The Andretti Legacy (112)
Published Mar 6, 2011

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The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 112

The Andretti Legacy
Chapter 112
"You two would make beautiful babies." V look across the hot tub smiling.

"V!" Sayler groans.

"I know, I know." V laughs.

"Stop being inappropriate, V." Everyone says together with laughter.
"...that black hair isn't like you, V." Samson stares back at her thinking back to old times. "Those wild colors...those were the V I know."

"Well...this is natural. I think Sayler did a fine job." She smiles at her good friend. "Besides...that's behind me now." She directs her attention to Zane, who smiles kindly back at her.
"...isn't this something?" Zane laughs. "I'm sure the paparazzi would have a field day with us now..." He looks around the hot tub at everyone.

"I made sure my patio was built above ground level. I didn't want half of Bridgeport to see me in a swimsuit!" Sayler laughs. "But...yes, look at us now. Look at what we started as...and what we've become."
Zane and V look at each other affectionately. They know first hand how far the group has come, because the two of them alone have made great changes. Samson looks down at Sayler understanding the beauty of the human that his mother always talked about. He never understood her when she talked about his dad. He never had a desire in humans until Sayler; if only his mother could see him now. She'd probably say something like, 'I told you so.' Zane and V retire to their room shortly after, and leave Samson and Sayler alone in the hot tub.

"Good night, guys." V smiles as she follows Zane down the stairs to their room.
"Can I ask you something?" Sayler asks quietly as Samson leans back to relax.


"...what's it like being a vampire?" She asks with complete seriousness.
Her question shocks him and he sits upright and stares back at her.

"Why are you asking?" He asks with a flat, yet curious voice.

"...what's wrong?" She looks back at him wondering why he looks like he's seen a ghost. "I just asked you what it was like?"
"'s lonely." He responds after a long pause. "...the sun burns your a million fire ant bites. You can't enjoy can't go to school...or have a normal have to drink plasma...and only plasma. I mean, you can drink whatever you want...but, to must drink plasma. My mother always told me to be proud of this...this disease...but, sometimes...sometimes that is so hard to do when you realize how beautiful a human is." He stares across the patio. "...have you ever drank from a person?" She leans back and puts her hands behind her head.


"...have you ever turned a person?" She looks at him.


"...where's the fun in that?" She giggles. "You have all this alter humanity...and don't?"

"Some of us do do bad the hospital for plasma, turn every human they come across, lurk in the shadows and feed off unsuspecting victims...that is not the life I want." He continues to stare straight ahead, worried by her sudden peak of interest in vampirism.

"Have you ever thought about going down to the Science Lab and being cured?" She continues to probe him.

"Why would I do that?" He looks down at her. "Have you ever thought about becoming a vampire?" He asks with sarcasm.

"Yeah. I'm thinking about it right now." She gives him a sneaky smile and giggles as his face gets even more pale than it already is.
The weeks turn into months, and the months into a year. Within that year, both couples were engaged and much to everyone's surprise, they were both married. Of course, the paparazzi had a hay-day with the vampire-human marriages, but the hype has blown over and the tabloids have moved onto other things like cowplants and anchovy plants. "Well...did V tell you?" Zane asks as Samson walks by.

"Uh...tell me what?" Samson tries to recollect all conversation he's had with V in the last few days.

"She's pregnant." A smile forms across Zane's face, a smile that Samson had never seen before.
"...that is...well, that is so strange." Samson stares back at Zane. "So is Sayler." He responds with the same 'proud' smile. "What?" Zane stops looking the mirror and turns to face Samson. "...I bet they planned it." Zane rolls his eyes. "Congrats anyway, man." Zane reaches forward and hugs his best friend.

"You too, man." Samson laughs.
Samson and Sayler's son, Trevor, arrives without trouble. Samson was absolutely pleased to find out that his son will carry on the vampirism gene, but at the same time, it worried him. Samson remembers what a sheltered life he led as a boy, and wished nothing similar for his son. Zane and V's baby girl, Tabatha, was also born without problems. However, her parents were not as pleased with the vampirism gene she came with. Of course, they'll love her just the same, but it is not what they wanted for their daughter at all. As soon as the babies age into toddlers, they are the best of friends. They spend each and every possible moment playing together. There was a strange look in their eyes when they looked at each other, and only Samson saw it. He wouldn't bring it up in conversation with anyone else because...well, because he wasn't sure he was seeing what he was seeing.

He felt like there was some strange connection between the two children, and when they looked at each other it was as if they came alive. The were happy, they were bright, they were everything positive and peaceful as long as they were together. It was almost as if they were twins; they had that exact connection. That identical bond. If one didn't feel right, neither did the other. If they were separated, they were obviously depressed and plain.
The months passed quickly, as did the years, and closer and closer the two children grew.

"...I can't wait to get out of this dumb city." Trevor states after a heavy sigh.

"You know your dad isn't going to let you move away." Tabatha says with a silly giggle.

"Well, when I'm grown up, he can't tell me what to do." He shrugs his shoulders.
"...where are you going to go?" She stares out across the city with worry; this city is home and it's all she's ever known.

"I want to be an explorer! You don't know where you are going until you get there! That would be soooo cooooool!" Trevor's shouts with excitement.
He pinches his lips together and invasions great things. Distant lands, scary monsters, saving princesses, and even magic wizards. The possibilities for his imagination are endless. The very thought of leaving home worries Tabatha, and of course, the thought of being without her best friend was even more nerve-wracking. She'd follow him anywhere; even if it meant distant lands, scary monsters, and magic wizards. A few days had passed, and what Trevor had said still haunts Tabatha. Zane had noticed his baby girl's sudden behavior change, and finally he decided it was time to talk after noticing her sitting at the dining table in silence.

"Do you mind if I sit down?" He asks politely and motions to the chair across the table from her. She shrugs her shoulders and watches him sit.
"You look so sad. Is something wrong?" He looks back at his baby; she's growing so fast. She looks up at him feeling completely see through. She's definitely a daddy's girl, and is thankful it's him sitting before her and not her mother.

"I'm just sad." She replies with a soft sigh.

" you want to tell me why you're sad?" He asks quietly.
She looks away from him, waits a few minutes, and then begins to speak.

"Trevor said he wants to move away. I have to go with him. I'm his best friend."

"Honey..." Zane tries to interrupt her.

"Hold on, Dad. I'm talking." She looks up at him with a little snobby look. "He wants to move away...I don't want to move. I want to stay here...with you and Mom and Samson and Sayler...and Trevor, too." Her voice trails off as she gets more and more into the thought.
" and him have a lot of growing up left to do. A lot...many many many more years. Don't worry yourself sick about what may or may not happen. You and Trevor will always be best friends, and you'll always have a home matter where you go in life." He looks down at his little girl, his life. He smiles proudly, and rises from his seat. "Come on, now. Let's get you to bed before Mommy starts screaming at me for keeping you up." He smiles a silly smile at her, and she starts laughing. He follows her across the kitchen, through the living room, and down the stairs to her room. He tucks her in, kisses her forehead, and tells her that he loves her before switching off the lights and closing the door behind him. Samson spends a good thirty minutes looking for Trevor to put him to bed. He finds him, for the fifth night in a row, on the back patio staring out across the city. Zane had told him about the talk he and Tab had a few nights earlier, and it worried Samson, too. He felt almost as though he wasn't doing his best for his son because his son wanted to move out already. Trevor is a brave boy; a very free spirit. He doesn't care for the same routine day in and day out. He wants something new every day. The more he grows. the more this personality comes through. Samson would never deny his son anything, but he certainly didn't want the boy to move out unprepared. Samson's thoughts flood his brain going every which way, swirling around until they make absolutely no sense. "You sure spend a lot of time out here, big guy." Samson says as he crosses the patio towards Trevor.

"Yeah." Trevor replies, in an almost 'I want to be alone' kind of way.

" everything okay?" He asks with concern.
"I don't like this town. I can't go to normal school, I can't play on the playground during the daylight..." Trevor starts making general complaints and breaks his father's heart.

"Son, that's not the town...that's you." Samson replies painfully.
"Then...I don't want to be me." Trevor turns to face his dad, expecting him to fix the problem right here and now. "Why can't I be like mom...she can spend all day outside..."

"'re a very special kind of person. You may not be able to go out in the sun, but you'll be able to live a lot longer, you have all these super abilities that other people don't have..." Samson tries his best to help him understand.

"If you can't go outside and play in the sun...why would you want to live longer?" He looks up at his dad with the most serious expression.

"Look...if you do your best, do your absolute best with what you have, then I promise day, I'll make sure you can enjoy the sunshine." Samson states quietly knowing deep down exactly what this promise meant.
"Really?!" Trevor's eyes light up with his ear to ear smile. He reaches forward and embraces his dad with the most love he possibly can. "Thanks, Dad! I'll do my best, I promise!"

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ohgodcaitlynMar 13, 2011

Awwwwwhhhm Trevor <3

MangioMar 12, 2011

Aww.. such a touching chapter \:rah\: Congrats on a very well deserved
feature \;\) Trevor is such a cutie.. i hope he sees how it'll hurt his
best friend.. to be a human must be a big want.. they're so cute as
little kids, playing together.. they sure seem like twins \:D Can't wait
for more \:wub\:

Mar 12, 2011

great story

astroparagnosteMar 11, 2011

loved it and the screenshots \:wub\:

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