It's Only the Wind (FIN)
Published Oct 20, 2010

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Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen. Voices whisper in the trees
- Dexter Kozen

Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen. Voices whisper in the trees
- Dexter Kozen

Jake sits at the local hang out in town later that night. The person he was suppose to meet was a no-show. Jake didn't ever really say who it was he was waiting for. We may never know the answer to that question. I don't think Jake is going to say. He had no place to go and the transportation system was closed for the night. He missed his chance to return home to Sparklewood. What was he to do? On his third glass of....well.....hummmmm.......water. He was becoming restless. It was almost midnight.
Where was that Sam fellow...Jake has met plenty of strange folks he guessed maybe Sam fit right it.
He tried that number one more time and got nothing...static...dead phone... Great now what......feeling stressed and very uncomfortable he decided to leave. Go where...great "What have I got myself into." Jake thought. Not really looking where he was going....BAM...runs right into someone..."Hey watch it mister! What's the matter with you!" Jake almost screams at the man. Something odd about the man made Jake stop and watch was if the guy never even knew Jake was there...he just stumbled along mumbling things under his breath

"Get out of my head!...stop talking to me...I know my name is Carl....just stop talking to me!!!"
I gave you Sam..and the others get out of my head!" Jake was so mind boggled at what he had just witnessed. That even he nearly stumbled out the door.
"God I have enough weird stuff at home...."Sam, could he be talking about Sam the Library Sam... what was he about to get caught up in....he didn't even know where Sam was staying.
For the first time that night since he left the hangout he had no idea where he was going, just walking..he looked one was out, nothing, not a car, not another living soul. Creepy Jake thought. He came be the Police station and thought, "Yeah, hey Sam is a PI, I bet they know where Sam is."

Officer Daniel, the only cop in town greeted Jake with a warm and super friendly handshake. He responded to Jake's query "Oh sure, Sam, yep he's down at the old Bayou Place just down yonder a ways across the old wooden bridge, you'll see it on yer right if you go there from this side of town.." Jake said "O K , sure thing
and thanked the guy and headed out the door.
Off down the road he went, coming upon just this side of the bridge, it was dark and the wind howled and loons sang, the frogs croaked out their calls, the branches twitched and cracked. The owls whooooooooooo whooooooooooo went their calls.....lets face Jake was getting scared. He walked a little faster. In the middle of the bridge the water splashed "Who's there!" Jake called out. Another splash much closer...a littler louder...."WHO"S THERE! Jake yelled and then silence.....complete silence..... BAM BAM BAM....something coming up behind Jake....
Jake didn't even look back as he high tailed across the bridge as fast as he could run...
The house, there it was. Sam's truck was there too, so it seemed to Jake that Sam should be there too, a glow from the living beamed out the windows, Jake wasn't real sure he waned to enter. "Ah hell" he mumbled "Here we go" Opening the door as it creaked and groaned ...peeking in and calling"Sam...are you here SAM" Nothing but the TV responded. He started to make his way upstairs....wait a minute...they always go upstairs, in every horror movie they always go upstairs...well not in my story... Noooo not this time....standing in the living room Jake turns off the TV the silence is welcome. Jake being a writer respects silence, it is what a writer needs to be able to bring forth the words of the mind. So he listens....something in the basement.. ."Ah hell" Jake takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly as he descends down the stairs. In the dark damp and wet, something dripping...Jake strains to see in the dark and he put his senses to work...listening....something far strains alittle it was again...getting the feel for where it's coming from he heads to the back of the stairs..... "HELLO!" Jake calls here....came a voice.....Jake then sees the hole and moves closer to it... WHACK!!!! Lights out...... "Carl....bring them to me, through the hole, my ship will be ready soon... the hole will lead them to me....Carl do as I say......" Carl began to fill in the hole.....
"oh my god Jake....are you ok.....said Sam"....Yeah I think so, a bit of a headache...some guy came up behind me and hit me in the head." I remember I fell on the ground hey that guy was pretty sick looking creepy zombie like. I saw him at the was he strong enough to pick me up? He called himself Carl..I don't know man I think he lost his marbles."
"Carl?...Sam's thoughts went wild. Oh my god Tim set him up...but why? Sam's wife rushed into his thoughts....."come on Jake we have to find a way out of here."
As they felt their way along the tunnel voices became louder...."Jake do you hear that?"

"Yeah come on let go!"
Going around the corner there they found Mr and Mrs Paisley and Jamie.
"Are you all aright?"
"Yes we are alright, we can't remember much, said Mr Paisley. It was night and maybe I tripped in a hole not sure how it got there"....Jamie cut in "yes that's what happened to me too"

Jake and Sam looked them over...How long have you been down here. "oh about a day, we are fine, a bit dirty and a tad hungry but we are not hurt."
Round another corner in the tunnel grass was poking out of the top. Sam and Jake went to investigate it "Hey Sam it's another hole lets get everyone out. Next to the last out will bring a rope. And they did one by one they pulled each other up. Dirty and hungry. Safe and sound. Sam was so relieved that everyone was found... case closed well almost.... They hoped that whoever lived here didn't mind too much if they borrowed the facilities to clean up. let them did not follow orders....come closer.... Carl stood there talking to the old blinking light in the old mine shaft. Talking to himself really... Carl felt the beginning of guilt and was going to turn himself in for setting traps for the townfolk... But as he ran he began to a silent whoosh....stopped above his head...and like lighting it was gone in a flash...and so was Carl.... The troupe headed to the police station to give their reports and resume their lives. Taking Jake to the train station...they became best friends and got along well. "Jake I own you one buddy, thanks for coming to the rescue...we did it, we solved the case...
"Hey Sam, It's not like I had anything better to do, there's a nut case out there talking to himself and digging holes everywhere...and I thought Sparklewood was strange...hey you got any Milk and buns...they both laughed.
"Hey Jake takeit easy man, see you around..."

"Yeah..Sam you too won't see me back here agian. Bye Sam."

"Bye Jake."
Sam had to hurry home things didn't make sense did Tim really set him up. He phoned his wife...oh god baby it good to hear your voice...I'm on my home baby....what a tale I have to tell you. Yes the case was solved and everyone is safe and sound. I'll be home soon love... I love you too baby As Sam closed the door to his truck he heard a whisper SaaaaaaAM......oh It's only the wind....
Sam thought.
Sam was sooooo ready to be home,to be in the arms of his wonderful wife. Thoughts of her filled his head when click....went the door locks...Sam checked them and they wouldn't unlock...he began to panic some..jerking at he handle hand on the steering wheel, the wheel began to move of it's own accord. Sam is really in a panic now. "Saaaaaaaammmmmmmm your are mine now.....all mine"

Said the GPS as she took control of the truck.

Happy Halloween Everybody

I hope you enjoyed the little Halloween tale.
Thank you for reading and commenting.
Thank you everyone for all the goodies used and Flatter thank you my friend for Jake. It's a good thing he took the train home. WHAHHAHAHAHA

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#15Larah3124Oct 22, 2010


#16MangioOct 23, 2010

What a wonderful superbly done halloween tale \:rah\: It was extremely so well done. Glad Jake came to the rescue \;\) The screenshots were so well done \:wub\: It added to the mystery, suspense, eerieness... Congrats on having it featured. So well done \:wub\: He sure does have a wonderful tale to tell back home \:\) \:wub\:

#17anura32Oct 23, 2010

Kewl. Please have a next episode.

#18drewsolteszOct 26, 2010

Great suspense and Halloween-y! Well done, lovely shots too! Cheers!

#19RatRaceRobOct 26, 2010

Waaaay cool ending!  I so didn't see that coming, I'm all \:eek\: and \:P at the same time!  All the shots were perfect for the story-- I especially love the shots of Carl... being Carl... LOL-- if he ever turns up again, I recommend committal at PIPS ((true they recently had an escape of one of their patients, but have since tightened up their security as a result-- they can probably keep Carl and his voices in there...\:wacko\: ))  The expression on Jake's face in 28 had me lol, too... The whole thing was great fun, thanks for sharing this Halloween tale! \:cool\: \:D

#20Jennifer_RNov 10, 2010

Fantastic! Just fantastic! Loved the ending. I was thinking, 'oh that can't be how it's going to end, not a happy ending'. lol Very creepy that voice, eek! \:eek\: Next time I take a trip i will turn my GPS off! \:P Great job on this one Barb. \:rah\:

#21Dec 4, 2010

great story thank you

#22poyogirlDec 8, 2010

it  makes me scared a little plus i'm reading this thing at 2am in the morning.i'm scared!

#23are-himeApr 27, 2011

Super nice!

#24emo_heartz12Feb 26, 2012

lol On his third glass of....well.....hummmmm.......water.

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