When All is Said and Done- Part Five
Published Dec 8, 2010

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It's funny, it really is. To us, life seems so long. We sprout, we grow, and we learn to love the life we're given. But sooner than you know it, you're like an apple fallen on the ground.

It's funny, it really is. To us, life seems so long. We sprout, we grow, and we learn to love the life we're given. But sooner than you know it, you're like an apple fallen on the ground. *I'm not sure if I ever mentioned Evie's Aunt's name, but it's Hope. Her uncle's name is Adam, again, not sure if I mentioned that. If I did, and it is not Hope or Adam, please comment! I completely forgot, it's been a while! Anyways, Hope's P.O.V, reminiscing about times before her pregnancy. *** This is the past! This is not present, they are simply Hope's memories of getting pregnant to help you readers understand what Hope went through :) Note: this happened before the ending of chapter four ( when she announced her secret of pregnancy ) meaning, Abigail was still alive.*

The memories of that night are crystal clear in my head....
Adam gently slid his hands up and down my curvy torso and leaned in closer and closer. He smelled of strong cologne and his breath was minty fresh.

"Wanna give it another try?" he whispered.
"Adam, you know I can't have kids..."

"I'm feeling lucky tonight Hope, one last chance, please?"

Did he seriously expect me to say no? How could I say no to him?! He was beautiful from head to toe! He was a master of seduction, and I was the silly fly trapped in his spider web.


Then he leaned in and pressed his lips on mine. Perfection.
It all began the morning after our romance...

I began to have sharp abdominal pains and nausea. At first I thought I was coming down with some sort of illness, but all the signs pointed in the opposite direction.
Day after day I found myself bent over the toilet throwing up my last meal and sometimes, I would throw up for no apparent reason. It must have been the fifth or sixth time that I flushed the toilet when I finally realized it. My dream had come true! At first, I must admit I had my doubts. But I began to put all the puzzle pieces together, and it made perfect sense!

"Oh dear God, you answered my prayers!"
"Oh God please please please!"

Although I knew I probably was pregnant, there was no room left for guesses. I had to make sure I actually was pregnant, so I began to plan making the doctor's appointment.

"I have to go tell Adam!" I said, almost rushing out the door.
But on my way out the door, I got a quite sneaky idea.

And once I had an idea in my head, there was no way out!

"I shouldn't say anything yet.." I didn't want to raise hopes, I mean I hadn't even taken a pregnancy test!

So I decided to keep it all a secret.

I spent the rest of the day in my lucky pajamas, my lucky pajamas was what I began calling them.

"Awh baby, I just can't wait! I can't wait to know if you're going to be my baby boy, or my baby girl. Or if I should buy all pink, or all blue. Or if I should buy purple because you'll hate pink. Or green because you'll hate blue. Or if I should put footballs up on the wall, or purses and ponies. Oh I can't wait!"
"Really, I can't wait!"

Then I began fantacising about all the toys I would get her/him.

"Ahh!!!" I yelled with mere excitement.
Suddenly, Adam walked in.

"You OK? I heard you yelling."

"Yes, babe, I'm fine!" I began blushing. I was a terrible liar!

"You sure that's it?" he replied, noticing my change in color.
"I just..." I procrastinated, "Uh... found a penny! Yup a lucky penny!"

Adam smiled awkwardly, "That's great hun.."

"Yeah!" I smiled.

"Well I'm going out, be home in a few hours OK?"
"You're leaving?" I replied saddly.

"I'll be home soon, baby. Just need to finish up some work. I love you," he said as he placed his arms on me.

I leaned in, "Love you too babe," I smiled.
Since Adam had left, I had a few hours on my hands, and I knew exactly what to do with them.

After I returned home from the gynecologist, I sat down on the couch to watch TV.

"You're going to love this show when you're older, I know it!" I said as I laughed at the silly cartoons.

Yes, my test had come out positive. I was a soon to be mother! No one could take the joy I had in my heart. I had never been so happy in my life!
Now that I knew I was 100% preggo, all I had to do was find out how to tell the rest of my family.

"And, the timing is perfect! My sister, my niece, and of course, my husband, are all going to be here for the news!"

I remember thinking that exact thought... It's just too bad, one of those beloved people wouldn't be there to hear the good news...
Present Day: * Evie's P.O.V.*

Finally, I'd heard the final bell. It was that time of day again, 3:05, the time of day I most looked forward too. Not only did I get to leave school, but I got to spend time with my crush...Or atleast we talked on the phone.

My dreams of actually talking with Lucas face to face had not yet come true, but I was definitely working on it.
"Lucas!" I called out.

But the reddish head in front of me kept walking, not even bothering to turn around.

Once again, I'd been denied the chance to say goodbye. Excluding our "Hi"s and "Hey"s in the hallway, we only talked when there was no one around.

"Why do I even try?" I thought.
After I saw him head into his car, I quickly pulled out my phone.

I began to dial: (777) 677-8977. I heard the familiar music tone as I waited until I finally heard the deep, masculine voice.


"Hey Evie..."

"Why didn't you turn around just now?! I just wanted to say bye!"
I began to pace the school campus, like I always did when I was angry.

"It's just... I'm sorry Evie. Forgive me?"

"Lucas, you always say that! When are you going to start meaning it?"
"I do mean it!"

"Then when are you going to start acting like you mean it?" I questioned, hand in the air.
"You know I love you honey bunches, I'm sorry I'm such a jerk"

I began to laugh, I loved it when he called me hooney bunches!

"Awh I love you more baby cakes!"
I loved talking to Lucas, even if it was over the phone.

"Oh, hey uh Evie call you later ok?" he said hastily.

My smile suddenly vanished, this wasn't the first time I'd heard that line.

"Why? Is that slut Emily calling you again?"

"Bye." Then the line went dead.
"God, Lucas! You say you love me then hang up on me for your ex?!" I said as I got behind the wheel.

I pulled out my phone once again and texted Sarah. Hopefully she would get it and come over as soon as possible, I really needed to talk things out.
When I arrived home, I noticed Sarah was already there waiting outside.

"I have such a good best friend!" I said, as I approaced her.

She smiled, "What's up?"
I then began to explain what had happened today after school. Sarah listened quietly, as she always did.

"I just don't get it! Why would he talk to her? Seriously, I thought he loved me! I just don't know what to do..."
"Lucas is just...difficult. He rarely knows what he's feeling. Not saying he doesn't love you, but at times it is just hard for him to show you that. I mean, take it from his sister. When I practically saved his life when he nearly drowned last summer, all I got was a "Thanks sis". I knew he was happy I had done that, and I know he loves me, but he's not what I'd call over emotional. Don't worry about it, Eve's. He doesn't like Emily, I'm pretty sure he hates her! He'll start giving you more attention soon, just be patient." "You mean that?!" I asked.

Sarah looked at me closely, "Of course I do. I would never lie to you Evie! He's just shy, but keep up all the talking 'til midnight, and you guys will be public in no time" she added with a smile.
"Thanks Sarah," I said, smiling.

"Welcome love, happy to help. I got to head home though, dinner's starting soon. Talk to you tonight, K? I'll text you, and I'll tell Lucas to call you back OK!"

"Sounds good," I replied.

We said our farewell and Sarah left, now all I had to do was go inside and wait...wait for my dream to start coming true.
* Next morning...Hope's P.O.V.*

"We're going to find out how you're doing, baby! Awh, did you just kick?! Gosh, I love being pregnant!"

"Uh...Auntie?" Evelyn questioned.

"Oh, how embarrasing! I had no clue you were behind me! Let's go, my appointment is in twenty minutes."
I grabbed the keys to the car from my pocket and headed to the curb.

"You coming, Evie?" I asked, wondering what exactly was wrong with my niece.

"Yeah... Be right there." she replied.
(Sorry the house wasn't fully loaded, my game is becoming so slow. And sorry for the random thought Evie had, apparently she wants a promotion for the job she dosen't have...?)

"Are you OK love?" I asked her, starting towards the doctor's office.

"Yeah...just boy troubles...You expect them to call, and they don't..." she said, with a sad look on her face.
I hurriedly got out of the car and made my way towards the doctor's office.

"Hurry Evie, we're going to be late!"
Evie followed behind me while I headed towards the waiting room. Only minutes after arriving we were called to see the doctor; Evie and I got up and followed the kind nurse.

I was so happy to have Evie with me, even though she was sad. She had never been able to come to any of my other appointments, so I was glad to see she'd come.

"This way," finished the nurse.
*Evie's P.O.V.*

"Finally, air!" I thought to myself.

Truthfully, I wasn't a big fan of doctor's or their offices. The smell, the poking, the prodding, it all did not add up. And after seeing what exactly my aunt had just had done to her made me want to never have kids!

"Aghh!" I said as shivers went up my spine.
A few mintues later, as the sun began to set, my aunt came out.

"Whew, ready to go home?" she asked.

"Yes I am!"

"Let's go then," she replied, smiling.
My aunt leaned in and hugged me, "Thanks for coming, Evie. I'm so happy you could make it!"

"Awh, any time Auntie. I loved coming with you!"

"You mean that?" she asked, pulling away from our embrace.

"Of course, I love spending time with you," I told her, smiling.
"I loved seeing my little cousin, too! You're going to be so cute!" I said as I leaned towards my aunt's stomach.

"Were going to have so much fun with him or her! I've never even held a baby before," I confessed to my aunt.

"Well, I'm sure your baby cousin will be honored to be the first baby your arms have held!" she joked, and we both began to laugh.
We began to converse about other matters when I noticed the redhead doctor that had examined my Aunt come through the doors.

"Oh, good! Mrs. Young, correct? We have the test results." she said.
She extended her hand out to my aunt and shook it gently. I extended my arm as well, but she must not have noticed, or at least that's what I told myself. I don't think the doctor was too happy when I yelled "EW! What are you doing?!" when she began to check my Aunt.

Not wanting to seem intrusive, I decided to step back and let my aunt and the doctor talk in private.
The doctor and my aunt spoke in hushed tones; obviously they didn't want me to hear their conversation. By the tone of their voices, the talk was probably not a good one. I began to think the news the doctor had brought was not good news, and I suddenly began to worry. They continued to talk for the next few minutes. All I was able to catch were a few words... "Tests came back..." "Come in again soon," "Run more tests..." "Don't be too worried..."

OK, this was definitely not good news. But what was it about? The doctor assured my aunt the baby was healthy and developing today in the appointment, so what could possibly be wrong?
When the conversation was over, the doctor left. No "Goodbye", no "See you soon", she just left.

My aunt stood still, perfectly still.

"Auntie?" I said, lifting my head up from the page I had been pretending to read.

"What's wrong?"
She began to walk away, but stopped. She stood silently, but she did manage to reply between sobs.

"The baby is fine, Evie. But, it turns out your mother isn't the only one who might leave you..."

My heart skipped a beat. I searched for air.

"Wh-h-a-a-t-t?" I stuttered.

"Having this baby is killing me, Evie. Once this baby is out of me, I'm gone..."

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#1Desu BaloneyDec 9, 2010

Aww, poor Evie, that must be devastating to hear!! I liked this chapter a lot. You're a good writer! \:rah\:

#2ohgodcaitlynDec 9, 2010

D: ! how awful, soo sad. Great chapter though :]

#3Joel&Lauren_ParkerDec 9, 2010

how are you going to kill off evie?

#4Dec 10, 2010

thank you

#5kat*Dec 10, 2010

Geez... Poor Evie... It really sucks that her auntie can die if she has the baby. Can't she do any surgery or something? But it's still a great chapter!  :P

#6MangioDec 11, 2010

Poor Hope... at least she gets her wish of a baby \:wub\: I hope Evie will be alright, i do hope things with Lucas will be alright \;\) Can't wait for more \:rah\: Congrats on having it featured

#7J0u_4n4Dec 21, 2010

I want to cry..
hiks hiks\:\(

#8mhansellJan 8, 2011

I can't wait for the next chapter.  i hope it is soon

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