Fragile, precious things
Published Jan 6, 2011

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Welcome to my latest story "Fragile, precious things." I hope you all enjoy this series, it has been my labor of love for quite some time now!

Chapter 1: Sweet dreaming

Welcome to my latest story "Fragile, precious things." I hope you all enjoy this series, it has been my labor of love for quite some time now!

Chapter 1: Sweet dreaming
She was certain this was a dream.. a distorted memory of sorts.. a lucid dream. A sense of nostalgia surrounded her. She was certain this was a dream...

She examined her surroundings, to her disappointment she was alone with nothing but an expanse of crashing waves before her. She called out, "Hello??" her voice seemed loss in the silence. She knew this feeling all too well.. desolation, abandonment.. loneliness.

Then suddenly the silence was broken by a nearby familiar voice that called out to her, "Grace." She recognized the baritone voice instantly. Eliot!
Even in dreams, the sight of him made her heart leap and she prayed she wouldn't wake soon. He walked towards her, as she had imagined and wished so many times he would. "I knew you would come here, i could always find you at the beach." He cooned, proving he too was aware this encounter was in the realm of a dream.

"You know me.." She declared, "This has always been my favorite spot."

"Our favorite," he corrected. Smiling that broad handsome smile of his. He gazed at her amorously.
He reached up to affectionately caress her face. She felt nothing and desperately longed for the warmth of his touch once more.

"I miss you Eliot.. why can't this be real?"
His smile slowly hid into a somber expression "I wish it was sweetheart."

The chiming of a familiar synchronized beat intruded them.

"Thats your alarm clock. You'll be waking up any minute now. Grace, remember how much i love you. "
"I love you too Eliot, so much. When will i see you again?" She questioned.
"In time, you will.. i'll come back to you."
He leaned to whisper in her ear and repeated his promise, "Don't let me go Grace.. I'll come back to you." The rude awakening of the alarm clock brought Grace Harmon back to reality. How she hated awakening this way. Being taunted by dreams intensified her feelings of loneliness. Slowly, reluctantly, she willed herself out of bed. When she finally arose, she took a moment to gaze out the windows at the rising california sun making its morning debut. 'The start of another day without you Eliot..' she thought bitterly to herself. 'How much more can i take?' she questioned her strength and sanity.

Another glance at the clock prompted her to a quick shower and cup of coffee before heading out to face the usual monday commute into the city.
Grace lived in the prestigious and glamorous community of beverly hills. Born into a wealthy family, Grace never had to work for finanicial obligations. She aspired to becoming a world class surgeon solely because of her passion of knowledge and wanting to help heal and cure others. Grace was halfway through completing her residency at Skyborough Private Hospital. Her main interest was in neurology. But as a requirement to her residency, Grace worked most days at the skyborough private walk-in clinic. Traffic this morning was backed up due to unannounced constuction work on the bridge. When Grace finally arrived at the clinic she was 45min unusually late. Her morning was already off to a bad start, and she hoped it would soon recover. "Good morning Grace!" Came a greeting from the newly hired nurse, Jodie Warner.

Grace smiled, "Good morning Jodie.. traffic was horrible, pardon my lateness. Wait, where are all the patients?" She asked quizically surprised to witness an empty waiting room.

"I took the liberty of prepping all your patients for the morning, they are all ready and waiting for you in the exam rooms. Oh and theres a fresh pot of coffee brewing for you in your office as well."

Grace was impressed at the young nurse's efficiency and initiative and told her so. Her morning was looking better already!
Heath Garrison, star quaterback for the los angeles llamas and one the the cities most sought after bacheolors, was one of the patients waiting eagerly in the exam room. Impatiently he glanced at the clock, 8:30 am. 'Where the heck is this Dr. Harmon?' He thought. He hated hospitals and clinics and never would have come if it wasn't for his agent badgering him about how even a minor sports injury could ruin a career.'If this doctor doesn't show in the next 5 minutes, Im outta here.'
Moments later there was a light knock on the door.
"Mr. Garrison, good morning, Im Dr. Harmon. My apologies for keeping you waiting."
Any anger he had over her delay vanished the second he laid eyes on her striking, sophisticated beauty.
"Don't worry about it. & Call me Heath.."
"Very well, Heath, pleasure to meet you. In that case, call me Grace."
"The pleasure is all mine Grace," He extended his hand for her to shake which she did. She noticed how soft and warm his hands were, which suddenly reminded her of Eliot, embarassed she couldn't help but blush and quickly changed the subject.

"So your experiencing pain in your left leg? When did you notice the pain?" She asked as she visually examined his tone and muscular leg. She admitted to herself he was attractive and noticed him checking her out in return but refused to let on, she was among all things a professional.
"Actually, im not in pain. Just here to make sure my endorsed million dollar leg is ok. Nature of the game is to be rough and rugged, See, im a quaterback for the LA llamas, you probably recognize me from tv?"
Grace raised an eyebrow in response to his question, being a doctor left little time for football, and she didn't recall ever seeing or hearing his name before. "I uhhh.."

"Its ok if your starstruck darlin' happens all the time." He added arrogantly and smiled.

Grace scoffed aloud which sounded more like a cough. 'what a shame,' she thought to herself, 'so handsome, yet just another shallow, self-absorbed celebrity.'
"I see, well about your leg,.. I think in order in rule out any other injuries we should do a quick x-ray, and if everything checks out ok, you should be on your way back to that football field, excuse me." And with that she exited the room.
One hour later, Grace returned to give Heath the results of the x-ray.
"Give it to me straight doc... how much longer do i have to live?" Heath joked in his best dying mans interpretation.

Grace gave a brief half smile at his comment before answering. 'how charming', she thought sarcastically. "Well, Mr. Garrison.."

"Heath," he reminded her.
"...It Looks like you recieved a minor sprain. An ice pack, and some rest and you should be fine."

"You healed me doctor Grace! Thank-you! How can i ever repay you?" He joked again hoping to gain a smile from her.

Her pager beeping saved her from responding to his question.. "Your welcome, i have to go. Take care, Heath."
For the rest of the morning, Grace occupied herself with paperwork. For some reason, she couldn't shake off her encounter with Heath Garrison, She has met dozens of celebrities before living in LA its like second nature. She has met and examined hundreds of other men in a professional sense. Yet a mere handshake from Heath and she reacted in such a way, ..was she that deprived of touch?
Another page interruped her thoughts.. a patient walked in requiring stitches.. duty calls.
Back at his luxury downtown loft, Heath absorbed the rooftop views of the city as he drank his beer. Heath "The champion" (as his NFL buddies nicknamed him) Garrison rose to the top by being rugged, strong-minded and downright too stubborn to take 'no' for an answer. He has come a long way from the poor swamp kid growing up in North Carolina with a deadbeat dad, left to raised by a dying mother and frail grandmother. He had to sit out of tonight's game for precautionary reasons, but he was determined in a few days when he finished 'resting' he was going to start a rigorous strength training routine.The game was his life. A light rain had started outside, a rarity in California standards. Heath headed inside just in time to catch the evening game. He kicked back and observed the game. He didn't just watch the game for the sport of it, He studied the players and game plays. Game coverage came on afterwards. This was the part were he usually turned off the TV to call it a night, but after hearing one of the anchormen say his named, it spiked his interest.

"Heath Garrison, lead quaterback for the llamas, sat out of tonight's winning game, Over, get this a sprained ankle!! We ask ourselves, could it mean the llamas other player, Denny James is just as valuable to the team as Heath?"
They continued to compare Denny to Heath in what seemed like an endless tirade. Heath had heard enough and turned off the tv, aggrivated. No way was he going to sit out of another game. He wouldn't give his team member and rival Denny James the luxury; he would never let that arrogant jerk take over his job.
Needing something to take his mind off the day's disappointing events, Heath ran through his long list of phone numbers. He wished he had scored that hot doctor, Grace's number. What a dark haired sophisticated beauty she was! Instead he settled on the next best canidate, a waitress he met at the sports bar a few nights ago, Mandy Kreugar. She answered on the first ring, a sure sign of desperation. Heath invited her over to his apartment, giving her the address. He could hear the smile in her voice as she responded she'd be there in 10 minutes. It was a long day back at the clinic. Grace was thankful to have Jodie working beside her, she was a little too perky and overly enthusiastic, but she was a great help and good at her job. "Thanks for all your help today Jodie. I really appreciate it."

Jodie smiled a wide smile. "Don't mention it Grace, Hey want to stop by Joe's diner across the street for dinner? On me?"
Jodie was a sweet girl but Grace questioned whether she was genuine to trying to play nice as the newbie.. "No sorry Jodie i can't, maybe another night? I have to check on one more patient. See you tomorrow?"
"Ok, another time then! Goodnight, see you tomorrow!"
Grace took the elevator up the 5th floor. She knew this part of the hospital well. It was the quietest least busy floor. Few visitors visited here, few get well cards and flowers were sent up here. It was where she could find him... Eliot Watts, former chemist and professor now laid in bed, in a comatose state in which he has remained for almost two years.

"Eliot..Its me.. Grace," she called out to him annoucing her presence, never losing faith that someday, somehow, he was listening..
"Come back to me Eliot.." she pleaded. "Come back to me."

*To be continued* I should have part 2 posted within the next week! Please check back for updates to this series and feel free to leave comments and feedback, i love reading them!!

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#13hsmroxyJan 15, 2011

I love this story! It's great! Can't wait to read the next chapter! And by the way, I love your Sims, they are just so cute!

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#15Jan 22, 2011

great story

#16roberth131313Jan 23, 2011

Your story is so cool! you make me to play sims again...thank you...\:rah\:

#17SimplySarahJan 28, 2011

I liked it. you are a very good wrighter. Sorry about my spelling. Hope they just get better and  better.

#18devonadairJan 29, 2011

That's REALLY cool! Can't wait for more!  \:\)

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#20rodrigosovMar 18, 2011

Great story!\:\)

#21sara_ashleyMay 17, 2011

wonderful story !! can't wait to read more \:D \:D Sara

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