Gardener's Dream - Chapter 46
Published Mar 22, 2011

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Let's have a pool party... Indoors!

Let's have a pool party... Indoors! Dill Garden was singing while bathing. He had gotten a role in the film-version of the musical Sims! and he was practicing wherever he could and whenever he could. The only thing he didn't like was the uninvited audience that was staring at him, which is usually rather disturbing when one is naked in a bathtub. - I still think you should come, Dommithilde, you never go out with me...
- Mais chéri, I do not like theeze pool partiez and you know eet
- Neither do I, to be honest but I have to. It's part of my job, I have to show up everywhere....
- And I 'ate the paparazzi, Dill!
- Fine, don't come! But don't come whining to me later...
Pool parties had become the most popular thing on Galaad but the Galaadians had to throw their pool parties indoors, mostly because of the fact that no-one had a swimming pool on Galaad. - You might be the leading scientist on Galaad but still, this is a pool party and you were supposed to come here in you swimming attire!
- But Dill, this -is- my swimming attire!
- Geez, maybe I should introduce you to my daughter...
Dill was a popular dance partner. Especially the ladies were all smitten by Dill's tiny swimming trunks. That particular piece of blue clothing had been chosen by Dill's agent and according to the guy's word, they made Dill look very impressive.

Although Dill was rather sure that ridiculous was the word his agent had been looking for.
After the party Dill changed into his normal clothes and headed to the near-by diner. He didn't want to go home just yet for all that he was extremely tired. Dill didn't want to wake up Dommithilde although it was dawning already. Perhaps if he stayed out the whole night Dommithilde would get jealous and tag along the next time Dill had to attend those silly parties... While Dill had been out partying, Dommithilde had concentrated on her garden, as she did every single evening. The few neighbors that knew Dommithilde thought that she had become a little bit senile, telling her plants goodnight and singing them French lullabies.

But on the other hand, Dommithilde Garden had the best garden on the whole island.
- Eet eez very nice to spend some time together, non?
- Yes, it's nice, Maman...
- And theez should eemprove *pooh* my *pooh* condition too *pooh*
- You're already in pretty good condition, for your age... Must be all that gardening...
- For my age???
In the end Dommithilde had to admit that Eggplant had some truth in his words about her age. Dommithilde was no longer the young girl that had charmed Dill Garden in the sunny village of Champs les Sims. But, Dommithilde told herself, she wasn't yet ready for sitting in a rocking chair knitting all day.

She had many, many years to come...
Eggplant had never been chubby but he had grown tired of his friends teasing him about looking like a twelve-year-old kid. So Eggplant had started to visit the gym regularly in order to achieve a bit more respect among his friends. Unfortunately for Eggplant, bodybuilding wasn't as easy as it looked. Some sims might have thought that Dill Garden's job was just to look good and remember his lines while looking good and dramatic. But Dill Garden had plenty of other responsibilities. Being the brightest star on Galaad, Dill had plenty of charity work to do. He would visit schools and hospitals to cheer up the children, and to tell them about the importance of studying in hard. On the evenings Dill often headed to the VIP lounge to have a drink or two. The bartender knew how to mix the best drinks in town and Dill often ordered the special, refreshing drink. It gave him such an energy boost. But sometimes Dill would order a tad too many drinks and the sugar would get into his head. During those occasions, or more likely -after- those occasions, Dill was very happy he was the only VIP on Galaad, and even more happy about the fact that the lounge had a strict no paparazzi policy. Elderberry on the other hand was absorbed into her job. She would work and work and work, for all that she denied being a workaholic. She couldn't understand why the Galaadians would waste their precious hours to rioting. Sure, Galaad needed more police officers to buy more bagels from the distressed baker but who was going to take the crowd seriously when it consisted mostly of insane sims and vampires? To Elderberry's dismay, one of the protesters even dared to ask her to join the crowd.

- No way! And you all ought to go to work and earn some money instead of harassing decent civilians with such behavior! Or actually, you should go to the gym!
Ah, finally some peace and quietness. Elderberry knew she shouldn't be so rude to other sims but she couldn't help it. It had always been her way of protecting herself in situations that made her feel insecure. Elderberry just didn't know how to break the habit... The local pub that had once been owned by Diego, was Elderberry's favorite spot after work. There she could get a proper food, even meat instead of the vegetarian food that was served at home. Despite of Dill being a vegetarian, Elderberry had never quite enjoyed it. Every morning Elderberry would check the newspapers for the day's hot spots so that she knew where to not go. But lately even the lamest places on Galaad had started to be invaded by paparazzi, especially when Elderberry was present.

The truth was that Elderberry had become quite a celebrity.
Even fishing, Elderberry's hobby, had turned out to be impossible. She couldn't find any peace, not even during the night when so many Galaadians had turned into vampires. Elderberry was getting so frustrated and she wished she could travel away for a while. At the Garden home, Dill was getting very excited. His son had brought home a girl!

- Now, it's very nice to meet you, Ella... Did you wash your hands?
- Umm... Yes... And it's very nice to meet you too, Mister Garden
- Oh, please, call me Mister Dill, we're almost family now...
- Urm... Eh... Okay, sure
- So, where do you work?
- I'm a papergirl, although I don't deliver papers to this area
- A hardworking young lady! Great! Do you have a habit of stealing park benches?
- Eh... Mister Dill, I think your wife is calling your name
- I'm SO sorry about my dad... He doesn't understand the term 'just friends'
- Hahah, it's okay, he's quite cool, in a very weird way
- So, you needed help with that music project?
- Yeah, I'm so glad you agreed to help me, Egg
- Anytime
It was the morning of Eggplant's 18th birthday and Dommithilde was preparing breakfast for her family. She was very excited, her baby was growing up tonight and she had come up with a master plan for this special occasion... Dill was still in the master bathroom, suspecting nothing. He was preparing himself for work and he was practicing new more dramatic looks in front of the mirror. For him this was just an ordinary day, in fact Dill didn't even remember it was Eggplant's birthday. - Good morning, mon chéri, you look very 'andsome today...
- You don't look that bad yourself, cupcake... But I can't come back to bed now...
- Non non non... I was wondering eef you 'ave any plans for tonight...
- I guess I don't... What do you have in mind, darling? A romantic evening for just the two of us?
- Mais, Dill! Please come to the VIP lounge after work, chéri...
In the limousine Dill started wondering. Dommithilde never wanted to go anywhere, why would she want to meet him at the lounge? This was most unusual behavior... Dill hoped that his wife wouldn't have any news to him on the evening. Now that she was too old to get pregnant, it would probably mean she had started stealing again! - Elderberry! Why are you here?
- Maman called me and told me to come here straight from work, I didn't even have time to change and now that stupid bartender is looking down his nose at me!
- Umm... Berry, the poor lad isn't deaf
Dommithilde had planned a birthday party of Eggplant but unfortunately Eggplant didn't know it and so he stayed too long at school practicing with his band. When he finally realized how late it was, he rushed home and changed into his tux and started running towards the lounge, instead of taking the taxi, which would've been a lot faster and easier.

Halfway the journey Eggplant realized it was his birthday! He had forgotten it completely and now he was late from his own birthday party! Dommithilde was going to be furious...
But in the end the Gardens had a nice time at the lounge. Eggplant was enjoying his first drinks and Dommithilde was quite impressed by the bartender. That sim was surely not afraid of fire!

In the corner Dill and Elderberry were having a heated-up conversation but Dommithilde couldn't hear what it was about...
Elderberry was the first one to leave for home, as she had stormed out angrily after the conversation with Dill. Not long after that Eggplant also wanted to go home, he had some important things to do the next day so Dill and Dommithilde were left alone at the lounge.

They danced till the morning, or at least till the bartender had to tell them to go.

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#1martoeleMar 22, 2011

Finally a nice birthday party though Eggplant had forgotten all about it. \:\) Great chapter and a very good way to prepare Elderberry's escape.... \;\)  Congratulations for having this part as well amonst the featured ones. \:cool\:

#2spladoumMar 22, 2011

Dill!&nbsp; Be nice to the bartender ... \:D&nbsp; And <em>Elderberry!</em>&nbsp; Stop picking on the poor vampires, lol ... Maybe it's a good thing that Eggplant didn't get a party since they're such disastrous events for the family :P

#3Anakin StupaineMar 22, 2011

Awwwwww our Eggie is making friends! \:wub\: Elderberry is so funny though, just telling that protestant for what it is. \:P And she's becoming a celebrity herself! lol Eggie is a big boy now! \:D Great chapter again darling! \:wub\:

#4fredbrennyMar 22, 2011

He doesn't understand the term 'just friends'...made me ROFL... hahaha... Some "weird" family you have here. LOL But I love them dearly! Yes, I think Elderberry needs a break. She's becoming a sourpuss... \:\) Dill Dill.... there's more to life than just look good and be famous...on Galaad. \:D Lovely chapter!!! \:rah\:

#5Ben72006Mar 23, 2011

Great Chapter and I think Elderberry doesn't like this arrangement that she going to be doing soon.

#6RatRaceRobMar 23, 2011

Dill and his tiny trunks at the indoor pool parties without pools... Elderberry and her workaholic and rudeness issues... Eggplant hitting the grown-up button before he made it to his own birthday party... lol-lol-LOL, Dommithilde gave it a great go--it was a Garden party, truly! Thank you for this latest load of featured Garden fun times--I will never, never get enough of this hilarious family (or the rioting Galaadian lunatics and vampires \:ph34r\: )&nbsp; \:P \:wub\:

#7Midnight222Mar 24, 2011

Brilliant chapter as always. A shame the party didnt go as Dom had hoped but at least the Gardens celebrated together. I wonder what Dill and Elderberry were arguing over? Looking forward to the next chapter \:rah\:

#8MangioMar 26, 2011

Well that birthday party didn't go exactly to plan \:D Glad our Eggplant has made a friend \:wub\: Such a weird and interesting family you have.. i wish Elderberry would be a little nicer.. although with paprazzi following her everywhere - i can sure understand why \;\) Off to read more \:rah\:

#9MangioMar 26, 2011

Congrats on the feature, too \:rah\:

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