Fred & Barb - City Lights 1
Published Jan 10, 2011

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We proudly present....
Barb, it's not our first story together is it?, matter of fact it's our that right...yes I think it is...
But it is an absolute FIRST from our new office!
.... Freddy it sure is...are the movers here yet with our furniture????

Welcome to Fred and Barb's new story. Thank you all for reading and leaving comments.

We proudly present....
Barb, it's not our first story together is it?, matter of fact it's our that right...yes I think it is...
But it is an absolute FIRST from our new office!
.... Freddy it sure is...are the movers here yet with our furniture????

Welcome to Fred and Barb's new story. Thank you all for reading and leaving comments.
”Morning Dad, what cha doing?”

“Well, son, what does it look like?”
“Morning mom,”

“Morning son…hungry…breakfast is almost ready”

“Smells great mom and you look great this morning mom.”
“Rowan, something on your mind?”

“Dad, would it be ok with you and mom if I spent a few nights with Aunt Barb and
Uncle Nita? I still have a week before school starts after the holidays.”

“Did you get all your winter break projects completed?”


“Fred………what do you think?”
... “Here’s your pancakes hon, eat up before they get cold.”


“Sean…was that necessary?”
“Rowan…..ummm I don’t know, your Aunt Barb might be too busy, we’ll have to call her…”

“Aw come on mom, Mike is there I’ll hang with him, Holly can come too... I’ll stay out of their way, I promise...”
“Hey Rowan, I’d love to go with…. but Crystal is coming over here, we have some
girl plans…you wouldn’t be interested.”

“No I guess not……. Mom???……

“Ok, well then…. lets give Barb a call….”
... "Hey sis, Rowan wants to come spend a few days with you. Do you think that would be alright? Just remember the curfew and don't let him get to far out of your sight." “Hey sis, sure he can come over …it'll be fine we would love to have him stay for a few days and don't worry sis...we won't let the Sunset police have him...LOL." “Well…..????”

“She said yes, behave yourself and don’t be a bother…:”

“Thanks mom…”
A little bit later Rowan arrives at Barb’s. He loves his mom and dad but he also loves his Aunt Barb and Uncle Nita, but most of all he wants to hang with Mike. To Rowan…Mike is his mentor. Spying Mike’s motorcycle on the way to the door, he stops and stares at it.
”One day I’m going to have one of those” he whispers under his breath.
“Hey Uncle Nita, I’m here…Where’s Mike?”

“Hey Rowan…BARB…Rowan’s here…..Rowan you can go on up Mike is on the deck”
“Hey Mike….what’s up?” ”Hi Rowan, mom said you were coming over for a few days…Do you remember that
music school I mention over the Holidays? Well, are you up for a trip to the big city tomorrow? I’ll show you my new place and the school.
“I would love to tag along ..but what will Aunt Barb say?”
“We’ll be back by dark. We’ll just tell her it’s just a day trip, she’ll be ok with it.”
Later that night the two spent some Jammin’ time..
“Rowan, your going to love the Academy of Music”
Just then they heard Barb yell “DINNER’S READY!!!!”
“I’ll tell her tonight…I really don’t think she’ll mind.” “Mom…Hey wow! Supper’s great… I really miss your home cooked meals.”

“Thanks Mike. Are you trying to butter me up for something? We are so happy that you will be much closer to us now. When will your apartment be ready?”

“No mom, I really mean it...supper is delish but speaking of apartments… it’ll be ready in a week or two, but hey… I was thinking…I need to run downtown tomorrow, would it be ok if Rowan came with me? We’ll be back by dark.”
”Well, I don’t see why not, I really don’t think Fred would mind as long as your are back before midnight, but you will take my car. I’ll not have you both on that motorcycle of yours.”

“Sure mom… hey thanks and thanks for that great supper too!”

That weekend was the first weekend Fred and Sean were actually alone. With Rowan gone to Aunt Barbs, Sean had booked a romantic get away trip. Their first one in years… Fred of course had not been there over night, nor did she realize what the night held. She and Barb were only here on a shopping spree but left before the night awoke. The Junior Suites in the Imall - Forrit Hotel was situated right downtown.
“…Sean… will you check this out?... They have little detergent sachets”
“… Honey…. Are you ready to go get a bite to eat yet?”
“We are not getting room service then?”
“Aww… come on Fred…. It’ll be fun!”
“FUN????..... Sean! Look at that woman’s eyes! How come I didn’t notice the likes of her when Barb and I were here? For some reason it’s not the same as I remember it. I knew the big city was a place of the devil… I … oh well… let’s go. I am HUNGRY!” “Just the two of you?”

“Sean… Let’s call the girls and Barb and check in…. See if everyone is alright… I have Mac and cheese in the fridge… the girls should know it’s in there… please Sean?”

“Honey….. relax, everything is fine”!
But Fred could not relax… Not even the shrimp special could ease her mind. She had not even taken her coat off… Yes, they went home again. To their cozy hotel room. Fred wanted to talk to Sean.. Fred sighed with relief… what was it that turned her off? It was not that she never had her share of partying and nights on the town when she and Barb were younger…it could be maybe that she had never really been exposed to the “big city” hustle and bustle night life. The night people scared her with their red glowing eyes, maybe they were just contacts, that's what she kept telling herself. “I don’t know Sean… I just don’t trust these city folk…”

“Fred… please…this is our chance to have a nice romantic get away. Just me and you. You were not at all relaxed the whole evening… maybe we will go and DANCE the night away tomorrow! I've heard this place has great pizza too. How about that?”

“I don’t know Sean…something just doesn’t feel right…I have no idea what’s eating me…”
“Hey sweetie, take off your coat, how bout I run you a nice warm bath…would you like that? How about some bubbles too?"

“Sean, honey…I would love that..”
"What’s that smell?"

"It might be the garlic hon.."

"Why in gods name are you eating garlic?"

"It works… they say…. Keeps the vampires from us and our doorstep.”
"….SEAN!!!!.... Vampires!!! I was just relaxing!" “Sean are we ready to accept that our daughter will be living here? I don’t know what I would do if Rowan would want to live here too. Why can’t the girls just get a home in Sunset, there’s plenty to choose from…I wish I knew the address to the place they said they had looked at….maybe I’ll call Holly and get it…we can go check it out…” “Fred, please stop worrying, there will be plenty time for all that later. they still have a few months before they move here.” “Owww… I know sweetie… You are so right. I should be HERE and think of you instead!”

“OK… Now we’re talking honey. Come on… Let’s go make ourselves comfy. I will give you one of my famous back rubs…”
Early the next morning Mike and Rowan drove up to his downtown apartment. "Wow Mike this is great, man it would be so cool to live here with you” “Once the contractors complete the kitchen it should be ready to move in.
Maybe we can talk to my mom about you living here and completing the last half of your senior high school year here, you only have 5 months to go …and maybe she can talk to your mom. Lets go check out the school.”
“Here it is Rowan, isn’t it great. It's mostly college programs, but they do have high school programs too....Let’s go inside.”

“Wow Mike, man it’s really big. Looks expensive”

“Naw, it's not too much for Auntie Fred and Uncle Sean they can afford it..This is just one of the many class rooms they have here. They have excellent teachers here, it would be perfect for you.”

“Yeah try and tell that to mom.”
“I think your doing great Rowan, we’ll talk to Auntie Fred, I’m sure she’ll come around. One more stop, and then we’ll get on the road home.”
“There this place that has great pizza…”
“Come on Mike open the box, I’m starved.” "Oh man Mike... this is a great place, look at all the girls…oh yeah, great pizza too."

"Yes I see, that one standing by the bar is pretty cute too. I noticed her in the corner of my eye when we got the pizza."

Oh I can’t wait to come back with you again. What time is it Mike...looks a bit dark out there."

...What time is it Mike...looks dark out."

"Wow...Rowan..where did the time go, it's like 10pm..we better get home if I'm to get you home by midnight. I can explain to mom why it took a little longer." “Rowan……ROWAN!!!!!!!........SEAN!!!!!!!!!! oh..............................

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HellsaintAug 26, 2011

woah, crap. feel a little sorry for Sean, he was just having a nights out! \:P great start! \:D

urm0mJan 16, 2011

Haha seeing your Mum on a night out would be funny \:D

Jennifer_RJan 16, 2011

Hahahaha! Naughty Rowan! When Mike suggested pizza I thought oh no they're going to run into Fred! lol And poor Fred she's not really up for the 'city lights' so to speak. \;\) Nicely done, very entertaining. \:\)

RatRaceRobJan 15, 2011

Lol... lots of fun here, Fred&Barb, congrats!  I especially lol'd at screen #26-- Fred still bundled in her coat, the bartender bundled in her... ah... bartending outfit... :P!  Now it looks like those boys are going to be in some kind of trouble-- but at least they got to have some great pizza first \;\)! \:wub\:

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