Ch. 4 Starting Over: A Fresh Start
Published Nov 2, 2010

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I keep thinking to myself that things will get better. I keep saying that our family bond has grown stronger in some my disappointment, the only bond that has grown stronger is the bond between Velman and myself, not the bond that me and my sisters have. I can't help but think that we are growing further and further apart................

I keep thinking to myself that things will get better. I keep saying that our family bond has grown stronger in some my disappointment, the only bond that has grown stronger is the bond between Velman and myself, not the bond that me and my sisters have. I can't help but think that we are growing further and further apart................ Velman:
I can't help but see the strain that Martha Jean and her sisters relationship is under. I see the bitterness in Tangy's face whenever she sees me and Martha together and to be truthful, it's getting old. I want to marry Martha Jean and move her in with me, I truly do but I know that our love will come at a price, I know that Martha will not move without her sisters. Truthfully, I don't want her sisters living with us, they treat Martha like a maid and walk all over her. I don't want her to continue to endure this sort of misuse anymore.
I'm also worried about the past that she is hiding from me, I don't know what to think. Is it an ex, a horrible childhood, what? I'm confused........... I caught Martha daydreaming a few months ago after she had prepared breakfast, her food had been just sitting there and she hadn't touched her plate. She was in and out of the conversation that we tried to have so I just let the entire conversation go. Just thinking about that day makes me feel as if I am helpless to actually help Martha. I don't know what she's thinking or where to go from here. After careful consideration, I decided to ask Martha for her hand in marriage. I hope that she doesn't say no............ Martha Jean:
I was just about to sit down to dinner with my sisters when Velman came to the house. I was confused as to why he had come here so late....
"Velman, what are you doing here so late?" I asked.
"Martha it's 7:30....It's not late at all. But anyhow, I have something to talk to you about."
"Mmmmm, Okay.....Can this wait or is it really that important?"
"It's really that important...."
"You know that I love you Martha, and we have been talking about spending our lives together, well, I don't want to know life for another moment without you by my side. I know we have only been together for 8 months but it seems like much longer and............I just want to know," Velman began, I thought to myself.....'Dear God the poor man's rambling.' He continued and became mighty sweaty. "Velman love, are you okay?"
"Please Martha, let me finish...."
"I just want to know.....Will you marry me?" Velman asked sounding like a choked chicken.
I was speechless at first and I wanted to cry. I couldn't believe that he wanted me, the girl that was told as a child that no one would want her. Whoa! Look at that sparkle......What do I do? What do I say? The words found a way out eventually......
" OMG! OMG! OMG! Yes! A thousand times yes!" "Matha," Velman began, "I would love it if you would come and see my new house, soon to be our home." Velman stated. I knew that by this time, Tangy Mae was upset because she's my sister and we have a strong sisterly connection. Velman told me once we were seated in the car that Tangy looked upset and asked if I wanted to go back in to talk to her. I told him no because I was on cloud nine and I didn't want for anything or anyone to mess up this night. Once we pulled up to Velman's house, I saw how beautiful it was. Located in a nice neighborhood, this house was bigger than my house even if we duplicated it and laid it side by side. I was lost for words. This was going to be my new home someday, me and my sisters.....I hope.
Once inside, Velman gave me the grand tour of the home with the tour ending in the master suite. I was in heaven. I had never seen such use of bold, dark, and beautiful colors. He asked if I would like to stay the night and I excitedly said yes. I was enjoying my alone time with Velman so I stayed another couple of days.
"Martha, umm, I was wondering if you would want to move in here........" Velman asked.
"Of course silly, after the wedding we....." I began but Velman cut me off mid sentence .
"No, I mean now. As soon as possible. If it makes you comfortable you can sleep in one of the spare rooms for now....."
"Wow! Really? Well let me call my sisters and tell them to start packing! I'm so excited! It's gonna be......." I didn't get to finish because he stopped me again.
"Not your sisters Martha Jean, just you."
I was shocked, "Vel, you know that I can't leave my sisters. They need my help. Tangy can't take care of Edna and Laura all by herself. They have to come......"
"What part of no don't you understand Martha? I bought this house for US not us AND THEM! NO NO NO! Stop asking! Your sister put the moves on me and called you dumb and yet you want to help her? Really?!?" Velman shouted. This scared me because I had never seen him angry before.
"Vel, please, calm down, it's me. I just don't want them to be between a rock and a hard place. It's only for a little while." I defended.
"I don't care if it's for a little while or a lifetime. The answer is still no Martha. You have moochers as family members and I am frankly sick of how they treat you. I wouldn't spit on them if they were on fire!" Velman screamed. At this point I was upset. I wouldn't allow ANYONE to talk about my family that way. "Are you kidding me Velman? They have been there when you weren't. I'm not going to leave them in the cold just because you are on some power trip! Get over yourself! I love you but don't make me choose! Better yet.........." "Why are you acting like this Vel? But you know what? I don't even want an answer because since you want to mean and treat my sisters like wild animals, the weddings off! Spit on THAT!" I screamed.
"Wait Martha, you're being irrational.........please........If it means that much to you they can come!" I saw hurt in Velman's eyes that I hadn't seen before but my anger outweighed any hurt and guilt that he may have been feeling at this moment.
"I'm not being irrational! You aren't going to talk about MY family and want me to marry you. We're not perfect but we're all we have." I yelled. I wanted to cry because I felt like this was just too much on me but I didn't.
"Martha, baby, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. They can move in. But look at me......."
I kept my head down. I was ashamed at the way that I had yelled at him because he did have a point, my sisters did hurt me a lot of the time by treating me like a maid and caling me dumb.
"I'm listening......."
"Martha, promise me that they won't stay with us forever. Only until Laura and Edna reach 18. After that, I want them gone. Please promise me that. Tangy included." Velman pleaded.
"I promise Vel." I said feeling defeated and sad. "I'm gonna go to bed Vel, it's getting late."
The next morning Vel stopped me in the hallway because he wanted to talk. He looked really excited.
"Martha, I need to talk to you."
"Okay..........What's up Vel?"
"I want to get married. Today at the courthouse. We can have a big wedding later but I want for us to start our lives together as husband and wife. You could stay here until your sisters finished packing up the house and you can tell them after they move in."
"Excuse me? So you're telling me that you want to go down to the courthouse and get married by some funky justice of the peace without my sisters? With two witnesses that I don't know? Not exactly what I had in mind Vel."
"I know baby girl but this will be fun. I promise. I'll give you the wedding that you desire in a few months. I just really want this......"
"I don't know Vel.....I really want my family there.......You want us to be secret about this whole thing. That doesn't feel right."
"Okay, so, it's whatever Martha chooses and whatever Martha wants? I see. Martha, I'm doing something HUGE for you and you act as if you can't do anything for me. Why is that? It's all about you and your sisters all of the time. Are you even ready for this?"
"Ready for what Vel, I'm confused."
"Ready for us. This relationship. Once we're married, you can't keep putting them before me. You know that right?"
"Yes I do Vel. I'm just worried about what they would say. But, if it means that much to you, Okay. I'll do it. What time?"
"2:30. So that means that you have less than three hours to get ready so hop to it."
I really don't know how I am going to explain this one to my sisters but Velman did compromise for me so I can do one small thing for him. Can't I?
Okay, so, sorry to leave you wondering if Martha will actually go through with this wedding but you'll see next time! Stay tuned!

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tcancelOct 20, 2011

Great story, i really enjoyed it\:D

kittydiva_2017Nov 4, 2010

Oops, just found out that this story was featured on the sims 2 page! Oops! Sorry readers.

martoeleNov 4, 2010

Hey Catherine, you forgot to submit your story as a Sims3 one. Now I noticed that you are figured with this story on the Sims2 index page. Congratulations! \:cool\:

martoeleNov 2, 2010

This is going to be a marriage with salt and pepper! A very good chapter, Catherine! \:\) If Martha marries him, she will be inviting him to treat her exactly the same as her sisters did. So, I agree with April; they need do to some professional therapy. \;\) Never mind, dear. You just keep on writing. You're doing fine. ~ Margo.
@Spladoum: You are right. He talks to her, not with her but doesn't most men act this way? They can talk but can't listen. Organize a bbq with 10 men. All of them talk about themselves and nobody listens \:P I know this out of experience. \:D

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