on having it featured \:rah\: Off to read the next chapter

#11ohgodcaitlynOct 24, 2010

Andretti family branchin out to Egypt? How exciting, great chapter :] off to read the next one. \:D\:D

#12Ben72006Oct 24, 2010

Wonderful chapter and Going off to read the next Chapter.

#13silvertoraFeb 9, 2011

Loved it - thanks

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