Tales from the Flipside (Special)
Published Dec 26, 2010

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Tales from the Flipside (Special)

[Director’s Commentary: This epilogue follows the season finale (6: Ground Zero) of the Tales from the Flipside series]

Tales from the Flipside (Special)

[Director’s Commentary: This epilogue follows the season finale (6: Ground Zero) of the Tales from the Flipside series]
The Vignette International Airport, France While awaiting the flight that will take himself, his brother, his wife, and his psychiatrist back to America, Jono Simanski places a call to his six-year-old son. [Jono:] “Hey, Jules.”
[Jules:] “Hey! Hi, Dad! Did Uncle Jesse find you? Did you get Mama? Are you all coming home right now this minute?”
[Jono:] “Yes, yes, and yes, we’re about to board a plane for home. Right now. This minute.”
[Jules:] “Will you call me from on the airplane like last time?”
[Jono:] “Yes. And we’ll be home in time to tuck you in.”
[Jules:] “Really? Really you will?”
[Jono:] “Yes. I promise.”
[Jules:] “But… Dad, will you have to go back to stay with the doctors after you tuck me in?”
[Jono:] “No, Jules. I only have to see the doctor a few times a week now, I don’t have to live there. Not anymore.”
[Jules:] “Awesome! And don’t worry, Dad. I have it all figured out. Windy is going to show me how to sell muffins and lemonade and stuff, so I can help pay the doctors.”
[Jono:] “It’s okay, Jules. I have a new job. Seems the Pennylane Institution of Psychiatric Services want me to teach them what’s wrong with their computer security. Part of what they’re going to pay me is free office visits.”
[Jules:] “Huzzah, Dad!”
[Jono & Jules:] *cheer* “For Pony!”
The phone is passed around to Dani and Jesse. By the time all have said their hellos and goodbyes, the flight is announced. Seating to begin in 15 minutes. [Dani:] “I’m going to use the restroom before we board.”
[Jesse:] “Okay. Don’t worry, if you get mesmerized checking yourself out in the mirror, we’ll send the doc in to get you so you don’t miss the plane.”
[Dani:] “Oh, you’re one to talk, Jesse. Play lets-make-faces-at-yourself much lately?”
[Jesse:] “Nah, not lately. I’m saving it up so I can teach Jules to do it when I get home.”
[Jesse:] “You want to shrink me so bad right now, don’t you?”
[Eve:] “No, Jesse, I do not want to ‘shrink’ you.”
[Jesse:] “Oh yeah you do. You’ve been thinking about shrinking me this whole trip.”
[Eve:] “…”
[Jesse:] “So… you want to go out some time?”
Eve opens her mouth and immediately shuts it again when she realizes what was about to come out of it. Did she nearly just say yes to a date with this… this jackass kid?
[Eve:] “I don’t think that’s a good idea, Jesse.”
[Jesse:] “That’s not a ‘no,’ Doc…”
[Eve:] “I think I’ll just go and check on Danielle, alright? Excuse me.”
[Jono:] “Did you just ask my shrink out on a date?”
[Jesse:] “Uh, ‘date’ is a strong word…”
[Jono:] “Dude! Not cool!”
[Jesse:] “I can’t help it. She’s sort of attractive to me. Now that she has hair.”
[Jono:] “What happened to you being into that red-headed rock chick?”
[Jesse:] “Gwen?”
[Jesse:] “I’m still totally into Gwen…” [Jesse:] “…but it’s not like I’m ever going to hook up with her outside a fever dream.”
[Jono:] “If I get you a date with Gwen, will you not date my shrink?”
[Jesse:] “Dude. You get me a date with Gwen, and not only will I not date your shrink, I’ll do your laundry for the rest of your life.”
[Jono:] “Brother, you are so going to regret saying that.”
[Eve:] “Danielle? Are you feeling ill?”
[Dani] “Hm? Yes. I mean, no. Well, it’s all been catching up with me the last few days. I’m just so exhausted, you know? Please don’t say anything to the boys about it. I’m sure I’ll be fine, once we get home.”
[Eve:] “Danielle… is it at all possible that you’re pregnant?” [Director’s Commentary: What follows these end credits (screens 26-42) is a collection of outtakes and deleted scenes taken throughout the filming of Tales from the Flipside. If you find you enjoy these, and you haven’t yet had a glance at the RatRaceRob ‘My Gallery’ … well, there’s some older silliness in there, too. Huzzah.]

((Special thanks to…

* Spitzmagic at TSR (“Sailing to Paris” painting)
* Tdyannd at TSR (“Gently Used” poster series)
* Riccinumbers at TSR (Ikea bed)
* Rudrakali at MTS (World Adventures travel posters)
* Spladoum at TSR for the liberal use of her version of EA’s Gwen Glover
* All those cc creators credited in previous Flipsides and Cribts
* All those cc creators I’ve failed to credit by name, here or elsewhere… my thanks, and my sincere apologies

> Readers-to-the-End-Credits, an earth-shaking THANK YOU and a Flipping fabulous New Year to you… it’s been a blast, and I have you all to thank for it forever :D ))
[Jesse:] “You think I can’t do serious? This is my serious face. So serious, it’s scary. If I turn this face on that woman behind me, she’ll probably scream and faint and ruin the whole shoot.”
[Director:] “I’m willing to take that risk. Look at the damn doctor, Jesse.”
[Dani:] “Papa don’t preach. I’ve made up my mind. I’m keeping my baby.”

[Director:] “Too bad that’s a line from a Madonna song, and not your line. Cut!”
[Marsilius:] “Oui oui, tres amusante.” [Jesse:] “My car looks like my shirt! Is that COOL or WHAT?!”

[Director’s Commentary: Jono and Jesse Simanski, age three. Yes, they do look a great deal like Jules (with mop haircuts), but that’s the real-retro-deal on the play rug. You have my word on that.]
[Jono:] “What does it taste like?”
[Jesse:] “It tastes like… car.”
[Jono:] “You know, they only think I’m a genius because you do stuff like try to eat your car. Thanks for that.”
[Jesse:] “Huh. You’re welcome.”
[Jono:] “This is not the underwear I left the house in. What’s that about?”

[Director:] “Don’t look at me. You’re supposed to be filming this scene in the buff. We can go back to the buff, if you’d rather.”
[Grim Reaper:] “What do you mean, my scene was CUT FROM THE EPISODE?!” [Grim Reaper:] “What’s that you say? Special features? Will I still be paid in the full amount of free-will hours as contracted?” [Director’s Commentary: Jono vs. the Grim Reaper at Pinnacle campgrounds.] [Director’s Commentary: Although Jono won the game, he did not receive credit for accomplishing his lifetime wish to become a Chess Legend. Apparently, winning the title ‘Underworld’ Chess Champion isn’t legendary enough.] [Jono:] “Lame.” [Dani:] “Is he going to keep hitting on me like this through the whole flight? Can we give him more of that sedative if it wears off?” [Gwen:] “You better wake up, Jesse. You’re going to be late for work.” [Jesse:] “Aw, dammit.” [Jono:] “THAT’S why you were late for work?” [Jono:] “You see what he’s doing? I have you to thank for that?”
[Jesse:] “Oh yeah. Simanski basic training is on. You’re welcome.”

[Director:] “That’s a wrap, folks.”

[Director’s Commentary: Work has begun on the script for a new series, perhaps to post next month. It will include members of Flipside’s … charming… cast. We want to keep the new hires down to a minimum. PIPS has precious few rooms left.]

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#22ShelleyBDec 31, 2010

I loved it! \:D I didn't realize the Grim Reaper was a chess champion, but then none of my characters play chess often. How cool!! Your film outtakes were great, too. I sincerely hope we only have to wait a month for more; the two so far have been such fun!! \:rah\:

#23FlatterJan 3, 2011

Splendid end to a great story. Thank you very much, it was hugely entertaining! \:rah\:

#24Fred&BarbJan 16, 2011

Oh GOOD!!! I get to rate it again!!! Fred here! I had to stop by and read it again! \:wub\: You're the bestest of bestests :wub

#25YrS92Jan 28, 2011

Wow again \:rah\: A great, great ending for a perfect story, simply breath-takingly amazing! I'm running out of words to describe it \:P Wonderful work Rob! \:rah\:

#26emilymarie0201Feb 21, 2011

HAHA! I loved the director cuts!

#27flody888Feb 22, 2011

Is that Leo Sekemoto's dad in screen 33? \:confused\: Just wondering! \:D

#28Lynn332Apr 14, 2011

#29sara_ashleyApr 17, 2011

<strong>wonderful story Rob \:D !! thank you so much \:\) Sara</strong>

#30HellsaintJul 12, 2011

One word: <strong>EPIC!</strong>&nbsp;I was wondering about Jono's agrophobia in <em>Welcome to the Childhood</em>&nbsp;and now, I totally get it!!! Apparently, I must missed out a whole deal not reading the previous series \:o There were so much feeling in this series, excellent narration and as usual, mind-blowing screenshots \;\) coupled with good posing and intriguing plot... what is not to like?<em>Tales from the Cribt</em>&nbsp;was really really a darling series too, "For PONY!" \:D Thank you for the great reads, Rob. \:\)

#31Bo0GeRBELLAug 18, 2011

<strong>AMAZING SERIES! </strong>I loved the shot of the Grim Reaper's complaint of being cut. :P

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