The Andretti Legacy (110)
Published Dec 22, 2010

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 110

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 110
Ramona kept her discovery from Rodney as long as she could, until one evening he returned home from work and asked what the doctor thought about Samson's appetite problem.

"I didn't take him to the doctor today, Rodney." She replies shamefully.
"Why not?" He continues mixing his drink. "...I thought that was all you had to do today...?" "He doesn't need a doctor, Rodney." She stares at him. "I know what the problem is." Rodney takes a big swallow of his drink. "He's a vampire, Rodney." She states flatly and he spews his drink across the bar shock.

"...he's what!?" Rodney glares at her, and then reaches under the bar sink and grabs a hand towel and starts wiping off the bar.

"...I realized that he wasn't getting enough from his milk, you know. I was going to take him to the doctor...but, I...well...I offered him some plasma...and you would not believe the look on his face...the nourishment he's not that hard to believe is it?!" She watches him wipe down the bar, and then puts her hands over his to stop him cleaning and get his attention. "We have some decisions to make..." Her eyes lock on his, and snap all his attention onto her.

(You know...I'm pretty sure I have enough glitches and borkedness in my game for the entire simming between this screen and the next...the Andretti's were sent into the void where all corrupt games go... :( ...and so, the skip to Samson's adult hood will hopefully be moderately seamless and make sense...I'm sorry...I'm just as aggravated as you...if not so much more!)
Samson's musical talent brings him more fame than his name as he grows in adulthood. Sure, everyone knows him and his father and his grandfather...and all his ancestors, but his skill with musical instruments is jaw dropping. Some will tell you that you can hand him a spoon and metal pan and he'd make the most beautiful noise.

He grew up mostly alone. His parents wanted the best for him, and the public eye was not it. He was home schooled and was kept pretty much inside, away from others. Perhaps this is why he is such an amazing musician? His mother's instruments were all he had for twenty years.

Well, not everything. Ramona made sure her son had a friend, someone to confide in. That friend was the son of an old friend of her's, Zane Xavier, also a vampire.

Samson and Zane are very much alike when it comes to talent. In fact, as soon as they were able, they made a name for themselves, 'After Hours'. Word spread quickly when they first went public with their music. Their vampirism, Andretti ties, and musical talent is certainly adding to their popularity.
" really do spend too much time out here." Zane disturbs the silence as he closes the balcony door behind him before joining Samson at the edge of the patio.

"I love it here...the view is amazing." Samson replies quietly as he takes a deep breath of the fresh air.
" are you feeling?" Zane looks at Samson with concern. Ramona's funeral was just last week, leaving Samson alone. Rodney had died years ago; shame vampires live so long and age much slower.

"I'll manage." Samson lets out a heavy sigh. " was hard losing my dad. But, losing my's unbearable."
"I know, man, I know." Zane agrees and Samson turns to face him.

"...we'd better head out. The gig's across town, and traffic is terrible on a Friday night." Samson looks back and down at the street where the cars are already bumper to bumper. "It's already backing up..."
As always, their two man show rocks Eugi's basement bar. "Who's that Apollo's got playing tonight?" She looks over at the bartender as he quietly tends to the bar.

"It's After Hours...haven't you heard of them?" The bartender continues cleaning the glasses.

"Hm...can't say that I have." She replies trying to recall anything she can.
"You never heard After Hours!?" He looks at her in disbelief. "I'm shocked, Sayler. Absolutely shocked. Go check 'em out...just don't let Apollo catch you in here. He says you're bad for business." He mumbles the last bit under his breath. She starts laughing as she rises from her stool and heads over to the stage to listen. "...wonder what crowd finds them so popular." She mutters to herself taking notice at the lack of people around the bar. She stands dead center in front of them, inspecting, judging, tossing ideas around in her head. She watches them closely and their music seeps in. '...exceptional music. Definitely good. Attractive members...vampires...that's interesting.' The thoughts and ideas scramble around her brain like lightning. '...Apollo can't pay them very well. Look at this place. It's nearly bankrupt.' "Sayler Vince!" She hears someone growl behind her.

"Ah...Apollo Bloom." She turns and gives him a snobby smile.

"What are you doing in my bar!?" He grunts; he can be a real pig sometimes.
"Oh, silly man. know I was enjoying this...jaw dropping party you have going on in here..." She says with a sweet smile, playing with his patience. "You're bad for my business...people start asking questions when you walk in...get out of here. Don't make me call security." He glares at her in a general paranoia. "And keep your hands off my band!" He points his finger at the stage.

"You're band? I didn't know you were in the music industry?" She continues to toy with him pretending to be interested.

"I'm not playing around, Sayler. Leave. Now." He storms off in a rage.
"...well, I don't know about you...but, I expected a little more crowd than that." Zane points his thumb over his shoulder as they walk away from Eugi's after closing time.

" think we're dying out? ...out with the old, in with the new?" Samson's worried voice troubles Zane.

"Heck no, man! ...we just need bigger gigs. Better clubs..." His voice trails off as a woman steps out in front of them from the side of the building.
"I was beginning to think you two would never step out of that bar." She shoots a flirty smile at them.

"And you are?" Zane glares at her. He doesn't much care for creepy-stalker-fans that appear in the shadows.
"Sayler Vince and I've a business opportunity for you, too." She stares right at Zane.

"Sayler Vince!? THE Sayler Vince!?" Zane stares at her in disbelief. "Funny...I thought you were a guy...maybe it was the Vince?" Zane scratches his forhead.

"Who's Sayler Vince?" Samson leans over and talks into his friend's ear.

"She owns The Brightmore...huge huge huge name in the high end clubs." Zane informs Samson, and he nods showing he understands. "...what's this about opportunities?" Zane looks back her, very interested in whatever she has to offer.

"...if the paparazzi see me here, we're in for a real crowd. You guys got some place we can go to discuss this in private?" She asks as she looks around at all the sky scrapers.
Samson and Zane decide that their apartment was the only 'private' place they knew of. Sayler put an idea on the table in front of them that she knew would be hard for them to pass up.

"So...we work under you...instead of freelance...and you make us legends?" Zane raises his eyebrows, partially in confusion.
"I know that money is not what drives you. In fact, I'll even go as far to say that you two are driven by two completely different both want something different from your band's success. I promise you that...if you promise your loyalty to your manager." "Zane, I don't think we have anything to lose...I mean...she wants more publicity for her club...and well, we want more publicity for us...right? Win-win?" Samson, a hair confused as well, stares across the room at his friend who's applying pressure to both his temples. "It is a win-win. But, I can promise you...if either of you try to ruin the reputation I have built for myself...I'll make sure your names are ruined with every possible person I know. And I know a lot of people." She looks back at Samson. "I make a commitment to you. You make a commitment to me." She sticks out her hand to shake Samson's. He looks back across the room at Zane, who shrugs his shoulders in a 'do whatever' kind of fashion. Samson reaches out and shakes her hand to seal the deal. A few days later, Sayler calls the guys and instructs them to meet her at her club, The Brightmore. They do as instructed, and as soon as they exit the elevator, she's standing there to greet them.

"Follow me." She smiles kindly, and leads them to the VIP entrance.
"...this two man show is awesome, it really is...but we won't get very far in the high-end places. We need a 'real' band. Your music is one of a kind, and because it's so...I had a hard time trying to find a third person. But, it dawned on me one morning...I know just the girl. She's...uhm...a rather colorful girl, quite the personality, honestly...and...well, for the most part she's inappropriate. But you can't find a better drummer. Come on." She turns and heads into the VIP section, the guys following closely behind. "...I love bubbles. I don't know about you...but, I love bubbles."

"V?" Sayler interrupts her.

"What?" The girl looks over in the direction of the band. "Oh!" She smiles a big smile.
"Boys. I like boys, too." She giggles as she blows some bubbles out of her mouth.

"V!" Sayler scolds her.

"...yeah, yeah. Stop being inappropriate, V." V rolls her eyes and mocks someone who has told her that before. "Look, I hate my real call me V, and nothing but V." Her tone suddenly changes to a grown woman's voice. "Unless you want to call me Sugar Baby, Hot Mama, Honey dear or something else cute like that..." She giggles again and then rises from her seat at the Bubble Bar. "When's our first gig? I'm ready to rock out."

"...well, she certainly has enthusiasm." Zane mutters under his breath as they follow behind her, behind Sayler out of the club.
Just as Sayler promised, After Hours tears through their competition. They produce #1 hits with every song they make. Their fans multiply faster than anyone can keep track of, and they begin to turn down gigs from being offered so many. Sayler was right. She made them legends. In the early hours of morning, Samson finds himself on the balcony looking out across Bridgeport. He, and his three friends, own this town. Everyone knows them and everyone loves them. The fame is overwhelming, and all but Samson eat it up. This is what he wanted; he doesn't mind it, but it isn't what he wanted. He stays awake most days trying to figure out what he wants...he's not happy, he's lonely, he's sad...but, most people know what would cure that disease...Samson doesn't know how. Samson decides he's worried about it long enough, and heads inside. He hears someone messing around in the kitchen, and thinking it's Zane, his only roommate, he walks over.

"Zaaa..." He starts Zane's name, but realizes that it is certainly not Zane getting in the refrigerator. "Can I help you?" Samson asks politely as he looks around the rest of the apartment for any other strange visitors.
"V?!" He stares back her as she closes the fridge revealing her identity. "What are you doing here?! ...especially dressed like...or rather, not dressed at all!?"

"Oh...Samson..." She looks down at the ground, almost as though she's ashamed. Samson looks on curiously, V is certainly not one to be ashamed of anything she does. "...let's face know why I'm here." She speaks up after an awkward silence. "Zane's just as shallow as I's all fun and games, that's all." She smiles an odd half smile, as though it really isn't what she wants from it. "'re a nice guy, Samson. You're going to make some girl...very, very happy...I know how girls like me can be, and I hope that you never end up with someone like me. You deserve better." She looks down at the ground again in shame. "I'm sorry. This is random...stop being inappropriate, V." She rolls her eyes and smiles again.
"I'm sorry...good-night, handsome." She shakes her head, looks back up at him, kisses his cheek, and steps behind him and heads back upstairs to Zane's room leaving him feeling even more lonely and sad. The next evening, the group decide to meet up at the Banzai Lounge. V and Sayler arrive quite a bit earlier than the guys; Sayler could tell something was bothering V.

"...I don't know, V. You just...well, you look depressed. That's not the V I know." Sayler stares back at her friend.

"...what?!" V looks around the lounge nervously. "I'm fine."
" can't lie to me. I know you too well." Sayler giggles. "Really, what's bothering you, girl? I'm worried about you."

"Sayler. I'm fine." V states firmly as the guys appear behind them.
"Sayler. V." Zane nods at each of the girls as the walk up. V immediately jumps up, and looks at both of the guys.

"I want to dance. Who's with me?" She looks at both of them, and Zane knowing full well that Samson isn't a dancer, he shrugs his shoulders.

"I guess that's me." Zane smiles, and follows V around the corner to the dance floor.
" can sit down, you know?" Sayler states quietly. A few seconds pass, and Samson jerks his attention to her. He hadn't realized she was talking to him. V's words are like a broken word in his head. "...did I miss something?" She asks trying the break the awkward silence.

"Huh?" Samson looks up at her again, after coming back to the present.

"You and V are acting weird..." She stares back at him with a wrinkled forhead.
"'re not an...item...are you!?" She asks with a goofy grin, trying to hide her worry. "What!?" She certainly has his attention now. "V!? Me?! Are you kidding...?! Cow plants aren't even interested in're crazy." She watches him nervously looking around the room, looking for an escape. Either he's really good at lying...or really bad, she can't tell. "...what's up with you?" Zane's dancing comes to a halt and he glares back at V.

"What do you mean?" She looks around at all the other people dancing around them.

"Stop being a pain, V. What's wrong with you? You've been weird since you came back upstairs last night..." He remains frustrated with her.
"...I don't want to talk about it, okay?" She avoids eye contact with him.

"No...we're going to talk about it. Tell me what's wrong with you. I kinda figured last night was a bad idea...but, what do you do!?" He shrugs his shoulders.
"A bad idea!?" She glares at him suddenly at her boiling point. "Really!? ...well, you know take that bad idea, and you sit on for a few days, and if you want to apologize for that remark...tell some other girl, I don't want to hear it." She pushes his shoulders with both her hands, and storms out of the lounge. Zane stands in the middle of the dance floor, alone, and thoroughly embarrassed. The night turned out to be a real waste...for everyone involved. Samson ended up being the last to leave Banzai, not because he was having so much fun, but because every one else left him there. He walked the streets of Bridgeport for a few hours in deep thought. Still searching for that 'something' that'd make him feel whole. Sayler retreated to her club, and she locked herself in the VIP area. She watches the fish swim back and forth, back and forth.

"...if only life were that simple." She sighs quietly to herself. Over the past few months, she's grown incredibly close to the band. All of them have become a tight little family. One break in the chain, and they all scatter. The majority of her has a nauseating fear that V has taken Samson. Not that he belonged to her, but Sayler felt that V would be more inclined to lean towards Zane. But, Zane is a playboy himself and V certainly doesn't like to work, no way would Zane be as easy a catch as Samson. But, Samson and V? Really...that's not something Sayler ever thought possible. She struggles for hours, talking to the fish, wondering what is happening to the band and if this is the end of the road for them.
Zane heads for Plasma 501 where he takes out his frustrations and empties his sorrows on the bartender until closing time. And lastly, V makes a visit to The Grind to dance her pain away. In most cases, dancing can heal any of her wounds-she gets lost in the music. But not this time, dancing won't fix her broken heart.

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I love the story..

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Sayler's hair looks awesome! Great story! \:\)

martoeleJan 4, 2011

Great continuation of your story. You hardly notice the glitch because you filled it up with text! Congratulations on the feature! \:\)

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