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Tomb Raider Scion of Atlantis Chapter 14
Published Jan 6, 2011

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Lara had no idea where she was heading, she was just following the stacks of empty crates hoping they would lead her somewhere. Lara walked into a new room that looked like all the others before it, but with one difference; there was a woman standing in the middle of it. Lara stopped dead in her tracks. The woman looked exactly like her. Lara couldn't believe it. The woman didn't move a muscle, she just stood there, like a statue. Lara walked closer to observe her, to make some sense of the situation, but suddenly the woman sprang to life and sprinted away. That was definitely in the top ten weirdest things that Lara's ever seen. But she had no time to process what had just happened she needed to find Natla so she continued on. Following her path she eventually stumbled upon Natla's other two henchmen. She tried to sneak past them but it didn't work all that well. Her footsteps echoed loudly and gave away her position.

"I was hoping you'd show up" said one of them.
"I suggest you move out of my way" Lara said forcefully.
"Girl you gotta be out of your mind!"
Lara sighed; this was going to be one confrontation that she would have to deal with. As soon as she got close they both tried to grab her, narrowly missing their grasps Lara round house kicked them both which sent them falling over each other. Quickly recovering one ran at Lara and tackled her to the ground. With a quick head butt he was unconscious. Pushing him off and getting back on her feet she noticed the other henchman recovering and coming for her. A volley of jabs and round hooks didn't appear to be doing much, he kept dodging everyone. Kneeing him breached his defenses and she knocked him out with a quick jab. Lara searched through their pockets and eventually found the keys that would unlock the large doors. Through the doors and following a path Lara eventually came to another room. The first thing she noticed was the huge incubators residing on either side of the walls. Lara went over and looked through the glass. They almost seemed like people. Lara didn't have much time though, she had to find Natla. Continuing on Lara was stopped by a huge pit of lava, there was no-where to go. She looked up however and saw Natla at a high opening, but Natla didn't see her. When Natla moved out of Lara's vision with the Scion in her hand, there was a huge burst of light. Lara looked back down at the pit of lava and noticed it was rising, she decided she needed to gain some higher ground. Turning around she went back into the room she was in before. She watched as the chambers started to move and all at once they started opening, they were coming to life. Slowly and inconspicuously Lara walked back to the room with the rising lava, hoping that none of them had seen her. There was no-where else to go but up, so Lara started rock climbing the wall to her left, hoping to make it up to the opening she had seen Natla in before. Making it to the top Lara started looking around. The complete Scion was floating atop a pedestal in the middle of the room, walking past it Lara wondered where Natla had gone. She was looking over the ledge and saw nothing but the pit of lava she had seen before when suddenly Natla was behind her.
"You've reached the top Lara; there's no where left to go but down" Natla said menacingly.
"You're rebuilding the army of Atlantis" Lara stated more than questioned. "This pyramid breeds far more than the soldiers you've seen. With the Scion I now have the means to create anything I desire" she smiled.
"What is it you desire Natla?"
"It takes three to rule" Natla started "Tihocan and Qualopec were too weak to destroy what stands in the way of The Seventh Age. But you have the strength to claim this seat beside me. Immortality has its price. But what are a few sacrifices made for your dreams?" "This is madness" Lara said slowly shaking her head. "This is what you've been searching for. The answers you've sought your entire life are within the Scion; everything you've done has led you to this place. You're here because you belong here Lara. That is who you are." Lara thought about it for a moment. "I'm sorry father" she said aloud. Natla smiled, she had won. But that's not what Lara had meant. Quickly picking up a nearby rock, Lara threw it at the Scion making all three pieces separate. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Natla yelled and ran at Lara. Lara darted and Natla went falling over the edge and into the lava. There was a massive earth quake, everything was shaking violently. Lara ran over and grabbed all three pieces of the Scion and quickly placed them in her backpack. Now she had to get out of there as fast as she could. The lava was rising so quickly now and she didn't know where to go. Suddenly something caught her eye. It was a ladder leading up to a room. Any chance to gain higher ground was a risk worth taking. When she reached the top of the ladder she noticed she was in a different room, with a hole in the ceiling. As she watched the hole a winged figure came flying through and into the room with her.
It was Natla.
"Thousands of years I've waited for this moment! Do you realise what you've done!?! Do you believe this quest you are on is for the good of all man, or you own selfish desire? Look inside yourself Lara, your heart is as black as mine" The ground was still shaking. Giant boulders and rocks were falling everywhere and Natla was running right at Lara. Darting to the side didn't do anything this time, Natla kept coming. They grappled for a few moments then Natla threw Lara across the room. Lara knew she was no match for Natla and her power. "What have you really accomplished? Nothing. Just a temporary stay of freedom for your kind. This island is one remnant of Atlantis, I will find another. But YOU! You have lost everything!" Natla was too caught up in her speech to notice the pillar falling behind her.
"Look out!" Lara screamed. But it was too late.
With the place falling to ruins around her. There was barely enough time for Lara to get out through the hole in the ceiling. She reached the surface though and breathed in fresh crisp air as the slight breeze floated by her. Lara elegantly swan dived into the awaiting ocean. Before she hit the water, there was a huge explosion. Burning fragments were flying everywhere and smoke was filling the air as Lara surfaced from the water. She made her way back to the yacht and hauled herself onto the deck. She was surprised to find no one there; she'd half expected to see Larson waiting for her. But he wasn't, and she knew he had no chance of surviving the explosion. Lara let out a deep and sorrowful sigh, she was going to miss her rival. She started the yacht's engine and sped away. As the yacht left the horizon, Lara knew that one day she'd have to face Natla again and stop her plans of global domination.

The End

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staceface2009pJan 25, 2014

Awesome! I was just playing the video game the other day. Great way to recreate the story and do it so well even with the story submitting restrictions on TSR.

chloe_bubbDec 11, 2011

omg i love this story pluss thanks for that lovly coment in my guset book =]

tcancelOct 15, 2011

 Brilliant story and your pics are amazing\:rah\: \:rah\: \:rah\:

BambiSkyJun 26, 2011

Awesome story loved it \:wub\:

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