Cape Adventures Part Two
Published Jan 20, 2011

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With apologies to The Steve Miller Band :)

People keep talking about me, baby
Say I'm doin' you wrong, doin' you wrong
Well, don't you worry baby, don't worry
Cause I'm right here, right here, right here, right here at home

Cause' I'm a picker, I'm a grinner,
I'm a lover, and I'm a sinner,
Play my music in the sun
I'm a joker . . .

With apologies to The Steve Miller Band :)

People keep talking about me, baby
Say I'm doin' you wrong, doin' you wrong
Well, don't you worry baby, don't worry
Cause I'm right here, right here, right here, right here at home

Cause' I'm a picker, I'm a grinner,
I'm a lover, and I'm a sinner,
Play my music in the sun
I'm a joker . . .
Grayson couldn't get the chords right no matter how much he practised. He was working on the classic rock song because Moe had mentioned it one night, saying it was his all time favourite.
It was going to be a surprise for their anniversary. Grayson had planned to get a babysitter in and to take Moe back to Napoleon's, where they'd first met. Their life together had been filled with joy and sunshine since they adopted Violetta. She brought them both such happiness that they felt Lady Luck was smiling down on them.
She grew from a good natured baby into a charming toddler, even if her birthday did result in a bit of a melt down due to over excitement at the delivery of lots of lovely presents.
Moe took it upon himself to take a break from his burgeoning landscaping and gardening business to teach Violetta all the important things in life, how to talk, walk and use the potty chair.
Grayson was continuing to develop his reputation as an artist, the only problem he was finding was giving up his finished paintings, so far he'd got more of his artwork on the house walls than in an art gallery or shop.
Moe's garden, however, was growing beautifully and his produce was filling up the shelves at the local grocery store and people from across the neighbourhood were popping by to ask him if he could come look at their wilting watermelons and overgrowing garlic.
Life carried on at a nice and relaxed pace, Moe in the garden, Grayson out by the easel painting and little Violetta either playing with her blocks or the xylophone. The days of her toddlerhood were very precious to the McTavish men and were spent in a paroxysm of joy and happiness.
Unfortunately there was a dark cloud on the horizon and Fate's Joker was about to be played.
Moe got a phone call. It was from someone overseas wanting him to go out for a month to assess a landscaping and gardening project. The recommendation had come from Moe's old friend Alec Trebo, a merchant trader who'd got extensive contacts all over the globe and who felt his buddy could do with a prestigious client willing and able to spend wads of cash on a luxury overhaul of their property.
There was also work for Grayson, the mansion belonging to the garden was being extensively renovated too and would require new artwork in keeping with the high profile of the celebrity who'd purchased it.

Unfortunately there was just one problem. The famous person hated children and they couldn't take Violetta.
They talked about it a lot. They fought over it a lot, they cried over it a lot. But, in the end, they decided that Moe simply couldn't pass up the chance of making a name for himself in the gardening and landscaping world and that, ultimately, the short separation would be good for their long term future.
Grayson could continue his painting while taking care of Violetta at home and there was always the computer to keep in touch through if overseas phone calls became prohibitive.
So Moe caught a plane to Champ Les Sims to meet with the mysterious client.
Violetta played with her blocks a lot while Moe was away, Grayson tried to keep himself busy by working out and carrying on with his painting but they were both incredibly sad.
They missed Moe and, although they loved each other dearly, it wasn't the same being a family of two instead of three. They kept in touch by phone at least once a day and Grayson set up the webcam so Moe could see how Violetta was doing.
Meanwhile, Moe was finding life in Champs Les Sims a lot easier, his host was a genial older Frenchman named Francois Lambert, a now retired banker with money to burn a hole in his pockets.
Moe worked hard every day on Francois' garden, planting and pruning, laying turf and trimming trees until, eventually, it was finished. The reward was a feature in one of the glossiest landscaping magazines Champs Les Sims had to offer, plus a very hefty cheque, which was now nestling closely against his heart inside his wallet.
He had a few days before the end of his contract and so took the time to see a few sites, including a visit to the Nectary, where he picked up some special bottles to take home for Grayson as a surprise, as well as a camera for Violetta and some special seeds to plant in the garden at home.
It was while out at the Nectary that Moe received a strange phone call. He was asked to visit a small, long neglected burial ground just a short distance away. When he arrived there was no-one there but he spotted a staircase heading down into the mound and decided to take a look and see if his missing caller was inside.
Inside was a beautifully laid out maze, complete with tombs and gravestones. Moe went around reading some of the larger ones. One caught his eye as he read the inscription on it.

~In Memory Of My Beloved Monique From Her Heartbroken Francois~

Underneath was a date, February 14, and a single rose carved into the marble. Moe walked closer for a better look, he wanted to check to see if there was anything which said it was the same Francois as he had been working for, the name being relatively uncommon in this part of Champ Les Sims. As he moved forward there was a click.

Fate's Joker was about to be laid on the table.
Moe heard a sudden, loud crashing noise and turned around to find a sudden rockfall had blocked off the exit to the stairs. His first instinct was to panic, but he quickly realised all that would do would be to use up his oxygen and get him no-where.
Fortunately, as he used to be a boy adventurer, he had come prepared for his trip to Champ Les Sims because he wasn't sure whether accommodation was going to be provided on the job.
He had a small canvas tent and plenty of trail rations, fresh water and a couple of portable shower in a cans. He also had a couple of books and he would check to see if he could get a signal on his mobile as soon as he'd explored the rock fall a bit closer.
There was a pickaxe leaning against the wall from where it had obviously been left by the grave diggers who must have originally created the underground garden for this mysterious Monique. Moe picked it up and gave it a few hefty swipes against the pile of rocks but all that happened was he ended up with a mouthful of dust and a sore toe when one dropped on his foot.
He shook out his tent and settled down with his book on how to find frogs' legs and other odd Champs Les Sims water creatures and before long he was fast asleep.
After a good night's rest Moe checked his phone to discover what he thought was likely, he couldn't get a signal being underground. It was just a case of working out a plan and hoping that someone back at the Market noticed he was missing or that Francois tried to call him to finalise some last minute details on how to care for the exotic plants he'd included in part of the garden.
Or, if he really was the Francois mentioned on the headstone, he might come to try and visit Monique's grave and discover the rock fall as it was getting close to the date on the headstone.
For the first few hours Moe read his fishing book and picked gently at the rubble pile before giving that up as a hopeless case. There was no way he was getting out that way and so he went back into what he now considered Monique's garden to see if there was something he was overlooking.
While examining the tombstone closer, Moe noticed a small level sticking out at the bottom of the marble plinth on which it stood. He pushed and pulled at it until finally, with a hollow snap, it moved and a small hole, big enough only for his hand, opened in the floor. Gingerly reaching into it, Moe found a small button and pressed it down, hearing another soft clicking noise as he did so.
He turned around to see a door where once there'd been a blank wall and cautiously walked over to it.
Pushing gently against the side of the door, Moe could feel it start to give a little and, with a final heave, he managed to get it to move enough for him to slip through and into the room beyond.
What he found surprised him.

To be continued. . .

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ShokkyOct 21, 2011


FlatterApr 26, 2011

Curiosity kills the cat... but I do hope Moe will meet a better fate!

mogan44Jan 25, 2011

Eek!  I hope he get escape!

MangioJan 25, 2011

Congrats on having it featured \:rah\: Loved how you turned a quite boring adventure quest into a heart racing moment... what is behind the door? \:wub\: Can't wait for more

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