Good Vs. Evil: Chapter 12 Finale
Published Nov 30, 2010

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A few months have passed since Henry and Jane's wedding and the arrival of Dan and Jacque's baby girl. Henry and Jane honeymooned in Twikki Island which was a much needed break for Henry. Dan and Jacque have smoothed into a rhythm with Taylor. But Dan's still looking for Captain Hero, in between nappy changes. He was sitting in the lounge room one day when it hit him.
"That's it!" he yelled. Jacque came out of Taylor's room with her finger to her lips, trying to get him to be quiet.
"I can't believe I over looked it" he said whispering.
"Over looked what?" Jacque replied in the same hushed tone.
"How many times have I been over what happened, I can't believe I never noticed" he said staring off into the distance.
"Noticed what?" Jacque prompted.
"Jane" he said " She yelled out to Captain Hero to grab the vial"
"And?" Jacque questioned getting tired of the conversation's lack of direction.
"She didn't call him Captain Hero, she called him Harry, or Henry" he said as Jacque looked at him perplexed "The important thing is, Jane knows who he really is!" he paused for a moment "I've got a plan" he smiled. Dan walked into the office, it was so familiar. That's where he had been told his funding was pulled. Through those doors is where he held the board members captive. The office was filled with memories. Dan walked up to the receptionist in full uniform with a small package in his hand.

"Good morning sir, how may I help you?" the receptionist asked sweetly.
"I've got a package to deliver to a..." he paused for a moment pretending to read the name on box "..a Miss Jane Rivers" he smiled.
"Oh I'm sorry, she's not in today" the receptionist replied. Dan knew she wouldn't be in of course, it was all part of the plan.
"I can sign for it if you like" she offered.
"I'm afraid I'm a bonded courier, I can't sign it over to you. It has to go to Miss Jane Rivers directly" he said apologetically.
"Well" she said scanning through her computer "I've got her new address here, Apartment 12, 79 Bolton Street." she smiled.
"Thank-you very much" Dan said and left the building.
"Dan, don't do anything stupid" Jacque said softly whilst holding Taylor.
"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing" he tried to reassure her.
"This is the last thing, I promise" he kissed her tenderly. But Jacque wasn't buying it.
"The board members were the last thing Dan" Jacque said.
"I can't just do nothing" Dan said getting annoyed. He grabbed his bag and started heading for the door "I'll be back in a few days" "Hey is this the address your father gave you? For your brother" Jane said getting worried. Henry poked his head out of the bathroom.
"Uhh...yeah why?"
"Dan Oliver?"
"Yep" Henry replied walking out of the bathroom. "I went to the address a while ago but no-one was home. I even left a note but he never got back to me" "No wonder" Jane said slowly.
"What do you mean?" Henry asked walking towards her.
"This is Dan Mathews, the very same Dan that the police are after for holding the board members hostage"
"Are you saying that that Dan is my brother?"
Jane nodded. The implications of that knowledge were too much for Henry. How could he possibly be related to someone so evil?
"I have to head out now" Henry said as he kissed Jane. "We'll talk later, yeah?"
"Alright" Jane said and watched him leave slowly, with the weight of the world on his shoulders.
Dan was back in his uniform, after getting this set up at the warehouse. He was standing at the door to apartment 12 and could hear cups clacking inside, so he knew someone was home. He slid his sunglasses on and rapped three times at the door. Jane answered, and she appeared to be alone.
"Hi I've got a package here for a Miss Jane Rivers" Dan said in a Texan accent.
"Yes that's me, but it's Mrs. Reynolds now" she smiled.
"Well congratulations" Dan smiled "I just need you to sign this" he said as he handed her the palm pilot.
"Thank-you ma'am" he said "There's also $15.00 owing on the courier service"
"Oh I'll just go and get my purse" she said and turned around.
Dan followed behind her quickly and covered her mouth with a chloroform soaked rag he held in his hand. She fought against his grip then slowly fainted. Jane slowly awoke and started to notice her surrounds: an empty warehouse with a few barrels strewn around here and there. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was sitting on the filthy concrete floor. Jane started to hear footsteps echoing all through the warehouse, slowly getting louder until she found their owner standing in front of her. "Who are you and what am I doing here?" Jane questioned but Dan just smiled. "You don't know who I am?" Dan asked surprised, he thought the hair-cut would fool her, but not for this long. He carefully took his sunglasses off. "Dan..." her voice trailed off and silence filled the air. "What am I doing here?" Jane finally questioned. "You know why you're here. You have information I want"
"I'm not telling you anything." She said calmly, staring into the middle distance.
"Well as it turns out, you don't have to" Dan said grinning as he pulled out Jane's cell phone from his pocket.
"Your first mistake was using his real name all those weeks ago; your second was making it so easy to get to him." Dan said as he pressed 1 on the speed dial. He put it on speaker as it rang.
"Hey Jane, did you need something?" Henry's voice rang out. "Jane?" he asked again when he heard nothing. "Jane's...unavailable at the moment" Dan laughed. "Who is this?" Henry demanded.
"I think you know who it is Captain Hero"
"If you hurt her, so help me--"
"Well come stop me, we're at warehouse 3 on the docks." He smiled wryly.
"HENRY DON'T!" Jane yelled out as Dan clicked off her phone.
"Well I better get ready for his arrival" Dan smirked and left the warehouse. Dan returned a few moments later with his impenetrable suit.
"How long do you think it will take him?" Dan smiled as he shot off bursts of energy at the far wall.
"Leave her out of this" Henry said. Dan turned around "Oh how nice of you to join us"
"Let her go" Henry said forcefully. "This has nothing to do with her"
Dan thought about it for a moment "Maybe you're right" he said and started walking towards Jane to untie her. He stood behind her and quickly shot off an energy pulse from his fist, catching Henry off guard, he went flying against the wall. Henry slowly picked himself up as Dan hit him again with a pulse. "Stop it!!" Jane yelled from the floor. Henry slowly started to recover again as Dan went to hit him with another pulse. Jane fell to the floor for cover as Henry blocked the pulse with his own and rose to his feet. Henry won out and Dan feel to the ground.
"How I could possibly be related to you, I have no idea" Henry said watching him slowly rise.
"What are you talking about!" Dan snapped.
"You don't know?" Henry asked. "I'm your brother" "No! That's impossible!" Dan yelled, but then started to think about it. He found a genetic marker in his DNA that allowed him to gain abilities. A marker he inherited from a parent. Henry had the exact same abilities as he did. So it did make sense that Henry could be his brother. Henry through a last energy pulse at Dan, but it didn't strike him. Instead it created a force field around his body, leaving him trapped. Dan looked at it astonished. Obviously a power he had yet to gain. Henry ran over to Jane and untied her.
"Are you alright?" he asked.
"I'm fine" she replied and received his warm embrace. "What are you going to do with him?"
"Well I think life in prison sounds reasonable." Henry replied.
"Justice has been served" she smiled and kissed him. This is where we must inevitably leave this story. Dan's blinding road to revenge has left him standing in a prison cell. Proving that, in the end, justice does prevail.


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#2-kalisa-Nov 30, 2010

Oh no, is it really the last part? \:\( Loved it!\:wub\:

#3martoeleNov 30, 2010

Oh... I realy feel sorry for Jacque and Taylor but Dan has got what he deserves. A good ending. \:\) You got as well what you deserve...: congratulations for having your story featured once again on the Sims 2 page \:cool\:  Would there be any chance to read a Sims 3 story of your hand?

#4maxi kingDec 1, 2010

\:\(Poor Jacque,she is all alone with the baby now!I hope she will be ok!But I must say Dan deserves being in prison!\;\)Great story,I will miss reading it!!!!!!!!!!!!\:rah\: \:rah\: \:wub\: \:wub\:

#5urm0mDec 1, 2010

Aww poor Jacque! I am glad good prevails \:D

#6kubidloDec 1, 2010


#7MangioDec 2, 2010

The finale already \:wub\: Such a nice ending, what a nasty way for the brothers to finally meet \;\) Poor Taylor won't have a daddy figure round the house..

#8MangioDec 2, 2010

And congrats on having it featured \:rah\:

#9dsrhnryDec 13, 2010

I loved each and every page, you have such a talent for a good story and great twists and turns. thank you very very much for sharing with all of us.

#10Charmed-one-Tammy!Dec 19, 2010

I spent most of my night today reading your sims 2 story, and i must say it is ingenious. I love the storyline, and how your structure was actually author like. very well done \:\) x

#11tcancelOct 21, 2011

What a wonderful ending\:D but i feel bad for Jacque and Taylor\:\( She may never get to know her father

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