The Andretti Legacy (111)
Published Jan 2, 2011

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 111

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 111
After Hours quickly fell apart. The public and media assumed that after seven platinum records the band was taking a break. But, the four of them knew better. They knew it was over. The end had come, and it was time to move on.

Sayler Vince remained as popular and famous as she always had been. She remained in the headlines and her club was busier than ever. She got what she wanted from After Hours, publicity. But, like Samson...she still felt empty.

Samson keeps to himself, more so than usual, and avoids the media and public eye. His depression was beginning to show, and any time he showed his face, the tabloids exploded with nonsense.

Zane continues his party lifestyle...girlfriend after girlfriend, party after party. You'll spot V around town doing the same thing, but while Zane is having fun, V is merely trying to hide a broken heart.
Just after 2am, V leaves a crazy party feeling particularly lonely. She has no one to turn to, and no place of her own to sleep. So, she heads to an old friend's. She presses the call button on the gate, and waits. She gets no answer, and then presses the talk button.

"I know its late...and I'm sorry, but can you please let me in? ...I need someone to talk to." V speaks into the box with a very, very sad voice.

"'s 2:15 in the morning." Sayler replies quietly.

"Please, Sayler." V looks up at the house. She waits patiently, and finally the gate buzzes and she rushes through.
V waits patiently in Sayler's living room. V often finds she's jealous of Sayler. Sayler's influential, she's powerful, she's incredibly wealthy. In fact, there's not a single sim alive that's not jealous of Sayler in some way. The lights flick on, and V turns as Sayler finally comes down the stairs.

"...what do you need, V?" Sayler looks over her friend; she looks beaten and tired.

"I'm tired of this life, Sayler." V responds with a broken voice. "...I don't have any real friends. We're all fake...every single one of us. We're shallow and just vicious animals. I miss the band...I miss you and I miss the guys. You three were the only real people I've ever met. I've realized lately really can't have your cake and eat it, too. I always thought that being famous and rich and beautiful would...make me happy. What a joke!" She rolls her eyes, and Sayler listens carefully. "...I can't believe I was so naive."
" sounds like you're finally growing up. I feel like I need to call you Vivian now, and not just V." Sayler giggles quietly.

"Please don't...I hate my name. Let's just stick with V, okay?" V smiles, and then her eyes fill up with tears.

"Why are you crying?" Sayler takes a step forward.

"Sayler, I'm V!" She raises her voice a little. "I am V! ...I'm on top of the world, everybody knows me...everybody wants to dance with me...everybody I know loves me...but I hate me. I'm miserable, Sayler...just so darn sad." Sayler wipes a tear from her friend's cheek and comforts her with a hug.

"We'll get you straightened out, V. Don't worry." She whispers quietly.
A few weeks pass, and Sayler completely remodels V. The public is shocked by the new appearance, but they love it! V feels new and refreshed. She feels like this is a new beginning for her.

One night they decide to hang out at Aquarius. V talks all about her 'relations' with Zane, and why she was acting so weird the night they all feel apart. She told Sayler how she felt about Zane, and that she was partially thankful for what happened. Without it, she'd still be the same old V.
Sayler listens as V continues on about random things, but spots Zane and Samson out of the corner of her eye at the bar. They must have just walked in.

She rises from her lounger, and grabs V's hand. "Come on, girl. Let's dance." She smiles as she pulls V out of the chair and drags her to the dance floor.
The two of them start dancing and laughing and having a really, really good time. Sayler watches as Zane and Samson walk towards them; she has a feeling they don't know who they are quite yet. It's pretty dark on top of the skyscraper at night. "Look who it is, Samson." Zane stops just as he reaches the dance floor. "Where?" Samson looks around clueless. He finally realizes Zane was talking about Sayler and V, but before he can reply back, Zane is already over there talking to them. Samson keeps off the dance floor. He's never been a very good dancer anyway. Sayler notices him and she waves politely, and he waves back. Within a few seconds, Zane and V are dancing wildly. "Aren't you going to ask me to dance?" Sayler smiles a funny smile as she joins Samson on the side of the floor. "I would if I could." Samson laughs as he watches Zane dancing with V. "Well...I'll teach you. Come on." Sayler tells him and walks off towards the other side of the dance floor. Pretty soon, Sayler has Samson moved to the center of the floor and dancing pretty well. The four of them enjoy the night-just like old times. A few paparazzi spot them and snap some pictures, but the four ignore them. Especially V. For once, dancing is feels right. Perhaps it's because Zane is her partner...perhaps it's because the group is together again. At least for the night. The time passes on, and eventually Zane and V end up in the hot tub. A few more minutes and they share the same side. Sayler spots them cuddling, and she stops dancing.

"Look at that..." She says quietly with a smile.

"...what?" Samson looks around.
Samson realizes what she's looking at, and a part of him sinks. He knows Zane too well, and it's no doubt that they flocked to Sayler and V because they're the best looking girls in the club right now. Not because he has true genuine feelings for her. He could be wrong. Zane does bring up V's name in random conversation every now and then.

" you think he really cares for her?" Sayler asks softly.

" I don't really know..." He stares at the two in the hot tub, and the sight makes him sad. Zane can have any girl he so much as looks at, and poor Samson can't even stomach spending 'time' with a girl and not having feelings for her. It just felt wrong to him. One day his girl will come, though. One day.

"I think I'm going to head home. Those two will be there for the rest of the night, I'm sure." She giggles, and tries to gather the courage to invite Samson to come with her.

"Yeah, bet I won't see him until tomorrow night at the earliest. See you later, Sayler. It was good seeing you again." Samson smiles kindly, and walks away towards the elevator.

Sayler watches him leave, kicking herself for not speaking up sooner.
The next morning, as Sayler's washing the breakfast dishes, V walks up the stairs.

"I was beginning to think you were never coming home." Sayler laughs. "How'd it go?"
"He said...well, we had a long talk last night...and he said we'd give it a go. See what happens. We either make it...or we don't." V smiles from ear to ear as she shrugs her shoulders. "V!" Sayler shouts. "That's great!" She reaches forward and wraps her arms around her. "I'm sooo happy for you!" As the weeks pass, Zane spends more and more time at Sayler's. V had moved in a few days before they all met back up at Aquarius. The three of them were becoming really close friends again.

"Why doesn't Samson ever come with you?" Sayler asks out of the blue.

Zane stops playing shuffleboard, and looks up at V with a funny smile.

"I told you." He grins.

"What does that mean!?" Sayler suddenly gets very nervous as she looks back and forth between them.

"Zane and I had a bet that when the two of us starting hanging out more...that either you or Samson would get lonely. I thought Samson would...but, Zane said it'd be you because Samson is already lonely." V rolls her eyes laughing.

"I'm not lonely!" Sayler gasps. "I just think it'd be nice if he were here." She shrugs her shoulders.

"So, you like him?" V smiles.

"...I can't believe the two of you." Sayler stops suddenly feeling particularly embarrassed. "You're trying to set me up! "
"Is it working?" Zane asks and looks at her with a straight, but curious face.

"Zane!" Sayler glares back at him.
"Why don't you call Samson? Invite him over...tell him Sayler was asking about him." Zane looks over at V with a slick smile. "V, now guys are totally blowing this out of proportion." Sayler rubs her neck and her palms start sweating. "I mean, seriously...don't invite him over..."

"But you were just asking about him?" V asks as she searches through her phone for his number. "This is what you quiet and don't complain." V finds it, and presses 'call' while Zane laughs to himself.
"Samson, hey!" V smiles. "I'm doing fine, you?" She pauses to listen. "That's great...look, Zane and I are over here at Sayler's...she's been asking why you haven't been coming over with your buddy." She pauses again. "Samson...that's a dumb excuse." She listens again. "Look....get dressed, brush your teeth, and get out of the house and into a taxi that's headed here. Talk to you soon." She smiles and hangs up the phone. "He's coming." V smiles as she puts the phone down.

"There." Zane looks over his shoulder at Sayler. "He's on his way...we did our part. Now it's your turn."

"My turn for what!?" Sayler tries to play dumb.

Zane and V start laughing, and Sayler gives in.
"I can't believe this." She shakes her head with a half-smile. A few minutes after Samson arrives, Zane looks across the table at Sayler.

"Well...aren't you going to talk to him or something?" He asks with a sneaky grin, and Sayler glares back at him.
"Is that what this was about, V?" Samson looks over at V sadly, and suddenly Sayler feels very, very awkward. "Zane!?" V looks across at Zane. "...why did you say that?!" "I get it. Thanks anyway..." Samson replies sadly as he crosses in front of Sayler and leaves heads downstairs to the front door. Sayler glares at Zane; if looks could kill. "...okay, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything." Zane replies realizing that he's just thoroughly angered everyone in the room. "You should probably go talk to him..." Sayler walks down the stairs after Samson not really sure of what to say when she does stop him. Much to her surprise, he's not left at all. He's standing by the window looking into the pool. "Samson?" She calls his name quietly. "...this wasn't my idea; I want you to know that." She begins, realizing he's not going to say anything.

"I don't care." He mumbles under his breath.

"Do you care about anything?" She asks the back of his head.
"Does it really matter?" He turns to face her. "I don't know why everyone is so bothered with how I live my life."

"...can I ask you something?" She stares back at him with kind eyes.
"...why not? ...seems I'm the highlight of today's show." He shrugs his shoulders.

"...a long time ago, I met you...and Zane. You were...barely C-list celebrities. We made a deal...I made you A-listers...and you brought me business. So far...everyone has gotten what they wanted from that...except you. I still can't figure you out. What is it that you want? Why do you wake up everyday? What are you searching for?" She watches him, and how her words suddenly change his attitude.

"...that was more than one question." He smiles at her, and she laughs.
He sighs heavily, and then begins speaking softly.

" the time, I had no idea what I wanted. I knew it wasn't fame...or fortune...or fancy things." He stares off, away from her. "Ever since my mother died...I've...had this emptiness inside. I can't really explain it...I just feel alone...all the time." He lets go of another heavy sigh. "...Zane, he doesn't help. He doesn't really understand...I mean, he says he does...but, he really doesn't."
"...I think I understand." She looks up at him. "You loved your motherly...very dearly. She was very important to you...or so I've heard. I'm sure, that you had all this love inside of you for her...and when she died, I am sorry for the loss, you had no where for that love to you keep it bottle it up, and it continues to depress you everyday because you have no one to pour it into." "I'm not asking you to give it to me...but, you need to get it out." She whispers and he stares back at her, finally feeling completely understood. "...the more you keep it inside, the more it will make you sad. You've been sad ever since I met you, Samson. You've been bottling up your emotions...and you've been lonely since she left you." "I'm going to go back upstairs...I'm pretty frustrated with our friends right now, so if you still want to talk...I'll be on my patio." She looks directly at him, smiles a sweet smile, and then looks away sadly before heading up the stairs. Sayler watches the sun set over the water, and tries to relax. Her emotions are going crazy and her brain and heart are arguing back and forth. She's a disaster.

Everything she said to Samson, she should have said to herself...years ago. She's always been so wrapped up in her business and getting her name out there and moving forward. She never left any time for love.
Samson quietly joins her on the patio just as the sun disappears behind the ocean. He takes a few steps closer to her, breathes in deeply, and then speaks.

"...if I let it out...if I give it all away..." He stares at the back of her head. "Will you promise me to do the same? You're just as guilty as I am."
"...okay." She smiles as she turns to face him. "I promise."

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silvertoraFeb 10, 2011

Great work - this takes a lot to put together and I wonder if anyone really realises just how much time and effort is involved if they haven't tried it themselves. I love your story - still wondering whatever happened to the rest of the twins from the previous episodes - did those girls get married, have kids etc? Did they ever even try to meet up with their cousins? - Looking forward to the continuation of the "Days and Nights of the Andretti Legacy" \:\)

anura32Feb 1, 2011

Yahoooooooo.... Well I loved this chapter.

joker52455Jan 30, 2011 to ruin the lovefest: you seriously need to stop using ellipses so much. It's driving me crazy! Also, please proofread your stories. Usually your stories are virtually error-free; now I'm seeing typos and awkward sentences. I know you're busy, but it's all I could focus on \:wacko\: Besides that, I loved this chapter.

Bubbablue12Jan 17, 2011

great story \:\)

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