The Couture Family Legacy- Part 2
Published Dec 10, 2010

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Welcome to Part 2 of my legacy, please rate and comment.

And again, any ideas for names let me know :-)


Welcome to Part 2 of my legacy, please rate and comment.

And again, any ideas for names let me know :-)

Over the next few weeks, Cartier was in very regular attendance at The Brightmore, the fact Ricky seemed to blow hot and cold enticed her even more.

Some nights she would sit at the bar and chat with him all night, it was just like the first time she met him, he made her feel like the centre of attention and would be stood chatting to her at every spare moment.
Other nights he barely acknowledged her existence, he would serve her like any other customer and then spend the evening flirting with every woman except her.

It was nights like these that Cartier would do anything to get his attention. Really, she knew this was stupid, she knew chatting with celebs, dancing right in his line of view, flirting with other men and laughing overly loudly to show what fun she was having was the oldest and most ridiculous trick in the book but she couldn't help herself. She liked Ricky and wanted more than an over bar flirtation.
But, every night would end the same, Cartier leaving the club alone and going home frustrated and wondering why he was so hot and cold with her. It was after receiving her promotion to Freelance Writer that Cartier decided to take decisive action. She had got Ricky's number from a guy in the office who knew him and so decided to call and share her promotion news.

'Hey Ricky, it's Cartier' she began cheerily
'Who?!' came the response. She sighed, evidently this was a 'I'm not interested' day
'Cartier, you know, the girl who you toy with every night' the words spilled out before she could stop them.
Ricky chuckled to himself 'Well, if that's what you think, why are you calling me?'
'I, I' she stuttered, she suddenly felt stupid and her cheeks were burning as she blushed 'I just wanted to tell you I got a better job an....'
'Well that's great for you, gotta go I have work, bye' he had interupted and ended the call before she had even had time to speak again.

'ARRRGGGGHHHH' she screamed in frustration and threw her phone down 'enough is enough, I need a break' with that she promptly called the travel agent and booked herself a get away.
Two weeks and a very long flight later, Cartier arrived in Shang Simla; she had decided culture and adventure was exactly what she needed to free her mind of Ricky Bailey.

She had been strong for the last fortnight and stayed away from The Brightmore, she figured he had her number now and if he wanted to call he could have done; he hadn't.
She wasted no time in looking for her new adventure, the lady who owned the campsite had advised her to check the notice board outside for lists of people who needed help.

Soon, one caught her eye, it sounded simple, retrieve a relic from a tomb built under a big building, she grabbed the card and headed off to discover more about what was required.
The first bit seemed easy, there was a rather obvious panel with footprints on the floor, so she hopped on and heard a loud scraping noise. She looked round to locate what exactly this had activated and sure enough, just to her left was a staircase descending downwards.... She tentaively stepped down the staircase, it seemd sturdy enough and at the bottom was a small room with a plaque and space for a large key rigth by a door that was chained shut.

Cartier delved into the box she had been given before embarking on the adventure, and sure enough inside was the key. She carefully placed it into the panel and couldn't help but have a little shiver of fear when the chain magicaly disitengrated.
Undeterred she cautiously opened the door and made her way into the next room; this seemed simple enough, she just had to drag a statue (which was much lighter than it looked) onto a floor switch and this granted her access to the next room.

In the corner was a pile of rubble, under which she could see yet another floor switch. She grabbed a pic axe from the opposite corner of the room and used all her strength to clear the pile, it was hard owrk but rewarding when a secret door opened behind her.
After exploring each room in detail, looting some old coins and being completely soaked when swimming through an underground passage, she finally came to a treasure chest which contained the relic. She dusted it off and wrapped it carefully in some cloth before activating the last switch which brought her to the foot of the staircase she had descended a mere 2 hours earlier. 'Thankyou so much' the stranger had said when she delivered the relic 'now, if you like more money, you see my friend Jiang, he work at market. First you sleep, tomorrow, he give you new task'

Cartier found this person very odd, but stil, money would help right now and if every task was as straight forward as the one she had just done it was easy work.
That night her dreams were filled with adventure, she truly felt alive here exploring new teritory and facing danger head on.

She woke early and tucked into breakfast to provide her with energy for the day ahead, as soon as she had finished she headed to the market.
'Jiang?' she enquired as she entered the relic shop and encountered a very handsome man with an expensive suit. 'Aah ha, you must be Cartier' she was shocked by his perfect english accent, he smiled as if reading her thoughts 'I lived in England from the age of 5 to 16, I moved back when my Mum wanted to be back home'.
Cartier nodded, 'I see, how can I help you Jiang?'
He went on to explain that a friend of his really needed some mercury and being so busy running the shop he didn't have time to find any. He wasn't offering much money for this but with a smile as cute as his she couldn't resist.
She set off with vigour, there was something about the charming Jiang that made her want to return to him as soon as possible. The task was harder than she imagined, she scoured the local area high and low and 6 hours later she had the mercury ready to return to Jiang. Weary from the days constant running around, Cartier returned to the relic shop 'Aah, Cartier, you return!' Jiang flashed her a big smile as he held his hand out for the mercury, which she duly handed over.

'Thank you so much' he continued 'I just dont get a spare moment, please, stay, have some tea and I will bring food from my friends store, come, sit' he gestured toward a table and chairs at the back of his store and Cartier obliged and made her way over to sit down.

With that Jiang left the shop for a few minuted and returned with some egg rolls, she tucked in, she was more than ready for some fuel after the day she had had.
Hours later, Jiang and Cartier were still chatting, they had spoken about everything, their past, present and plans for the future. He had told of his love for the outdoors and reading, she had told him she was a writer and would send him her first novel.

They had listened intently to each other and laughed uncontrolably at times and almost without realising they had moved closer and closer together. They only realised when Jiang's friend popped his head around the door to ask if he planned on shutting the shop at all.
There was a moments awkwardness before Jiang cleared his throat and jumped up 'It has been so nice talking with you Cartier, I really hope to see you again before you leave'.
She smiled 'That would be lovely, I leave tomorrow evening though'
'then tomorrow you shall come again, please?'
Cartier's heart was racing, she felt such a powerful attraction to him she didn't know what to do, she simply nodded in fear of saying something stupid.
Before she knew what was happening Jiang had wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close, she breathed in his scent, lost in the moment she was dizzy with excitement 'Goodnight beautiful lady' he whispered 'Goodnight Jiang' she whispered back as she pulled from their embrace.
The next day she spent much longer than usual getting ready, she wanted to look her best today, not like a sweaty mess after having run round for 6 hours!

Her efforts were appreciated 'Wow! You look amazing, you are so very beautiful' Jiang had announced the moment she had walked in. As they talked, the chemistry between them was almost to much to handle, they had so much in common and never had Cartier opened up like this to a relative stranger. She coudn't believe she had met such an amazing man but he lived in another country.
The hours flew by and it was soon time for Cartier to get her taxi to the airport, her heart grew heavy at the thought of leaving him, but she knew she had to leave with a head full of good memories and she wanted to make sure he remembered her too. 'I have something for you' she began bravely
'Oh yes, what is this you speak of?'
'This...' and with that she leant in and kissed him softly on the lips, her toes tingled and her head was light, she could have stayed just like that forever.
'Wow' Jiang was left almost speechles, then he looked at her with his big brown eyes full of emotion 'I will miss you so much my beauty, never have I met a lady so special, please never forget me'
Cartier shook her head and bit her lip to stop the tears 'I will never forget you Jiang, goodbye' and with that she walked out of the shop.
As the warm air hit her, she coudln't stop the tears from flowing, saying goodbye to him was awful, she felt so silly having these feelings after just a few days but her heart was ruling her head and she couldn't stop her emotions.

She took a deep breath in a bid to calm herself, but it was useless, the tears kept coming. She turned to take one last look at the shop, the place she had fallen in love for the first time before stepping into the taxi 'Goodbye Jiang'.

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#11ChristineShakeDec 11, 2010

This is awesome! Hopefully there will be a new part soon \:o&nbsp;<span style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; white-space: pre-wrap;">&hearts;</span>

#12Cutie PopDec 11, 2010


#13martoeleDec 12, 2010

Fortunately she is aware that there are more men in the world than that bartender! \:\) Congratulations on the feature! \:cool\:

#14sunkissed2010Dec 13, 2010

oh i cant wait for the next chapters! already in love with the story!... \:\)

#15batlo8Dec 13, 2010

Thankyou so much for all the comments! I am working on part 3 right now and hope to submit it tonight.
Please keep rating and commenting, I love to see what you all think :-)

#16muiseDec 13, 2010


#17MangioDec 17, 2010

Congratulations on having it featured \:rah\: Glad she realised there is more than one guy in this world \;\) Off to read more

#18mogan44Dec 20, 2010

Excellent chapter, she can always go back to see Jiang again though! &nbsp;

#19Kayla_MarieJan 4, 2011

looking forward to the next chapter

#20anura32Feb 10, 2011

I love this chapter.

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