The Couture Family Legacy- Part 3
Published Dec 16, 2010

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Here we are with Part 3 of The Couture Family Legacy.

Thankyou all again for your comments, I am so happy you are all enjoying the story so far!

And also a HUGE thanks to all the CC creators, this story and my game in general has a much greater reality level thanks to you.

Again please rate and comment


Here we are with Part 3 of The Couture Family Legacy.

Thankyou all again for your comments, I am so happy you are all enjoying the story so far!

And also a HUGE thanks to all the CC creators, this story and my game in general has a much greater reality level thanks to you.

Again please rate and comment

After a long flight home, Cartier had managed to stop her tears. She was very tired and emotionally drained; nobody had warned her that falling in love was this heart wrenching.

She decided to make some food, it was late but she hadn't eaten all day and felt light headed. Digging out one of the recipes she had bought in China she set about making egg rolls, she smiled at the finished product as it looked, smelt and tasted just like the ones she had eaten with Jiang.

As she sat down to tuck in, her mind drifted back to the little chinese relic shop, she remembered the jokes they shared, the local gossip he told her, the 'accidental' touching of hands and the overwhelming chemistry between them. These memories caused the tears to come back and she choked as she tried to force the food down.
Eventually she abandoned her supper and headed to bed, her heart felt like it had sunk to the pit of her stomach. She pulled the cover up right over her head and wrapped her arms around herself, she closed her eyes so tight and let her mind drift to thoughts of her Mum, she had adopted this trick every time she was upset after her Mum had died.

As she began to drift to sleep, she felt her Mum's hand stroke her hair, she felt her arm around her and her heart beat under her head, she could smell her perfume and hear her voice 'It's ok my darling, go to sleep, Mummy's here'. Cartier breathed deeply, she knew this was a dream, but sometimes it was so real she could swear her Mum had come to soothe her. 'Night night Mum' she mumbled.
Two days later Cartier had to face going back to work, luckily she was away from the office and just had to go to an interview and photo shoot with local MP Harry Marks.

She knew Harry quite well and so didn't feel the need to doll herself up to perfection; frankly the state she had been in for the last few days it would have taken her half a day to cover up her red eyes and blotchy skin.

She carried out the interview with her usual professionalism and managed to get some great shots of Harry and his family. However, once the job was finished Harry pulled her to one side 'Cartier, what is wrong?' he asked
she plastered her best false smile on 'Nothing Harry, I'm fine'
He raised his eyebrow quizically 'Come on, I know that's not true, I say this because I care... look at you, you're run down'
Cartier shrugged and felt a lump rise in her throat 'Just a bit of a broken heart Harry' she almost whispered.
'Listen here young lady' he began as he held her shoulders reassuringly 'this is tough love from someone older and wiser, you have cried now, for days I imagine by looking at you, now is time to suck it up, go home, get your face on and get out and face the world, I promise you your heart will soon heal'
She smiled, 'thanks Harry, I will'
and that's exactly what she did; it took a lot of effort but a few hours later she emerged looking like her normal self. She stood outside her apartment and breathed in the city air, it made her smile, despite being quite lonely here she realised she was living in a place that was full of life and potential for her future; she loved the city, she just had to find her place in it. As it was a Tuesday, Cartier decided to go to The Brightmore again, simply because she knew it was Ricky's night off so he would be out partying elsewhere; she was wrong. The first face she saw in there was, you guessed it, Ricky's!

'Hey Cartier, the wanderer returns' he beamed at her
'Sorry, do I know you?' she retorted
'Oh, come on, no need to be like that' he said as he flung his arm around her shoulder 'I missed your beautiful face every night'
Cartier snorted a laugh 'Yeah, I sensed you were going to miss me when you didn't know who I was!'
Ricky felt bad, he saw a wounded look in her eyes, one that hadn't been there before, he removed his arm from around her shoulder and decided to explain, 'I'm sorry' he began 'I know it must have looked like was leading you on, it's just I see so many girls and so many try it on just because they know I get into all the celeb bars and parties to work the bar, they date me, they come to a party with me, they go home with some over hyped soap star, pop star, whatever and I am left feeling stupid'
'and you have never taken advantage of that I suppose?' Cartier responded mockingly
'guilty as charged, I'm not going to lie to you, I did all the running around acting like a playboy thing, then fell in love and got my heart broken, that stopped me in my tracks'
Cartier felt herself softening, he sounded so genuine 'Ok then playboy' she winked 'I'll forgive you, I understand a broken heart'
Ricky smiled 'I'm so glad, and again so sorry I upset you, you are so beautiful inside and out'
he reached for her hand and she pulled back 'Woah, Ricky I forgive you but things have changed, I am not available'
'oh', he felt stupid
'Lets be friends hey?, you wanna drink?'
'Sure thing' he smiled in response.
So they did drink, and dance, and chat, and play arcade games, and drink some more and dance some more, it was a great distraction for Cartier and a relief to find herself laughing. Before they knew it he bar was closing, they smiled at each other, Cartier happy that she had finally had some fun and Ricky happy that he had cheered a sad young lady up.

Ricky gave Cartier a big squeeze 'So, we are friends now right?' he asked
'Of course we are silly, thankyou so much for tonight'
'Hey anytime, just give me a call if you need another night out!'

they finally broke from each others grasp and Cartier made her way into the cab waiting outside.
The next day Cartier decided to set about writing up some articles for work, but she couldn't concentrate. As much as she had enjoyed her night with Ricky Jiang was still very much on her mind.

She logged onto her online banking:

Balance: $2567.89

She smiled to herself, that was enough, plenty enough....
After spending almost all her money and changing flights 3 times due to the last minute booking, she arrived in Shang Simla once again; she was so excited and knew Jiang would be too.

As she walked into the relic shop, Jiang had his back turned, he was busy organising a display, she sneaked behind him and whispered 'Boo! Guess who?'
he spun round startled to see Cartiers beeming face 'Cartier, you came back!'
'I sure did'
'well, come here' he smiled as he pulled her into a big embrace 'I can't believe you came back'
'I can't believe I did either, I just missed you so much'
'Oh, my sweet, I missed you too' he brushed her hair off her face and cupped her face in his hands. Cartiers heart almost pounded out of her chest as he pulled her face closer to his, she stared into his deep brown eyes, full of lust, she felt his breath on her cheek as he moved closer still and finally she felt his soft lips meet hers and his strong arms pull her near; she felt like she was melting. When the kiss eventually finished, Cartier knew what she wanted, she knew this was the man and the time she had been waiting for, she leaned in and whispered 'close the shop Jiang, I want you'
Jiang didn't hesitate, he quickly locked up, took her by the hand and led her towards a nearby quiet camp site. 'Here?' Cartier enquired
Jiang nodded 'My darling, look around' he said as he put his arm around her 'this is so beautiful, we can be one with nature whilst we are one with each other'
Cartier's heart jumped with the romance of what he had said, she smiled and climbed into the tent 'Come on in then Mr Nature' she beckoned; Jiang did not need asking twice! A while later, Jiang woke Cartier with a kiss, she smiled, there was a feeling of hapiness in her stomach she had never known before.
'Come my sweet, we must get you back to your hotel, it is getting dark' Jiang began
'Can't I stay with you?'
'Alas, I must get back to the shop, I do not have enough money to stay closed any longer'
Cartier nodded, she understood, the shop was his livelihood.

He walked her back to the hotel and kissed her softly 'I will see you tomorrow I hope darling?'
'Of course, I miss you already' she grinned
'Goodnight my love'
She knew she couldn't sleep yet, so she sat outside, looking over the town. Her mind began to wander to thoughts of a life with Jiang, how it would be to live here. The more she thought about it, the more viable an idea it became. Why not? She had moved away from everything she knew once before, she could certainly do it again and at least here she had someone she loved, someone she could share a home with. Yes, tomorrow she would speak to Jiang about it, she was almost certain he would agree. After a restful sleep and many practices in the mirror of what she was going to say, Cartier set off to see Jiang. As soon as she arrived her embraced her and kissed her passionately 'You are so beautiful, every day it amazes me'
Cartier giggled, she seemed to lose the ability to speak when he complimented her
'maybe I could close again for a little while?' Jiang winked.
Cartier pulled away and held his hands 'Did I say something wrong? You don't want that?' he asked suprised
Cartier smiled 'No, no, of course you didn't, I just need to speak to you first'
With that, she launched into her pre prepared speach, which had some how turned into a ramble about how much she loved him and her life would be complete here. When she finished there was a pause and not the resounding yes she expected. He scratched the back of his neck nervously and cleared his throat 'I am not sure my wife would like that' he almost whispered.
'I'm sorry, your what?' Cartier responded, hoping against hope she had mis heard
'My wife' he repeated.
Cartiers head spun, the words resounding, she didn't know what to do with this information ad foolishly still hoped there was light at the end of the tunnel 'but, if you are seperated, surely it is not her business?'
Jiang shook his head 'We are not seperated, we are still together, we have 3 children'
Her blood began to boil, she had never felt rage like this 'You DISGUSTING, cheating, lying, RAT' she spat at him 'how could you?'
Jiang held his hands up in defence 'It is not so simple, she doesn't understand me...'
'SHUT UP, just shut up!' Cartier cut in before he finished 'Don't you dare try to excuse yourself, I hope she finds out and leaves you, you disgusting specimen of man.
It took her all her might not to slap him, but her mother had taught her better than that and so instead she took a deep breath, held her head high and walked out of the shop and Jiang's life for good.
Cartier refused to waste any more tears on Jiang; the person she thought he was didn't exist and so she tried to push all thoughts of him out of her mind. The amount of holidays she had taken had affected her work and so she put al her efforts into gaining a promotion. She attended events to write reviews, interviewed celebrities and put hours upon hours into writing her first novel; all the effort paid off and she was soon promoted to Professional Blogger. A couple of months later, alarm bells started to ring in Cartier's mind; she had been waking up at 5am every day for 2 weeks and vomiting, at first she thought it was a stomach bug but she didn't feel unwell in any other way, this combined with feeling lethargic and bloated all seemed to point to one thing. After a quick trip to the chemist, she found herself pacing the bathroom, counting down the longest 3 minutes of her life. So many thoughts ran through her mind, she was still so young, she had no boyfriend, no family to support her, she lived in a tiny one bed flat, how would she cope?

Finally, 3 minutes were up, she took a deep breath and looked down at the little white stick; PREGNANT flashed up in the little window. 'oh god' she whispered 'what am I going to do?'

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#8alidaDec 18, 2010

Hi!I see you have the sims 3 late night expansion pack and you installed packages files.How you did that? Because i had this expansion pack too and i uninstalled it because packages files didn't work,so can you tell me how did you installled them?Thanks!

#9batlo8Dec 18, 2010

Wow! Can't believe I got featured :-) woo hoo! I feel pressure now to keep the stories coming! lol.

Alida, erm I honestly don't know?! I'm not very tech savvy so whatever I did it would have been simple! lol x

#10rodrigosovDec 19, 2010

Good story!!!

#11tsanysaadiDec 20, 2010

Poor you Cartier \:\(

#12mhansellDec 20, 2010

Wow.  I hate when that happens.  I feel for her.  Wonder what she well do next?\:\(

#13gabyh101Dec 21, 2010

woah woah woahy woah woah!!! Slow down there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job, i enjoy your stories. I'm writing a series of stories too, and the fourth one just came out today. They aren't doing as well as yours...\:\( :P
Anyway, no pressure...but I still can't wait for the next one \:rah\: !!!!!

#14TSDramaDec 26, 2010

Interesting twist!  I hope Cartier is happy in the end.

#15mogan44Dec 29, 2010

Uh oh!  I can't wait to see what the next chapter has in store for Cartier!  Stupid Jiang!

#16Kayla_MarieJan 4, 2011

oh wow. didnt see that coming!

#17anura32Feb 10, 2011


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