Star Trek Beta E1 'Distorted' Part 3
Published Dec 5, 2010

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Unfortunately, it took me hours to photoshop the title page alone (as I had to merge the cardassian ridges into these green guys from a photo, who are NOT Orion, in case you were wondering. Orions' tend to be a darker shade of green), so, untill I get a proper facial mask for them (as no cardassian skins are available for TS3 yet), you'll just have to pretend that they are Cardassian, despite their lack of typically-cardassian facial features.


Unfortunately, it took me hours to photoshop the title page alone (as I had to merge the cardassian ridges into these green guys from a photo, who are NOT Orion, in case you were wondering. Orions' tend to be a darker shade of green), so, untill I get a proper facial mask for them (as no cardassian skins are available for TS3 yet), you'll just have to pretend that they are Cardassian, despite their lack of typically-cardassian facial features.

"Take us out, Lieutenant Grove "
"Captain?" T'Lianas' vulcan ears twitched as she considered Josephs' illogcal decision. Why should they quit when they are so close? Grove looked at T'Liana in agreement silently.
"That's an order, Lieutenant."
Grove sighed, rolled his eyes reluctantly and tapped on his console, "taking us out at one quarter impulse. It's all the systems can manage at the moment."
"But it's enough. We should be out in a couple of moments. Looks like we'll have to approach this differently, Palle."
Ensign Lore and Lieutenant Grove were in the messhall. Their shifts had just ended after they had to evacuate the Flux, so they concluded it was best to top up on nutritional supplement.. and discuss opinions.
"Is it true? That once an Orion woman becomes a widow, she has to be re-bound to another male?" asked Grove, interested.
"Yeah, but Ada's been granted an asylum. Starfleet are protecting her, here.. on our ship."
Grove snorted, "we've already got 200 crewmen on board this vessle. We don't need another one."
"Too right. But who cares, as long as she doesn't have us scrubbing plasma condowits in Engineering. I heard Figgins is increasing shift hours to work on our shield grid." hissed Mina, who peered in the direction of Chief Engineer Figgins, who was pouring himself some coffee. "Look.. he can't even work the 21st century coffee machine, let alone operate a vessle such as the Keller. He refuses to use up his replicator rations." Grove let a giggle escape from his lips, and Mina joined him in their sport for gossiping.
"Ugh, Figgins. He's such a.. do-gooder. There were lots of that kind at the academy. You must remember, Mina."
"Oh, I do. When Professor Greene would lecture us on astro-physics, Figgins was there making sure that Greene could see him writing on his PADD for his examinations on the holodeck."

Grove laughed again, "I rememeber. You and I were in fits, Mina. Absolutely hilarious, really. I'd better get some sleep, anyway.. double shift tommorrow. Captain didn't say why. I think it's personal, really." "Captains Log, Supplemental.
We have come across Spacial flux, in which Figgins has discovered a warp trail belonging to the Orion ship. He concludes that there is a wormhole within the centre of the flux, due to the readings from the warp trail, and that trying to get Keller directly into the wormhole is a bad idea, as it could buckle our large hull. We have come to no alternative but to send a shuttle into the flux. Palle and Lieutenant Commander T'Liana are preparing to take it into the flux itself. Moving onto the suject of Ada, the Orion widow in sickbay, I have decided to allow Ada an asylum, and to recieve medical training from Sye. Palle and I have also received some troubling news from Starfleet, which we are expected to deliver to the crew anytime soon."
"I just don't understand it, Captain. A peace treaty.. between us and Cardassia?"
"Maybe in the time which we've been away, things have changed.." Joseph paused when he saw the look on Commander Palles' face, "okay, I know we've only been away for two weeks and we are still only a hundred light-years away from Starbase 12, but, still. Thins could have changed, Lawrence."
"They're up to something, I know it." "Palle, we have other things to worry about. I'm sorry, but that will just have to go on hold. Anyway, have you asked Ensign Lore about that garbled comminqu yet?"
"Not yet. I was about to now. Shes' only just finished her shift. See you, Joseph." "Lore! I've been looking for you."
Commander Lawrenece Palle jogged casually down the corridor and into the turbolift, trying to grasp Mina Lores' attention.
"Oh! Hello, Commander. I was just about to retreat to my quarters," Mina looked at the elevator control panel and gave her command: "Deck twelve."
"I have an assignment for you," Palle glanced at Mina to make sure that she was listening, which she was, "we received a jumbled communiqu. It's in..." he paused, "Cardassian. I was hoping you could unscramble it. Perhaps translate it too. I read your manifesto. You speak all dialects of.. Cardassian." The word danced on his tounge like a foul taste. "Er.. with all due respect, Sir, don't you think T'Liana would be better at this sort of thing? I mean, I know Cardassian isn't her strong point, but she's more than capable." "I chose you, Mina. Take it as a compliment. Meet me at the messhall tommorrow, at say.. zero six-hundred hours?"
Ensign Lore laughed, "Aye, Sir."
"This is my stop."
Palle turned to leave, and upon doing this, he turned, "and you thought I should have chosen T'Liana."
"Captains' Log, Supplemental. Figgins has been working on the modifications on the shuttle we are going to send out early tommorrow morning. It seems promising, and we might be able to find out what happened to the Orion once and for all. We know it won't be long before the Orion Syndicate start asking questions with regard to the ship, and Ada, the Orion widow."
"So, Captain, as you can see, I have developed a sheer-latinum hull for the Shuttle. Any flux in proximity will be absorbed by the rotational-frequency shielding. I hope this fits your needs."
"It does, Michael. Thank-you." The Captain turned to Palle, "you and T'Liana will take the shuttle into the centre of the flux, or what could be a wormhole, tommorrow morning at zero eight-hundred hours." "Yes, Captain. Permission to speak freely?"
Joseph gave a nod to Figgins, who took this as his queue to leave the Commander and his Captain to speak.
"Yes, Lawrence?"
"I think we need some personal insight. I know that Figgins is objecting to this. Silently, diligently.. he keeps working. But this is dangerous, Captain. I'm not concered for my life in that shuttle, no. But I'm concerned for the Keller. If it get's pulled in.. then.. goodness knows what will happen!"
"We've got scans, data. I know it's risky, but they all conclude to this: theres' a wormhole which could have destroyed the Orion ship. And we need to find out how.. so we can stop others collapsing into it. I mean, come on, Lawrence. We don't even know how many have fallen into that minefield out there by accident. You know that the flux is oblivious to scans unless you use the right techniques!" "Joseph, I'm just trying to help!"
"Thank-you, Commander. Your objections are duely noted."
"Palle, that's an order. Resume your post on the bridge immediately."
"I hear theres' a shuttle being launched tommorrow. Why?"
Sye jumped as she realised that Ada had crept up behind her. It had been three days since they had started the Starfleet medical works, and Ada had been working well. But she had the odd habit of.. well, sneaking up on people. She was so curious.
"Because.. the Captain-"
"Yes, but we don't refer to our Captains by first names. Anyway. The Captain feels that the wormhole inside the flux could be the reason why your husbands' ship was destroyed... it's very powerful inside the flux, near the wormhole. Enough to rip a ships' hull to shreds."
"But Hanns' ship was destroyed due to a hull breech."
"I know. But flux can cause all sorts of malfunctions.. ask Figgins. He can probably explain it to you. I have to get on with some reports. Harrods has a case of the 'sniffles' again.. like that deserves a report.." Syes' half-sarcastic ramblings were not interesting Ada any further, so she ended the conversation.
Early the next morning, Commander Palle and Ensign Mina Lore took it upon themselves to translate the garbled communiqu.
"Do you get any of this?" asked Palle.
"Yes.. bits and pieces. But it's so jumbled. I've got a feeling the message itself has been turned into.. jargon by the flux itself. I have this: Stardate 5038.8. We have not been detected by any ships in the system as of today and we hope to stay within.. it for as long as possible'. What the 'it' is.. I'm not sure, Commander." "Good work, Mina. And you thought I should have put T'Liana up to this!"
Mina, who was obviously being shy, looked at Palle and froze. "Yes.. well. I do find this kind of.. interesting."
"It's so confusing. But hopefully when I go into the centre of the flux we'll discover what this means. Anyway, more coffee? Good for the bones.." "Oh, haha.. no thank-you. I'm not keen on coffee." Palle laughed comically, and he blinked as he remembered something. "Not so good for the health, but I can forgive myself for this one time before I leave. Funny, Joseph hated coffee. Perhaps why he and Captain Janeway didn't get on so well. I think he's a hot chocolate man, myself. Just like Mona-" "Mona? Who is that?"
Mina quickly rifled through her memory to recount if she knew anyone called 'Mona'. She was sure she didn't know anyone by that name, but it did ring a bell.
"Nobody. Anyway, I'd better leave for the shuttle bay. Vulcans don't like it when people are late." Lieutenant David Grove, as instructed by the Captain before he left for his quarters, was holding position as close as he could to the flux. He had been told to monitor the flux at all times, as well as the speed and shield strength of the shuttle, and, if possible, keep in communication range with Palle and T'Liana. But the shuttle had just been launched into the flux itself, and it didn't look promising. Crew morale had been running low since Palle had left, and it was now the ships' common knowledge that Joseph and Lawrence had had a disagreement with eachother. Grove hoped that this wouldn't affect the Keller. "We've gone out of communications range, Sir. Shields holding at eighty-three percent." "As long as our shields stay strong, we'll reach the centre in less than five minutes." "I'm picking up a small subspace fracture, Commander. It could be the wormhole. Our shields are now at seventy-five percent and decreasing." "Compensating.." "No effect, Commander. Boosting power to the shields, and taking energy from Auxillary power. We're approaching the wormhole." A sudden jolt sent both T'Liana and Commander Palle forward from their station. As they recovered themselves, they found that the jolt had triggered red alert.
"Shields are failing. We are at the centre of the flux, and our predictions have been confirmed. it is a wormhole, Commander. I cannot pinpoint where it leads to as our primary sensor array is offline."
"We're receiving a transmission on a.. Cardassian.. band frequency? This is unexplainable.." Palle looked at the data in front of him, and disgusted himself. Cardassians. They always seemed to get involved with him somehow. The voice which seered through the communication band made both Palle and T'Liana (much to her dismay) jump.
"Surrender your shuttle and prepare to board our vessle. You have entered Cardassian territory, Starfleet."
Lawrence looked around. He could feel the angry rise in him like a warp core ready to explode.
"This is Commander Palle of the USS Keller. And if we refuse?"
"You will be destroyed. But you have no choice. Prepare to be boarded in three minutes."
Palle turned to T'Liana, "you've got to get off this shuttle and get back to the Keller. Are transporters still online?"
"Aye, Sir."
"Then beam yourself back to the Keller immediately."
"Commander, it would be logical to remain here with you as the Kellers' security officer."
"T'Liana, that's an order. Joseph wouldn't want to lose two senior staff members!"
"We are not in transporter range, Commander."
"I got us into this mess-"
Palle knew that this moment was coming. But, as he paused, he realised that two members of the Cardassian Guard had boarded onto the shuttle and had entered their small bridge. He didn't turn, but waited for their command.
"Turn around, Lawrence. Let me see you in all your newly-human glory."
Palle felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand as he turned to face his worst ever nemesis.
"Don't you remember me? Your old friend... Gun'Sha! Come on, Lawrence. You remember my father, the Cardassian Ambassador for the Jem Hadar, right? Dear me, Captain Palle. Your memory is useless. Feeble. Human. What happened to your bajoran memory? Oh, yes.. that's right. You lost your bajoran..ness."
Gun'Sha turned to his cronies, who laughed, though they did not seem to get the joke at all.
"Captain?" Palle spat at Gun'Shas' feet, "I'm a Commander. Looks like your memories going too, Cardassian."
"My father, Harok'Sha, died because of you and your Maquis tricks. He was seriously injured after the accident of Wolf 359, and you let him die. You could have helped him. You could have saved his life. But, We shall have so much fun."

One of Gun'Shas' guards suddenly caught on to the joke, "oh, I get it now! Bajoran..ness! 'Cos Palle was Bajoran!"
"Wolf 359 wasn't an accident..." Lawrence grinded his teeth.
"You and your putrid excuse for humaniods disgust me! You were a federation rebel. You were hiding as a human in the federation for fifteen years. And the only person who knows you're really a bajoran is your best friend, Captain Joseph Cross. But you told him a lie, too.. didn't you?"
"Sir.. you were in the Maquis?" asked T'Liana, who let her learnt human habit of curiousity get the better of her.
"No... no.. not Joseph. You will never touch Joseph. Not if I can help it."
"Argh!" Gun'Sha shook with anger, "how dare you.. you small, insolent being, contradict me! I'll... I'll.."
"What?" Palle challenged his nemesis.
"I'll get you. And I'll send you to prison. Where you belong. Get the girl!" Gun'Sha was now speaking to his guards, who were behind him, looking as dumbstruck as ever. "Er.. Sir.. the Vulcan female is resisting.. what should I do?" "Get.. her.. you.. MORON!" Gun'Sha literally exploded. The Cardassian guard threw himself at T'Liana, who pushed him away, causing a flurry of cursing and physical fighting. The guard recovered quickly, and three seconds later, he had T'Liana in his arms. T'Liana tried to push him away once again, but he threw back into the wall, where she flew.. right back into a vunerable position. Lawrence yelled, "stop it! It's me you want. Then take me, you coward! Leave the girl alone!" Palle caught a glance of T'Liana right before she fell onto the floor. It seemed that some neural damage had taken place, as she seemed dizzy and disorientated, which was very rare to spot in such a controlled species as Vulcan. Captain Joseph Cross sat in his quarters, contemplating the news he had just received from Starfleet.
"They've called off the search at Wolf 359, Mona.. it happened so long ago. All that's left now are.. remenants of borg debris. They've lost track of your cube. They believe you're in fluidic space now, somewhere in the delta quadrant. With Voyager. Maybe Captain Janeway will find you.. who knows. Your trans-warp signatures are always so hard to detect from the alpha quadrant.. where I am. You were also so mysterious. Maybe. Maybe you weren't-"
The door sounded, pulling Joseph out of his long, entangled dialogue, "come in."
Lieutenant Grove slowly moved towards the Captain, sensing he had caught him at an emotional moment. Being part Betazoid also helped. David could feel the tension and sadness in the room.
"Captain, I'm sorry to report that we've lost all contact with the shuttle. It's gone. Figgins believes it has entered the wormhole. Any hails will be scattered due to the flux."
Joseph blinked before recovering himself, "thank-you, Lieutenant. Dismissed."

As Grove left, Joseph found himself gazing at the piece of artwork Palle had given him so many years ago. He never knew why it was so simple. It was a mirror, you see, and Joseph had always enjoyed looking into it.
"Palle. Come back alive. That's an order."

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WOW! You got they're outfits so perferct, it's almost insane! Awesome sorry!

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Although I still have my difficulties with all the Star Trek slang, I admire the quality of the pics. Excellent! \:rah\:

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The screens are just awesome..just like Star Trek...congrats on being featured too....\:rah\:

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